Official: Android 5.1 landing on Xperia devices from July; includes M2 series

by XB on 4th June 2015

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LollipopSony Mobile has just announced that Android 5.1 Lollipop will start rolling to all of the Xperia Z series as well as the Xperia C3 and T2 Ultra from July 2015. Xperia M2 and Xperia M2 Aqua owners will not be left out in the cold – Sony has officially confirmed that these handsets will be upgraded directly to Android 5.1, which is fantastic news. The update for the Xperia M2 series will start after Android 5.1 has rolled to the Xperia Z series, but we’re sure M2 owners won’t mind given this very good news.

Thanks Omar!

  • Eliot Hayworth

    Thanks, Sony! :D


    That’s not a bad thing at all keeping in mind that Z released 2 years ago. :-)

  • Stanley Lu

    Wow, even the Xperia Z?! Such support! Great news :)

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    That’s what I’m talking about. Be different always.
    I knew that they’ll give 5.1.1 for old Z.

  • Felix

    Launched with 4.1 even.
    4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0, 5.1

    Is that a record for official android updates (together with the Nexus 4)?

  • bilomar

    Wow, such upgrade, very support, much great

  • Aiden Pearce

    Now that is something every other oems should follow…thats called support

  • Bramadya R

    wohooo, thanks sony!! finally my m2 will get lollipop

  • Igy Tech

    Good news !

  • Jecht_Sin

    Really?! The M2 as well? Yes, there is a God! Thanks Sony! Praise the Sun!

  • Svnjay

    That looks good.

  • Svnjay

    Praise the shiba!

  • Jecht_Sin

    Oh, yeah!

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • Mujeeb Ahmad

    You have retained a loyal consumer with this gesture Sony! Love you always for this. A very happy Xperia Z user. :)

  • en

    some other..

  • Oh!

    The time shifted to center?

  • Abdullah Robben

    Thank you SONY

  • Kunorishi

    Sony is awesome in updating Z series. Is worth to buy a flagship even though is old!

  • Sergio

    Yeeeeessss, thank you Sony!!

  • Messup7592

    Is it this ?

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony to Xperia owners…

  • xperiaDROID

    No, that’s just a minor update.

  • Diogo Almeida

    I was starting to lose hope…
    M2 Aqua FTW!

  • xperiaDROID

    But what about T3, E3 and E1? Are they like “The Last Of Us”?

  • xperiaDROID


  • Hassandroid

    Sony: they see me rollin’, they hatin’!

  • en

    no, that’s just a custom made one not the official, that device is running only on jellybean 4.3. (center clock is from gravitybox)

  • aryan1357

    Relax guys, at least it will take another two months to roll out the update after july. we understand you SONY.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    if Android M eventually comes for the original Z, then, Sony will have knocked down every wall in Android support

  • Saïd Benqassi

    i’m glad i bought a Z2 a few months back!

  • hansip

    Well just imagine that you are working full time without get paid. I’d bet you’ve gone out only on one second. For my money, Sony software support team is definitely worth the margin of Xperia’s price compared to other cheap Chinese phone.

  • Oh!

    Alright, thanks!

  • Crusher_Sprite

    I suggested one of my friend to bought T3. Now, I feel really sorry for him.

  • HiengOng


  • Timel

    Great job Sony!

  • Naail Zahid

    Wow, where are all the “I hate sony” fanboys now? A couple of weeks ago most M2, and older phone owners, were ranting their primitive minds off about how sony sucks, and it should die and now all the same haters are praising sony like heck.

  • Doubleyoupee

    What….. I thought 5.0 would be the last for Xperia Z.
    Do you want my next phone to be another Sony?
    Because that’s how you get my next phone to be another Sony.

  • bahar_b

    Advance hardware+latest software =perfect gadget.

  • This is how you impress your customers Sony… Rock on…!!!

  • Bernardo Muller

    Just great! Thanks, Sony!

  • Crusher_Sprite

    Even you!?

