Music Beta update (9.0.1.A.3.0) adds quick play button [Update]

by XB on 27th May 2015

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Music 9.0.1.A.3.0beta_1Sony has rolled a new update to the Music Beta moving the build number to 9.0.1.A.3.0beta. The big new change is a quick play button which can be used to shuffle your songs under various parameters (all, most played, favourite, newly added).

There does seem to be a bug though as the button is not present for everyone (us included). The devs are aware of the issue and will look into it tomorrow. The other addition is colour picking on landing page items. The update can be downloaded from the Google+ Walkman Beta page or via the link below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Music (9.0.1.A.3.0beta)

Update: Sony’s Music team has now released a new version in the form of build number 9.0.1.A.3.1beta that brings back the quick play button. Download here.

Music 9.0.1.A.3.0beta_2 Music 9.0.1.A.3.0beta_3

Music 9.0.1.A.3.0beta_1

Thanks ?????? and Vivek!

  • Amimanot

    Just a heads up. So far the z3+ does support full manual controls but raw support for now is missing. Since Sony is considering Raw support in their forums maybe we will see it in a future update for the phone.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    And the video app has an update too

  • Aiden Pearce

    The button doesn’t show up for many..the support team is investigating!!!

  • otacon1k

    Hoooolly Cow! So there is a chence for manuak camera on older xperia devices :d

  • I don’t mind the raw thing as long as we have full manual control,that’d be great.

  • malinalaza

    No, there isn’t. In true manual mod you control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. On phones, you can’t control the aperture, so there is no full manual control. You can set the shutter speed and ISO, but 99% of users will end up with wrong exposure. Unless you use the “sunny 16” rule, and calculate the shutter speed and ISO needed for you fixed aperture, according to the current lighting conditions. Can you do that, every time you want to take a snapshot? No? Why the fuss then?

  • Andre Lemard

    i guess I was one of the lucky ones. Mine appears and it works.

  • Brick

    The app is improving nicely, they just need to make lock screen album art optional and integrate the two “3 dot ” menus into one and it will be perfect.

  • Yoppy

    The screenshots shows it’s running on kitkat. It’s working on my lollipop device.

  • zul

    Why this happen to my video? Z2

  • zul

    Why my z2 video only play a sound n cannot play video 1080p?

  • Adrian L

    A new updated beta is now available with a fix for the Quick play button.

  • Jatin

    theres a problem with the shuffle button whenever i press shuffle button it seems like the song is changed yet it is playing the same song it was like it should be but with a different song on screen.using on Xperia Z c6602

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