Xperia Z5: Let’s hear your wishlist

by XB on 7th July 2015

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Xperia LogoSpurious rumours have been doing the rounds recently on when Sony Mobile might launch the Xperia Z5 including a list of quite fanciful specifications. Sony is expected to launch a new flagship in the second half of this year, but exactly when that might happen remains a mystery.

Sony traditionally announces H2 products in early September at the IFA tradeshow. However, given issues around the Snapdragon 810 chipset and that no real alternative will be ready by that date, Sony could opt for a later launch. Or Sony could still announce something new at IFA but see a retail launch months later, perhaps to coincide with the new James Bond film Spectre in early November.

The Sony Xperia Z5 may bring with it an entirely new design and that is what many loyal fans have been waiting for. Specs could include a QHD 2K display, new camera sensor (Exmor RS IMX230), higher 4GB RAM and potentially even some kind of fingerprint scanner.

What remains a big question mark for the Xperia Z5 is choice of chipset. Marketing wise, the use of the Snapdragon 810 chipset has been a disaster for Sony. We receive regular reports of people complaining about heat issues and its effect on battery life. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset is not due to start shipping until later this year and we’re not sure if that’s a realistic timescale for it to hit the Xperia Z5.

A March 2016 Xperia launch for the SD820 seems more likely, probably to be found in the Xperia Z6. The Snapdragon 820 is critically important for Qualcomm, following the woes of the 810 chip. The Snapdragon 820 is the first to use the company’s custom 64-bit, ARMv8 “Kryo” CPU architecture and will apparently be manufactured using a 14nm process.

Anyway, what would you like to see in the next ‘true’ Xperia flagship. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Try to keep it realistic in terms of technology that is expected to be around towards the end of the year.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Anything that make it worthy to be a “Flagship” :P

  • kido

    Ok dont forget imx230 sensor please

  • Kristo

    I would like a fingerprint scanner, 2K, better image proccesing, wireless charging and maybe USB type-C. What Sony really need now is something new. These are the things they could do to keep up with the rest of the mobile industry.

  • Tibor Hornyák

    4k Amoled, Qi charging, FP-sensor, Q 820 SoC, 8Mp front facing camera, Full manual control of rear camera – including raw, shutter, iso, and 240 slowmo, with 1080p

  • lovebmw

    1. Quick charger without the stupid variations between models.
    2. Cooler processor
    3. I care less about the screen
    4. Better battery…. More…. Although with quick charger it does not matter much, but the more the better.
    5. Less ugly, less bazel.
    6. Some creative led lights on the edge that would give the sense of suspense
    7. Wireless charging is a must
    8. Some sort of scanner, eye, finger, something
    9. Latest LTE
    10. More PS4 dedication
    11. Better flash better camera
    12. Curvey sucks
    13. Bendable, who cares

  • Amir

    usb type c, louder front speakers, Qhd display, true phablet flag variant, much better camera software and hardware, a new design, bigger battery, built in wireless charging, quick charging, TOUCH fingerprint scanner on the front panel, s820, 4gb of ram, smaller top and bottom bezels.

  • Augustine Kau

    I actually likes the design of the “Y concept” , hopefully the next gen flagship will have that metal and premium looking. Fingerprint scanner is great (can be placed at the sides of the phone on the power button)
    this might cause the phone to be thicker, but I personally do not mind, especially if there can be a larger battery capacity.
    Camera, I just hope its the best and stands out way more than the rivals and make those other user jealous

  • Nils Westhoff

    – Less use of glass, I’ve heard too many stories of people who had a cracked screen/battery cover without dropping their phone
    – Wireless charging and USB-c
    – Latest flagship processor
    – better camera software (sensor is capable of so much more)

    That’s basically all I need over the Z3 I currently own.

  • “Y” and “plate+human” is the best imo

  • Omarion07

    Brace yourselves! There will be loads who’ll still say “1080p screen please.. 2k resolution doesn’t make sense on 5” display “.. Like it’s 2015 ffs. Samsung achieved best performance and good battery life with 2k displays.. I think 2k is a definite must on a 2015/2016 flagship if Sony wants to make good sales with the z5.

  • ZeRo+

    First. I want see on Z5 MediaTek Helio X10 64-bit . Better sensor than Exmor RS IMX230, because i seen photos taken by Honor 7 with it`s Exmor RS IMX230 sensor, not so good and i don’t see difference between IMX230 and IMX220 lens ( I want Cybershot programmers, but not this noobs from Sweeden, we wnt Full controls on camera! We want see GREAT camera like 41mp 808 Pureview.

  • mountain

    Better screen under sunlight, higher battery capacity, faster processor and more accurate indoor gps- thats all an ingress player wishes for.

  • 5.2-5.5″ FHD or QHD screen(Should be amazing)…
    Better audio quality…
    Great camera algorithm with dual LED and aperture f/1.8…
    No need to make it thinner, instead, cram as bigger battery as possible without making the device very thick…
    Amazing battery life(That’s what needs to be improved rather than increasing the chipset core nos.)…
    Less heating…
    Screen to body ratio at 70%…
    New design, if possible…!!!
    Above are basic needs….

    My dream thing will be Curved sensor or any bigger sensor with size of 1/1.5 and next-gen XENON flash, which is very very smaller compared to the previous gen one…!!!

  • Hassandroid

    Good battery, less overheating, that’s all what I want.(and of course good CPU and GPU)
    I don’t use the camera very much.
    And I have no problem if the design stays the same.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I want with Xperia Z5 compact:
    The Xperia Z3+ with
    4.5″ – 4.7″ screen
    720p or 1080p
    Led strip we saw from Xperia ZR and ZL

  • Alvin

    I don’t want to wish anything otherwise I’ll get myself overheating….oops…. I mean overestimate the specs or surprise myself, or disappoint myself like I did with z3+

  • Paul M

    can we have a Z4 Ultra or Z5 Ultra first?

  • Alvin

    Well if you insist, the Y concept is great… Just put amazing specs and I’ll get blown away

  • laci_csk

    Yes, no problem.

  • Emir Zarith

    remove glass back panel already and use aluminium instead and abandoned completely all the camera apps that i consider them as ‘camera bloatware’ because nobody use it (etc. AR effect, potrait retouch, live youtube, multi face, blaa…bla…)….so no overheating issue will occur

  • Skip

    Leave the magnetic charger on there, I just got the car stereo that uses it.

  • GigaSPX

    I thought Sony announced they would stop releasing new phones every six months and push to yearly releases. I think that would be a better plan to wait until next spring to release their next flagship to have much preparedness against all the sort of problems with their current one.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    We don’t like 2k display yet not only because it doesn’t make sense and it affects battery life but also because we want Oems to focus on real innovation and not just gimmicks and make the numbers bigger (“higher numbers, better specs mentality”)

  • GigaSPX

    Samsung with good battery life on 2k display? Reports all over say the GS6 gradually just dies within a day and even less with more use.

  • ryq24

    I know the Z5 will have the latest features so my only wish is that it will cost at least 20% to 30% cheaper than the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. :-)

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Mediatek Helio X10 is stupid…….

    I like Helio X20

  • kido

    Wat if sony puts in xenon flash for better low light performance? and still make it look sexy?

  • Omarion07

    Note 4 has great performance and great battery life and it has 2k display

  • Tsakane

    Stock Android UI icons and status bar. The current status bar is awful for Lollipop general look.

  • ZeRo+

    Stupid only Snapdragon 810, Helio X10 is good

    But if on Z5 will be Helio X20, it will be great!

  • GigaSPX

    Ah right, but it’s a phablet with a bigger battery to support it…

  • Thariq Mohammed

    I wish a device with 5.2″ QHD display and 2 days battery life,
    advance camera which is better than competition,
    Finger print sensor,
    No matter how much battery capacity, but thickness below 8mm,
    That’s all.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    5.2 Inch 1080P, 2.5D Front and Rear Panel, Slim Bezel
    New Camera Sensor and Soft, Dual 21MP IMX3XX, 3D Video, Super SlowMo, Triple Led Flash
    13mp IMX214 Front Cam
    Snapdragon 820 Processori, 4GB RAM LPDDR4
    8mm Slim, 3500Mah Battery
    ID Sensor

  • Joel Casares

    Screen size : 5.0″ HD IPS OGS display
    OS : Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
    Sim : Micro-Sim
    Quad Core Snapdragon 805 Krait 450 CPU @ 2.7GHz
    Adreno 420
    Bluetooth 4.1 , USB 2.0
    16gb internal , expandable up to 128gb , 3gb RAM
    NFC , 4k video
    20MP rear camera w/ autofocus , sony exmor sensor , BSI , dual tone led flash , f/1.8 aperture
    5MP front camera w/ autofocus , sony BSI sensor , f/2.0 aperture
    3000 mAh battery
    GSM / HSPA / LTE

    a realistic spec sheet :) lol

  • browngeek

    – Wireless Charging
    – IR blaster
    – Cat 6 LTE for dual sim version
    – VoLTE for dual sim version
    – Fingerprint scanner
    – full manual control for camera
    – Quick charging

  • Omarion07

    Unfortunately this how the world’s work.. Take sport cars for example example, companies are still increasing on horsepower although that we don’t really need that, it increases fuel consumption and increases co2 emissions. Same goes with electronics! I think people who still want FHD displays are tech enthusiasts who represent only 20% of the consumers.. Sony needs to win the hearts of the masses.. In the android world, the competition is very fierce and you have to give people a product with the latest specs and innovation of course .