  • Abdul Ghani

    well those haters might sold all m2 and bought some midrange samsung phones which will never get to see lollipop update

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Very true. Not just Cheap Chinese even other companies like Samsung and HTC, They never update their mid-range phones like Sony does. Yea they had problems with Xperia SP as you remember, I thinks it’s because of the hardware they used. But they’re improving. I think they will have a good future. I can sense it.

  • M. Salman

    wohoooo 5.1 on my Xperia Z3, Coming Sooooonn

  • The_Newtype

    Great news. Fingers crossed for expanded camera options!

  • Crusher_Sprite

    If I’m not wrong, N4 lunched with 4.2.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Well Sony had this habit of releasing a phone with an older firmware.
    It was released with 4.1.2 while other companies released their devices on 4.2. And I am so happy they’re updating Z unlike Other companies.

  • rus_media

    And Xperia ZL users are still waiting for Lollipop. Should I apply a scientific theory to find out when can this 5.1 will be landed for ZL owners? :v

    (Though I upgraded to 5.0 few days ago using Xperifirm)

  • Abdul Ghani

    today z zr zl tablet z users should get worldwide 5.0.2

  • rus_media

    Can you really blame them? I’m damn sure even most of the Sony marketing person don’t know about that. What they know is, “We will inform you SOON”

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Nexus 4 is getting Android M, Do you think Sony will update it to Android M? cause I think they will and they can.

  • rus_media

    Or may be July 2016 to reach all phone they included…

  • A.o.D

    Wow just great! Who needs a nexus? Just get an Xperia with better everything!

  • Jecht_Sin

    From the official Sony announcement:

    “We’ve also seen a fevered raft of feedback and requests for us to extend our Android Lollipop rollout to other products in the portfolio”

    Who knows.. Maybe if people didn’t complain there wouldn’t be Lollipop for M2? You know the biblical saying applied to modern times: Bitch and it is given!! :p

  • mukul verma

    here from sony blog.

    You might’ve seen our Android 5.0, Lollipop upgrade start for Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z – it just keeps on rolling out as we speak to more and more markets worldwide*.

    And now that Android 5.0, Lollipop upgrades are rolling across
    regions for all our Xperia Z, Z1, Z2 and Z3 products, what’s next?

    Well, we’re excited to confirm that we’ll be upgrading those products*, as well as Xperia T2 Ultra* and Xperia C3* to Android 5.1, starting from July.

    We’ve also seen a fevered raft of feedback and requests for us to
    extend our Android Lollipop rollout to other products in the portfolio –
    so, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be bumping Xperia M2 and Xperia
    M2 Aqua directly to Android 5.1. The upgrade will start a little after
    we’ve made the update available for the Xperia Z Series, but stay tuned
    as we’ll share more on timings soon.

    Be sure to follow the blog and @SonyMobileNews for all the latest as our rollout continues.

    *Timing and availability may vary by market and/or carrier

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  • Paul Hansen

    So my TMO Z3 should see it in what, October/November? 5.0.2 literally finally got pushed yesterday. Nice to see Sony working on the older devices though. Wish other OEMs would follow thier lead and support the mid-range and older products a bit longer. At least through a 2 year cycle.

  • (C):stem

    Awesome news. I want to think that those dark days of late or no updates at all are gone. This is a first step of a new beginning. Keep the good work up Sony and I guarantee my loyalty.

  • wil Rock

    What’s new on the 5.1 on the Z series?

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  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I think international one will see it on November and then TMO will see it next year Jan or Feb lol

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • ramuk

    This is awesome. This is indeed great news. Go Sony.

  • Luca

    Which tweaks did you use to make your Settings/System UI like that? I’m also running 4.3

  • Timel, where is Timel?!!!

  • Messup7592

    Ok, thanks mate :)

  • Lucian

    Awesome job Sony! I’m just hoping to see manual camera controls in 5.1, would be sweet.

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  • Jacob

    Got a update notification today on my Z1. Anyone else too? In Germany no carrier

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Sony Please be nice give CameraAPI2 to us in 5.1

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Do you really still think Sony is sucks when it comes to updates Mr. Sony Haters? Well,Yippee ki-yay, motherf***er!

  • Akand

    Me too. A small stabilisation update. Today morning I have received it too.

  • Mustafizur Rahman

    Uffff…. What about E3???

