Official CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly Builds land on the Xperia M

by XB on 28th May 2015

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CM12.1Official Sony support for the Xperia M (C1904, C1905) might have ended a while back, but the handset lives on thanks to the developer community. Well if you own the handset you might be pleased to hear that official CM 12.1 nightly builds have landed for the device – this means Android 5.1 support. This is down to XDA developer PecanCM who has done the hard graft in getting these builds live. Head over to the CyanogenMod website and look for code name “nicki” to download the latest CM12.1 nightly build.

Xperia M CM12.1

Thanks Aashish!

  • Abdul Ghani

    This is good news

  • Alrighty! And what about Xperia M “Dual”?

  • Achot Asrian

    Xperia Overlay update Center App is released for Windows and GNU/Linux Users.
    The application allow the automatic installation of xperia overlay firmwares for the xperia 2011 and 2012 line

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    – Xperia Arc S
    – Xperia Neo
    – Xperia Neo V
    – Xperia Neo L
    – Xperia Pro
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    – Xperia Play

    Screanshots are available on our –
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    Please Xperia Blog, let Xperia Users know about this by making a post


  • Zeke

    Good to read.
    Fingers crossed for Dual SIM activation in CM12.1 at some stage.

    Xperia M – Last Sony pocket-able phone with good usable features at a reasonable price.
    The only Sony phone you can get now in this size format, is the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact…

  • Aashish bhatia

    Hi! Aashish Here..
    Check out the xda thread.. There is already a patch to make dual sim work..
    See 1st post:

  • Aashish bhatia

    Check out the xda thread.. There is already a patch to make dual sim work..
    See 1st post:
    Confirmed working by my friends :)

  • Naail Zahid

    would be better news if they gave all m series official support…and if timel gets banned.

  • Andre Lemard

    I doubt he would get banned. I think he creates multiple accounts over and over again.

  • Naail Zahid

    He is one, he is many?

  • akela34

    xperiablog====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • SM

    who’s timel??? what he ‘ve done?

  • SM

    I am kinda noob here n posses a XM dual. Can anyone guide me please through the easiest steps for how to upgrade my XM dual in lollipop 5.1?

  • SM

    anyone who’ve tried this method on XM dual ..please confirm whether all the functionality of Xm dual is working or not?

  • Kenneth F

    Well, I can’t make it work, the posted guide doesn’t work for this, and there is no help to be found on this, so I think this is ’empty news’.

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