Sony Xperia Z3+ announced; launches globally from June 2015

by XB on 26th May 2015

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GroupSony Mobile has formally unveiled the Xperia Z3+ (E6553) and Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533). The Xperia Z3 Plus (E65XX) is no different to the Japanese-bound Xperia Z4, with the same design and hardware specs. The Xperia Z3+ is both slimmer (6.9mm vs 7.3mm) and lighter (144g vs 152g) than the Xperia Z3. We’re also excited to see that 32GB internal storage is now standard across all variants (21.9GB usable).

A quick reminder on the specifications, the Xperia Z3+ sports a 5.2-inch 1080p display (424 PPI pixel density and screen-to-phone ratio of 70.87%), Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit chipset, 3GB RAM, 20.7MP Exmor RS rear camera and 5.1MP Exmor R front-facing camera with 25mm wide-angle lens. The rear camera includes the same large 1/ 2.3-inch image sensor found in the Xperia Z3, including an ISO 12800 sensitivity and F 2.0 aperture.

The Xperia Z3+ has IP65/IP68 certification for dust and water resistance, but features a capless USB port which means worrying about your charging flap falling off becomes a thing of the past. Sony maintains that the Xperia Z3+ will have a two-day battery life as seen on the Xperia Z3, despite sporting a lower capacity battery (2930mAh vs 3100mAh).

The Xperia Z3+ has dimensions of 146.3 x 71.9 x 6.9mm and weighs 144 grams. The Xperia Z3+ will launch in four colours (Black, White, Copper and Aqua Green) when it is released globally in June 2015.

Xperia Z3+ (E6553) white paper
Xperia Z3+ Dual (E6533) white paper

Xperia Z3+ promo videos

Xperia Z3+ press photos

Xperia Z3 Plus_1

Xperia Z3 Plus_2

Xperia Z3 Plus_3

Xperia Z3 Plus_4

Xperia Z3 Plus_5

Xperia Z3 Plus_6

Xperia Z3 Plus_7

Xperia Z3 Plus_8

Xperia Z3 Plus_9

Xperia Z3 Plus_10


Via Sony Mobile Blog and Sony Developer World.

  • jag

    You guys are fast ha? Hehe! Was about to tip you guys! So it’s really a Z3+ huh? Anyway, I’m still gonna get one! Cheers!

  • Redfire 89

    And when will the lollipop update for my xperia z (c6603) arrive germany? Pls answer

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    So when exactly I can buy it ? Sony was so slow to deliver their product to the market.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    I’ll wait for Z4 anyway.

  • fried_egg

    My 2 year Z1 contract is up end of August… Will there be another handset announcement in Germany this year for release in the Autumn or do I go with the Z3+ (or just take a Z3 with the hires headphones deal…)

  • Ali

    Coming to Turkey in June :)

  • A.o.D

    I was waiting for this phone to launch in india..but sony today announced only the m4 aqua and c4 here. Hope Z3+ arrives soon as it will be a decent upgrade from my ZL

  • Coolkid

    My goodness it wasn’t Z4… What a relief…!!! :D :D :D

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Flashtool. Nordic Combined.

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  • xperiaDROID

    Is Z4 or Z5 or whatever the next flagship called gonna launch this year or next year?

  • Kevin Pang

    I want to update my Z3 Tablet Compact to lollipop in Austria!

  • Carljn

    Was going to pick up the Z3 this week. Now I’m real happy and I’ll definitely hold out for another month!

  • Xperia Z3+ hands-on

  • apolloa

    So after what they said last week, does this mean they will be announcing a other high end device later this week with their engineers on hand to talk about its design?

  • Xperia Z3+ unboxing !!!

  • Xperia Z3+ vs Xperia Z3

  • HAWX

    :( I don’t want people to laught at Sony with that camera again. Sony will loose camera reputation compared to G4 and S6.

  • Sony Xperia Z3+: waterproof and dust-tight with 5.2” full HD display

  • Faisal Armand

    With the announcement of Xperia Z3+/Z4, Sony is finally fulfilling their promise! Xperia Z2 is the best smartphone Sony has ever made! YES

  • Eduardo Otero

    This is the Z4. You’ll have to wait for Z5 on IFA

  • El Schmidt

    but: will this finally solve the magical self-cracking glass abilities of their predecessors?

  • apolloa

    Ah here we go, from a report on this site posted last week::
    In addition, Sony Mobile Hong Kong has sent round invites to a press conference on 28 May relating to “the new Xperia flagship”. The invite references “Top camera, screen, sound, water and design all rolled into one.” Sony is also sending four product development engineers from Japan to the Hong Kong press conference to talk about the design of the new models. We’ll let you know if we do hear of an Asian Xperia Z4/Z3+ launch next week (remember a similar press conference is also taking place in India on 26 May).

  • Shaktimaan

    Thank God :p, Sony avoided a disaster I guess!

  • Shubham

    Thankfully they named z3+!

