Xperia Z4v heading to Verizon with 1440p display and wireless charging

by XB on 16th June 2015

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Xperia Z4vThe Sony Xperia Z4v (E6508) will be exclusively heading to Verizon in the United States the carrier has just announced. The Xperia Z4v is basically the same phone as the Xperia Z3+/Z4 but comes armed with some important differences.

First of all, the Xperia Z4v has a higher WQHD resolution (1440 x 2560) display versus the FHD (1080p) display found on the Xperia Z3+/Z4. The Xperia Z4v also has a slightly higher battery capacity of 3000mAh versus 2930mAh in the Xperia Z3+/Z4, but importantly the Xperia Z4v also includes wireless charging with the latest inductive ‘Qi’ and PMA technology.

The inclusion of wireless charging means that the Xperia Z4v is chunkier with dimensions of 144.4 x 72.3 x 8.6mm, whereas the Xperia Z3+/Z4 has dimensions of 146.3 x 71.9 x 6.9 mm. So you are looking at 1.7mm of extra thickness in the Xperia Z4v. It is also heavier at 160 grams versus 144 grams for the Xperia Z3+/Z4.

The rest of the specifications match the Xperia Z3+/Z4 and include a 5.2-inch IPS display, 20.7MP Exmor RS rear camera, 5MP Exmor R front camera with 25mm wide angle lens, Snapdragon 810 chipset, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage with microSD memory card support, IP65/IP68 dust and water certification and capless USB charging.

Verizon says that the Xperia Z4v will launch this summer in black and white colours. No details on pricing have been announced at this stage. To sign up for more information click here, or if you want to check out the specs click here.

Xperia Z4v Verizon_1

Verizon Xperia Z4v_1

Verizon Xperia Z4v_2

Verizon Xperia Z4v_3

Verizon Xperia Z4v_4

Xperia Z4v

Thanks Rimaz!

  • Augustine Kau

    Xperia blog site advertising Samsung s6?(ad above) lol

  • goldenblls

    Is this an all new design?

  • I thought Sony said they won’t be making 2K displays?

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    Is google no Sony

  • Just like Steve Jobs said nobody needed 3G when he unveiled the 2G iPhone, but clearly knew the Apple was already working on the 3G iPhone development as he lied to everyone on stage!

    It was always a given that Sony would have to join the race, whether QHD is needed or not.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    It seems a bit thicker than the Z3+ is. Bigger battery?

  • Danny Xue

    It’s random, Google AdSense looks at the content of this site and places ads.

  • shhh

    That’s what Verizon wants so they would sell Sony’s, and it might just be a bad decision because of the overheating 810. Unless it comes out with 808.

  • shhh

    QHD + 810 = Pocket toaster

  • Kabuto Kouji

    this means that next gen flagship z5 will have more than 1080P!! more than meets the eye! i still envy super amoled….

  • Faisal Armand

    I wonder why several emoticons can’t be read after lollipop update. Only a box with X mark is visible. It can be really annoying in chats, anyone know how to fix it? Thanks

  • Shaktimaan

    And I thought, maybe it’s just me lol

  • Shubham

    The bottom bezels is quite big honestly! And 2k? Sony lied about it then! :P

  • Zell

    Yea, I distinctly remember them saying no less than 3 weeks ago that they wouldnt do it.

  • bilomar

    That ugly bottom

  • A.o.D

    It seems you didn’t read the article

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Ads are not website specific, they use the cookies stored in ur browsers and ur google search patterns that get pushed as ads. So looks like u were looking for S6

  • When Sony say 2k is irrelevant , walahh 2k xperia phone. Mehh

  • shhh

    Such heresy!

  • I’m interested in the Z4v but I’m still concerned about the overheating. If the fix they apply later this summer works I’ll think about getting one.

  • kaostheory

    I don’t seem to have that problem, those above appear properly (balloon with # of comments and an arrow) Z3 lollipop running Dolphin or Chrome. Maybe it’s your browser?