  • I would like to see the following in the Z5:
    1)Better battery.
    2)Better Camera
    3)Zenon flash or something better than the existing
    3)Better pixels on front camera with a flash light
    4)Louder Speakers
    5)Better mic used for calling, as the existing sucks
    6)Smaller over all size that can be grabbed easily
    7)Sony Entertainment much be available in more markets, like the middle east !!!
    8)Better Ui ob lollipop and M
    9)More waterproof
    10)Heating less
    11)Wireless Charging
    12)Less Charging time
    13)Noise Cancelling headset to come in same box with Z5
    14)Better glass that is not broken easily
    15)Much more sensors used as in Samsung gs4
    16)Better display in the sun

  • marcyff2

    They announced they will go with what the market requires, and unfortunately z3+ is not selling as they wished. So most likely there will be a z5 later this year

  • marcyff2

    I don’t know which phone you have, but z2/z3 gives 1 and a half days of battery on a single charge. that is more than samsung, apple,lg or htc

  • Sweggity

    5.2″ FHD display the colours should be more vivid no need for QHD, Bigger battery not a slimmer device, change camera algorithm so tht it can compete with Galaxy s6 n iPhone 6, change the design we r bored of the same Z series design since 2013.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    S-Master digital amp and a massive battery That’st’all I need/want.

  • marcyff2

    why not just cram the 820 inside it?

  • marcyff2

    i doubt they will underpower their flagship. If z4 has the 810 z5 will have something at least the same.

  • marcyff2

    there are rummors that the next flagship will come with both ultra and compact versions.

  • kaostheory

    MORPHEUS on xperia!

  • kaostheory

    The T was aluminum and didn’t sell well. Did you support it?

  • Danny

    I want at least 32GB internal storage as standard across the Xperia line. With optional 64GB or 128 GB. And of course, micro SD slot for expandable storage.

  • HAWX

    You basically want everything XD

  • Zell

    Sony, If you are listening please note this: you did so much right with the Z3+. Please continue that with the Z5.

    What I expect from the Z5 is USB type C open and waterproof like the Z3+, fingerprint scanner, front facing speakers like the Z3+, and a large battery(thinness isnt everything).

    What I want for the Z5 is a IR blaster like other phone manufactures with a quick remote app pre loaded to the phone. Secondly, you should double down on the camera like LG did. I can almost guarantee that it will increase sales. Lastly, make your phone readily available for all major cell providers such as ATT, verison, and Tmobile. If people are presented with the option to walk out of the store with your phone, they likely will.

  • kaostheory

    I would rather have displays on the sides, separate not not like the edge

  • Ofcaurse I want everything, Xperia flagships arent cheep on the other hand!

  • VictorMartino

    Improved 1080p screen, killer cameras and a HUGE battery, so that Samsung will see what a GOOD phone really needs. Plus, It really needs to have a fingerprint scanner, I’m dying to get rid of my iPhone, but the convenience of unlocking with my fingerprint is just awesome.

  • + Snapdragon 820
    + 4Gb ram
    + 5.35″ QHD display
    + 20mp front facing wide angle camera with dual tone flash and dual tone for back facing camera
    + Microsd Support
    + Same thickness as Z3+ with 3400 mah battery
    + Powerful, loud, clear dual front facing speakers
    + Slimmer top and bottom bezels
    + Wireless charging
    + USB C
    + 64 & 128 Gb varients
    + PlayStation Now support
    + Improved Remote Play experience
    + More unified and ‘prettier’ Sony apps.

  • kaostheory

    I don’t even use the normal usb (maybe once every couple of months) so I don’t see the love for -c. Would rather use the space for better wifi. Would rather have laser measuring and detection, could also be used with the camera and for temp. And add night vision to the camera.

  • I’ve Xperia Z1… Now you’ll understand why I asked for better battery…:P

  • Sadman Khan

    How is helio x10 good? It does overheat and the gpu is worse than adreno 330 which is generations old. We need goo gpu performance as well. Since s820 will be quad core, i hope the heat issues would be fixed :D

  • HAWX

    I just want something equal or better than S6 Edge with enough battery in it.

  • xperiaDROID

    5.4 inch FHD or QHD screen with IPS display, with Xiaomi’s sunlight screen technology
    Thinner bezels
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
    4GB RAM
    32GB internal storage as standard with micro SD card slot
    Improved camera (21MP with IMX230) with Laser Focus
    Fingerprint scanner on the back like on Huawei Mate 7
    Oppo’s VOOC fast charging technology
    2 days battery life or more
    LTE Cat.9
    Improved speakers with Harmon Kardon audio
    Waterproof and dustproof, of course
    Improved durability
    New design or more improved OmniBalance design
    IR blaster
    …and more innovations from Sony.

    Also, cheaper price than competitors. Now, get your ass back there and make your phone become more perfect and you better wow us at IFA 2015. I’m giving you another chance, Sony. Still sticking with my good ol’ Z.

  • Yeshwanth Gollaprolu

    Display: 5.2″ OLED
    Full HD is good, no problem even with QHD
    Camera: Carl-zeiss lens of good resolution with video of 240fps 1080p :-p
    good camera algorithms with fully manual camera
    Design with less bezels (screen to body ratio: 77%+++)
    Design on back panel should change
    front stereo speakers
    Chipset: no idea, but should be even better than the Exynos seen in GS6
    RAM: 4 GB
    Memory: 32GB int, expandable upto 128GB
    IR blaster
    USB C
    OS with good xperia customizations and stock Android enabling full animations

  • Timel

    Because Xperia flagship phones have many things to improve , if Sony want people buy their phones

  • kaostheory

    Just tried the pixels dojo quest theme from a couple of posts back. Ugly but has arcade style nav buttons that ACTUALLY DEPRESS WHEN TOUCHED! Can anyone get me just the nav buttons?

  • Great Dude

    That is why they called it Xperia Z3+ and not Xperia Z4 except Japan where this small cycles are normal

  • Abdul Ghani

    there is a phone coming soon with x10 it will have front 13 mp and back 21 rest of the specs i cant conform

    x10 is good sony will use better gpu on it new 015 version of it

  • Yeshwanth Gollaprolu

    Even the sony customer care support should improve ( completely change as of now) in India, there is no Repair for my Xperia ZL, only replacement which is very expensive (even if the front glass break they asked me Rs.22,000 for replacement)

  • Shubham Mutreja

    1) 5.2-2.5 inch TRILUMINOS IPS NEO Display with Live Color LED and impressive 2000:1 Contrast with Whitemagic display (screen to body ratio ~ 75% like xperia zl)
    2) Y concept Design or Xperia RAY LIKE design (MATTE DESIGN!!!)
    3) Flapless Waterproof USB
    4) Anti Scratch Aluminium or Carbon fibre Back Panel (NON REMOVABLE)
    5) Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass with oleophobic coating
    6) Xenon and fake xenon flash (Twin flash. the other fake will be dual tone LED)
    7) Optical Steady Shot (or just improve and make best auto mode and image processor)
    8) 16 MP 1/2.3 Sensor with f/1.8 (bigger pixels)
    9) waterproof Stereo Speakers
    10) USB C Type Port
    11) all goodies from z3 and z3+

  • Shawnesome

    From my hands on experience and the reviews, I do understand that xperia z3 series features great sensor, however, it seems Sony needs to put on more effort on optimising the use of these great hardware, as the current result is, Sony xperia camera isn’t as good as Samsung s6 and iPhone 6 plus, especially the colour accuracy and focus speed, colours really look washed out. guys, Sony has the best mirrorless in the world, please get your camera department and mobile department work hard together!

    Also, the omni balance design is great but a bit old, the single LED flash also. We want to see fingerprint scan for sure, wireless charging, split screen (2 apps in one screen) like Samsung note.

    The audio part, xperia already features many big names, but the test results are not that awesome, again guys, Sony holds the best music technology in the world, why this happen again on your xperia phone? Please really use your expertise, maximize it.

    The display, I agree 2k may not be necessary, but please add in more technology, new knew than triluminos.

    Last but not least, when Samsung launch a phone, I can see its model phones, advertisements everywhere, but where is sony? Quiet?

    Hope sony could look into these, our fan’s words from the heart.

  • Timel

    People know that Sony is the king of visual and audio, when they think of Sony smartphone, definitely, they think of the smartphone with great camera (we know that Sony is Cyber-shot and alpha NEX camera maker right?), great sound quality (we know that Sony is Walkman maker right?) but…they will always end up disappointed

  • kaostheory

    Problem seems to be processing power as the Z3+ does better than previous models with same sensor. Also the reason other manufacturers use less mp’s. Apple obviously stuck on 8mp because anything more would cause lag. I would rather eliminate the USB altogether and have a dedicated camera chip.

