Sony teams up with IFTTT to create the Lifelog Channel

by XB on 4th July 2015

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IFTTT_Lifelog_1IFTTT (If This Then That) has collaborated with Sony to create a Lifelog channel. IFTTT uses the Lifelog API to make this possible. For those that don’t know, IFTTT compromises close to 200 channels which includes services such as Google Drive, Facebook and Twitter. These can be connected together to form what are called recipes based on certain trigger points.

So for example, if you reach your daily calorie goal in Lifelog you could then automatically tweet that. Or you could track your recorded sleep in Lifelog in Google Drive automatically. A number of existing recipes exist or users can create their own. Click on the source link for more information.


Via Sony Developer World.

Thanks difwwh!

  • Kristo

    Which is better: IFTTT or Tasker?

  • Matt

    really hope that data from smartband can be supported by runkeeper and other 3 party apps

  • Fadi Obaya

    Sony is becoming greater ever than before.

  • borntoparty


  • Hamada D

    Can someone please tell me how to add sleep and reading time
    I don’t have a SmartBand or Smartwatch

  • Tasker

  • Timel

    No, at least improve the goddamn smartphone camera first stupid bitch!

    Sony is fucking stupid while they were wasting their time with this bullshit , but company like Samsung were developing new cool innovation like the best smartphone camera, the flexible old phone. Sony Mobile is bullshit that’s why they’re going bankrupt

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