Movie Creator (3.0.A.0.6) makes story view accessible before playback and more

by XB on 2nd June 2015

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Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_1Sony Mobile has updated the Movie Creator application to build number 3.0.A.0.6 (from 2.5.A.0.2). This new version brings a number of changes including the fact that story view is now accessible before playback. Sony has also included additional music to add to your videos (of course the custom option also remains) and now the length of the background music will fit perfectly to the length of the movie. Another nice addition is that the movie length will now change depending on the number of photos/videos in your story. The update is currently rolling on the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD APK: Movie Creator (3.0.A.0.6)

Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_1 Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_2

Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_3 Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_4

Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_5

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    What happened to SenseMe™ Slideshow I wanted to use that but couldn’t find the setting in album so I downloaded the apk from a 3rd party play store and it doesn’t work I miss it I want it back they should let us make slideshows with movie creator as well as it making movies automatically

  • xperiaDROID

    Would be nice if they add some video editing tools in it or release a mobile version of their video editing app Sony Vegas, I would gladly pay for it if it’s cheaper. The PC one is ridiculously expensive.

  • Matt

    =,= its still there, just select a couple photos on album app, and select option . . . and there you go sense me is there . . , search first . . and then complain

  • Crusher_Sprite

    SenseMe is dead on lollipop :'(.
    I really miss it too especially when docking.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    I did that its not there might be to do with my ROM

  • Matt

    It is more irritating if you are not using Sony rom or already modified it (you might uninstalled it along the way and yet still complaining

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    I’m using existenz a custom Sony ROM on z2 I’ll have a look I’ve got the apk installed it just won’t work

  • Matt

    And that is Sony’s fault? Does Sony develop the Existenz rom? It might something to do with Sony framework.
    I can’t use Samsung widget on my old s2 because it doesn’t run touchwizz launcher either.

    So yeah blame the developer of the custom rom not Sony, it works on my stock rom…

  • Stanley Lu

    Is there a way to choose which days to make the movie from? Ex. May 22 ~ May 29 etc…

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    No its not that existenz is a sony ROM all it has is extra APks and features I don’t think the ROM developer would have taken that feature out I thought sony might have abandoned something they thought wernt using and I even found the apk and installed it but it comes up with an error and like the person said below SenseMe is dead on lollipop so I’m not alone

  • Matt

    well are you on lollipop? last time i checked existenz still on kitkat .
    i am still on kitkat (stock) and as you can see i have that feature.
    Youre on a custom rom and you do not have that feature, curious indeed, but its still not sonys fault :P the dev of that rom have fiddled with that rom so yeah . .

    its just like you buy a toyota car and you change the engine with another toyota engine , but its been modified. Now the fuel pump doens´t work , do you blame Toyota who makes the car or the maker of the modified engine ?

    people on lollipop might not have that feature any more. besides you can choose which picture are to be used by Movie creator.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Existenz is on lollipop its been renamed existenz y for xperia z2 I had sensme on KitKat but only recently realised its not there now

  • Matt

    Well there you go, non existent on lollipop ;)

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    ? ‘
    Existenz y on lollipop

  • Matt

    #facepalm . . what i meant was the feature youre asking for doent available on lollipop based sony ROM :)

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Oh OK i asked the ROM dev anyway he said he hasn’t touched senseme but it would be nice
    to have it back

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