  • nick

    Xperia Zl eclipse LED or Z1/Z2 LED notification would be good welcome back.

  • Timel

    Honestly, but the Y concept is pretty ugly and corny, Even I got bore of OmiBalance design but it still looks more beautiful than Y concept.

  • Zell

    Im not sure what you mean when you say you only use it once every couple of months. USB type C port would replace the Micro USB port on the phone.

  • Svnjay

    Z3+ has worse battery life.

  • should be blonde with big tits. :)

  • Svnjay

    Z3+, LG G4.

  • Svnjay

    The P was also.

  • Shawnesome

    Dxomark show z3 plus got improvement, but if u use z3 plus take a shot of flower, u will see how poor the colour is. Btw, where is the curved sensor from the rumor? I agree, a dedicated Camera sensor and music chip. I don’t mind it becomes a bit thick. Now our xperia is very light, or too light in hand.

  • Svnjay

    Thanks Sony <3

  • Svnjay

    The S6’s battery life is crap.

  • SA

    So, where is the next Z Ultra?

  • wared

    This is my dream phone, that i hope any phone brand can make it in their next flagship

    1. made of metal materials.

    2. front facing stereo speakers.

    3. Xenon flash.

    4. IP68 water and dust proof and non-removable battery for higher water resistance and flapless usb.

    5. 33.2 megapixel 16:9, 1″ sensor and 1.9 aperture camera, 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps, 720p@120fps video recording.

    6. 8 megapixel front camera 16:9, 1.9 aperture, 1440p@30fps, dual two tone led flash.

    7. snapdragon 820.

    8. 4GB memory .

    9. 128GB internal storage.

    10. 5.5″ Quad HD WRGB OLED display.

    11. 4000 mAh battery at least, with fast battery charging.

    12. USB type-C.

    13. bluetooth 4.1.

    14. 146 x 74.6 x 7.5> mm.

    15. 145> g.

    16. ir blaster.

  • Svnjay

    So a Snapdragon 810?

  • Svnjay

    “33.2 megapixel”

    Lets be realistic here.

  • marcyff2

    I still don’t battery life wasn’t bad when I owned a Z1, of constant use I use to get down to 20% in a day.

  • marcyff2

    @Subhi Mahfouz You do know this can be done right? The only reason companies don’t make it is because delivering this would make the market stale, because people would no longer require constantly improving phones.

  • Soj Varghese

    5.4″ oled display, 32 Gb with micro sd card extension, super clear front and back camera in low light, 3500 mah battery, stunning design, 70 db sound stereo speakers with clear sound, no problematic chipset, 3 days battery that’s enough you will be #1

  • marcyff2

    I would just add better speakers too!

  • marcyff2

    I like that he put the .2 value there. As if its 33mp instead is not enough :)

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Y concept reminding me with ZL :)

  • Timel

    It would be so cool if the Xperia Z5 will has the awesome camera that can outperform Purview 808 and Lumia 1020

    It would be so cool if the Xperia Z5 will come with amazing sound card/dac that has always used in Walkman music player

  • Alex Norris

    Man, absolutely Agree !!!

    I hope too, that the future camera will be – The Best and stands out way more than the rivals!

  • nick

    Let it not cross 5.2 inch boundary, lets keep it a phone not nexus or opo giants keeping in mind sony bezels!!!

  • Timel

    ZL is more beautiful than Y concept

  • ramuk

    1. A new design ( Concept Y looks cool to me )

    2. Full metal body

    3. Keep the FHD resolution (IPS NEO would be awesome) QHD is gimmick especially if its RGB stripe.

    4. A display with less reflection ( Its a must have feature, although Sony smartphone has brighter display it reflective glass always bring the display quality down, less reflective glass means better sunlight visibility)

    4. Bigger battery ( at least 4000mAh)

    5. 16.6 megapixel 1.2/3 inch stacked sensor with awesome post processing and optics.

    6. Better sound quality especially from the speaker grill. Sound quality that can rival/beat M9 speaker.

    7. Some of the design inconsistency in some apps needs to be iron out. Go full material design, half assed design is not appreciated.

  • Srijan Chawla

    The concepts Sony released a few months ago were very creative & beautiful. The adaptations of those design in the new flagship should definitely help them to step up their game.

    Firstly, the basic improvements I’m hoping
    1) It is time to introduce RAW & manual settings along with the latest shutter.
    2) Thermal configuration is a little rusty since the Z3, the device does heat up more comparatively than the Z2 (Talking about the design aspect, not the actual SOC)
    3) A further improvement in the IP rating of the device (as it is one of the biggest selling point of Sony devices)
    4) A better front Facing Camera (possibly with a Flash)

    Secondly, the new features that should tag along
    1) A fingerprint scanner (Although a gimmick, but competitors have introduced them already)
    2) 4GB Ram (if required by the SOC, frankly 3GB is enough for high end performance)
    3) A better Display (possibly with a better DPI & without the yellowish tint)
    4) SOC (Snapdragon 820 or something equivalent without the thermal issue)
    5) Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (In all International Variants please)

    Also, any user would prefer a bigger battery size than shaving a few millimeters on the design, so a bigger battery size (Perhaps 4000mah or atleast 3200mah as the original Z2)

  • DBS

    “A March 2016 Xperia launch for the SD820 seems more likely, probably to be found in the Xperia Z6.”

    I don’t think you’ll be seeing the Z6 that soon. Under Totoki, I expect the 6 months cycle to simply end. It’s a huge waste of money and doesn’t maximize their resources. Which is what he’s aiming at doing.
    If that means delay the Z5, I don’t think Sony will have any problems doing it.

    As for what I want to see in the Z5Compact:

    – Same size both in the device and screen. Same 720p. 1080p ONLY if they somehow manage to squeeze a 3000mAh battery in it. And even if they did…I would still prefer 720p. Because it gives the device even more battery life. Because the Z3C battery life is great and all…as long as you don’t connect a smartwatch to it, for example. And we have to think about future connected devices.

    – OIS in the camera. It’s pathetic that Sony still hasn’t put it in.

    – Full manual controls (not semi-manual like they currently have)

    – Completely redesigned camera interface and post-processing algorithms.

    – 32GB of internal storage as minimum. Plus microSD expansion.

    – Qi wireless charging built in.

    – Full blown Theme Engine, without any of the stupid restrictions it currently has on Lollipoop. The Xperia Theme engine should be able to change *everything*, including even the notification tray colour. Give users close-to-stock Android. Sure. But give those of us who loath stock Android the tools to change all of that, without having to root and throw away the warranties.

    – NO snapdragon 810. If you want to insist on releasing the phone in September, I’d rather you use Samsung’s Exynos chip or the SD808. Otherwise, wait for the SD820.

    Everything else the Z3C already does wonderfully. I don’t care if larger battery, Qi or OIS make the phone thicker. I rather have a thicker yet powerful phone than a paper-thin one missing a bunch of tech that should already be standard in 2015.

  • Jonathan Leong

    Things to add/change:+Bring back the magnetic dock. It’s such an awesome feature. I put my phone into the cradle at night without having to fiddle with USB cables.
    +Next-gen processor

    +Bigger battery

    Things to keep:
    Current screen resolution/DPI
    Camera sensor
    Omni Balance design
    IP68 rating

    And if Sony can do that but lower the price and improve marketing, it may have a chance at winning.

    My personal opinion, but I suspect many will agree…..

    The Xperia Z line has been winning rave reviews, and a common observation is few know about this phone. Amongst my friends, everyone comments how nice my phone is, but they never knew Sony makes that kind of phone! lol

    I personally think the Xperia Z3 is the perfect phone.

  • DBS

    It will be pretty hard to outperform the Nokia 808/909 unless Sony too added the Toshiba 41mp processor and Zeiss lenses & algorithms. They could, however, put out something that would come really close without the need for the bulks both 808/909 have.

  • jokensy

    Timel, I think you’re not a normal guy. You must be some kind of deranged person who comes to this site only to bash every article they post. Go see a doctor, seriously!

  • nexus2077

    Adjust the whitebalance and it will be fine

  • gamer324

    My wishlist :
    RGBW JDi OLED 1080p 5.2″ screen,
    A dedicated amp to provide ample volume even to big headphones
    Much better stereo speakers (louder, bassier and more nuanced)
    3000+mAh battery
    Curved IMX230 camera sensor with new and improved optics,slim xenon + led flash and a smarter noise reduction algorithm
    Qualcomm SenseID, Integrated under the screen
    PVD coated metal body, with a slick glossy finish, shouldn’t be a true unibody to avoid the ugly plastic strips
    S820 with 4 GB RAM
    And should be available in proper glossy piano black

  • Dean Weaver


  • Great Dude

    I have a long list for what I wish for:

    1) New lovely beautiful design

    2) 4GB RAM

    3) Screen is better to have over 400ppi, Good under sunlight and right natural colors (not cold nor warm)

    4) To have a compact version

    5) Big battery over 3000mAH and quick charging.