  • P9

    one more video from SonyXperia Dev

  • Dexter Moregan

    Z4 is the name that only use in Japan for now. So, Z4 doesn’t still exist yet in the international level.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I’m grad that Sony use Z3+. Because its spec cannot be called Z4!

  • Eduardo Otero

    And Z4 won’t exist in the international level. The next flagship wiil be Z5.

  • Tangent Lin

    Spec can, but not the design. snapdragon 801 to 810 is consider huge different especially the DDR4 ram. Waiting for review about the overheat issue still persist or not and z3 front camera are bad.

  • naru

    Z3 + now support quickcharge!

  • Siyam Hossain

    it is an excellent phone

  • Lukáš Pávl

    So I’ll wait for Z5 whatever.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Just Snap 810 and no cap for USB port cannot call this phone as Z4 in my opinion.

    I like the design. It’s unique and elegant for me.

  • naru

    Also new Dock

  • Akand

    Good decision from Sony. This year most of the people have already bought their new phones as most of the flagships are already available at market. At this time if Sony releases a brand flagship with brand new design, it might be praised a lot but won’t get enough buyers. And with a new design Sony will fail again to sell enough. So it’s better to reserve the new for the next competition. Hopefully Sony will bring something WOW next year, not later than other manufacturers.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    The design almost the same but the front camera, quick charging out of box, new dual speaker (like Z2), no flap for USB, and new processor..
    Enough to be called an update, maybe an incremental update.. :)

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  • Mohd Syafrez Syuib

    I hope it support wireless charging.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    that’s it I’m waiting till next year.
    this is actually better than expected, but i just don’t want to hurt and kill myself buy buying this if I have a feeling that they will do great on the next flagship, far better than this.

  • ChilliPSco

    In the words of Simon Cowell (not that I like him), it’s a NO from me. Sorry Sony, but I’m going back to Samsung. I’m due another upgrade on my 2nd contract in December, let’s see if there is anything innovative from you then (which I seriously doubt). So, so, so disappointed with Sony.

    I’d rather end up paying more than I need to with a S6 Edge than put up with this! Cheerio Sony, it’s been fun!!!

  • Aiden Pearce

    Z3 n z3 compact already supports it

  • naru
  • Redfire 89

    i dont know how to flash and i also dont want to do it :/

  • Jacob

    Does the Quick charger come with the Z3+ ??

  • Bruno

    Sorry for you.

  • Bruno


  • Tochi Nwodu

    At the verge of getting the Z3 wheww finally Z3+ my z1 needs a replacement..for what its worth, no charging flap plz let the price be right sony
    Fan from Nigeria

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  • Geese Howard

    So they really did end up changing the name to Z3+, nice move and apparently it looks like they ‘listened’. Not sure why they didn’t change the 4 in China; since 4 in Chinese means death, but hey let’s not get into superstition now. Hopefully the TRUE Z4 will be something out of the ordinary. Looking forward to it Sony!

  • hansip

    But now officially with Sony charger.

  • hansip

    Just worried about battery life. If Sony really can pull it off with 810 then my mind is blown!

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    see there.. don’t you love that phone, that design is amazing, what else do you want? that crap s6 design? sony could make it better. although I kinda liked the blue topaz s6 but I like Z4 much much more after I saw hands on and press shots.

  • ChilliPSco

    Sony could of improved the sensor on the back. Don’t get me wrong, their cameras are fantastic, but this is disappointing. I could of upgraded back in April, but held off until something more concrete about a new Sony flagship was announced and then today we get a Z3+, which in all honesty is a minimal upgrade. I could of just gone out and upgraded to a Z3 and there would hardly of been any difference.

    I’m not a Samsung fan boy by any stretch of the imagination, but I expected better from Sony to be fair. I’m even tempted to go back to Apple at this stage.

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    4 “means” death in Japan…

  • Deckard_Cain

    Wait for Autumn. I bet there will be a Z4 or Z5 by then.

  • Timel

    Beautiful as always but has nothing special, as a 2015’s flagship phone, Z3+ is too normal and not attractive enough.

    I think the news of Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition today will kills the news of Z3+ easily

  • Timel

    Galaxy S6 edge looks much cooler, I think people excited about S6 edge Iron Man Edition more than Z3+ which is too normal, too generic.

  • Abdul Ghani

    have u ever know things called customizable skins xperia can install any type of skin and this will stuck forever and u can shove it in ur ass

  • David Hvatov

    Oh god.. That sucks. Z2 kills Z3+ by battery and design.

  • iosvsios

    You know maybe that question is answered somewhere or not, but why ask it in the comments of a blog post about a newly-released phone?

  • iosvsios

    Sure, but on the condition you stop throwing the phone to the floor

  • iosvsios

    4 does NOT mean death in Japan or China.. 4 means 4.

    However, ONE of the readings of the character ????reads as “shi”, which sounds the same as ? which means death.. So it’s often considered bad luck to read 4 as “shi”, often it’s read as “yon”.

    It still does not mean death on its own, however.

