Xperia Z3 Plus now on sale in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia – extra goodies thrown in

by XB on 5th July 2015

in Hands On, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_1Sony Mobile’s latest flagship, the Xperia Z3+, is now on sale in a number of regions across South East Asia. The handset is being sold with a number of extra accessories across these regions, which is in stark contrast to the vanilla package being offered in Europe.

In Singapore, the Xperia Z3+ is available from Sony Stores for S$998 (£476, €667, $741) and carriers Singtel and M1. Each Xperia Z3+ sold includes a Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-DNC31 and Sony Quick Charger UCH10. In addition, those that had pre-ordered also received a DK52 USB charging dock.

In Vietnam, Sony is selling a Xperia Z3+ ‘Premium Pack’ which includes the Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset MDR-NC31, Sony Quick Charger UCH10 and leather case. Sony Vietnam is selling the Xperia Z3+ for 17.99m VND (£530, €743, $825). You can see some unboxing pictures from the Vietnamese Xperia Z3+ below.

In Indonesia, Sony has launched the Xperia Z3+ Dual for Rp. 9,499,000 (£457, €640, $711). This also includes the Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset as well as a Case-Mate Naked Tough case. Those that pre-ordered also got a SmartWatch 3 thrown in free of charge too.

There’s currently no word when the Xperia Z3+ will launch in Malaysia or Thailand, where Sony is currently promoting the Xperia C4 and M4 Aqua handsets right now.

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_1

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_2

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_3

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_4

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_5

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_6

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_7

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_8

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_9

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_10

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_11

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_12

Xperia Z3+ Premium Pack_13

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Thanks Linh!

  • Augustine Kau
  • Srijan Chawla

    Damn !!! A Smartwatch 3 free on pre-orders !!!! Nice move Sony.

  • Nice

  • ryq24

    Hong Kong was already selling this phone for almost a month now before any country . Why is that? Just asking.

  • nfs2010

    Taiwan & Hong Kong always get Sony phones couples weeks before the other countries do. I’m also curious. Maybe Sony phones are popular over there?

  • joseph carmine nero

    yes they are.Z3 is selling better than m9 and S6 there

    this site posts sale numbers sometimes

  • kido

    I didn’t know a smart watch comes bundled with an oven. .Lol

  • Harut Hajin

    HAHAH This phones producing in there and because ….

  • hmmm

    when can I buy it from Romania???

  • haxona

    I thought people knew this :P Lol everything made in china can launch in China a lot earlier than in Europe/NA/others

  • haxona

    The deals for the Z3 has been extra generous, I got their 250$ action cam and a Chromecast when I bought mine…Thats like 300$ plus over the phone

  • Srijan Chawla

    Yup, that is quite generous of em

  • Srijan Chawla

    More like a bribe, oh!!, the phone is giving you issues, why not take this smartwatch & keep your mouth shut about it :P

  • haxona

    Ohh I meant to say Z3+ :P

  • Luuk

    Z3 plus is really good at low light. Updated to the leasted system version. Turn to warm very quickly, but not hot, under a no gaming average use.

  • Abhinav Tella

    Looks like you need to regrout those tiles lol.

  • Luuk

    I just found the GPS info includes in the original photos…I deleted them…now no need to regrout any more.

  • Piotr Kozera

    one box three phone ? :D wow :D I take this :D

  • rus_media

    I want to have this headphone. But not the mobile. Same design every time. There was a time sony spent much more on new designs. But now may be they have fired all the designers. They used to make ads to show that there are so many world class designers working on new designs for sony phones…..

    Good old days…..

  • Timel

    Because Sony ran out of idea, many people get bored and say no to Sony smartphones now but.. to be honest even the Z3+ is still stuck with same boring design but it’s still more beautiful than the ugly iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 if you ask me.

  • Alvin

    Just nope.. I just got my z3 more than a week ago

    And extremely happy with it

  • Alvin

    Me freakin too

  • Alvin

    But didn’t you Say that emerald green and blue topaz s6 and s6 edge are more beautiful than z3+ weeks ago?

  • Timel

    YES! You know it would be so cool if the Z3+ comes with those two awesome colours, Blue topaz and Emerald green are so awesome!!!