  • Timel

    You look like a huge Samsung fan LOL

  • Utsav Shah

    What a dumb design! Thanks to Verizon!

  • Timel

    the bottom bezel is too huge

    Goshhh What happene to Sony? This phone is very fugly! It looks like my grandma’s chopping block.

  • Azhy Najmadin

    If sony would just made the bottom bezel as the top this phone with a great screen ratio I was sure that it would attracted so many people to buy , but always sony does a bad move among their good moves

  • Timel

    Agree, something like the Xperia ZL

  • Utsav Shah

    Trust me it’s because of Verizon not sony.

  • Timel

    This stupid
    Sony changed Z4 design for Verizon?
    It’s too much

    Sony has always changed the smartphone design for Verizon while the companies like Apple and Samsung never do that

  • Faisal Armand

    It’s happening with chat & social media chats as well. LINE and Path for example

  • WilliamTell13

    Will never get a phone on Verizon and will never buy a phone with the Snapdragon 810.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Just this for u sony!!
    F*** u sony!!!!!
    Do u think only us can handle phones woth wireless charging or u just think we cannot afford your phone with wireless charging!!!! Don’t care about 2k display wireless was expected in z3 no again z3+/z4 nope and boom!!! Verizon us got it..well done..

  • Madis Otenurm

    Is this recommended with Verizon or only sold with Verizon? Because the extras do look cool if it was sold internationally.

  • jmaxim917

    Oh that bottom bezel, the new Xperia Z4v unbalanced.

  • kaostheory

    Interesting….then apps not tested on Sony. Send screen shot to correlating apps they will adjust faster than Sony.

  • Exotic|Matter

    Probably requested by verizon

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    am i the only one who thought that the inconsistency between top and bottom bezel is odd, a bit bizarre, and I have this mixed feeling about the front design

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    QHD + S810 + extra 70 mAh + Z3+/Z4 heritage + Wireless Charging = Pocket Toaster at the palm of your hand that will make a hole in the Wireless Charger

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    = Pan that could cook & serve your breakfast

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    weeks ago to Sony is like 5 years earth time.
    So peace out okay? :D

  • Vuyo Ncube

    My bad -_-

  • Exotic|Matter

    Your existence is stupid, the fact that you are allowed to get online is stupid. If you have any self respect just simply stop being a miserable slob for at least the rest of the morning you retarded knob jockey.
    I know you’ll come back with your signature move “You mad?” That’s what you say every time someone rips you a new asshole.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    SJ told us that a year after he said nobody needs 3G. But sony is just 2 weeks after they said that they would not make any 2K phone

    So peace out, again… :P

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Verizon wants every manufacturers using their brand or specifically design for them to use Verizon logo in those phones. That’s why Sony move that logo to bottom and make the bottom bezel longer because they put their company first :)

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    yeah, I don’t know why but I think C4 too.. but the Z4v is just way weirder than anything… It’s beautiful but weird, get it?

  • TechGuyChris

    Excellent job Sony on bringing this to the US much quicker than your previous phones. Now if we can get you to bring it to more carriers and not be exclusive. I guess Timel and I (the non blind Sony fans) still have some more mouthing to do!! lol. Youre on the right track! Keep it up!! :-)

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Z4v is thicker than Z3+/Z4, so you’re overheating concern could be lighten up a bit

  • Roman M?š?an

    Little bit ugly, bleh. (>.<)

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    again 2 weeks for Sony is 5 years earth time

  • TechGuyChris

    It is Sony not Verizon. Those are called advertising spots and sony pitches this to them. Sony can get more money from the carriers if they do customized versions, and have them put their logos all over the place. But Sony can choose not to do so if they want but the amount of money they receive also drops.. Not sure where everyoen got that rumor from that phone companies bully these companies into doing that..

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    yeah, major redesign!