  • Deki

    Which update? 270 or 283?

  • Cool2B

    Great update and support as far as from J, K and then L! None of other brand’s will bother for that hard work. Thumb up, Sony! Looking forward for your next flagship. yupp…

  • Khillo81

    Me too. Still 270.

  • vita09

    That’ll be up to Qualcomm first, but I hope for the best

  • rubinaish

    Dude, how many times do we have to tell you? They released it with 4.1 when 4.2 was already out? So that one doesn’t count. Don’t praise them for the 4.2 update.

  • kaostheory

    They are the first to 5.0.2, Samsung still on 5.0. Your comment doesn’t make sense.

  • rifath

    Sony all the way :p

  • Holy shit.

    28 months later and the Xperia Z is STILL being updated. Damn, my next will most certainly be an Xperia. Updates might not be immediate like a Nexus phone but support is garunteed. Thank you Sony.

  • Rammstone

    My phone is useless after upgrading to Lollipop. Battery only lasts 2-3 hours

  • en
  • kaostheory

    WHAT ABOUT MY T?! STILL STUCK ON KITKAT! Actually just gave it away to my friends kid, he’s happy. My Z1 is my new backup.

  • mukul verma

    factory reset your phone..if problem remains after that, again flash with flashtool & kept aside for half an hour after booting.

  • Feddy

    Mine too :D

  • estmatic

    I had the same thought when I read this haha. I’m hoping it won’t take as long since 5.1 was a maintenance release. There should be less drastic code changes than going KitKat to Lollipop. *crosses fingers*

  • Cris de Oliveira

    Wow. I never had seen sony acting this way. Xperia T2 ultra dual. :D

  • Doni Mediono

    Glad to hear this, viva sony

  • Rammstone

    After installing Lollipop I did factory reset it and restore my backup which did not help. So i reset it again without restoring the backup and without installing anything but its still the same. Loads of people are having the same problem

  • Thank you sony

    Thank you sony

    Thank you sony

    Thank you sony

    Thank you sony

  • Apollo89

    Not that strange, considering the fact that they’re still selling this phone:

  • Apollo89

    Released more than two years ago, but still being sold, so it’s not that strange:

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  • Paul M

    great, I have skipped 5.0 intending to go straight to 5.1. thanks, Sony!

  • ramuk

    Thats what I mean. Samsung and LG jump to lollipop too early 5.0.1 without fixing the memory leak. And Sony does the right thing – fixes severe memory leaks first then send the update.

  • aiamkesz

    Now this is the biggest news and surprise for my Xperia Z.
    Thank you, Sony. You really “make.believe”. :-)

  • spade

    If the Nexus 4 is getting Android M, Xperia Z also deserves it too, both shared the same chipset after all.

  • kaostheory

    Take a screen shot and repost to all his comments!

  • 3rdflyleaf


  • spade

    Plot twist, Sony change their mind and says Xperia Z is under investigation, and you know what’s going to happen next ;)

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  • Kunal Shukla

    but make sure it’s a Z series

  • TechGuyChris

    Not really because the REAL fans (such as myself) here who were pointing out sony’s flaws are the ones they listened too. Not the blind sheep. Good Job Sony!

  • Timel


    I’m not a brainless sony fanboys I can distinguish what’s right and what’s wrong, I know what’s a good thing and what’s a bad thing. SO

  • Brick

    Whoa no lollipop for the xperia s? This is the last straw I’m buying 3 iPhones now.

  • amit kumar anand

    Thank u Sony xperia for 5.1.1 update

  • Even Z/ZL/ZR? Wow I underestimated Sony…

  • Vule

    When Xperia E4? Why kill new devices after big sales? No no this is sarcastic…

  • M Usman

    Again, where’s TIMEL now? Probably lost for words and sulking. WE MISS YOU TIMEL

  • haxona

    I bet he won’t show his ugly Troll face this time!

  • haxona

    For all the hate Sony gets about their phones this alone shows why they are the best! If people could get them some slack before they open their mouth this place wouldn’t be so bad as it is sometimes.

    Being into SW development myself there is one important rule try to make it as bug-free as possible and that is something other like Samsung or LG don’t do.