  • iosvsios

    but it’s the same phone whether it’s called Z4 or Z3+!! What difference does it make?

    I guess, for all that we like to think of ourselves as more advanced or better-informed, sometimes it’s all in a name, even though it makes no difference at all…

  • iosvsios

    it’s the same phone though!!!

  • Svnjay

    That S6 looks like a child phone and should not be compared to the classy Z3+.

    Now you know why everyone says that your a Samsung shill.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    My prediction: the Z3+ is the only flagship for 2015 and will aim almost solely to undercut the GS6 (selling behind schedule due to price despite the media attention) and One M9 (selling WAY behind schedule) to showcase better value for money (breaking down their ‘overpriced’ stigma) and get sales rolling before the next iPhone picks up wind while the next Z flagship will be unveiled in January with the Snapdragon 820.

  • Svnjay

    I think it looks quite ugly.

  • Svnjay

    It’s the same, so the name doesn’t make a difference.

  • Svnjay

    It’s the same so the name doesn’t make a difference.

  • Svnjay

    This phone launches next month. There will be no Z5 at IFA.

  • Svnjay

    Yes, but they won’t confuse consumers.

  • ChilliPSco

    Nice phone, but the Iron Man logo on the back spoils it for me Timel. Looks a bit childish if you get what I’m saying. Love the colours though.

  • Svnjay

    The PS4 is doing quite well.

  • Samuel

    Good, but not enough. I’m gonna keep my Z2 until a REAL Z4 o 5 comes out with a better camera.

  • Asa

    Really now, do people nowadays actually like having a big face on the back of their phones? Ugh, it looks terrible.

  • roeshak

    It’s the right move to call this the z3 plus but they should have done so also in Japan. It’s exactly the same phone so what gives.
    Well we’ll have to wait until next year to see if the z5 comes with a more competitive package. This z3+/z4 is rather run of the mill in 2015. Sony and HTC seem to have hedged their bets on design primarily and it’s failed them seriously. Definitely a Sony fanboy device. It won’t gain much appeal beyond that.
    Next year is certainly going to be very crucial for both htc and Sony. I know the words make or break are used too frequent but for Sony and HTC, it’s certainly true.

  • Timel

    Yup, I agree. Actually only its colours (red/gold) I love. LOL

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    not sucks really. my cat even knows that Z3+’s design is far better than Z2.

  • hmmm

    WHY SUCH A BAD BATTERY??? specs are lower than z3 in stand by mode.not to mention music and video playback! same old camera…it’s almost 3 years since they sell the same camera!!!

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    it’s actually pretty… yeah pretty…. pretty ugly..
    i like blue topaz more.

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    I like the charger, but the phone is wierd :S I dislike the iron man head on the back and the UI is strange!

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    that’s why I said “means” hahaha

  • hmmm

    z2 was the worst sony phone I had…sold it after 2 months!what a bad quality plastic that phone had around bezels…every drop lead to a mark on it!even z1 was better..z3 even bette.can’t wait to get the z3+!

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    alright that is actually good, but i prefer Z3+ even more for design and colour, and more, that red and gold colour is actually pretty good, but i hate that iron man on the back. Copper and Aqua Green Z3+, and Blue Topaz S6 all the way.

  • hmmm

    so in terms of battery life it seems that it will be behind Z3..isn’t this stupid???

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    come on, people! that looks amazing!

  • Geese Howard

    Oh yeah, that is why there were rumors about the PS4 changing names, but it didn’t after all.

  • roshan68

    sdf sdfsdcsd d fgh fg yyyy

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Do you know on the first time I saw this phone it doesn’t have ironman face on it back and I told people that I really like it.

    Then samsung doom their phone by put that face on ……

  • By the way, my benchmark is 4,500 mAh battery. So this one is a no no. I go z2 for 3200 mAh, I don’t expect to buy a phone with a less battery juice ever. Forward ever, backwards never.

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  • GigaSPX

    Yet the Z3 has 100 less mAh than the Z2, but has hardware and software capabilities to last a day longer than the Z2. Sometimes big batteries won’t mean anything if the other hardware and software on board won’t support each other.

  • LiterofCola

    I’d get this Iron Man phone if I was 5 years old maybe.

  • Meysam Khanbabaie

    ommmm Yes very Sexyyyyyyy……

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Not really excited just like it and then samsung doommmmmmm it :v

  • Coolkid

    Nope… What I meant was, we can expect something better with the international Z4…!!!

  • The_Newtype

    Apart from the removal of the annoying charging flap, there is not a whole lot different for those who are rocking the original Z3. If Sony continues their stellar track record of updating the Z series, there is even less of a reason to upgrade.

    The one thing I hope we will hear more about as the phone gets closer to release is the Z3+’s audio chops (digital chip(s) used, soundstage, etc).

  • But if less battery gets longer use, why don’t they increase the battery, but rather reduce it? I believe you’re not going to repeat the saying, “Less is More” to me. Lol

  • Timothy Crayon

    How Come the SUCKSUNG S6 EDGE can be regarded as “beautiful”??

