“Style portrait” app gets new effects in Play Store: Mystery, Paint and Sunshine

by XB on 12th June 2015

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Style portrait Paint effect_1_resultSony Mobile has released three new effects for the “Style portrait” camera application. This includes Mystery, Paint and Sunshine style effects. These new style effects can also be seen in real-time through the viewfinder.

The “Style portrait” camera app is so far only included on the newest Xperia devices, but we would expect it to see a wider rollout in due course. The app allows you to create different styles, filters and effects on your portrait photos.

Style portrait ‘Mystery‘ effect

Style portrait Mystery effect_2_result Style portrait Mystery effect_1_result

Style portrait Mystery effect_3_result Style portrait Mystery effect_4_result

Style portrait ‘Paint‘ effect

Style portrait Paint effect_2_result Style portrait Paint effect_1_result

Style portrait Paint effect_3_result Style portrait Paint effect_4_result

Style portrait ‘Sunshine‘ effect

Style portrait Sunshine effect_2_result Style portrait Sunshine effect_1_result

Style portrait Sunshine effect_3_result Style portrait Sunshine effect_4_result

Look for the “Style Portrait” camera application to use these new add-ons

Style portrait camera app

  • ramuk

    This should be fun.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Care to share apk?

  • Carls Alvin

    Should Be Named Style Portrait Applause Effect , nor paint

  • Wow
    Looks forward this amaing add on

  • Rock

    any body can tell me how to use it?
    Xperia Z1

    Installed all three effects but its not shows in camera menu .

  • Matteo Salvato

    where can i find the style portrait app? i have a z3 compact but i can’t find it in the play store

  • malinalaza

    It is very simple. First, you need a DSLR, a short tele lens, a couple of flashes, a softbox, a few stand and a few radio trigger for the flashes. When you have the photos like in the examples, you need a good postprocessing softwer. After the processing, you transfer the photos to your phone, and then you can apply the filter.

  • Matt

    Brace yourself , a wave of “camera experts ” are coming to bicker about xperia camera performance .

    All they want is simple, sharp noiseless photo ,and stellar night photography without tripod. And less software processing . Oh and manual control plus RAW image . #faceplam

  • ramuk

    LOL. So True. While Sony definitely needs to step up their game to be on equal footing on iPhone, Galaxy S6 phones, I’m impressed with the overall improvement they made with Z3+ over Z3. Definitely better color and texture over Z3. I’m pretty sure DXOmark will also confirm it.

  • Orçun Bakkal

    plam plam faceplam

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Yes! That’s exactly what I wanted! Thank you Sony for making my smartphone user experience complete! (…or not…)

  • Shubham

    The female model pictured in those shots is just beautiful! *_*

  • Timel

    Hehe ^_^

  • Timel

    Improve your camera first Sony!
    Look what LG did with G4’s manual mode
    Look what Samsung did with S6 edge’s auto mode

  • Timel

    Ok this good

    But don’t forget to Improve the camera quality as well

    Look what LG did with G4’s manual mode

    Look what Samsung did with S6 edge’s auto mode

    Still believe Sony can be the best!

  • Matt

    Yep ,it’s quite good. I seriously don’t know if they can go any better than that on this sensor and lens.

    Many people do not realise that is is a phone camera. And they hope to get the most perfect, clear ,noiseless, picture ever with a press of a button. -_-a

    Small sensor packed with pixel will inherently be noisy -_-

  • Svnjay

    Are you her, Timel?

  • Timel


  • Sachin_S

    Please give link “Style Portrait” for Xperia Z1

  • ZeRo+

    Lol ! New another stupid Ar effect, looks like – Ukraine flag ))) http://fffoto.com/base/c/2287/f_20745.jpg

  • Matt

    err . . you may mock, but it is amazing if the photo you uploaded is an AR effect. . . which im quite sure it isnt.

    well mi might also rant, i need the sweep panorama to be updated =,= it is unusable

  • Viktor

    Can we get APK?

  • Timel

    Why Sony waste their time with this stupid gimmick

    Improve the camera first sony
    Xperia flagship camera is the worst

    Look what LG did with G4’s manual mode

    Look what Samsung did with Galaxy S6 edge’ auto mode

  • Samuel

    This is only for Z3+ or rooted Z2/ regular Z3. I have it on my Z2. There is another add on in the screen shot but doesn’t work. (Máscara AR)

  • Dann

    ¿De dónde las conseguiste (Estilo Retrato y Retoque de retrato?
    ¿Es necesario tener rom deodexed?


  • Samuel

    Deodex no es tan importante, pero si el super user mode. Entra aqui y llevate lo que quieras: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=1027934

  • Timel

    LG G4 has a much better manual mode than Z3 Plus

    Samsung S6 edge has a much better auto mode than Xperia Z3 Plus

  • Dann


  • Azar

    Only 10? Damn.

  • Azar

    Haha lol

  • PoweredBySony

    Style portrait on z1


  • PoweredBySony
  • Timel

    I said At least 10 steps

  • Matt

    yea sure

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