    6) SD 820 (if not then why not SD 808 or mediatek X20) or SD 818 if available at that time.

    7) Better camera ( no need to use more pixels ) with a dual tone flash and better automatic software and better image rendering software.

    8) Wide Angel front camera with a very good details and preferably with a flash that is far from the camera ( because when the flash is near camera it kinda make the photo worse)

    9) If they add an option to let us choose whether touch screen navigation buttons or capacitive buttons like the one plus one.

    10) I don’t want USB type C , however if they want to add it, then please let there be two ports one for USB-C and other for USB 2.0 like Xperia S which have 2 ports one for HDMI and the other for USB 2.0.
    I don’t prefer USB-C because that would mean that my flash drive won’t be connected to my phone anymore and that I would need more cables.

    11) Loud and clear sound Speakers

    12) 32 GB minimum internal storage preferably with micro SD card.

    13) IMO Plastic (especially the one in windows phones) and metals are better than glasses.

    14) Big Led in the back of the phone so I can see from far away that there is a notification.

    15) Elegant software which do have good colours and themes (no need to have material design colours) but more theme options would be better.

    16) Of course Waterproof, front speakers, microsd card , flapless USB support and all other good things that are already there. ( No downgrade whatsoever).

  • ZoubIWah

    Z1 still has better battery thanthe iphone 6 and galaxy s6…

  • Shigeru Go

    honestly, i like the old z1 design, square, solid with metal design, actually i miss the design that a phone could stand itself on the table top.

    aside from it, i hope a good 4.6-4.7 inch is good, 5+ inch is too big for my hand.

    color from z3+ and the physical design of z1, would be nice.

    and a 64 bit cpu got to go with 4+gb of ram, otherwise it’s a waste…

    most important, got to work on the heat issue… sony already done a lot in terms of power, display, camera, but heat.. is something that got to be worked on.

    wireless charging with quick charge feature would be a bonus

  • jonyah

    The main improvement they can do is a better flash, louder speakers and let’s lose the glass on the back. Also, add in wireless charging and I’ll be happy.

  • mohsen

    6 GB ram
    8-core CPU
    4500 mAh battery
    2K display

  • RockStar2005

    Yes!! I agree……………the “Y” concept is the best one by far. It just looks cool, but different from the current Z style.

  • Dustin Pelc

    How about a successor to the Z Ultra already?! Love my Z Ultra, but it’s already two years old!

  • Augustine Kau

    Hi Timel, lol. actually whether u like the design of the phone or not is quite subjective:) hopefully sony will shock the world by their new Z5 design!

  • Hendry Antoni

    1. Need new concept design..
    2. 2k QHD screen
    3. New sensor camera.. Rear camera 21mpx have flash zeiss , front camera 5mpx have flash sony G
    4. Big battery
    5. Hope no overheat again..
    6. Glow in the dark logo sony and xperia text.. ( new )
    7. Have 32gb or 64gb and have slot ..

  • Great Dude

    Why 6GB ,won’t that be a lot lot more than needed , what can you do with 6GB that can’t be done with 4GB ?

  • Sadman Khan

    8 core cpu is a total nope. Overheating issues. I’d rather have 4 powerful cores with optimisation

  • mohsen

    so there is no big change and Z5 config used in all 2016 flagship. why sony CEO said 2016 is year of big change?

  • iia3ezu

    Can we have an option to easily root the phone straight out of the box? Might need to delete some of the preinstalled crapware from Sony and the telco.

    The stock software keyboard found in Xperia phones is pathetic. Please also do not leave out certain languages just because the product was launched in a certain part of the world. The world today is very globalized. Get with the times.

    Because Snapdragon 820 won’t be released till early 2016, I’m skeptical of launching a Xperia Z5 in late 2015, just to draw some media attention away from Apple and Samsung. Please don’t tell me it’s a Snapdragon 810 or 808, or worse, a crappy Mediatek chip.

  • Great Dude

    They are already using 3GB Ram , so using 4 GB would be good change.
    However, if what you wish is for 6GB ram then I do respect than and Sony must evaluate that.

  • mohsen

    solved in 820 qualqom. i hope sony produce exclusive CPU

  • Hendry Antoni

    That’s right .. Hehe..
    I cannot see event IFA september.. Hahaha.. Hope sony make glow in the dark too for logo sony n xperia

  • Ethan

    I think these must included in the Z5:
    1) Snapdragon 820, 4GB ram.
    2) Much better software and post processing algorithm for rear and front camera (example, improve the god damn auto focus), with OIS, dual tone flash, and not necessary 21 megapixel (16 will do).
    3) Better stereo speakers (richer and louder sound).
    4) 5.2” IPS FHD or 2K resolution will do.
    5) More customizable UI (for example, we can change our application icon).
    6) Larger battery (more than 3000mah).
    7) Better build in keyboard (current layout kinda sucks and Chinese keyboard is not user friendly).
    8) More multitasking software like split window.
    9) Slimmer top and bottom bezels and lighter weight.

    Optional features:
    1)Wireless charging
    2)Fingerprint scanner
    3) 32GB or above internal storage (it doesn’t really matter since we have expandable memory)

  • mohsen

    do you know how many 2016 smartphones wil come with 4GB?
    samsung note 5, samsung s7, s7 edge, lg g5, huawei ……………

  • iia3ezu

    I’m surprised hardly anyone mentioned USB-C. If the next flagship doesn’t support USB-C, it’s not worth buying. End of story.

    USB-C is huge, especially when it comes to related accessories and transfer speeds.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Since the z3+ speaker grill already located at the edge sony might include fingerprint scanner hidden at the bottom part under the glass front panel. Finger print located at power key not a good option for left hand user. The display can be change 1080 or 2k option will be good ( 1080p for stamina mode ) . In camera section full manual control will be awesome i dont mind if it without raw format. Team up with go-pro to create an apps where user can xperiance go-pro wide lens effect.

  • Qays Muhammad

    You know everyone is listing specs, some of which are practical in a smartphone and others are simply useless. If I wanted a laptop for a phone I’d just use my laptop and add credit to a Skype account or similar service.
    My biggest desire is that Sony implement a better cooling solution. That was really the problem with their device. They went for a thinner body than the previous Z3 even though they ran a chipset with a much higher thermal output. Clearly a liquid vapour based copper cooling solution or something similar would be necessary? A small heatsink as can be seen in the teardown articles of the Xperia Z4/Z3+ was never going to be good enough. Find a way to distribute the heat a bit better through the chassis and that way you don’t get too much heat in one area that then compromises other components.
    Heat is always going to be a problem with faster more powerful processors but there are ways of limiting the impact it has on performance.

  • Great Dude

    Yeah, that would make Sony looks better than others,but for usability I don’t see it as a real improvement except for being future proof.

  • Great Dude

    The next Xperia flagship although may be announced in September at IFA,I guess it will be announced later and it will probably start shipping at December or next year.

  • Timel

    Killer camera? With the old sensor like Exmor RS IMX230? I think finally Z5 camera will even not able to outperform S6 edge camera and LG G4 camera

  • Yuen Lui

    Wait until S820
    It still isn’t a long time after the release of z3
    better camera software

  • Timel

    The latest rumour said that Z5 will come with Exmor RS IMX230 sensor

  • kmf

    – USB C
    – 32 gig / 64 gig
    – Fingerprint reader
    – dual tone flash

  • Naail Zahid

    I happen to have an HTC one E9+, clearly you have been reading lies as I have NEVER had heating issues, battery issues, and I am able to play every single high end 2015 mobile game with no lag or down grade of graphics.
    It’s not the age of the GPU that matters, but what the GPU is capable of. That said, the supposed sony mediatek phone with helio x10 may be the best thing coming out in years based on my experience with the E9+.

  • nfs2010

    All I want is a Z5 ultra to replace my Z ultra. SD820, 4GB RAM, similar/smaller footprint with bigger/same size screen, stereo speakers, a better camera with flash this time. That should be doable.

  • Kedar_CZ

    I think it would take a better color rendering, 64 GB version and Infrared port. And then it is the best phone in the world

  • Nurlan

    Screen 2k ( QHD ) + Amoled
    DDR4 4GB ram
    Rom 32…64..128 gb – 128 SD cart … Not 16 gb
    Snapdragon 820 or MediaTek Helio X20
    New UI.

  • corrado85

    I want to see a Z5 Ultra! Make it happen!

