Xperia Keyboard update (6.6.A.0.30) adds quicker response times, different keyboard layouts for each language and more

by XB on 1st June 2015

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Xperia Keyboard 6.6.A.0.30_1Sony Mobile has updated the Xperia Keyboard to version 6.6.A.0.30 (from build number 6.4.A.1.24). The new update includes a number of improvements such as faster response times, the ability to select different keyboard layouts for each language and you can also now get word suggestions for one language at a time (disable Smart language detection first).

Other improvements include updated layouts for Hungarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian, and Serbian as well four new language support (Tajik, Uzbek, Welsh, and Irish). The update is now live on the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Keyboard (6.6.A.0.30)

Xperia Keyboard 6.6.A.0.30_1 Xperia Keyboard 6.6.A.0.30_2

Thanks Ben and Himath!

  • Stephen

    pegi rating of 3 on play store, my 2 year old wont be happy about that

  • Oh!

    Is there new keyboard skins?

  • Update Z2 D6503

  • Thanks, but I’ll stick to TouchPal.

  • lol

  • Akshit Meena

    My C6602 is currently on version 6.6.A.0.12 and yet I’m not getting an option to update/ install this version. Is it cz i flashed my phone with US customized lollipop version? Any suggestions?

  • Apollo89

    WOW! After YEARS of complaining to Sony by many Belgian people, FINALLY it is possible to have the AZERTY layout without having to select the French language! (in Belgium, AZERTY is the default keyboard layout and the majority of the people speak Dutch)

  • Brick

    Does the keyboard still bring back words you delete while typing in Google Chrome? That bug has been grinding my gears since I first bought the Z3. I don’t know if it’s a Chrome bug or a Sony Keyboard bug but it makes typing stuff in Chrome a major pain in the ass because every time you make a mistake and delete you end up with words coming back after the cursor and messing up the whole thing you’re trying to type.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Gt auto updated today..didn’t even got notified!!!
    I m nt able to find any diff in old ver and new one!!

  • Aiden Pearce

    I have that stupid issue in opera specially in discus forums!!! Rest i never get that bug!!!

  • bilomar

    I got version 6.6.B.0.11

  • Brick

    The most worrying thing about this is that a 2 year old is using a phone and texting on it.

  • Brick

    Same here actually. Regular Xperia Z3.

  • Dilesh Perera

    me too

  • Yes first time put my name on article..yes yes..

  • XperiaBlog

    Just checked our Z3 and yes that was the version prior to this update. Now everyone is being pushed to this new version.

  • xConjo

    So, uh… when will they make a korean xperia keyboard? C’mon Sony!

  • Shaktimaan

    I have the same on my z2

  • serendipity1002

    and the skins are still not ‘material’/flat enough..seriously though, that look clashes heavily with everything else, i’m currently using Swiftkey with material themes, although I truly prefer the simplicity and responsiveness of stock keyboard..

  • Raymond De Guzman

    Same here. No update button available in PS.

  • Akshit Meena

    The Google play store still shows 6.4.A.1.24.

  • Joe Black

    Screw that.
    I still can’t use the ‘clean’ QWERTZ layout without the special characters (PŠ??? in this case, I’m from Croatia). I can choose between QWERTY and QWERTZ+special chars, and I just want to use clean QWERTZ.

  • Farid Cooper

    Guess I’m not the only one then. Facing this issue in chrome browser too on Z3 Tablet mostly when typing long post in forums

  • aiamkesz

    Same here on my Xperia Z. It occurs in browsers for me. Rarely on Hangouts. Waiting for a fix for this. I used Google Keyboard and it doesn’t happen with that. I guess it’s Sony Keyboard’s bug.

  • aiamkesz

    Same here on my Xperia Z. It occurs in browsers for me. Rarely on Hangouts. Waiting for a fix for this. I used Google Keyboard and it doesn’t happen with that. I guess it’s Sony Keyboard’s bug.

  • Niels d. G.

