Sony’s “run+1” app renamed “WalknRun”

by XB on 4th July 2015

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Sony WalknRun_0_resultA few days back we reported on the “run+1” app that encourages users to run by starting off small and building on that to run quicker and longer. The app is still in beta, but Sony has now renamed the app “WalknRun”.

The other change is that each level is given a stronger identity with colours and titles. Users can also select their coaching character. For further detail on the app check our previous post here.

Sony WalknRun_1_result Sony WalknRun_2_result

Sony WalknRun_3_result Sony WalknRun_4_result

Sony WalknRun_5_result Sony WalknRun_6_result

Sony WalknRun_7_result

  • David Hvatov

    Better rename music app back to “walkman” !

  • amirulJeffry


  • RealityCheck2015

    I prefer to “WalknEat”, Well “SitnEat” :D

  • ramuk

    Such a beautiful looking app. Good job Sony. Now can we please also have some mature and beautiful looking theme like “Triflat”. Onegai Sony.

  • Luuk

    Japan has announced the new 28.0.D.5.18 software update for “Xperia Z4 SOV31”.

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Any news on the 5.1 update?

  • Great Dude

    Maybe they should add music to this app and called it Walkman Running :)

  • danycagiva

    I´m with you. PLS Sony bring the Walkman back. Make a Xperia Walkman for us Music lovers

  • Michelangelo Ceferino


  • Utsav Shah

    “Walkman” name is justified with dedicated hardware not just software.

  • Abhinav Tella

    Its better to keep things simple “Music’ and keep up with the times, cassette players are long gone lol.

    It would be like calling Apple’s music app iPod…
    Or from a Windows Phone perspective calling their Music app Zune…

    Nice to keep it simple

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Those soft keys android m?

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    Why do we need this when we have lifelog

  • Maybe better for you, but for marketing best use word “music”.

  • Vasilis K.
  • raju


  • raju


  • raju


  • raju

    It’s just name

  • raju

    This month

  • Michelangelo Ceferino


  • Alvin


  • Alvin


  • Yoppy

    With kitkat notification bar?

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