Stainless Steel Sony Smartwatch 3 Wrist Strap SWR510 now in stock

by XB on 19th June 2015

in Accessories

SWR510-Wrist-Strap-metal-800x626The Stainless Steel SWR510 Wrist Strap for the Sony SmartWatch 3 is now in stock via the Sony Mobile Store in Europe. The metal wrist strap costs £54.99 in the UK and €69.00 in mainland Europe. Now we just need Sony to launch the holder kit for the SmartWatch 3 that will allow users to pair the SWR50 with a wrist strap of their choice.

Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 Wrist Strap SWR510 in stock_GB

Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 Wrist Strap SWR510 in stock_FR

Thanks NEOTDS!

  • RbbrDcky

    Available in the US?

  • Sadly no. UK/Europe only as the post says.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I want this so bad but £54.99 is just too much for me to spend on a wrist band I couldnt even believe that the stock ones are £20+ hopefully the holder kit is cheaper but if its over £10 I wont be buying that unless I see either of them 2nd hand I could buy a SmartWatch 2 for that price

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    in italy it is 99,90€ they are crazy!!!

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  • Samantha

    who will pay for this? 200 euros for “smartwatch” + this. I’m so sad about android wear or smartwatch 3 or sony, I dont know… I need to charge it every fcking day and it don’t even have a great utility…

  • Hildegarde
  • Alberto Raffaele Casale

    exactly! 99 euro!! i want pay 69 as in France!!

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    Forse la iva in Italia è più alta hahaha,.la cosa ancora più stupida è che la spedizione non è gratuita come lo è nello shop UK e credo anche francese

  • Alberto Raffaele Casale

    Se vogliamo essere fiscali allora l’iva in Francia è al 20% in italia al 22%, 69:20=x:22 e viene fuori 75,9 euro ecco il prezzo che dovrebbe costare :P

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    Eh si, cosa fare, aspetto da mesi che esce e poi con questo prezzo non lo aspettavo, vediamo se esce tra poco su amazon o altri siti con un prezzo simile a quello francese

  • Alberto Raffaele Casale

    eh si aspetto anche io, vediamo se Mediaworld o qualcun altro lo distribuirà. Non ho neanche contatti in Francia o Inghilterra altrimenti potevo farmelo portare :P Inoltre aspetto anche l’altro col cinturino in pelle …

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    Ho dubbi che a mediaworld costerà meno… Semmai solo online si trovano le cose ancora con un prezzo ragionevole. Io avrei qualcuno in Inghilterra ma non so quanto conviene.. Poi bisogna rispedirlo da li per l’Italia…

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    E poi costa 75 € in Inghilterra e 69 in Francia

  • Joshua

    E pensare che un po’ di tempo fa avevo scritto a Sonymobile chiedendo perché non era possibile acquistare separatamente solo il cinturino in acciaio. Adesso lo vendono a 99,90+6,25 di spedizione. Totale € 106,25 è una follia, è la metà del costo dello smartwatch 3 con cinturino in acciaio, tanto valeva non venderlo per niente.

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    alla fine l´ho ordinato dal Inghliterra ;) così almeno 30€ meno del prezzo italiano

  • Felix P. G.

    Don’t let Sony to fool you, guys. The wrist strap is not full stainless steel. The rim of the unit is made of COLORED PLASTIC.

    >>The most sensitive place of the strap can be broken easily!<<

    Don't buy this piece of crap until Sony make it really stainless steel.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Hey xperiablog 5.1.1 has been leaked on z3 and set to release in July on z2

  • Aaron Berlin

    Anyone have advice on how to get this shipped to the US?

  • Alberto Raffaele Casale

    e come hai fatto a fartelo spedire in italia?

  • Sla?an Lukši?

    no l´ho fatto, ho fatto spedire da amici a Londra, che mi lo porteranno tra 2 settimane :D

  • Alberto Raffaele Casale

    ah ok, eh si è la cosa :P

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  • Mark Slavin

    Seems to be always out of stock. Anyone know what I can get one of these (not at inflated eBay prices).

  • Magnus Kjeldsen

    Can I wear the watch with a silicone strap for when I’m running and change it with a metal strap for a more dressy look to go with my suit?

  • Ramiro Frausto

    Hi all, I REALLY need some help! My band didn’t come with the extra links and the band doesn’t fit. I am 6’4″ and have a big wrist. Is anyone willing to part with their extra links?

  • Ramiro Frausto

    Hi Philler, my band didn’t come with the extra links and I need them for the band to fit. By any chance are you willing to part with yours?

  • Liam

    Did you end up finding a plastic housing replacement? mine’s snapped too…

  • Naveed

    I spent £229.99 on this crap and it cracked soon, contacted Sony just to be fobbed off saying that this is not a Sony Product, still have the e-mails in my inbox. Sent them pictures from every angle with specially captured Sony Logo but they refused to repair or replace insisting that it wasn’t a Sony Product. So couldn’t prove that the crow was black while the product was still in warranty. Don’t know what to do. Any suggestions

  • Naveed

    I may have the links if you are still interested?

  • Anthony Gunby

    Sadly no. Its £39 on Amazon, black only. Again it’s a low quality plastic.

  • GP Networking Services

    I would sew them, because of there own Terms of Services/Agreements, because that consults that: IF the product broke, by Factory Faults or Warrentys that they have to fix it.
    And they are also lying about there own branding or products, and there also stand that they have to take resposability for damages or cost and/or fault’s by the Branding or Company, Its also shown in the law that a company need to take actions in this sort of actions/situations!

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