Android Lollipop now live for Xperia ZL LTE (C6503)

by XB on 25th May 2015

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Xperia-ZLWhilst Android 5.0.2 Lollipop has already started to seed for much of the older Xperia Z series, LTE Xperia ZL (C6503) owners were left in the cold. Well Sony Mobile has now started to seed the Lollipop update for C6503 owners with build number 10.6.A.0.454. The update is only currently live in the Nordics at time of writing. If you don’t want to wait for it to roll to your region you can download the FTF firmware file below.

DOWNLOAD FTF: Xperia ZL (C6503) Nordic Generic – 10.6.A.0.454

Thanks Marno!

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Damn! That black and red color scheme on the ZL is beautiful. Hope they use it on a future flagship

  • Apollo89

    Not only for Xperia ZL (C6503):

    Xperia ZR LTE (C5503): Nordic Combined (b) – Customized NCB (1274-1395)
    Xperia ZL LTE (C6503): Nordic Combined (b) – Customized NCB (1270-6779)
    Xperia Z LTE (C6603): Nordic Combined (b) – Customized NCB (1270-7280)
    Xperia Tablet Z Wi-Fi 16GB (SGP311): Nordic Combined (b) – Customized NCB (1274-9890)
    Xperia Tablet Z LTE (SGP321): Nordic Combined (b) – Customized NCB (1275-0017)

  • Gilson A. Rodrigues

    ZQ Brazil, Nordic Combined

  • Cell

    Is that real Gilson? I’m brazilian. Should I try the update using PC Companion ?

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Done. So far so good. ;)

  • Gilson A. Rodrigues

    Yes, I did the update using PC Companion.

  • Cell

    Didn’t work here. Using Windows 7, through the cable. It does not find the software. It says it does not have updates. I’m using Vivo as carrier, what carrier is yours ?

  • Gilson A. Rodrigues

    My Carrier is Vivo too. But I using unbranded version Nordic Combined (b), I think this is the only available for now.

  • Cell

    Hum… My firmware is from TIM.. I’ll have to wait, damn!!

  • Apollo89

    No, you can download any C6503 firmware customization from XperiFirm or XDA and flash it with Flashtool (like Gilson did). There is not much difference between the customizations anyway, they all contain the same languages and work with all network operators.

  • Kleyton Hunter

    flashed the nordic version?is it good?

  • Lucas Rinaldi

    What do I need to do? Flashtool? The image that Gilson uploaded shows the Companion, now im really confused, when i used flashtool to ROOT my Xperia ZQ (ZL) (C6503), it was completely diferent. After the download, the option to update will be available in the Companion?

  • Lucas Rinaldi

    Gilson, voce fez pelo gestor de ficheiros do Companion? ou pelo flashtool?

  • MXNB

    Cara, vc baixa a rom no formato ftf e instala via flashtool. No youtube tem vários tutoriais.

  • spatch72

    Xperia ZL — still the best looking Z series handset ever!

  • BarbaraMJoubert

    ??? $73.. per-hr @mi35//



  • Timel

    Agree, I love the design of the Xperia ZL, it has the coolest dimensions ever!

  • bryan

    right? Just update this phone without changing its bezels and it would be awesome.


    I am getting very hope less by Sony.. M using the first flagship model xperia z c 6602 Indian version..I didn’t get any update there any other way to update it.??? Or we will not get an update.. Anyone plz.Help me by any suggestions..

  • Killian Khoo

    Flash other market rom ~


    How to do that.?? Is that will effect the warranty??

  • Redfire 89

    Hi,when will the update for my xperia z (c6603) will arrive here in germany? I dont want to flash….pls answer

  • xperiaDROID

    No one will know, except Sony. They didn’t even officially announce the Lollipop for Z series on their blog website yet, so I guess they might have took it down and fix some bugs. Just a guess though. If you don’t want to flash, patience is the only way.

    Still waiting for it to arrive on my Xperia Z (C6603) in Malaysia.

  • Killian Khoo

    you just bought the phone ?
    if that so, I think might but at the same time it might not.
    Not sure about that.