  • Alvin

    Well, actually..yes
    The colour, I like s6 and s6 edge more
    But for the overall looks, I like z3 and z3+ more

  • Timel
  • Harut Hajin

    Z5 Coming on october IDIOTS

  • Great Dude

    They are only rumors ,you don’t know maybe Sony could encounter some problems which will lead to delay Xperia Z5 or maybe they will do better than expected and deliver it sooner.

  • Great Dude

    I guess because they are in sale and with several extras .
    I think that is not something that happens all the time.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    There’s no evidence about that…

  • The ‘2016 family’ of phones will have a new design language. I’ve not seen it personally but have spoken to people who have, so forget about this nonsense ‘Z3 plus’ (or even how Japan thought they could call it the Z4!) as it’s really not worth bothering with (unless you haven’t already got a Z2 or Z3) but, design apart, my biggest concern is what chipset the next devices will use.

  • It is still scheduled for this year, but has apparently slipped a bit. I am concerned it will mean missing an IFA launch, but I hope that it can still be unveiled there – even if it ships late October, or at worst, early November.

    Could be pushing things though given the timing for the event – unless Sony just opts for an event of its own (which is perfectly possible and has happened before when it was Sony Ericsson.

    I assume the problem is down to the chipset. Snapdragon 810 has caused no end of grief for everyone that has used it, and I assume that this is what will be in the next model too – as SD820 won’t be ready.

    Can this supposed revision that Qualcomm has come up with really solve the heating/thermal problems?

  • They have. The ‘Z5’ or whatever the hell Sony chooses to call it, was down as Q3 and now appears to be Q4. As I said further up, I guess the problem is down to the chipset. Sony might deny many of the problems with the Z3+ but clearly is only too aware of what they are, and that throttling the life out of the chip isn’t a good solution.

  • Don’t know about the specs, but I’d say the three models is quite likely! Don’t expect them all to be released at once though.

  • Akand
  • Great Dude

    They don’t have another choice than SD 820 so yeah they have to wait until it is finished.I guess the problem is more than the chipset, because the camera is mediocre and the design is the same (it is great design but the same).
    Also there isn’t a lot of upgrade .
    Maybe the next Xperia would be revolutionary with a new design, flawless SD 820 and better camera.

  • Timel

    Sony can not design their own chipset?

  • Great Dude

    In less than 6 months ?!!
    I don’t think so.

  • iosvsios

    They’Ve had the same design for what, 2 years max? That’s not a very long time, at least for people who grew up in a world without blogs updated by the minute lol…

    It’s a good design, they spent a lot on it, and they’re reaping max benefit from it. They’ll have new design eventually, but it’S not like they can change completely every 6 months, it takes way longer than that to design something.

  • iosvsios

    Nice question to ask in a blog post about sales in Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia…

  • iosvsios

    Every time I go to Taiwan I’m amazed to see a nice 1/3-1/3-1/3 distribution between iPhone, Galaxy and Xperia phones… So yeah, they are popular there.

  • iosvsios

    There’s a small but important difference between Taiwan (the Republic of China, a small island off the coast of China, not communist, home of HTC, Asus and Megabyte) and China (the People’s Republic of China, the super big country where so many factories are located, that recently surpassed Japan and perhaps the USA as the leading economy, home of Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, OnePlus, etc).

    Learn it.

  • Eduardo Otero

    It doesn’t mean anything. There ain’t even a real leak.

  • Eduardo Otero

    That rumour is oldder than Z family.

  • nfs2010

    You finally posted something useful :P I’ll buy all three if the rumor turns out to be true!

  • jag

    Sony’s Q4 means Q1 of 2016 if I am not mistaken.

  • hansip

    To think that having two Z3+ equals getting 49 inch of latest Sony TV + PS4 as a bonus (at least in Indonesia).. Yeah i’ll stick with my XZU till Z5 i guess.

  • rus_media

    I admit it too. I can see S6 phone by my own. Those edges are really good. For the first time I can give credit to some Samsung Phones.

  • Adhito

    Should I buy this? Or no?

  • HAWX

    Timel can’t design his chipset?

    You need to understand that you can’t be as good as chip only manufacturers in less then 1 year. Samsung is producing chips for quite a long time and they should be considered experienced for mobile processors.