  • Naail Zahid

    Lavender will be a great phone, but watch how the mindless will hate on it for using mediatek instead of toasterdragon…

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Realistic wishlist (still good enough for 2016):
    -FHD ~5.2 inch IPS NEO display with Gorilla Glass 4
    -Similar omnibalance design with grippier aluminium frame and hard plastic corners for antennae
    ~7.5 mm thickness
    70% screen to bezel ratio
    3200 MAh battery
    21mp IMX230 with 1080p/120fps
    5mp front facing camera from Z3+
    Lowest binned Snapdragon 820 3GB RAM
    Android 5.1.1 with mostly similar UI with performance improvements
    Improved front facing speakers and audio output (0.6 W)

    Wishful thinking:
    -Durable OLED or Crystal LED 5.4 inch (FHD or QHD) display with scalable driver for adjustable screen resolution and near perfect colour calibration (excluding colour gamut) and thick Gorilla Glass 4
    -Concept Y design covered in 7000 series aluminium shot peened at the corners, no plastic needed for antennae
    -~8.0 mm thickness
    -73% screen to bezel ratio
    -3700 mAh battery minimum
    -All new 20MP curved rear facing camera sensor with OIS, in plane phase detection pixels cover 90% of the frame, and BIONZ X dedicated chip for always available hybrid image stabilisation, area specific noise reduction, full resolution Superior Auto and 1440p/60fps
    -Curved 8MP front facing camera sensor with PDAF as well
    -RAW support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Deeper manual camera controls
    -Sony receives feedback from whatever manual camera settings are used by tech geeks for better software updates
    -4 HAAC microphones
    -Highest binned Snapdragon 820 with 4GB upclocked RAM
    -Android M with true multi-window apps (compatible with small apps) and Vulkan support
    -Super Stamina mode (Less extreme Ultra Stamina with everything in black and white, available Web browsing and undemanding old school games like Snake or Tower of Hanoi)
    -Beastly audio (1 W at least)
    -Fingerprint scanner on power button or back

  • Cvcv Cheringal

    * 5.2″ screen ,qHD IPS display,440ppi, 64 GB inbuilt memory, 4GB RAM, Latest Gorilla Glass ,
    * 3200 mAh battery,wireless charging.
    * USB type C wont be available soon ,so with the same micro USB port with high data transfer rate,
    * 2.3 GHz octa core processor,( let it be Snapdragon chipset or MedeaTek chipset )
    * same 21 MP rear camera with improved sensors [ remember earlier leak of a camera sensor with 192 auto focus points ? ],
    * with manual function and could record 4K videos,
    * 13 MP front cam has been already certified in Sony E5663 Xperia model, so 13MP front cam with wide angle lens that could record 2K videos with 480 frames per second, of-course with flash in front too.
    * IP68 certification that could submerge in water upto 2 meters.
    With metallic frame bumpers.
    * Latest version of Android, probably it could be Android M in near future when Xperia Z5 launches.
    * then usual stuffs like GPS,Proximity sensor, Compass,..etc..
    Hope well all can see an Xperia device with these spec. I’m waiting..!!!

  • Cvcv Cheringal

    * 5.2″ screen ,qHD IPS display,440ppi, 64 GB inbuilt memory, 4GB RAM, Latest Gorilla Glass , all new design. its high time to say bye bye to Omni balance design.
    * 3200 mAh battery,wireless charging.
    * USB type C wont be available soon ,so with the same micro USB port with high data transfer rate,
    * 2.3 GHz octa core processor,( let it be Snapdragon chipset or MedeaTek chipset )
    * same 21 MP rear camera with improved sensors [ remember earlier leak of a camera sensor with 192 auto focus points ? ],
    * with manual function and could record 4K videos,
    * already 13 MP front cam has been already certified in Sony E5663 Xperia model, so 13MP front cam with wide angle lens that could record 2K videos with 480 frames per second, of-course with flash in front too.
    * IP68 certification that could submerge in water upto 2 meters.
    With metallic frame bumpers.
    * Latest version of Android, probably it could be Android M in near future when Xperia Z5 launches.
    * then usual stuffs like GPS,Proximity sensor, Compass,..etc..
    Hope well all can see an Xperia device with these spec. I’m waiting..!!!

  • akshay007

    Want to have a true Xperia Flagship with
    Multi os bootloader having both Cynogenos and Sony Oem UI
    5″ Triluminous display QHD
    20.7 BSI XMOR R Sensor camera with slow motion video Recording at 240fps &4K And 5MP selfie
    4Gb Ram DDR3

  • Battal Aljadei

    For How long we would keep hopping something good from Sony and then get disappointed !

  • Sadman Khan

    Please play nova 3 or modern combat 5 on high quality and then let me know ._.

  • 3_nity

    Please make a Cyber-shot!

  • Finalfeeling

    Don’t cry timel.

  • Finalfeeling

    Are you cry again?

  • Finalfeeling

    Cry cry cry…

  • dragonsneeze

    I know it’s just a concept and likely not polished but those Y shaped corners look like they can shred pockets easily also a huge Samsung-like sensor on the side is weird, next to the iconic circular one this looks so bad. They’d better use the bottom bezel eveyone is complaining about for the sensor without cutting the glass an maybe with light effects other than that I’m all for metal back and better camera.

  • KzX

    Z5 is still doesn’t release, everything could happen. Why are you so sure about that IMX230 thing?

  • ShinOrochiX

    New design is a must, this should be implemented into their new series, none of that mid rangers with last year’s flagship design stuff, all round new design language for all devices. Specs can be pretty much similar to what we have now but things like OIS are a must. In addition they should continue to provide good update support as they are doing now-no one wants a repeat of the 2012/2013 mid rangers kill off. Just things like this will power Sony to the top, but if they want to truly be successful they must market the device better than ever especially if it is going to be the Bond phone.

  • Oldtimer42

    I don’t care about specific HW types or specs but seek a great experience.
    Availability of a compact form factor is a must;
    Great battery life – 2 + days on a charge;
    Memory capacity that does not dictate use of SD card;
    Robust form factor (no glass on back and gorilla glass or equiv on front) with limited need for aftermarket case;
    Wireless charging;
    Great visibility on screen indoors and out;
    Leading edge camera;
    Fast and responsive in all tasks

    Currently have Z3C and am impressed with it.

  • adibuyono

    Would like to hear ‘s wishlist alsol

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    IMX230 is not sony’s flagship smartphones

  • Alzshaz

    Snapdragon 820
    4Gb ram LPDDR4
    5.5″ QHD display IPS NEO (the greatest LED technology by JDI which includes Sony as a big player. Huawei P8 already has it considering it is a Chinese brand and Sony is actually a part of JDI that produces it)
    27MP Rear Cam f/1.8 aperture front facing wide angle 8MP camera
    MicroSD Support
    6.5mm thick with 4000 mah battery
    Louder front facing speakers
    S master sound card (walkmen have it and is rumored to be featured)
    Refreshed new UI (the ugly small apps bar has to be replaced)
    Half screen multitasking
    Stylus support (exclusive brand’s deals)
    Reply from lock screen feature
    Cybershot esque camera software or better yet Sony should get it designed from their camera division (the endless power Sony has as a brand)
    Slimmer top and bottom bezels 75% screen to body ratio
    Wireless charging (the latest one which is more than 2X faster than the previous one)(without the need of an extra back cover)
    USB C
    64 standard version
    PlayStation Now support
    Improved Remote Play experience and side view app
    More unified and ‘prettier’ Sony apps

    One fitness app
    fingerprint scanner doubling as a heart rate monitor

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    S820 if they’re still using S810, well all I gotta say good luck Sony.

  • Paul M

    thanks. let me know when it’s ready :-)

  • Abdul Ghani

    i guess ur mind is set that huh mediatek its a chinese brand so it should suk, well its not the case anymore and Mr @naailzahid:disqus clearly said he played every single high end game on his e9+

  • Naail Zahid

    I did. Work flawlessly.

  • Sadman Khan

    Can i have a screenshot of the 3D score on Antutu?

  • Sadman Khan

    That’s exactly what i want. I’m hoping s820 will be as awesome as the s800,s801 and s805 before it

  • Sadman Khan

    Chill bro.

  • hansip

    I believe with z3+ already on 32gb your wish is already fulfilled for the next gen. Plus if you have micro sd slot, there’s no point selling the more larger internal capacity. People (and distros) will order the smallest one (which is fairly large at 32GB) so they can put biggest SD card they have.

  • hansip

    All i want is Z5 Ultra with at least 3200mah battery (i knew you can do it sony, if z4 tablet or z4 is a trend), self refresh panel, and a minimum of 13 mp camera with flash. A 6 inch is enough. 6.44 is maximum (but below 6.44 will be ok if the battery is better too). 32GB as minimum plus Sd820 is cherry on top. Leave it FULLHD? No problem if that means better battery life.

  • wared

    Sony did 20.7mp, is 20mp no enough?

  • Great Dude

    I hope Sony will read these comments after all :D

  • Nawi

    When you see Timel…. report and ignore, report and ignore

    Always report and ignore :)

  • Nawi

    Please, ZL or Z2 notification LED =)

  • Timel

    What a shame!!!
    You’re loser can’t face the truth ^_^

  • Lately my Z1’s battery life has got worse… I’m jus jealous of Z2 & Z3… I jus want Sony to improve it even more and I believe they can…:-)

  • kaostheory

    I use the magnetic charger.I use usb on occasion for large media files.