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    It’s not ‘seems’ but it really is thicker, honey.. :)
    and it seems you didn’t read the whole article too :)

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    umm.. wait till IFA

  • What does being thicker have to do with the flaw in the processor?

  • Svnjay

    Technically, 1440p isn’t 2K.

  • Svnjay

    3000mAh and wireless charging.

  • Svnjay


  • KzX

    Lol ! Look what I got.

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    It’s probably because of Verizon’s demand. Verizon usually wanted to sell a different phone that no other carriers will have

  • Franciscus Michael Panggabean

    No, not just sony, but other OEM as well, like Motorola (Droid Turbo)

  • impasse

    am i the ONLY person hoping for an xperia zl (or zl2) successor? like small bezels and a non-glass back so i don’t have to use a case, and i’m fuckin’ sold.

  • Luis Ramirez

    There is a zl2….but its really a zr2. ZL is the child in the attic that dies of hunger that will never come back

  • inspire

    The verge at it’s stupidest (yet again)
    So who’s paying them this time – Samsung or fruit?

  • Aiden Pearce

    A little more space to dissipate heat i guess!!!!

  • DrazenDodig

    this phone is smaller than Z3+ by 2mm… so bezels are actually smaller.

  • Geese Howard

    Hmm… looks like the folks in the US are getting a minor upgrade of the Z3+, which is cool since they have Sony’s phone kind a last, I do hope they offer other colors other than black and white.. the aqua green is just stunning.

  • MrTheenD

    My thought is that Verizon demanded that.

  • Great Dude

    Smaller but thicker.

  • Great Dude

    Because it is on facebook feed

  • Skipper

    even 801 is heating up so fast and so high in Z3C, i don’t want to imagine Z4v. FCC should ban the damn thing for life threatening reasons.

  • Rogi

    Tomorrow they will release Xperia with USB-C.

  • RbbrDcky

    Nice! This will easily be the best phone on the market when it is released! It’s got a great hi-res display, big battery, lots of RAM, waterproofing, stereo speakers, hi-res/wide-angle front and rear cameras, wireless charging, memory expansion, PS4 remote play — a definite buy if I had Verizon!

  • inspire

    I didn’t fabricate the pic myself, check out their fb post, as I posted above!

  • Epyon007

    I really don’t understand the point of having a QHD display, it drains the battery more. I have to think it will be more stressful on the 810 chip, which already has overheating issues on 1080 resolution.

  • I didnt say you did I just went to the site to read more about his bias views and I didnt see anything is all.

  • Xyor

    Hmm it’s

  • RbbrDcky

    I guarantee you that this phone feels much better in the hand than either the S6 Edge or the M9 as both of those have relatively sharp edges. And it’s the edges, not the back, that determine how comfortable the phone is to hold. That is, unless you have baby hands!

  • Abdul Ghani

    its true i can see same on fb post

  • Svnjay

    What do you mean?

  • Ali Alkhazal

    Sony and their plans. Somebody check Sony mobile’s water. It might be alcoholic. xD

  • Niels d. G.

    Sure it may have 70 mAh more, but because of the 1440p screen it’s probably going to last considerably shorter than the Z3+

  • Timel

    It is hard for you to admit the truth?

    The fact is Sony is too weak, Sony is willing to do anything even changing the smartphone design for carrier while companies Apple, Samsung, LG

  • You don’t understand ads, do you? Unless you’re kidding.

  • Saving the best for the last?

  • Timel

    Z4v is the worst phone this year

    Worthless 2K display
    Same shitty camera
    Fugliest smartphone Sony’s ever made

  • Huh? He said at the launch in the USA and UK (and I was at the UK launch with O2 at the Apple Store where I met Steve personally) that 2G was fine, but with an average 18 month lead time on a new phone – he knew they would be doing 3G and that 3G was needed.

    You’re now arguing semantics, as clearly Sony did the same thing and the timing is irrelevant. It just means that you can’t trust marketing people that simply tell you what you want to hear at any given time, and can happily lie to you to get a sale.

