Eight new effects launch for “Style portrait” app

by XB on 16th June 2015

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Style Portrait Glitter_1_resultLast week we saw three new effects launch for Sony Mobile’s “Style portrait” camera application. The app allows you to create different styles, filters and effects on your portrait photos. Now eight additional effects for the “Style portrait” app have launched into the Play Store including Bad Boy, Bubble, Glitter, Ink wash, Lace, Leopard, Movie and Red lips. As before, the “Style portrait” app is currently only live on the newest handsets including the Xperia C4 and M4 Aqua.

Style portrait ‘Bad Boy‘ effect

Style Portrait Bad Boy_1_result

Style Portrait Bad Boy_2_result Style Portrait Bad Boy_3_result

Style portrait ‘Bubble‘ effect

Style Portrait Bubble_1_result

Style Portrait Bubble_2_result Style Portrait Bubble_3_result

Style portrait ‘Glitter‘ effect

Style Portrait Glitter_1_result

Style Portrait Glitter_2_result Style Portrait Glitter_3_result

Style portrait ‘Ink wash‘ effect

Style Portrait Ink wash_1_result

Style Portrait Ink wash_2_result Style Portrait Ink wash_3_result

Style portrait ‘Lace‘ effect

Style Portrait Lace_1_result

Style Portrait Lace_2_result Style Portrait Lace_3_result

Style portrait ‘Leopard‘ effect

Style Portrait Leopard_1_result

Style Portrait Leopard_2_result Style Portrait Leopard_3_result

Style portrait ‘Movie‘ effect

Style Portrait Movie_1_result

Style Portrait Movie_2_result Style Portrait Movie_3_result

Style portrait ‘Red lips‘ effect

Style Portrait Red lips_1_result

Style Portrait Red lips_2_result Style Portrait Red lips_3_result

  • Svnjay

    It’s the same model :)

  • Samuel

    Many of these new effects don’t work, at least not in my Z2. I’m running a “ported” version from the first system dump of the Z4. I’ve downloaded several of the new effects and they don’t appear, they are not available and weight just about 500 kb. I think these are just place holder for the proper add ons.

  • Timel

    I don’t think these new effects will be able to make people buy Xperia flagship phones anyway, Many people experience nightmares with Xperia flagship smartphone cameras

    So shut up and fix your shitty camera first sony

  • Svnjay

    Are you really not the model?

  • Timel

    Yeah Why?

    Are you her, Svnjay?

  • Svnjay

    I’m not :(

  • Azar

    Never go full retard, Sony, cause you’ve just gone..

  • Raymond De Guzman

    I just don’t get it why Sony would make this downloadable for Xperia™ Z1 but the camera app otself isn’t available for Z1. Yes you can port it but uou know what I mean. My opinion is that Sony should just make it available for Z1 users to download if the camera app is available for the unit.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Other companies take full advantage of Sony’s hardware while Sony standing like a moron watching the sales hits a record more than it’s own sales !
    The funny part is that Sony still don’t know why .

  • Fraulein Ju

    oh, what an ugly… thing. does the time machine still work and we have a 2008 here now?

  • DeborahRPrice

    The Jobs Site on the net @mk7



  • Timel

    What the fuck Svnjay

    Stop pls -_-

  • Svnjay

    She’s far from ugly.

  • Shubham Navale

    Is it available for Xperia C3…

  • Great Dude

    can you download Xperia Style: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonymobile.styleportrait.addon.paint
    If so, then I guess you should also be able to download these effects.

  • Samuel

    It is now available, have you installed it yet? works like a charm :)

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