  • Timel

    And the worst smartphone camera

  • Timel

    Hope So ^_^

    arc Design is still much better than this ugly Y concept

  • Timel

    Toshiba camera sensor is much better than all Sony camera sensors?

  • DBS

    That 41mp one yes. It was specifically designed by Nokia with Zeiss for the phones. It’s not mass produced like the ones Sony uses on their cameras.

  • Svnjay

    Just as good as the iPhone according to DxoMark.

    Keep on trolling

  • Tyrone

    Fingerprint Scanner
    USB Type C
    These 3 features alone would be a dream come true!

  • Pr3dat0R

    The design of Concept Xperia P2 with light bar of SP the best Smarthone ever.

  • Timel

    Oh no
    That’s sad, I always dreamed of Sony smartphone with the most awesome camera, but My dreams come to nought now -_-

  • Geese Howard

    Aside from the design wise, I’m more into the sound and speaker + loudness aspect. I hope they do a good job with that, Sony is the king of sounds when it comes to Walkman on their phones. Second is the battery they use, I hope they use a more sustainable one… ones that can last longer. Third more Ram and internal mem. Though we have external mem, but the fact that most apps use internal mem sucks up the memory. Only time will tell now…

  • Ron Fingers

    xperia play, need to replace psVita with smartphone version ps1/2 psnow

  • Peter Ward

    Vanilla Android would be nice, at least as an option (GPe).

  • Piergiulio

    I just hope they’ll use a new Xperia Z Ultra as a Trojan Horse.
    The original Ultra was one of the first devices to arrive with the SD800 on board, and it was (and still is) a beast.
    I just want a new one so bad.
    I just can’t find anything as attractive and as powerful at the same time.

  • Michael Reiche

    A compact version with 4.6″ 720p sun-friendly screen.

    Still waterproof.

    A more robust and less slippery back cover. Glass back covers are NOT robust.

    Better camera image quality in low light scenes. No need for more pixels, if it introduces more noise.

    Video recording without diagonal image bending when panning sideways.

    A battery life time of more than 24h _with_casual_use.

    Plenty of internal memory for apps – moving apps to SD-card can not be done 100%, is slow and tedious.

    Accessories like bike handle bar holder.

  • charbel aoun

    I want:
    * A new name for the next flagship Sony Design. (A or K for Example).
    * 5.5 inch QHD display
    * Fingerprint sensor on the power button
    * a curved design would be great
    * 32GB/64GB – 4GB RAM
    * Camera: More Megapixels with An Aperneture of 1.8
    * Triple Xenon Flash
    * Front facing camera: 8MP with an LED Flash
    * IP 68
    * USB type C
    * A larger battery 4000+ mAh

    * Android M Pre-Installed
    a better sony UI. Android Lollipop is a copy cat google * UI with worse design.
    * MultiWindow
    * Beauty Mode in camera
    * Apps to SD card
    * improved remote play
    * less bloat apps

    You can take my money.

  • Brian De Guzman

    They should continue the Ultra line, though I’m not into huge phones, but it seems that in every comment section all over the net somebody wants a new Ultra, surely there’s a demand for it.

  • 1- All Metal Design Instead of Glass on back
    2- Color Accurate OLED display
    3- A Camera On Front And Back that can shoot at least acceptable photos ( my Z3 camera is horrible.)
    4- Better Call Quality
    5- Better Loudspeaker Quality ( It’s very quiet on my Z3)
    6- Improve Software and remove those stupid camera modes that no one uses
    7- Plzzzzzzzz improve those shirts camera algorithms
    8- Fingerprint Scanner
    IF they do that then I’m back to Sony if they don’t well my next phone will be a Samsung or nexus

  • illstplaya .

    Please whatever they do, do not increase the resolution of the screen. Leave it at 1080p.

  • May Czos

    SD820 has 4 cores.

  • malinalaza

    I just want 3 things:
    1. no fingerprint sensor
    2. no bigger screen then 5.2 inch and no QHD resolution
    3.better camera and sound
    … and that would be it. Thank you.

  • Fynjy7771

    Extremely right!

  • hmmm

    better screen,but not larger than 5.2 or a phone not bigger than z3….battery life up to 3 days,or almost 3 days,new camera senzor and this time,just give us a good camera,at least this time…better speakers,RAW SUPPORT,USB TYPE C and that’s all!!

  • May Czos

    I’m waiting for Z5 Compact:

    – 4,8″ FHD display, 6500-7000K, color accurate, at least 1:1500 contrast (preferably more, IPS Neo can do that), bright and with Xiaomi’s ‘Sunlight Display’ function,
    – Qualcomm SenseID under the display (not in the side button!),
    – new design with small bezels (at least 72% screen-to-body ratio) , no glass on the back,
    – Snapdragon 820, 4GB of DDR4 RAM,
    – at least 32GB of internal storage (preferably 64GB) with MicroSD slot,
    – IMX230 or newer curved sensor with dual tone LED flash, image processing improved by Cybershot division
    – 2800mAh+ battery
    – clearer and louder front facing stereo speakers
    – Sony S-Master amplifier
    – wireless charging
    – less bloatware (or at least the ability to uninstall third party apps)

    That’s it for now. I know I’m dreaming but that’s all we can do right now.

  • May Czos

    Both Z3 and Z3+ have over 70% screen to body ratio and people are still complainig about bezels.

  • Why not OLED?

  • Abdulmohsen Alqhtani

    Infrared port or I’ll switch to HTC!

  • ??. ????????

    Z5 will be similar to the current Z series, maybe with less bezels and better specs. All i see is rumors and ideas, no official word from Sony. I believe Z6 will be the game changer 2016 with new design and top specs.. (Z1c here n still happy with it) :) lolzzz

  • Andre Lemard

    I don’t know whether I should get the Z3/Z3+ or wait for the Z5. My Z1 screen decided to crack by itself.

  • Timel

    I’m so pity Sony fanboys here, especially you Svnjay

    Some Sony brainless fanboys here must stop lying to themselves by claiming DxOMark

    We’re all know that in real world the Z3+ camera is the worst smartphone camera this year, Z3+ camera is much worse than S6 edge, iPhone 6, Note 4 even worse than the old phone like 808 Pureview and Lumia 1020

  • Svnjay

    Its sad that you think Dxomark is a scam. The iSheep were fanboying when Dxomark said that the iPhone was the best camera a few months ago.

    Ahh, you’ve must’ve had extensive use of the Z3+, huh?

  • Fabi

    It will definitely awesome when sony bring a Windows phone edition of z5. Fingerprint is lame. I don’t need, Noone need it. Actual snapdragon or. A Pentium? Qhd of course. 4 GB RAM. And it will definitely awesome when sony use more metal may on back of z5.

  • ??. ????????

    If i were you, I’d go for Z3. It will be cheaper than Z5 and it might last u till Z7 is out :D

  • ??. ????????

    Sony look what Sharp are doing :l u can do better :D :D

  • ??. ????????


  • Timel

    No actually DxOMark is pretty scientific and that’s cool but because in reality is different from what DxOMark has always said

    And another funny story about people like you is even you say you trust in DxOMark but every time when we do the blind test and you must choose the best image in font of you right? But the best image that you chose wasn’t taken with the DxOMark’s best smartphone camera. low rank smartphone camera like Nokia 808/1020, LG G4, iPhone 6 and S6 edge will always win all the blind tests

  • Akand

    But I think they couldn’t use metal unibody if they want to keep water proofing feature. Because when a device air/water tight, it will heat up more than normal. And if the body is made with metal, the body (outer surface) will be felt hotter than glass because of thermal conductivity. All metals are superior than glass in thermal conductivity. So metal body will pass the heat to your hand faster than glass. And you will feel comparatively more heat on your hand while temperature would remain same.

  • Andre Lemard

    I’m going to call Sony in the morning about my phone. If my warranty doesn’t cover it, I’m going to look at buying another phone, preferably one that won’t spontaneously crack.

  • Billy Gate

    4.7 inch OLED 1080p.
    Thin Bezel.
    >14 hrs battery life.
    Can play PS Vita games.
    Do it.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Better camera processing software, OIS, dual tone flash and maybe xenon? Also PD sensor or laser like the one in LG phones, louder speaker like the one in HTC phones, QHD display and CG4 or something better, thinner bezels, fingerprint sensor, bigger battery and for God’s sake change the OmniBlanace design, we’re sick of it, it doesn’t matter to be the slimmest phone, just make it nice to handle

  • Netto

    The 41mp used by 1020 n 808, yes. They’re better.

    Bigger sensor size (1/1.2 & 1/1.5 vs 1/2.3)
    Better optics (Carl Zeiss vs G Lens)
    Bigger MP counts (41 vs 20.7), and yes, I know, people will attack me with “MP doesn’t matter” but when it comes to details, yes, MP does matter. With more pixels one can oversample the captured image to produce better picture, just what 1020/808 did. From 38mp down to 5mp.