    The Lollipop update for Sony alone has had outstanding update support so far.

  • Shravan SP

    Omg! Oppo find 5, that one uses the same apq8064 as my zr but it didn’t get kitkat itself!
    And they blamed qualcomm!

  • Svnjay


  • Orion X

    I just got the 5.0.2 Update on My ZR today,and now I find out I’m getting 5.1 too,You clearly must feel how happy I am.XD

  • HAWX

    WoW Now I have to give credits Sony for making 5.1 for my Z. I will be definitely greatiful from being pissed. Z had serious lag and/or problems on 4.1.2, 4.3, 4.4.2 and even 4.4.4. (Haven’t got the LoL. yet)
    Newer Z series never had serious problem or lag in phones own system, so they won’t understand me :)
    Make the phone buggless and smooth on 5.1 and let it rest forever :D! Sony is definitely focusing more on software which is nice to see :)
    BTW will htc m7 get 5.1?

  • WilliamTell13

    Off-topic: Can someone please tell me how to get rid of these blue Xs? They never appeared before Lollipop.

  • HAWX

    SONY: “Baby If you give it to me, I give it you, l know what you want…”

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I was surprised aswell! :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    That’s just a dream, honestly I am so happy that we did see lollipop on the original Z :)

  • Robert

    There you go, previously I got maximum 24000 points, so the overall performance have improved drastically drastically. But the batterytime is shorter now, I get about 1 hour less of screen on time now compared to android 4.4.4.

  • Thank u Sony :) plz fix the Battery drain problem on lollipop for Z2 Devices.

  • MarkLastiwka

    I’m more shocked about the lack of SP owners complaining lol

  • Timel

    If the original Z can get Lollipop then it must be able to get Android M as well
    because there is not much difference between Lollipop and Android M

  • illstplaya .

    Thats great. But I wonder why they chose 5.1 instead of 5.1.1

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  • WilliamTell13

    They mean 5.1.1. When referring to Lollipop, they didn’t say 5.0.2, just 5.0. Proof:

  • laci_csk

    Go Sony, go

  • Zidhin Mohd

    That’s cool.. I’m a z3 dual ownee from yesterday.. I had a z2 before.. I don’t think sony has put importance to updating the z3 dual.. I don’t have a close all button.. My z2 does…i don’t think z3 dual is at the same level as the z3..

    Good work with the updates to the old gens!

  • Rashidul Islam-Raju

    m using M2 dual(d2302).will Xperia m2 dual also receive the update?

  • Nexus Venturi

    Ahh, but will they offer any improvements or fixes to the camera? shutter speed control, raw, fix the aggressive noise-reduction, fix auto white balance.

    Would also prefer if the Z4/5 doesn’t have wide-angle lens which in the Z3 distorts pictures.

  • bilomar
  • Mike Gonzalez

    yeah but many phones have been left behind even if the upgrades weren’t substantial like Xperia S and Android 4.2/4.3

  • Hugo Leonardo

    It might be the same problem I had, because Lollipop uses more your SD card to store media, apps and etc. It reads more often the SD and if you have a “generic” one (even saying it’s a Kingston), it might waste battery on that. After I removed my SD card, my battery started to last as before the upgrade.

  • Rammstone

    Wow ok, I did not expect something like that. Thanks for the tip, I will remove it and see how it goes tomorrow

  • kido

    Dont forget additional manual settings in camera and raw capture in Android M for z3 series please sony :)

  • aryan1357


  • Snorky112

    M2 or M2 dual is the same

  • Nawi

    Putting a Shitsung on his colon xD

  • Nawi

    Sweet =)

  • Pre Paretion

    New era technology for new generation .. !!!

  • rus_media

    Same here

  • rus_media

    Actually how you guys use your brain? Eat proper food. No Xperia owner hates his phone. They hate the behavior of Sony’s communication with the customers. Cause Sony could never manage to give a proper news on any of their update. Most of their “Soon” update took 3-5 months. Before to be sure what they can do, they really need to shut their mouth. Cause they really don’t have a good communication even in between their marketing and software section.