    No taste, it looks like a toy in Toysrus for sale.

  • kaostheory

    Knowing Samsung, it’s probably just a cheap sticker.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Sticker ? Don’t kidding me lol

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Anyone know whether it has DDR4 ram or not?

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Ppl have this obsession with thinner the sexier. So if u need to shed a few pounds u need to compromise a few things and the easiest place to shed is battery size

  • DrazenDodig

    probably will be the best phone overall when released.

  • Madis Otenurm

    In the box or has to be bought separately?

  • vzangel

    Yeah… In half a year (at best), I needed to replace my phone since the Z3 came out, but I waited for the Z4, and I’m very disappointed. I know this isn’t technically the Z4, but the point remains the same. I won’t wait anymore just for the same phone with a different name.

  • JohnThackr

    Well, perhaps in six months or longer, but isn’t there a decent chance that they’ll just call the next phone Z5 both in Japan and internationally, rather than Z5 in Japan and Z4 elsewhere?

  • Hamed Azizi

    That’s the DESIGN. Perfect.

  • vzangel

    Don’t be surprised if Sony disappoints you. I needed to replace my phone since the Z3 came out, but I waited for the Z4, and look what I got.

  • vzangel

    I’ll bet that is going to be released next year, probably at CES, and if not in MWC. Sony would be crazy releasing it at IFA, but hey, it’s Sony, they are not know for having the best marketing.

  • Akand

    I have told already It’s a good decision from Sony. S6 sold too much that very few flagship buyers are still waiting/didn’t buy a 2015 flagship. That’s they shouldn’t through a net where a very few fishes are swimming. It’s better to launch a new flagship next year no later than other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG.
    If you didn’t like Z3+, then I am sorry for you. Z3+ is awesome in term of design. Performance is upto Qualcomm. Sony is not that much responsible for it actually. Fingerprint scanner, edge displays are worthless to me, Fingerprint sensor mostly danger to my privacy and security. However, it’s your taste. You may enjoy worthless curved display and security stealing fingerprint scanner. Have fun my friend.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Well even though i’m really desperate to change my phone because i still have good old Z Ultra, i’ll wait until Z5 release or whatever is it going to be called. Basically i’m buying next SONY flagship and i don’t really care how they gonna call it.

  • vzangel

    I don’t think that is going to be released at IFA, It’s too close. Keep in mind that this is just the announcement, you won’t see the Z3+ in stores until next month, maybe even July in some markets. But we’ll, Sony isn’t know for having good marketing, so we can expect anything.

  • Timel

    I feel your jealousy LOL

    It might be ugly for Xperia fanboy like you But trust me, this ugly phone will be able to sell very well, while normal phone like Z3+ will be unsaleable, just like the previous sony flagship phones, unsaleable as always. LOL

  • Lukáš Pávl

    SONY marketing strategy is one big riddle to me. It almost looks like they are done with trying to do something with their situation.

  • Svnjay

    That Iron Man phones looks like a child’s toy. I would have considered buying it I were 6 yrs old.

    Sales don’t bother me, i’m not a poser.

  • Eduardo Otero

    You’re right. It will hardly be unveiled at IFA. I used it just as a reference of the time

  • Timel

    Xperia sales may not bother you, but it bother Sony so hard LOL

    Can’t help Xperia phones suck and have nothing special or cool enough when compare to Samsung flagship phones, iPhones or even Chinese phones still much better than Sony phones

  • Hahahahaha. Well yeah true.

  • Svnjay

    That’s because i’m a consumer. I want the best product for the price, not the one that sells the most.

  • RbbrDcky


  • Timel

    Unfortunately the people the rest of the world didn’t think like you and Whatever you said but trust me, finally S6 edge and its Iron Man Edition will be able to sell more than the entire Xperia Z series anyway, while the Z3+ which is just another generic phone, has nothing special or cool enough will be unsaleable as the previous Sony flagship phones… as always.

  • Timel

    Wow 6 years old kids still want the S6 edge, that’s a good story if you ask me, Unlike Sony phone like Z3+, no one want or care about it LOL

  • Svnjay

    Sales really matter to your purchasing decisions huh? You do you want to fit in with the cool kids? You would be better off with an iPhone if you want sales.

    You care enough about it to troll a Sony website.

  • HAWX

    Yea my favourite colour for Z3, and now Z3+ But the purple colour on Z2 was SICK. :)

  • Timel

    Sony Xperia phones might be the best product for the small group of people a.k.a Sony Xperia fanboys , But Xperia phones ain’t the best for normal people

    There’re better choices than Sony Xperia phones, that why Sony is no longer in the top ten smartphone makers anymore LOL

    So pity indeed!!

  • HAWX

    True said. I have a Z. But I won’t update to that expensive rectangular. Ofcourse it is better compared to my Z but I think It does not give me 2 years of innovation and advancemets in tehchlonogy. I think 2016 will be a good year for mobile devices :)

  • Svnjay

    Ah, I guess normal people don’t want good battery life and good performance.