    But yes, as a Sony dedicated customer, I myself pretty confident Sony can do much better if they incorporate their tech from their imaging division for the camera, optics and software. Let those guys who designed and programmed Sony’s camera do Xperia’s camera and see people shittin bricks.

    And btw, Sony sensors for cameras are waaay better than Toshiba’s. Why? Look how Sony A7s perform under low light conditions.

  • splash

    meanwhile in another news :-/

  • Timel

    No actually DxOMark is pretty scientific and that’s cool but because the results in reality is different from what DxOMark has always said

    And another funny story about people like you is… even you say you trust in DxOMark but every time when we do the blind test then you must choose the best image in font of you right? But it turns out that the best image that you choose wasn’t taken with Xperia Z series camera while DxOMark’s low ranking smartphone camera like Nokia 808/1020, LG G4, iPhone 6 and S6 edge will always win all the blind tests, why does it always end up like this LOL


    Blind test is reality and it’s concrete

  • Timel

    If you think bullshit thing like notification LED is cool enough to make people buy Xperia Z5

  • Timel

    Shock design isn’t cool enough
    Actually, the design isn’t everything, if Xperia Z5 come with very beautiful design but it still stuck with the same old shitty camera then Xperia Z5 will be unsaleable as its predecessors

    So Shock design isn’t enough

    XPERIA = Sony Experience in the smartphone right?
    So, Sony must combine all their greatest to Xperia flagship smartphone

    It would be so cool if the Xperia Z5 has the most awesome smartphone camera that can outperform Purview 808, Lumia 1020 and S6 edge (I believe Sony can do it)

    It would be so cool if the Xperia Z5 come with amazing sound card/dac that has always used in Walkman music player

    It would be so cool if the Xperia Z5 can play PS4 and PSVita games natively (maybe dual boot Vita OS/ support PSVita card game slot/ support detachable controller)

    It would be so cool if Xperia come with JDI’s JOLED Display

    It would be so cool If Sony overhaul the whole UI which based on the UI of What’s News app, I think transparency or glass-like effect deserve the classy design of Xperia smartphone

    And Sony must seriously focus on North america market and China market more than this. Xperia Z5 want big press conference, want cool commercial on YouTube.

  • xXcharlie313Xx

    Solve over heating issues, especially when gaming but without reducing the processing power, being able to use superior auto and high ISO on the maximum amount of megapixel setting of the device. Built in subwoofer and amplifier with speakers to create actual bass sounds that are missing in mostly or all phones. Better battery life that lets you actually get 2 or 3 full days of battery life with moderate to heavy use of the phone. Better camera and ability to shoot 4K videos without overheating issue that forces stop. Greater graphics processer that appeals with hardcore gamers and people looking for the best gaming experience on a phone. More power towards the headphone jack for use of headphones with high impedance.Finally more LTE bands or other frequency bands, stronger wifi receiver, more PlayStation experience maybe even ability to play PS3 besides PS4, exclusivity to play psp or ps3 games through a cloud service or download and more Ram and storage.

  • Vincentius Phang

    3 days battery life, camera processing at least on par with iPhone and Samsung, and reasonable price

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    then it must be a 10kg phone.
    Solve over heating issues, especially when gaming but without reducing the processing power, — means more space for cooling.

    being able to use superior auto and high ISO on the maximum amount of megapixel setting of the device — this is already solved if you have root
    Built in subwoofer and amplifier with speakers to create actual bass sounds that are missing in mostly or all phones — again more space/bulk to house these equipment
    Better battery life that lets you actually get 2 or 3 full days of battery life with moderate to heavy use of the phone — more space to put this monstrous battery, it can also weigh in its own glory
    Better camera and ability to shoot 4K videos without overheating issue that forces stop — more space!!
    Greater graphics processer that appeals with hardcore gamers and people looking for the best gaming experience on a phone — extra space for cooling
    More power towards the headphone jack for use of headphones with high impedance — this depends on your headphone man, it is standard 3.5mm jack
    more LTE bands or other frequency bands, stronger wifi receiver, more
    PlayStation experience maybe even ability to play PS3 besides PS4,
    exclusivity to play psp or ps3 games through a cloud service or download
    and more Ram and storage — more space!!

  • Shafraz Sadiyan

    I was having the exact thing on my mind, I’ve really liked the Y concept. And it looks more realistic than other concept designs and cooler. Hopefully, it;ll become a reality.

  • yuanhui502

    Agreed. Sony camera sucks!!! It’s worse than those others cellphones equipped with the same camera sensor !!!
    Mic is sooooo bad! Noise canceling is soooo lame .

    As to the UI, I would like it to see a substantial improvement, OR Directly use the original android UI so that system update could be more in time .

    By the way, no one wants the auto-hide navigation bar?

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    A fingerprint scanner would be nice maybe the power button perhaps or a separate button placed on the right side where the micro sd card slot is on the z2

  • Zell

    Ahh i see, Thats pretty neat.

  • Tanzila Naznin Sonia

    AMOLED please. … With Sony magic to eliminate it’s shortcomings

  • Hritik Bhimani


    3)minimum 3500 MAH Battery

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    Better battery, same footprint as Z3+, no heat issue, better camera processing, the metal rim should not be painted but naked metal for the black version.

    The pixel density of the pixels should stay at 400 and the battery management should be better.

    Also, I don’t like the Y shaped corners of the last Z versions (Z3, Z3+). A more rectangular option should be preferable.

  • Khillo81

    Hopefully before you learn proper grammar and spelling

  • sirjoka

    Nothing but great speakers and fingerprint scanner, if possible

  • Jaemuel O.


  • laci_csk

    Yes, follow me. :-)

  • ZXcorr

    1. 5-5.1 inch screen with better brightness/contrast/viewing angle/colour balance
    2. Better, faster cameras – front AND back (extremely important!!!)
    3. Fingerprint sensor
    4. Quick charging & wireless charging capabilities
    5. Retain waterproof/dustproof features.

  • theskig

    – IR blaster
    – OIS
    – Keys on bezel.

    Thanks guys!

  • Yes… It’s even a bit smaller than all other Samsung phones… Still everyone is complaining…!!!

  • Woohoo, an auto hide bar would ba AMAZING!

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    Wish they could incorporate a translucid illumination bar like the Xperia S, it is very “Tronish” and I love that, it fuses the digital on reality! Its serious stuff :-)

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    What if they incorporate a big led bar on the back panel, PS4 alike that can be controlled by user, for example, light up when you are on a call…..!!!

  • Viljar

    5 inch screen

  • yuanhui502

    See? strange that no one said it. I guess everyone has rooted their phone and installed gravity box?

  • Thadir

    I totaly Agree to that, the look and feel of it

  • Sadman Khan

    Can i have a screenshot of the 3D score on Antutu?

  • kaostheory

    I see a lot of $1500 – $2000 phone wish lists, the next question…. Are you prepared to pay for the phone you’re wishing for?

  • Asen

    I’ll start from the outside and will gradually go into detail. I believe the “Y” concept is the most suitable for the next Xperia flagship. It brings the so much anticipated fresh new look without going off track too much. Curent camera is great. Maybe it would be nice giving Xperia fans the opportunity to use its full potential when taking photos with the “superior auto” mode. Battery upgrade to 3500 mah sounds nice even if that means sacrificing some thinness. The 2K display quite pleasing. From the perspective of a sony fan and also objective tech lover i think 64 – bit processing unit and 4 gigs of RAM are a necessities if Sony aims at higher sales worldwide and climbing to the top of the smartphone manufacturers ladder ladder. Last but not least – base model with 32 gb internal storage (and of course 64 and 128 gb models available) and micro SD card slot.

  • Garret Zenanko

    Do a Sony compact with 6gb of ram, thin 4000mAh – 5000mAh battery, an advance chip that doesn’t overheat, 1080 display that’s the most viewable in sunlight, and make the speakers really big and loud. SD card for sure, high mp front and rear camera. Then it would be perfect and you’d get lots of praise.

  • Augustine Kau

    Design isn’t everything I know, but having a unique design will definitely stands out amongst the rivals and makes it more appealing. Like you said, its about the USER EXPERIENCE and design is just part of the experience. Well, we have high hopes for Z5, lets hope Sony will not fail us :)

  • tazcubed

    Surpass onboard memory of Apple ie. >128GB, optional larger screen (5.7 – 6″ or so) WITHOUT taking away hardware or functionality, biometric login that actually works, metal body (surely, it can be waterproof and help as a heat sync) – I kind of like the “Y Concept” as well. Qi charging, front facing LED for selfies, better and brighter one on the back that can be used as a flashlight. Better camera with better zoom capability and better/more robust video quality. Really, Sony needs to think of it’s flagship as a Swiss Army knife. Longer battery life. Dual SIM. I’m unsure if there’s much to be gained from a better screen, although if the camera is a 4K unit, how much is one going to see on the screen? Oh, and most of all, BETTER CALL QUALITY. I’ve got a Z1 with a battery that’s starting to go, so snap to it Sony!