  • rus_media

    Looks like you are that kinda person, who is not happy with update but with the forum comments.

  • rus_media

    I don’t think so. I didn’t change anything yet in the setting to move so any soft to SD card. Everything is same as kitkat. But it still draining my battery fast.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Thanks for the info! Wow with 4.4.4 kitkat I only get about 6600 in 3D and maximum 7000 :p

  • rus_media

    Cause they failed to upgrade those phones in time :v I don’t wanna think much about Android 6 development in Sony’s software section. There will be another mass again.

  • Robin

    It will be fine very shortly.I also had this problem when i updated my phone to lollipop but after few times later this problem was gone.

  • spade

    Change your theme and see the miracle ;)

  • spade

    LOL! xD

  • spade
  • haxona

    Dont come here and try to insult me shitbag!

    Sony releases plenty of memos about how they update, they specifically say that because of all the regions they have they cant release it all at once everywhere. Also carriers need to test FW and approve it.

    Next time if you want to reply back to me dont start with a freaking insult!

  • Matt

    yes it will be a mass of update, in a sense that may device will be updated.

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  • Prasad Daki

    Wow Sony well done!!! But what about Xperia E3??? Hope we are not left out….add us too Sony…

  • Prasad Daki

    Xperia M2 and Xperia E3 share the same hardware inside…will Xperia E3 receive Lollipop??? Waiting for that Sony…

  • M Usman

    I’ve owned every xperia model since the x10 and have been happy with every device and have never complained. Have also followed and championed xperiablog since its launch. Before that I owned many Sony Ericsson walkman and k series phones but I can’t deny I find timel’s comments amusing. Just wanted to see what he had to say. You got a problem with that son?

  • Damien

    If I ware you, I would be thanking the “i hate sony fanboys” right now. If it was for people like you who don’t complain when you have the right to, you’d be stuck with a 4.4 K OS.

  • Diogo Almeida

    Do you realize that Xperiablog isn’t a Sony blog?
    Why are you complaining here?

  • rus_media

    Then don’t talk about who says hate words against Sony. They have every right to say that cause they bought a phone from them. If you can’t take that, then get some real lollipop or go to some other forum where only loyal customers comment.

  • rus_media

    Whats your problem with his comments? Or you love him so much that can’t ignore him???

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  • haxona

    I can take that but apparently its hard for you to understand that I accept their way of handling things. I was by no means insulting anyone but you just came in and gave me an insult within your first sentence.

    Want to discuss like a respectable human being then dont do that!

  • Jecht_Sin

    So we shouldn’t get excited about getting Lollipop on the M2 because we will probably never see Android M? I don’t care. As long as I get ART and the common Material interface I’m fine.

    Oh, and the Xperia M2 isn’t 8 months old. It’s at least 13 months old.

  • mukul verma

    sony is giving lollipop to 21 handsets, none of other company is close to sony. so thats y we all sony should be happy.

    edit: Xperia M4 Aqua, Xperia E4 and Xperia C4 are believed to get the Android 5.1 Lollipop too, but this should take place in August. according to xda dev.

  • M Usman

    What’s your problem with my comments or do you love him so much that you can’t ignore me hahaha. Are you paying him? You’re truly unbelievable. Can you hear yourself?

  • WilliamTell13

    Changing the theme didn’t help

  • WilliamTell13

    I’ve had Lollipop about a week now. How long did it take to fix for you?

  • spade

    You already try all the pre-installed themes? How about downloaded themes?

  • spade

    That wasn’t a bug, that’s a Lollipop feature :/

  • WilliamTell13

    I tried two different themes, 1 stock and 1 downloaded, and neither fixed the problem.

  • Damien

    Sure, now you’re ok with it. Just give it time.

  • Damien

    1. Quick Settings Tweaks
    2. HD Voice and Dual Sim Support, and new APIS
    3. Revamped Screen Pinning
    4. Device protection, stopping thieves from factory resetting your smartphone
    5. Changes to the volume and interruptions sliders
    6. New animations in clock app
    7. Google+ Linkage
    8. Changes in User Accounts
    9. Sticky soft keys fixed
    10. Hide ‘Heads-up’ notifications without dismissing
    11. A new status bar icon when there’s no SIM inserted
    12. NuPlayer now the default streaming player

    13. Memory leak fixed

    And some other stuff. In my opinion, it isn’t much besides the design and the calls quality.