    That explains why the S6 is getting sold despite having terrible battery life.

  • HAWX

    If the notification light was more stylish and elegant like Z2 it would be designers’ best option.

  • HAWX

    Good point man :)

  • Tony Okoro

    Indeed if you’re board of the Z, my advice would be to get a cheap second hand z2 to play with until next year. This z3 plus or z4, whatever it’s called isn’t worth committing to for 2 years. You’re not missing out on much of anything by going with a cheap z2 for now

  • RbbrDcky

    Did anyone even listen to Sony when they said that their #1 goal is a
    return to profitability?? And the easiest way to obliterate your chances
    at said profitability is to destroy your budget on R&D costs on a
    complete design overhaul! Ask Samsung how that’s working out for them
    with the S6 (Hint: not well). Samsung and Apple are both after massive
    sales volume, which is a business strategy that simply isn’t
    sustainable. Sony, on the other hand, wants to maximize their ROI. One
    way to do this is to sell more. Another way is to reduce costs.
    Incremental design changes implies this. That all being said, this Z3+
    blows every other flagship phone launched this year out of the water.
    None even come close to the amazing specs and design of this phone!
    Having used both the S6 and M9 so far this year, I can tell you that
    battery life is abysmal on both so even if you, for some reason, still
    prefer those other devices, you cannot deny that a phone is only as good
    as it’s ability to allow you to use it. And in that, the Z3+ will
    undoubtedly be well ahead of the competition.

  • shweta bajpai

    Frustrating experience with T2 ultra….customer support and their servicing team also not coperating….. the display of my mobile damaged automatically without any physical or liquid damage …..their not a single scratch on my mobile still their service center team forcefully void my warranty…..I purchased this mobile only 6 months back still they people are not accepting the fault of their product…….rather then accepting their fault they people forcefully prepare a invoice where they mention warranty void…….I don’t understand why survive when defect is in their product quality…..Instead of accepting their fault they given us the estimation of repairing my mobile 10000/-Rs.When we are sending them mail they are least bother to reply that mail.I mailed them twice or thrice.Is this a justice?………….Please if anyone have the contact details of their senior authorities then please let me know it’s my humble request………because this can happen with you also………..I am going to take a legal action with the help on CNBC channel and consumer forum………..Can anyone please help me how can we proceed with CNBC and consumer forum?.

  • HAWX

    Actually I was going to buy Z2 (purple :D!) but I learnt that it cannot play high-res audio files and Z3 can. Also Z3 sound considerably better when while listening from headphones. Right now I would go for Z3 when Z3+ is released (because it will be cheaper). But I think I will wait for 2016 to choose. I think I can wait with Z because I don’t play games :)

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Always sold separately, usually they only bundle in Japan

  • brian007

    Some friends can remember my comment, i said that this not a new phone, just a Z3 upgrade

  • HAWX

    I don’t want to be an ass but In my opinion this 2 year old photo looks more elegant and premium :)

  • Nawi
  • Lunkz

    It has less Battery Cap, lets call it Z3+ instead Z3-
    Does the Glass also Brake that fast as the Z3? Maybe Faster +

  • Nawi

    Because the other Samsung flaghships (S3/4/5, Note3/4) are very ugly xD

    S6/S6 edge are “beautiful” compared

  • Akand

    haven’t you seen Z3 Berlin, Moscow and one or two more editions?? aren’t they cooler than this childish iron man edition?? Timel, my friend, you are actually too much confused with marketing gimmicks. however, it’s good to see you use Sony. can you deny that Z3+ is much more sexier than s6?? chemical coated glass didn’t make the Z3+ more elegant and sexy?
    can you convince me about your worthless curved display, security threatening fingerprint scanner?? why do I actually need these on a smartphone? just as a marketing gimmick. you are actually confused with the gimmicks. Xperia devices much more elegant devices than any other phone on the market. don’t be messed up my friend.

  • k1sgy3r3k


    We want this wallpaper!! PLS Share with us!! Thank you!

  • Louis Caradine

    indeed :) still prefer Z design over Z1 Z2 Z3 or this Z3+

    that’s the reason i still using Z until now , and the hardware performance still great on lollipop for daily use , i’m still happy using Z

  • TechGuyChris

    Actually, I agree with most of what Timel says. I dont comment much but hes usually right about the things he says about Sony.

  • Timel

    You mean 2 days battery life? LOL
    Bull fucking shit!
    Stop this bullshit please!!!!
    In reality, Sony’s 2 days battery life is impossible because in just one day people use their phones with many activities such as chatting, take a photos / sefie, social networks, play games, play medias, YouTube, surfing the Internet and etc

    In reality, People can take the benefit from S6’s fast charging feature more than Sony’s bullshit 2 days battery life.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I understand how xcited sammy fans for their first time dual glass n metal for galaxy series after a few years playing with plastic.