  • kido

    Hahaha yeah maybe .. I still have my z3 compact which i adore ;)

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  • marcyff2

    I agree, my problem with that phone is that stupid phisical button. just cannot go back to that. Also the phone might look a tiddy 2 round.

  • marcyff2

    really I got Smartwatch 2 (at the time flagship) on my Z2 pre-order in the UK. so hasn’t changed much.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Wait,maybe z5 is around the corner, some tips are here and there that they might announce in September!!!

  • haxona

    Nahh I know but its a lot easier to set up a deal with countries geographically really close to the manufacturing source

  • kaostheory

    Also need a fab like tsmc or gf. Nvidia can get good pricing on low volumes of the tegra because of high volumes of other chips, same with Samsung as they have their own fab. Although I think the same companies(and gov’t) of JDI should build a fab.

  • It depends if you’re considering the delay between announcing and releasing. The plan was always to have a device out this year, but who knows? Maybe the Z4 came to the rest of the world as the Z3+ simply because Sony knew it was never going to make its intended release date.

    I do think that Sony should consider launch events on its own terms and perhaps move away from scheduling things for IFA, CES and MWC. It limits things a bit too much, but then again a company the size of Sony probably feels it has to have new kit at these flagship events.

  • mukul verma

    yep with SoC 820, 21mp camera with imx230, 4gb ram, fingerprint scanner

  • Srijan Chawla

    i got nothing with my Z2 :(

  • Great Dude

    Thank you for mentioning that .I am glad they will make a new design.

  • Great Dude

    It depends on your current phone and how much money do you have.
    If you have good amount of money and have Xperia Z2, or Z3 then don’t buy this and wait tell the next phone.
    If you have Xperia Z or older and you don’t have a lot of money, then buy this since Xperia Z5 would be expensive while this is on sale and have extras too.
    It is a great phone after all. Even though we are here disappointed and little angry about it, it is still one of the best phones out there.

  • Based on the new Bravia TV´s

  • Andre Lemard

    From what I’ve read, Sony isn’t going to change the design of the Z5 at all.

  • Joephus

    Why is everyone complaining about the design, “same boring design.” First of all, it’s not a boring design, its sleek and simple. Why fix something that isn’t broken? The design is not broken, its one of the nicest designs out there, and yet someone like you manages to complain about it. Look at the Galaxy series, they constantly change the design but it still nonetheless looks borderline hideous.

    There are only so many “designs” of a rectangle shape. Sure they could change materials here and there but I hope they don’t change the design philosophy of the Z-series.

  • Great Dude

    The Xperia Z5 can’t come before IFA which is in September, but as rumors stats ,probably it will be shipped on December.

    If that is so far for you, then it would be a good idea to own Xperia Z3+, it is good phone and you can see a very good review about it here :

    Exchanging you phone : if you were gonna exchange it by returning the phone, then you wouldn’t have a lot of time (depends to the policy of contract and rules in your own country) and it is better to change it early before it would be impossible.

    If you mean that you are going to sell the iphone 6, then it would be better to sell it before the iphone 6S come around because the iphone 6 price will fall down. and after you sell the iphone 6 either buy Xperia Z3+ or wait for Xperia Z5 (keeping a higher money is better for buying Xperia Z5)

    If you don’t even care about that price drop and plan to buy Xperia Z5 at December ,then you can use this iphone (or your current phone) until Xperia Z5 arrive in your country and buy it.

    I hope that you are less confused now :)

  • rus_media

    I’m not galaxy user. I won’t care about their design. Am I blocking you to buy this? If you even buy the same design after 10 years, I swear I’m not gonna bother you.

  • Adhito

    Aaah okay I understand now thanks for the reply I really appreciate it

    ,But To think that the Z5 will launch at IFA This September isn’t that too fast?

    And yes it’s rumored that it will use Quallcom Fingerprint sensor but im Dying waiting to get a new phone :( I’ll think about it

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  • Jatin Sadana

    Just chill dude

  • Jatin Sadana

    U r just a confused person. One day u will figure out!

  • Adhito

    Yea IPhone 6 is a keeper, it’s comfortable also waiting Apple to perfect the Apple pay system

    I’m just gonna stick to that

  • Kathy


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