    (Below you have some screenshots of the new features)


  • Naail Zahid

    Yeah ok thanks weirdo.
    Perhaps I don’t waste my time crying on XPERIABLOG where sony doesn’t read anything…?
    Judge yourself “Damien”.

  • Damien

    Maybe I’ll teach you how to judge properly. ” I don’t waste my time crying on XPERIABLOG where sony doesn’t read anything”. I just created my account 4 hours ago, so i don’t know where you saw me crying. And let them cry, at least they do something for what they want, unlike you. :)

  • Emir Zarith

    To the top !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien

    It isn’t.

  • Damien

    Yes. M2 and M2 Dual will get the update.

  • Damien

    It was fixed. Plus, 90 minutes extra of battery in 5.1.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Yep. No matter which, M2 and M2 dual both will receive 5.1.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Thats really great news from Sony. Haters? Any comments? Timel? You alive bro?

  • Damien

    Welcome to Sony.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    I really doubt Lollipop on E3. Head to and make a query there.

  • Damien

    Probably they’ll jump over 5.0 and 5.1, going straight to 6.0 (Android M). It’s just a guess tho, but if it does happen, you’ll only receive the update next year.

  • Damien

    In my opinion they’ll still get Android M. Once I know Sony, only the Z line, M4, C4 and E4 will get Android M. All others will be with 5.1.

  • Rashidul Islam-Raju

    thank u for the reply..

  • Naail Zahid

    LOL wow learn to read Mr. Damien. I didn’t say you do or dont do anything.
    And “unlike me” you obviously haven’t done much here besides argue, so go argue with someone who has the time to act like a child.
    I’ve complained to the actual sony twitter accounts and on their forums, which is where they do read our complaints, which is a lot more contribution than you have probably done.

  • Naail Zahid

    Says the guy arguing with me about the fanboys loving this update.

  • Damien

    Besides ignorant you’re also hypocrite. Good to know.

  • Abdul Ghani

    Hey troll guy show a phone a midrange now getting 5.1 which is 14 months old and sony is updating 17 devices which made u butt hurt so badly against sony u had to create an account to bark like a faggot dog

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  • Damien

    I own a Xperia M2, which is getting the update to 5.1. The only thing i’m doing here is expressing my opinion about Sony behavior due to the support of it’s clients. So… No. I did not get butt hurt or anything like that, but truly despite the way Sony acts. And I’ll tell you more though, while midrange smartphones from Sony are expensive, other companies sell their midrange smartphones cheaper, so from my way of looking at it, yes, it is a duty of Sony to update a 14 months old smartphone since it was expensive as hell.

  • Abdul Ghani

    instead trolling u should be happy m2 is getting 5.1 plus m2 was not expensive atleast in my country but lg and samsung midrange goes beyond 300$ mark and they are stuck forever on what ever buggy software released with …… is focused on software they said in january and they have been updating since then and even for low end if it is 4.4.4 they release bug fix firmwares all the time like the e1 just got a new firmware and fixed almost all the issues …………show a samsung the famous selling phone company and any other brand UPDATES their phone low or mid range phones

  • Damien

    I forgot to mention, I did not trolled anyone out, every single word of what I said has a meaning. If Sony really wants to focuses on software, they could start by changing the design (which is horrible) and the low usage of the camera for once. Sony has nothing different than other companies. At least I don’t see anything different worth-valued (updating 24 smartphones doesn’t change the fact of their terrible priorities of software).

  • Tweety

    @Damien It is not an idiotic choice, it is Sony’s policy. I experienced this with Xperia SP, which was upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.3 but never to 4.4 although Sony announced it but later changed the decision.

  • Naail Zahid

    The same could be said about you.. Yes… Let the butthurt flow.

  • Damien

    I think my butthurt would be because of people like you, besides that there’s no butthurt.

  • Good to hear, but I assure u, after upgrading to lollipop 5.0 ,on my Z2, the battery drains like crazy, even though I factory reset my device, so im willing on 5.1 it will be better.

