New firmware certified for Xperia E4 (24.0.A.4.14) and E4 Dual (24.0.B.4.14)

by XB on 25th May 2015

in Firmware, Xperia E4

Xperia E4 Dual_24.0.B.4.14New firmware updates have been certified for the recently released budget Xperia E4 (E21XX) series. The Xperia E4 has seen an update certified by the PTCRB that would move it from 24.0.A.3.8 to 24.0.A.4.14, whilst the Xperia E4 Dual certification would see it move from 24.0.B.3.8 to version 24.0.B.4.14. We’ll let you know once the update starts rolling.

Xperia E4 firmware build 24.0.A.4.14 certified for E2104, E2105 variants

Xperia E4_24.0.A.4.14

Xperia E4 Dual firmware build 24.0.B.4.14 certified for E2115, E2124 variants

Xperia E4 Dual_24.0.B.4.14

Thanks difwwh!

  • Sergio

    Looks like minor update, just like happened in M2 / M2 Aqua devices, most probably to update the bootloader to it’s latest version and (probably) improve battery like in M2. Good for E4 users!!

  • kzzly

    Don’t think so…
    This could be L for E4 devices (look how the fw version goes from A.3.8 to A.4.14, which usually means a jump to the next android version)

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Don’t think so… Minor update.

  • Xyor

    No, android updates usually change the number right after the build number, 24. So in this case, it’s still 0, means no android platform upgrade

  • BarbaraMJoubert

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  • Sergio

    And WTF do we care? This is a blog about Xperia, not maths or college. Your comment can be considered as spam, though.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

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  • János Jenei

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  • Andrew Erohin

    Why do you think anyone should care about this?

  • Sony Xperia Z3+ officially announced

  • Albaline

    Why you spam sooo much? Publishing videos in every comment section of every post.

    I mean, there was already a post about Z3+ when you commented this… Why not publishing only there?!

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