    The ability to select different keyboard layouts for each language is also available in version on 6.6.A.0.11 Lollipop, FYI

    Also, it sucks that they STILL have not made it possible to adjust the keyboard height and the long-press duration, the latter is just too long.

  • Great Dude

    When they get rid of LG and Samsung :P
    As I know ,Samsung doesn’t even sell their phones on Japan, since Sony is selling at Korea ,then they should make a keyboard layouts there. I hope you got it.

  • u fanboy?

    I have that bug too, but only when I type in disqus comments.

  • Aiden Pearce

    for me it happens specially in discus forums only!!!
    rest is fine

  • SM

    will it work on 4.3?

  • My Keyboard is 6.6.B.0.1.1, and I didnt get any.update yet !!!

  • Saleh Zwai

    Numeric row for phones would be awesome!

  • Niels d. G.

    Sorry, that should be 6.6.B.0.11, so it seems the keyboard on Lollipop is actually newer than this one?

  • ZXcorr

    I prefer the Google keyboard because it includes more useful symbols and characters.

  • Snorky112

    never had this problem I have Belgian AZERTY

    ooh yea ok you meant having AZERTY in dutch… but dutch keyboard is QWERTY :p

  • Apollo89

    That means you also selected French and/or German as writing language. If none of those languages were enabled, there was no button to change the layout to AZERTY. I rarely write in French or German on my phone, so it’s a relief not having to get word suggestions in those languages anymore.

  • Stemro

    Yeah I had that bug too. Very annoying. It’s definitely a Sony keyboard bug though… so the simple solution is to just use a different keyboard app; there are many great ones (for example Swype, ai.type, SwiftKey, Fleksy, TouchPal etc.); I’m currently using the Google Keyboard and it’s really nice and without that bug!

  • Stemro

    Maybe try Google Keyboard?
    Simplicity+material design.

  • Stemro

    Just wait, updates often take a day or two to reach everywhere.

  • Stemro

    There’s an app for that.

  • Stemro

    That’s not quite true, Samsung phones are sold on some carriers in Japan. Though the funny thing is that sometimes they actually hide the “Samsung” brand (so for example the logo is removed from the device) because Japanese don’t like buying them Korean stuff.

  • Great Dude

    Thanks for correcting me, They hide it then, that is more interesting than I thought :D

  • Aiden Pearce

    our Z3 came with 6.6.B.0.11 and Play store still on 6.4.A.1.24 and now sony pushing 6.6.A.0.30.

  • Mark Davis

    It’s definitely an issue with the Xperia keyboard, and only occurs when typing in Google Chrome text boxes/other form fields.

    I’ve searched everywhere for a fix but never even saw a mention of it until your comment.

    Waiting for this update to drop to see if it’s fixed the problem.

  • Brick

    I posted about it on the Sony support forum and even on XDA, most people seem to agree that it’s a Chrome bug, honestly I have no idea at this point. I even emailed Google support but as usual there is no way to get humans to respond when you’re dealing with Google. The only time I got an actual response from Google was when I notified them about a road in Google Maps that wasn’t one-way in the app.

  • Mark Davis

    Although it only happens in chrome, I’ve tested alternative keyboards such as Swiftkey and Google Keyboard I’m 99% positive it’s an issue with just the Xperia keyboard. I couldn’t replicate the issue with either of those.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    I got the 6.6.B.0.11, is this older?? wich one is better??

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    Thank you so much Sony! It fixed the Google voice microphone inside the keyboard app. After lollipop update, I could only use the Google voice microphone inside the keyboard app while WiFi was on. The keyboard got faster and smarter.

    FYI, don’t wait for update. Just downloaded from the link above. DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Keyboard (6.6.A.0.30)

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  • Brick

    Is it just me or the latest chrome update fixed the issue with typing? It doesn’t happen anymore for me.

  • Finally I can use qwerty without swedish characters thus making the keys a little bigger and still have a swedish keyboard. So much easier to type.

  • nick sweden

    bad that t9 phonepad is not available for all xperia phones without root . only z2 z3 z3c z1 etc , :/

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