    You just need to download other country rom, (FTF) file and use Flashtool software to flash your device, but make your computer have the Sony Xperia Fast Bootloader driver install.

  • Timel

    Even though the software update from Sony will always come so late, Nexus and Xiaomi are much faster and better than Sony but if judge from major android manufacturers, it’s clear Sony is better than HTC, Samsung and Hauwei

    Unfortunately Sony don’t have their own OS, I hate android fragmentation issue, Sony can’t compare to Apple about software update, Sony will never win Apple about the software update, this is another reason why Apple iDevices can sell very freaking well.

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    I already install in December the Nordic firmware .292
    Yesterday I received the notification of update on my phone and install it with PC Companion.

  • Redfire 89

    Yes i have to wait..
    But i think this or next week the update will come. When it is in baltic regions,it isnt so far to germany ;) i.hope,iam waiting since october last year :(

  • Redfire 89

    Hi which phone and where do you live?

  • Doubleyoupee

    As always, first for Nordic NCB and rest gotta wait weeks if not months.
    I will flash prerooted NCB.

  • Yanwei Boon

    when can i get the update for my Xperia ZL C6502 ?? I’m from malaysia

  • Luis

    C6506 US version is live over the air! Phone is even more smoother now.

  • Jenette Müller

    Installed the nordic combined firmware with flashtool. Works perfectly fine in germany

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Xperia Z (C6603) – Portugal

  • Cell

    THANK YOU!!! So much!!
    I’m glad that the information you provided work 100% for me. I used XperiFirm do download the firmware and used Flashtool to flash into my phone. I noticed that I can also download the new firmware thru the Flashtool, simple by going to ‘Check for updates’ menu.

    Guys, use the information that Apollo89 provided. My phone is updated to lollipop, brazilian language, anything else.
    I’m so happy!!
    I won’t buy a new phone for the next couple of months!! =)

  • Kleyton Hunter

    Installed the nordic combined firmware too and works great c6503 brazil,thanks

  • Gilson A. Rodrigues

    PC Companion

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Agree, I have this phone and I’m still happy with it..
    Won’t upgrade to a new Sony phone unless they release a proper upgrade for the ZL.

  • Srinivasan Shanmugam

    what about C6602

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    I installed NCB Lollipop on my C6503 and I find it not so cool. The sound profiles doesnt cope with my Smartband usage.

  • amrsji

    Hi guys, finally received the update from Malaysia (C6603). Downloading now..

  • Lewko

    What is your customization? I have germany – customized DE – 1271-0336 and no update yet.. :(

  • Stefan

    i have no idea to be honest :D here’s a screenshot of my phone Details (after the update)

  • Lewko

    Thanks for the screenshot… can you please check using this instructions?
    Your customization number can be found in your service menu (dial *#*#7378423#*#* > ‘Service info’ > ‘Software info’ > ‘Customization Version’).
    It is the 4th of 5th line (or another screenshot) if dont mind.

  • Stefan

    here is what you might be looking for :)

  • Lewko

    Thanks… now it make sense… according to the customization coding 1272-3738 your phone customization is for Arabic (MEA) market. Which indeed is not an issue as the phone works fine globaly, it only depends on where you bought it and difference is only in some pre-installed apps.
    The German customization (DE)1271-0336 is not out yet .. :((

  • Stefan

    well, i bought it here in germany. but interesting to know, that my Device is for arabian market. but i think even german devices could have started because not all devices in one country are started at the same time. they are rolled out in waves nationally just as they are not rolled out in certain countries at once.

  • Lewko

    Got now also the update for de customization. Really cool!!

  • Biju Govindan

    I have updated my ZL handset to Android 5.0.2 but since then my phone is not switching on. Twice I got it ON while plugged into AC powerpoint…..but when I remove the charging, it switches off. I am from India.
    Any help is really appreciated.

  • Bishal MahaRjan

    Really. ^_^
    But i didn’t got :(

  • Ramires Nascimento

    poxa tenho um zq c6503 ( dei root), moro na Bahia e ainda não apareceu a att. nem pelo pc companion…
    oq fasso para att ??

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