Xperia Z3 Plus now on sale in UK

by XB on 19th June 2015

in Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z3+ Carphone WarehouseThe Sony Xperia Z3+ is now in stock in the UK through Carphone Warehouse. The retailer is showing three colours (Black, White and Ice Green) of the handset in stock and will exclusively carry ‘Ice Green’ in the UK. The Xperia Z3+ is available for £549.99 SIM free, but if you want to spread the payments via a monthly deal then you can claim a free pair of Hi-Res Audio MDR10-RC headphones. For further details click here.

Other UK retailers are expected to stock the handset from next week. If purchasing the handset outright, then you will be able to claim 3 months free music streaming from TIDAL and 6 high-res audio albums.

Xperia Z3+ Carphone Warehouse

Via Android Central.

  • fried_egg

    all 3… what happened to copper?

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Maybe the copper is not-for-sale-exclusive in the UK

  • XperiaBlog

    We haven’t seen the Copper colour available in the UK, to avoid confusion though we removed the word “all”.

  • Raj Singh

    Sony Mobile is so unfocused.
    Why the fuck would you pair the phone with TIDAL and not Playstation Music aka Spotify?

  • mohsen

    good luck sony

  • Because Sony Music have contracts with TIDAL too, not only with Spotify

  • P9

    hope Sony could release major update to solve that issue very soon, ur best, Sony

  • Raj Singh

    Do you think this helps Sony build its brand?

  • Yes, they have to promote the services and Spotify is free to use

  • Raj Singh

    Sony Mobile does nothing to promote PlayStation Music.

  • jakobd.

    Sony Xperia Z3 + camera is not much worse than the G4 or the S6, even in low light, Sony is not just finishing is too much what you want to have in focus with more details more focus and more focus to make it more vivid looks. Shorten tripping time, fast autofocus and the overheating of the camera solve and it’s better than G4 or S6. I want to finally have a smartphone of Sony where you are not well says nice, but where do you get this WOW effect

  • But PlayStation Music is an integration with Spotify… but i understand what you´re saying

  • kido

    Am i the only one that has a feeling that sony is lagging behind other phone manufacturers in 2015’s flagship race???? :(

  • Makiz

    The G4 is so f-ugly!!

  • Stephen

    The Z3- is what this phone should have been called
    how dare sony produce a phone a lags behind the z3 in benchmark tests and call it “the best we have ever made”
    sad to say but if sony keep with this trend, i think i will need to find another phone maker

  • FixMax

    I don’t know what’s interesting there. While in EE price already announced and even they offer some accessories with smartphone. The thing is that THEY will release it on the start of July. (unfortunately it’s only on Estonia and Russian languages)

  • iosvsios

    All the oems messed up something this year, none of them really are an upgrade for those who have last year’s models.

  • Hildegarde
  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    yep, they are too ambitious about that leather back, which is super ugly to me. That just doesn’t fit everything

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    maybe except s5 to s6, i’ve got to say, that difference is much much more than other manufacturers.. the disappointment will be z3 to z3+ and m8 to m9 to me

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    they changed it to ice green?

  • Alvin Zahran Majid

    benchmark isn’t everything, mate..

  • Abhinav Tella

    Qualcomm didn’t help that either lol.

    Let the wait begin for S820 based phones…

  • Abhinav Tella

    I think both Sony/HTC will be looking at major redesigns to current veteran looks. Especially HTC ruining a good look with that awful black bar….

  • iosvsios

    A re-design that lost the water resistance and battery capacity or battery life.. They dropped the ball also. Not to mention the prized SDcard slot and removable battery so many people lauded Samsung about.

    But people are always shallow, so because it looks a lot different from the S5, they assume it’s changed for the better..

  • asch999

    Have you checked review on other website, Z3+ benchmark bested Z3.
    Not sure about the heat though.

  • kido

    Yeah…i gues so

  • Laurie Miles

    So why can you not buy this phone direct from Sony? I’ve checked a number of different European stores, none of which offer it. I already have a decent SIM only contract, so just would like to buy the phone, and would like to get the headphones on offer, but all UK suppliers with the headphone offer have it linked to a new or upgrade monthly contract. The best on offer SIM free is CLOVE in the UK at £499

  • roeshak

    The Sony camera is as usual using high iso to take lowlight photos. Also the z3+ photos looked a bit over exposed. I’m guessing as is always the case, this is an auto mode comparison. The z3+ stayed in touching distance here but with manual controls, the g4 would pull much further ahead.
    Sony needs to move to OIS for lowlight performance and not high iso.

  • jrnr

    Got the Z3+ in black
    Camera seems to be improved much since z3

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    Tell us about heating please :3

  • jrnr

    It does heat a bit when camera apps open but nothing that bad,

  • James Neuburger Gaston

    Great! I’ll buy if it arrives Brazil :) or maybe eBay…

  • marcyff2

    I think samsung are suffering for it too, All OEMs mobile divisions suffered huge losses this year (apple excluded for now(their flagship has not been released yet))

  • marcyff2

    It might have exclusivity on a particular network

  • jakobd.

    The main camera of Z3 + is probably just as bad as the Z3, worse autofocus, too much noise, poor focus, bad low light, I am disappointed :-((((

  • jrnr

    It I don’t think so
    It was to be better than my iPhone 6 in low light

  • M Usman

    Got mine today in ice green :D

  • jakobd.

    hi, ice green is not too feminine? wants it, even am afraid that too feminine looks it because of the color! if so then prefer black . What is the display, better, more natural? and the camera is better than the old Z3?

  • M Usman

    I’ll reply to you in more detail in a few hours. Just out at the moment. I’ll expand a little later.

  • ????????

    Folks, that is to expensive, sorry, but I do not see why a should buy it… It costs more than z3, do not have the possibility to be used in a dockstation. Cuz of the open usb port, I can now use it only in drinkwater (no pool or even sea). The 810 processor is overheating, and the solution is to downgrade it … so what am I paying for? For a bit less weight? … I will have to wait further …

  • mjmdroid

    I bought #Aukey quick charge 2.0 for 12€ at Amazon and it’s a great product! Xperia Z3

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