    Everyone does it.

  • Anze. ro

    wow, those overstated carrier logos.

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  • Timel

    UltraHD smartphone is coming

    But Sony still stuck with FullHD?

  • rygarto

    I feel for the marketing team, who were likely not privy to information regarding the Verizon deal.
    As for the specs, 2K is entirely irrelevant, but having Qi support sounds great.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    Z3+/Z4 is a very thin phone, same goes with S6, that’s why no matter what processor you use in your phone (processors these days), your phone will be very hot in hard uses, sometimes it gets super super hot that you can make your own breakfast on your phone.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    i know, but still, ugly standard for sony, is a beautiful standard fo samsung

  • Gj Ramanaa

    message icon changed ?

  • David Moslehi


  • The thing is one of the Verizon’s bloatware (their own SMS app, i think)…. ofc the stock SMS app is still available.

  • Yesé

    I like this design… Hopefully Sony will extend it to the new flagship and improve it!!

  • Timel

    Sony is freaking late
    4K smartphone is coming but Sony Xperia still stuck with FullHD LOL

  • marcyff2

    and the reason you want a 4k screen on your phone is?

  • DeborahRPrice

    The Jobs Site on the net @mk7


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  • Yep it should have been called 1.5K… 4K is the actual 2K…!!!

  • Timel

    It’s truth

    Inferior camera
    Inferior design

  • Svnjay

    I agree :)

  • inspire

    Stop being a sadist and a pussy!
    For a person (if you’re one) like you the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Your always-on criticism is never constructive. If you (and the verge) fail to see some improvements here and still want to tag it inferior then no one can help you.
    Consider these statements for the peace of your mind:
    Samsung’s selling inferior version (s6) of flagship, s6 edge.
    Apple’s selling inferior version (ip6) of flagship, ip6 plus.
    LG is selling inferior version (g4) of flagship, g flex 2.

  • Where are you guys getting this from? The over heating comes from the flaw in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Its very well documented that the 810 has severe over heating issues. I have never seen any reports saying slimmer electronics cause over heating more than thicker ones.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Xperia Z3+/ Tablet Z4 Heat issua?:????? ?????? ?? ?? ???????????, ????????? ???? Snapdragon 810-?? ???????, ??????? ?? ????…………….

  • Timothy Crayon

    Timel’s owner SUCKSUNG only made 2k 4K stupid AMOLED korean crap display……

  • Timothy Crayon

    ha ha ha
    TIMEL , the animal the animal the animal ……….

    it is normal for a creature to repeat and repeat the same “sucking speech” as creature does not have “MIND”, it merely memorized all the stupid stuff from its owner sucksung and shout out here…..AS SIMPLE AS THAT^^…….

  • Timothy Crayon

    Oh you calm down and take your pills……


  • Timel

    I never ever buy Samsung phones and I’m not Samsung fan, But up to you, you don’t believe me anyway.

  • Timel


  • Timel

    And you said “Amoled crap display”
    Stop talking bullshit! Are you jealous or something uh?

    In reality many people love Note 4 display, Note 4 display and S6 edge display are very great, Displaymate also said that they’re the best mobile display so far. Oh and you should know the fact that today Samsung is a leader in research, design and manufacturing OLED and LCD display panels, Samsung has continued to be a leader in the global display market for years.

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    your eyes must be demon’s eye, if you can see differences between 424 and 538 ppi..

  • Chee Keong Chan

    i think it’s called 2k because of the horizontal lines (longer side) of the screen, 2560. hence 2k

  • Svnjay

    2048×1080 is 2K

  • Svnjay

    You sound like a shill who works for Samsung’s marketing department. We both know that the S6 has crap viewing angles.

  • Svnjay

    Your comments are the same in every article. It feels like spam.

    Muh camera. Muh camera.