  • Svnjay

    That would be sad because the S6 gets even less than Sony’s battery life. You’re really desperate aren’t you?

    The Z3 and Z3+ has fast charging and longer battery life than the S6, hahahahaha. You’re terribly misinformed.

  • Svnjay


  • HAWX

    Me too man :) I like the front look of the ZL most but I don’t like it’s side and rear looking :)

  • TechGuyChris

    lol you really think i’m a troll?

  • Svnjay

    No, i’m referring to Timel. He may be correct sometimes but he’s still a troll who wants to comes to a Sony websites to hate on them and promote Samsung. He should not be fed.

  • TechGuyChris

    No troll or fanboy. But look what happened over the weekend. didnt receive an email or rsponse from sony. attemptd to purchase an xperia z3 on saturday in the US. There is no store here that carries it. Not even a Sony store. What a bummer… How do you expect to purchase a phone that you cant get your hands on to play with at a SONY store??? This is why i agree with what Timel says because he and I have been sony fans before and although we both still love the compnay we point out what they’re doing wrong becaue we are TRUE fans not blind sheep like most are here.

  • TechGuyChris

    Hey Timel, Sony listened to my complaint about Video unlimited and has now the feature i requested.. The best thing Sony has goign for its Xperia lineup that separates it from anyone else is Video Unlimited. You can now purchase a movie on any Sony device (Blu Ray, Bravia, PS4), pause that movie, and then resume where you left off on your Xperia Phone. No other vendor offers that. Your collection follows. NOt even apple offers that and Samsung cant cause they have no ecosystem. Thats something Sony should push more.

  • Timel

    New hardware, new hardware, new hardware, new hardware and new hardware again… This is why Xperia phones are unsaleable and Sony Mobile is going bankrup

    What about the new software, I mean new camera’s software? What about Z3 plus’s auto mode? Sony flagship phones always have the worst auto mode… So pity.

  • Timel

    At least you got me, Thx you man ^^

  • Timel

    To be honest, the edge display is worhless to me too, I think Samsung use a curved display with their flagship phones because they want to make something different, curved display is nothing except about the design.

    Actually, The camera of S6 edge is the truly killer feature, Samsung said.

  • Afnan Muhammad

    Change from Z3 to Z3+ is bigger than Z2 to Z3. lol

  • Luis alexander rosas velasquez

    EXACTLY,you get it!!

  • inspire

    Another set of beautiful and stunning videos and still promotions from Sony ;)

  • Removal of the USB hi res audio support for amplifiers was a huge downgrade, and confusing move… One of the major reasons I bought z3 was hi res audio… otherwise will get the Japan z4 version for sure.

  • Madis Otenurm

    Eh, okay.

  • Ana Heluši?

    My next phone, very sexy

  • Ana Heluši?

    LOL idiot, Iron man edition is only 1000 units hahahahahah

  • David Moslehi

    The next flagship will most likely be called Z4 for the international market, not Z5. For Japan, it would be called Z4+.
    Sony cannot jump from Z3+ to Z5 without filling the gap in naming its international flagship.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    So, next year?

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    nope. that’s actually very pretty but I like Z3 and especially Z3+ miles away.

  • HAWX

    You can plug it through aux :?

  • jakobd.

    Hallo Guys, use Sony on Z3+ the Exmor rs imx230 Sensor? Is the camera when Z3 + better than the Z3 or still shit? Are there any official pictures or videos of the Z3 + camera?

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  • HAWX

    From head on, ZL is the best looking and elegant device from Sony. Z3 and Z3+ don’t have stylish notification light and have big batteries. ZL got perfect size 5″ and yet super compact.
    Can not be said for it’s sides and back though :)

  • roeshak

    Elegance isn’t enough to sell a phone. The z3+ is just not strong enough to stand against the s6 and G4. Those two devices just have more about them. The z3+ is really just a Sony fan device. Same specs apart from 810, same camera with nothing more than the addition of the useless stupid food mode.
    Even though LG and Samsung don’t use sensors as good as that on the xperia devices, they have OIS, more advanced sharper, faster lenses and far better software and in the case of the g4 full manual controls.
    They’re much more current and cutting edge than this device. The z3+ and m9 are 2014 devices with updated processors. They’ve got very little about them that’s 2015.
    Sony and HTC fans need to face up to simple truths especially when they’re right in front of them. You can’t blame marketing indefinitely lol!
    As far as I’m concerned Sony went to sleep after launching the z2. Let’s hope they wake up next year! This device priced at €699 will be a huge flop. The one plus two is about to land and I’m sure even that will pack more cutting edge tech than this hapless device Sony’s just released here.

  • vzangel

    For me, this is a strong argument from Sony to just buy the Z3 on the cheap when this one comes out.

  • DrazenDodig

    Sony’s software is so much better than Samsung’s though.

  • Stemro

    Though not when it comes to camera software algorithms.

