au and docomo announce Sony Xperia devices to get Lollipop in Japan

by XB on 4th June 2015

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Android LollipopTwo Japanese carriers, NTT docomo and au by KDDI, have announced their OS schedule and with it, which Sony Xperia devices they plan to update to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Unlike the global rollout, the only Xperia Z users that will see Lollipop in Japan are those carrying an Xperia Z2 or Z3 series device. There is no timeline on when Lollipop will roll out for these models.

Therefore Xperia Z, Z1, Z1 f, Z Ultra and Tablet Z owners are out of luck. Let’s not forget the other models outside of the Z series in Japan like the Xperia A, A2 and UL. This is the issue with carrier devices, updates are at the whim of the operator. Makes us appreciate Sony updating the entire Xperia Z line to Lollipop even more.

au by KDDI to upgrade following Sony Xperia devices to Android Lollipop

Xperia ZL2 (SOL25)
Xperia Z2 Tablet (SOT21)
Xperia Z3 (SOL26)

NTT docomo to upgrade following Sony Xperia devices to Android Lollipop

Xperia Z2 (SO-03F)
Xperia Z2 Tablet (SO-05F)
Xperia Z3 (SO-01G)
Xperia Z3 Compact (SO-02G)

Thanks Shima!

  • Ashroft

    Sony is not releasing updates for its origin’s country? Wtf?

  • iosvsios

    I’m really glad to see the ZL2 made it to this list! I’ll be looking forward to the update, as I’m trying really hard to avoid upgrading until next year (new phones have nearly half the battery standby time as last year’s, so I don’t consider them upgrades, no matter how tempting the rest of the features are!)

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    What the hell????? No update for docomo’s z1 because of “hardware limitation”, yet they are going to upgrade galaxy s4?????

  • iosvsios

    Probably they sold more limited quantities of hardware of Z1 compared to S4 ;)

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    Actually, no. Sony is pretty strong with their home market, and Samsung has a bit of problem here. That’s why they removed the word Samsung for their galaxy s6 line, hoping to change their brand image, thus getting more consumers.

  • iosvsios

    I live in Japan, don’t know about you, yeah Sony sells more than in some countries but not even as much as in Taiwan. The Galaxy line is/was pretty popular, with or without the Samsung logo. Don’t believe all that western press writes about Japan.

    Anyway I had a winky face too, so take that as you will lol

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    I did live in Japan until last month and use z1 from Docomo until now, so I actually know what I’m talking about. Japan market as a whole still have the mentality to buy local product instead of foreign brands like Koreans (Samsung, LG). Except for iPhone. Even until 2014, the android market share in Japan is still pretty much dominated by xperia.

  • rifath

    Time to say “Konnichiwa” Japanese Sony xperia devices to it’s latest android version .

  • Geese Howard

    Come on Japan, be fair man. Every other places in the world nearly all XZ series has got an upgrade don’t be so lazy after being praised! The Lollipop is really an good upgrade!

  • Andre Lemard

    That is the number one reason why you should never buy carrier locked phones. They only get updated if and when the carrier decides to update it.

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    But it doesn’t make sense though. Xperia z got updated to KitKat, so I thought at least z1 would be updated to lollipop. Even Docomo is going to upgrade galaxy s4, which is older than z1. So their hardware limitation reasoning is pure bull crap.

  • Melfes Wired

    this is not the first time, still remember my beautiful Xperia SX who stops forever at 4.1, and now my A2, who started with 4.4.2 and dies at 4.4.2( BGM: Born To Die, pls)

    the same fate will happen to any future A4 user

    so, stop buying any phone from this f_cking c_nt – docomo!

  • iosvsios

    Yeah just buy them unlocked/foreign, lose osaifu-keitai, one-seg, etc (if you care about those), jump through a few extra hoops to get it working properly on Docomo and… win one extra update in the lifetime of the device? Meh

  • Melfes Wired

    as if you need them… and just one extra update? hey, jeff, tell him about the new Android 5.1 update project just released by sony

  • Very annoying… Maybe I should try to flash my Z1f and install a more flexible ROM. Not sure if it will still work properly on Docomo network though…

    With Sony being the only smartphone maker providing a high-spec small model, there is not much choice of competition. Hopefully there will be a Z4 compact sometime soon with good reasons to upgrade from my Z1f (slightly larger screen in same total size, better camera, for instance)

  • iosvsios

    Still waiting after 5 months on AU… lol

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