  • Azhy Najmadin

    It’s not about that I care about s6 or G4, if I was! I wouldn’t be here, all I say that sony makes omni balance design but how is it an omni balance design when the bezels aren’t equal? I can’t stand that irregular shape not the way it feels handy or comfortable in hand, I want sony to do not just a slimmer bezle but also very slim so that it can really advertise with something different beside the waterproof and battery

  • Azhy Najmadin

    Exactly but still they could have done a slimmer bezels on Z3+

  • Azhy Najmadin

    It should have been slimmer as the top bezle not just slimmer on one side, I mean come on be a realistic how could they say omni balance when the bezels arent equal on size as they have done that on Z3 compact too

  • Timel

    it’s truth Svnjay

    Samsung is a leader while Sony is just a follower
    Samsung move forward with OLED / Flexible OLED while Sony still stuck with an old technology like LCD

  • Svnjay

    Samsung copied Sony’s design. So much for Samsung being a leader and Sony being the follower.

    LCD doesn’t get burn ins as easily as OLED.

  • Timel

    it’s truth

    many people have experienced nightmare about Xperia flagship smartphone cameras, And like its predecessors , Z4/Z3+ camera is going to be the worst smartphone camera when compare to competitors

    Even It’s sad but the fact that Sony will never make the best smartphone camera, this is Sony’s desire, Sony know if they make the best smartphone camera no one will buy Cyber-shot, Sony afraid that they will lose their point and shoot camera maketshare, Sony knows fucking well actually that their smartphones have had shitty cameras that’s why Sony’s always promoted waterproof feature, It’s clear that the highlight of Sony flagship phones is waterproof feature, not camera, not more than this!

    whatever I hope Sony will realise before it’s too late, if Sony still do nothing with smartphone camera, Sony will continue to lose more customers and in finally Sony will lose both market, smartphone and compact camera.

  • Svnjay

    Sony Mobile Communications should not care about the photography division. They need to make the best smartphone and Cybershot should not stop them.

  • Timel

    OLED is the future

    so please stop talkin bullshit and stay with the reality. while you were typing the old bullshit story that “Samsung copied Sony’s design” and “LCD doesnt get burn as easily as OLED” but Samsung is running the IT world with OLED technology, Samsung revealed plans for new mirror and transparent OLED displays Furthermore, Samsung is making flexible oled phone and wrist computer.

    what bout Sony? what is their lastest cool innovation?

  • Svnjay

    Wow, so angry…

    Enjoy your OLED burn-ins.

    Sony did smartwatches (which are computers) before Samsung…so much for innovation.

    Hey, at least Sony’s flagship doesn’t have crappy battery life like the S6.

  • Timel

    Not only me but many people are still waiting for Sony flagship smartphone with the awesome camera , but if Sony mobile doesnt care about photography then the world will not care about Sony Mobile as well. continue to lose more customers Sony! LOL

    There’re much better choices in the market actually

    Oh! and watch out Sony! King Nokia is coming back

  • Svnjay

    I’m also waiting for a Samsung phone with good battery life, a good design that wasn’t copied and no burn-in.

  • Timothy Crayon

    come on….displaymate…….

    this suck website using xperia Z to compare with SUCKSUNG NOTE 4…..


    displaymate is not a non profit making organization, dun just blowse the web, BE SMART…..IDIOT

  • Timothy Crayon

    Ha Ha

    a sucksung fanboy at XPERIA blog yelling we are against SHAMESUNG….

    what a pity, who is it (TIMEL)??

  • Adhi Suryana

    Everytime you see TIMEL post
    You only wasting your time talking with 13 years old boy
    Thanks ;)

  • Emir Zarith

    blame on verizon

  • Abhinav Tella

    Couldn’t they have evened out the bezel so it looked symmetrical like the previous versions? That kind of ruins the look. LG did the same after the G2….

    Once you start using the nav keys it will look even more lopsided.. Its almost like that black bar from HTC lol.

  • dido99

    The Sony Xperia Z4v, is certainly the version of the Xperia Z4 whose all we dreamed, but we did not expect.

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