  • Stemro

    When you consider that the Z2 and Z3 are actually more similar not only in specs (almost the exact same specs, the main differences are a slightly higher clocked Snapdragon 801 (though it’s still an 801) and a somewhat different display) and design (though the Z3 to Z2 actually looks more similar to me than Z4 to Z3!).

    Though on a side note while the Snapdragon 810 should have been a major upgrade – it has been ridden with heating problems.

  • Stemro

    It implies that we might actually get the rumored international Z4 which has even better specs…

  • Stemro

    Well of course Sony can do whatever, even skip an international Z4 and just release the Z5 everywhere… But then I don’t know why they didn’t just call this Z3+ the Z4 outside of Japan too, it implies a more upgraded phone (even if it’s actually the same specs, to the consumer a “Z4” should sound better than a “Z3+”). For this reason the rumor that there will be a new Z4 flagship with better specs seems more plausible.

  • Stemro

    Just because the battery mAh capcity is smaller doesn’t necessarily mean the battery life won’t be as good – it’s now up to how optimized that battery is.

  • Snorky112

    having same mpx on camera doesnt mean its the same…

  • jag

    No more hi res audio?? I Thought it got the new ldac format of sony so it is still hi res?

  • jag

    Gonna get that aqua green/ blue!! I hope it comes in next two weeks!!!

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  • Timel

    Troll? You’re just so pity like shit, You know?
    you can admit the truth, that’s why you called me “troll”

  • Svnjay

    You spend way too much time on this site for someone who hates Sony and probably employed by Samsung.

  • Timel

    Like the previous Sony flagship phones, no one wants or cares about Z4+ except Sony fanboys, Sony phones may be good for the small group of people a.k.a Sony fanboys but with normal people, Sony phones never look good enough. normal people know that Sony phones have nothing special and also worse than competitors in some ways for example its camera, Which is a big deal for many people, Sony flagship phones have had the worst auto mode and less h/w and see/w innovative features.

  • ChilliPSco

    I’ve been doing a lot of research since the Z3+ was announced and in all honesty this is a disappointing upgrade. Now I’m not a Samsung fan boy and I do like the Sony handsets. I came from Samsung S4 to Sony Xperia Z1. My Xperia Z1 is still going strong (few hiccups with Lollipop, but nothing a future update won’t solve), but I cannot justify upgrading to this at all. The RAM & SoC 810 is fine, but why oh why have Sony failed to do anything with their camera sensor? This IS the biggest gripe I have with the Z3+. Sony who make some great sensors for camera’s are lagging way behind in this department imo. LG G4 & S6 Edge wipe the floor with this handset in terms of camera ability. It’s just lacking and so underwhelming in so many ways. Jeez there’s no OIS.

    A lot of what Timel & TechGuyChris have been saying has been spot on. I have never been Timel’s biggest fan and have had a run in with him myself. However, as time has gone on I have generally agreed with what he has been posting. He doesn’t post comments because he’s a Samsung fan boy, it’s because he’s making a point that the Xperia handsets new something new & innovative and a lot of what he says is actually spot on. Fine, if you disagree with him then you’re entitled to after all it’s your choice. Seriously though when you look at his posts (not all) he is only making a point that Sony needs to up it’s game otherwise it’s going to be in further trouble than it’s already in and we’ll more than likely never see another Xperia handset again. I’ll probably get slated for this but in all honesty I don’t care. I’ll wait to see what Sony offers in the future and I really hope it’s something very special, otherwise I think Sony is doomed.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Damn, was wishing they’d stuck USB C for the international version. That’s what I’m waiting for

  • ChilliPSco

    May be at IFA in September, but don’t hold your breath. There may be one to tie in with Spectre when it’s released.

  • Le Balladeer

    The price? The Android OS version? How much of the stock Android has
    been screwed by Sony –> three of the most important points.

  • Le Balladeer

    Damn, I just want them to leave the stock Android alone or maybe tie up with an open source custom ROM.

  • Le Balladeer

    Fuck, I just want them to leave the stock Android alone or maybe tie up with an open source custom ROM.

  • Le Balladeer

    Let’s face it – both are ho-rrible. Now you go and decide which one is slightly more than the other.

  • Le Balladeer

    Let’s face it – both are horrible. Now you go and decide which one is slightly more than the other.

  • lolop

    XPERIA series software image stabalisation is AMAZING so I’m not sure it needs OIS. What it needs is better image processing for low light pictures.

  • Timel

    If you want the Stock UI so much, why you don’t buy NEXUS?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Did you just mixed up Chinese with Japanese? As a Chinese, I’ve never heard of anyone pronounced “four” in English as “yon”, don’t know about Japanese though

  • SC

    Waiting for battery life benchmarks vs Z3…

  • Svnjay

    So will never win with companies like Samsung and Apple and their phones are inferior. Sorry to break it to you but the Z3 destroys the S6 and iPhone 6 in battery life, design, dual front facing speakers, liquid heat pipe cooling, low light performance and audio output.