  • Abdul Ghani

    only for u then go buy samsung if u think sony is so terrible faggot

  • Naail Zahid

    Lol troll harder

  • Timel

    To be honest but Person like you is freaking worhless and much worse that troll

    I read Damien’s comments and I dont think he was trolling at all

  • Timel

    Hey man, Don’t care some sony brainless fanboys here

    They’re cant distinguish

  • Abdul Ghani

    he just sort of admitted he is butthurt hahahha

  • Abdul Ghani

    timel u had to comment i was waiting when will u show up tell me something a company updating to the latest update 17 or more with midrange included which btw no company has done that in lifetime for android and then all of a sudden a guy (Damien the faggot mostly like u ) claims sony is bad so is he a troll or what………. i challenge u too SHOW which company have updated all flagships and some midrange to 5.1 with the timeline of 28 months which is almost 3 years

  • Abdul Ghani

    galaxy aplha released how much 600 fucking dollars and its not even a proper midrange because its performance and battery are utter shit sonys m4 aqua with awesome specs its 450 launch price and FYI gaylaxy alpha still cost 450$ thats its current price before claiming sony launches expensive open ur eyes and use brain

  • Timel

    Bro, I’m crying now Sony has always done great about software update.

  • Abdul Ghani

    well u cant show the proof because there is no company admitting and stop being a troll is best for u now

  • Timel

    I Can’t show the proof? For what?

    No need to prove anything , I have always said that Sony is the best android devices manufacturer about android updates.

  • Nawi


  • Nawi


  • Jaissal S

    So what does 5.1 bring to the table that 5.0.1 doesn’t?

  • spade

    The downloaded theme probably non compatible with Lollipop, try the pre-installed themes one by one, it should change the color.

  • spade

    You didn’t get the joke did you? :P

  • spade
  • Nawi

    LoL no xD
    I thought it was something true :P

  • Brick

    If they don’t bring Z3 and Z3+ on par on everything that isn’t hardware based (that means I’m expecting every new software feature that doesn’t utilize specific z3+ hardware that is not present on regular z3) I’m going to be very disappointed.

  • ramuk

    Na, you are the only worthless shit here. Abdul is alright.

  • ramuk

    Abdul, You don’t need to worry about Timel the shit anymore. He already got moderators attention. Let the dog bark. In the meantime let me handle Timel. I will ban force moderator ban that worthless $h!t.

  • Andy Roid

    I don’t think there are any left… they all died off

  • Kwstakhs

    But 5.0 is still not available for my Xperia Z! (GR-4986)!

  • Seshan Kumar

    Is this means,They will update 5.1 for Xperia Z3,Z2 in july,and then Z1,Z ultra after few month and Older Z series afterwards?
    Or Will sony update 5.1 to Entire Z Series in same time across different regions?

  • mukul verma

    its brings more than 100 bugs fixes which is in 5.0.1. 5.1.1 is most stable android compared to 5.0.1.

  • mukul verma

    for fingerprint you should hav a sensor in handset,which is not available in any xperia phone.

  • So I guess that means we WON’T be getting 5.1 in July.

  • They didn’t fix the leak, it’s still there.

  • Rad

    Please fix the battery problems, after installing lolipop battery isdropping down

  • hmmm

    “One of the most immediately noticeable visual changes to Android M is the new app drawer. This now scrolls vertically instead of horizontally, and is held against a white background, rather than a muted shade of your homepage wallpaper.” YOU JUST RUINED THE PHONE!!!

  • Karl Kaur

    Great service, Sony!!! Keep it up!

  • Robin

    It was gone only after one day for me.This problem occurred in Taiwan version but in us customized version that I flashed for second time I didn’t face any problems from the beginning.

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  • Fenex Le Pro

    Hello ! Is Lollipop available to Xperia T3? They only mention Xperia T2 Ultra !

  • Daniel Sobczak

    LOL, PS Vita has a good condition in Japan. For American and European developers making a AAA games for Vita is not much profitable like for Japanese devs.

  • Jack awds

    why the chinese users(mainland) never get update? sony is discrimination on the chinese user?

  • Cristobal Ruiz

    Xperia T 3 lollipop now , are you ready ?

  • Cristobal Ruiz

    No compro ni un sony más

  • Cristobal Ruiz

    Me paso a samsung que parece más sería

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    wooow, woo, what the hell hahaha..
    sony’s software support today is very amazing. Surpassed all other manufacturers by thousands of miles.

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  • Yasiru Theekshana

    I Think Xperia Z will be Skipped

  • HAWX

    The Lollipop on Z has severe battery drain problem which I’m not sure they will bring some fixes before 5.1 So yeah Sony is still not the best in terms of updates. I think htc is the best for giving better, more stable and bug free updates. But I think they won’t upgrade m7 to 5.1 which is another story.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    I wonder – is it 5.1 or 5.1.1 after all?

  • Steve12321

    Come on, Sony is upgrading a phone to almost 2.5 YEARS (and 4 generations) after its release. They’re approaching the Apple threshold of 3 years of software support (and wouldn’t surprise me if the Z series got more than that, in the end). It is impossible not to give them credit for something like this.Timel can be trollish, but he isn’t blind. No other Android manufacturer supports a phone for this long, and the more credit Sony gets for doing it, the greater the chance that others improve on their upgrade policies and the whole Android ecosystem gets stronger.

  • edixon noriega g

    una pregunta el xperia t3 si tendra la actualizacion a lollipop

  • edixon noriega g

    t3 xperia question whether the update will have a lollipop

  • Dumebi Udegbunam

    Not seen any update for me z1 in Nigeria pls any help Sony wandering why I haven’t

  • Prasad Daki

    It’s not a complain…it’s a request to Sony…their lollipop customization is awesome and we would like to see it on their every possible device…

  • Dumebi Udegbunam

    Is really painful that I have not seen any update on my device still on a 4.4 on my xperia z1 device

  • Prasad Daki

    Its not a complain Sir. It’s a request on behalf of all Sony fans who want to see Sony’s awesome lollipop adaptation on their 2014 line-ups…..

  • devx fred

    google is drunk i think.

  • MartDEN

    Lollipop’s Camera2 API please. I want manual camera setting on my Xperia Z3!!! Get to work sony.

  • ? ?????????? ??? ????????

    thanks for the news! I love m2, I am glad I can have official update!

  • Apurba2790

    My xperia Z3 (d6653’s) battery backup has become a nightmare to me after updating to lollipop .278………..
    Barely 24 hrs… Very very poor standby time.
    Who else is facing this issue???

  • nick sweden

    inte jag :),

  • nick sweden

    very good news sony ftw :) , some things i dont like with lollipop is all apps shown on the lockscreen cant disable them without root my device unfortunatly, the quicksetting is worst kitkat ui nthat so much better :) ,

  • Emil Oskarsson

    gött ;D

  • xspray

    Hello everyone!!!
    Can someone help me?
    I’m Italian but I have a C6603 Xperia Z with the customization version 1270-7161 from the operator Play PL (Poland) (don’t ask me why -.-).
    My device is still 10.5.1.A.0.283…Thanks!

  • MartDEN

    So sony give us camera 2 API now??????

  • Same here on my Z2

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  • devx fred

    If u still haven’t recieve it,download with xperia firmware…It is available there.

  • Peter Bognar

    I really hope the memory gets addressed – My Z2 can’t keep an app running in background, everything reloads whenI switch back. This does not make me a happy user

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Actually its not, main word have a GCC, which basically supports all known architectures, inculding Krait etc. so there is not any problem. :)

  • Arup Pattanayak

    in android 5.1 lolipop sony xperia c3 should have the user mode …………….

  • ?????? ?????

    Even Xperia Z will get update. But what about E4? It`s a brand-new device! There is still no any information: will users get Android 5.1 on this smartphone!

  • Smuti

    The leak is still so badly there. They didn’t fixed anything. 5.1.1. might finally fix that memory leak.

  • Cristian Stefan M

    August 2nd,still didnt get the update for xperia m2 (d2303).

  • Shizini i

    Does the xperia e4 will get the lollipop update?

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