  • iosvsios

    No, I didn’t mix them up, just didn’t specified that I was referring to how to read ? and ? in Japanese.

  • Andre Lemard

    I think this is it.

  • fried_egg

    Oh good point… maybe that is why the schedule got a little slowed down… they did the “T” with a JB inclusion and much of the Z4/3+ speculation came from the Sony America hack which included the Bond details. Luckily the big Google “roadmap” type developers expo is very soon… which will give hints on what will be in Android “M” – and if hardware changes are needed for some of M’s needs you can guess the next handset will either run M or be M ready… Once that developers show is out of the way I think it will be clear if there will be a substantially different Sony flagship in the Autumn or not…

  • HAWX

    It has HR :)

  • StarSix Cooper

    Xperia is the coolest phone there is, all i wanted was a better processor and gpu and they delivered, now its the perfect device for remote play and android games with the dualshock 4. Its almost stock android which is best and AMOLED 2K screens are cool but i can settle for lcd and its benefits of a slimmer/lighter device and better battery life. Sony aims perfectly at its target demographic which is people with a ps4, that love gaming and going to the pool, jacoozi or taking a bath everyday. As far as people complaining about the design? Dont fix what is not broken, Sonys name is awesome and so is the design from an artistic point of view, the sleek subtle designs, logo and accessories to accent the phones qualities (gaming mount, magnetic charger for maintaining ip68). It sells great in Japan but not here…marketing is bad out here, i sell phones for verizon and my manager gets mad when i sell the phone because it doesnt gain good gross profit for retailers and other employees dont sell it because sony offers no incentives. samsung goes out the door like crazy because the employee pay checks go up with cash spiffs and better gross profit. we hate selling apple because theres no gross profit and no cash spiffs but at least there is crazy accessories all over the store to help our pay checks.

    ps when its slow i play on my game mount and show off the ds4 with modern combat 5 and it sells its self, too bad i have to defill the phone cause theres never any in stock!

  • StarSix Cooper

    Its all marketing, cell phone sales reps have their at will positions for a reason, right now i sell the note three more than any other phone because it makes me the most money. Samsung offers cash incentives to employees to sell their phones. I know my Samsung rep personally, I have never met the the Sony rep. last month I sold the Kyrocera Hydro elite the most…worst phone i have ever touched, look it up, even that phone sells more than the sony. In america Sony offers good deals for the customer on verizon, free on a two year contract or free if you have over 6 gb of data on edge. I am discouraged from my store, district and regional managers to sell the phone because it offers very little benefits to the store/company. Now as far as specs go, what Sony is doing with their phone is much different than samsung or lg….in my opinion, samsung and lg have boring designs, may not matter to you so much but it nice to have an android device that dominates in the style aspect, even over apple. Improving the usb open flap is a break through for the device, it was the main flaw in the water proof design, target demographic being people that like the water, pool, jacoozi, baths etc…
    Gaming is a huge part of their target demographic, the 1080 display consumes less battery for android gaming. Every basic user would prefer amoled because it looks great but when gaming it uses more battery. Agreed completely on the OIS on the camera, it is a big hardware disadvantage, but on the contrary if you are taking still photos with nice scenery i still believe sonys camera wins. Sure selling out and upgrading every little thing about a phone to please the world is cool, but what sony is doing is perfecting an image that they have for a great device. Its not about the specs, its about marketing and being able to pitch this phone to the right demographic, sales men sell phones to the average joe, not everyone hops on these blogs and researches phones, in fact about once a month I catch someone that actually does. You thinking thinking LG and samsung are better is just your opinion and Sony isnt for you, so my question is why are you on the xperiablog??

  • StarSix Cooper

    Also I am a Sony fan boy, everything i own is Sony, I trust the company and still sell the phone for personal reasons over making money.

  • jag

    haha! yah.. I just realized what you said! Only difference for Z2 and Z3 is the design i think.

  • jag

    woah!! is the headset free??? I hope it’s the same with other regions here in asia

  • jag

    Yep, they should have removed the iron man head on the back. It destroys the cool effect. The colors are great!

  • ChilliPSco

    I would definitely love to see a vast improvement for low light picture taking. I’ve seen low light shots on a friends S6 Edge and I was blown away. So I would love to see something similar to that implemented in a future Sony flagship.

  • valentino

    i really like this phone and the uncovered USB charge. but once again it become a really disadvantages. you need to make sure that USB port is dry before charging. and how do we know it’s dry enough to charge?

  • Rene Pedroso

    The XZ3+ doesn’t look like the Silver Green of the XZ3

  • monx®

    Sony FTW!!! the superb WATERPROOF phone maker in the world. period.

  • Paul M

    And yet isn’t 4 a bad luck work in Japan?

  • Le Balladeer

    A phone has a lot of aspects.

  • aks316

    Hi i am confused about the 64bit thing.. does it make a difference? Rest i am happy buying Z3.

  • neenamoon

    ???Cash time on the time with xperiablog
    ???> ???


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