  • Mac

    you mean led like sp right?
    -720p is enough indeed.
    -3gb ram
    -thickness doesn’t even matter as long as the other dimensions not being bigger than z1c /z3c.
    – 32gb internal with microsd slot for 128gb.
    – ir fucking blaster
    – bigger battery

  • azzido

    Actually a must is:
    1. New stylish design. Can be combination of current design and Arc style. Curved back can be made of glass. + some orange lightnings like it was in W980 will look great. Epic!
    2. Bigger, better 5.5 inch 1080p / 2K screen with less bezels, but still upper and lower bezel is expected as it is better to hold the phone in horizontal view. Covered with sapphire glass, both sides. Oleophobic. Time for oled or laser screen?
    3. Much better camera with larger sensor, Cyber-Shot technology and curved lens are a must! No hump. Dedicated camera button of course.
    4. Improved, redesigned UI, no matter how current one is fine, it get bored loyal fans as well as design did. Must.
    5. Bigger battery = better battery lify as noone cares about 1 or 2 mm thicker… For unknown reason after Z2 the battery started to become smaller which is worse and people does not expect it. Everyone expects battery to be bigger instead.
    6. Awesome sound / headphones + dedicated amplifier + finally Mega BASS.
    7. Snapdragon 820 and 4gigs of RAM. Noone will buy it with Snap 810 or any pathetic mediatek.
    8. 32 or better 64gigs of fast, internal storage. 16 gigs will look pathetic. + sd card.
    9. Voice control by Sony. So called “Google Search” is pathetic.
    10. New apps like personal gym trainer out of the box, only for Xperia brand, not available on the market.

  • azzido

    Y looks very bad and cheap…. the current one looks even better.

  • azzido

    I think everyone agrees that new Xperia flagship MUST outperform everything that has been released so far (including Nokias) in terms of CAMERA. So curved lens, huge sensor and Xenon flash will be welcomed.

    I think it is the only way Sony can get back to this business. Otherwise…

  • Eduardo Otero

    I will look like a deeper Sony fanboy but i guess it only needs to improve its camera, I really love the rest of my Z3 Compact. Perhaps 1080p screen and 3Gb RAM. That’s it.
    I find useless a fingerprint sensor, more than 1080p and curve screens.

  • Alex Norris

    Curved sensor looks cheap ..?.) Sorry but, how you defined this, who are you, programmer..?

    And now look at camera test between Honor 7 with new Exmor RS IMX230 which will be on future Xperia Z5, and Meizu MX5 with current IMX220.

    IMO, future Exmor RS IMX230 not better, than old. Than because Z5 need Curved sensor, it real innovation, but not bullshit like current, IMX220 & future IMX230.

  • jmaxim917

    Don’t know which phone you have but my 8 months old Z2 when fully charged shows 17 hrs. Under average usage last no where close to that number.

  • ????? ?????????

    Raw format in pics

  • Battal Aljadei

    I don’t need it as long as it’s understood by idiots like you :)

  • nick

    Sony should drop the full water resistant or make a really blowing speakers…better they should produce a non waterproof flagship and a 2nd aqua version later..

  • Jessie Schueler
  • altechi

    Completely get rid of 16gb. 32GB + SD Card as a minimum

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    This is a product description of a 2018 phone

  • Khillo81

    What about manners? Or don’t cretins like you need them as well?

  • Mr. E

    my dream specs but close to reality:

    1. if the Z5 will make an entry this 2015, I strongly suggest that Sony should make a deal with Samsung in their latest Exynoss processor, Exynoss is the current fastest in benchmarks and power saver in consumption. when all else fails, a latest MTK processor will do I read that they are better than the last time, NO OVERHEATING issues! never go for 810 or 808, you don’t want to end up with the sales of G4, right? most people when they found out that a unit is using an 808 they think it is a downgraded flagship.

    2. 32/64 gig variants with expandable memory up to 128gig. do not lose the expandable memory option, trust me people hate that!

    3. 3 to 4 gig RAM

    4. physical size of 4.7 to 5.2 inches, with screen body ratio of 68% to 70%. never go 5.5 or higher than 5.2 inches.

    5. 720 to 1080p screen resolution, seriously I admired you guys for not sticking with the quad HD screen resolution bandwagon. this was your bread and butter from the start resulting in power saving consumption of the unit’s battery. I was disappointed with you guys when Z4v has a 1440p screen reso. what happened to you guys?

    6. keep your capless charging port at the bottom of the screen (good job on Z4/Z3+) with a USB type C. and please improve your waterproofing more, maybe improve the flaps port of the nano sim and micro sd slot. there were lots of reports in waterproofing issues.

    7. wireless charging is not necessarily since it is slower than regular charging. capless charging port + waterproof phone. why need wireless charging, right?

    8. stick with the dual speakers/stereo but with the design of Z2. it doesn’t have to be like HTC’s “boom speakers”, I understand the muffled sound of the stereo due to waterproofing but at least make it a little more clear and good sound quality.

    9. improve battery capacity. I don’t mind if the Z5 will be a little thicker than the all previous Xperia flagships. at least 10 to 20% thicker just to improve the battery. imagine, 1080p screen reso + big battery = beastly battery

    10. 13mp front cam (much better if with LED flash) and 21mp primary cam. improve your camera software and algorithms. with manual controls of Lumia. I tried a Lumia camera and their controls are more convinient than android. Manual mode of G4 is currently the best. improve your software Sony, you guys are getting left behind.

    11. put your latest sensor Sony!

    12. retinal scanner is much better than fingerprint scanner. but FP scanner will do but my main concern here is how will you guys do it unless you change the shape of your round power button into an oval. but please stick the power button at the right side,

    13. use gorilla glass on the main Sony, maybe an aluminum back or gorilla glass. with an accent of plastic polycarbonated on the sides. love the sides of my Z3 compact!

    14. I saw the unboxing of Z3+ and disappointed for not including some headset? I am also disappointed when I bought my Z3 compact they have only stock headsets. LG G3 stock earphones are the best I saw so far. include your DNC earphones Sony!

  • Naail Zahid

    Stop spamming me. If you are so desperate for these scores, go google it.

  • Sadman Khan

    Well the tests online show it’s shit. I just needed confirmation and the fact that you’re not posting it, proves it’s shit :)

  • cocorico

    My wish : NO QHD (4k or 2k) ! just Full HD (1080p) for the screen. and maybe a waterproof USB or otherwise a dock like Z or Z1. And No SD 810 !

  • cocorico

    That’s the most awesome thing I ever read but it will be great ! :D

  • cocorico

    Full metal body means no networks. Because waves dont pass though metal.

  • mukul verma

    what i want in next flagship-
    1- 5″ display 2k triluminous display, if not then 1080p display
    2- imx240 camera sensor with full manual control (must) more than 20.7mp & OIS
    3- 3200mah battery
    4- inbuilt 32gb memory
    5- new design
    6- finger print scanner
    7- dual LED flash

  • pytajnik

    s master, good camera with ois, 32GB + SD, 4GB ram or 3GB with good ram management, oh, and make also a compact version. That’s all I really need. That’s all I’ve been wishing forever.

  • jakobd.

    * A new Sony Design. (Full Metal).
    * 5.2 inch 2K display (100% natural Color)
    * Fingerprint sensor on the power button
    * 4 lpddr Ram
    * 32GB/64GB + SD Card Slot
    * 20,7 MP Camera with Exmor RS IXM230 fast phase full use to 192 AF points,
    Blende 1.8 , optical Stabilisator
    * Double Flash Led
    * Front facing camera: 8MP
    * better speakers than the M9 one, better voice quality
    * IP 68
    * USB type C
    * A larger battery 4000mAh
    * Led notification as Z2
    * a new more adult beuty and better Sony UI design.

  • Martin Madsen

    A screen that doesn’t crack by itself. Seriously, there are plenty of cases where people wake up to a cracked screen, after the put it in the charger. Or after they came back to the car from shopping. Or while they are on the phone, or while playing a game or moving a widget, or going from a cold temperature outside, to a warm indoor temperature.

  • Marco Marroquin

    Front led flash, 1080 Screen, 5000mAh battery, physical zoom :) and i’ll siwtch my Z3 :’)

  • Jerry Anderson

    Update the entire Sony UI and boot animation
    New powerful sound technology
    Enchanting user experience in design and features
    Make a smartphone that will push people to buy it more…

    Install a powerful wifi connections antenna
    Increase speed like multitasking and more…
    Make it thinner by 7% more, less expensive too
    Longer battery life up to 3 days

  • Jerry Anderson

    Add new features for PlayStation users and add Twitch streaming broadcast available for all new Xperia including M4 Aqua

  • Jerry Anderson

    More LTE bands more then IPhones in the next generation models
    Powerful connections with ultra low power for.the battery life

  • I agree especially with 1, 4, 8, 11, and 14.

  • the.cyber.trekker

    Yes please and make it the same for all US carriers especially VZW STOP letting them push you around! Oh and please release the specs to 3rd party makers of cases and cool car mounts so WE HAVE OPTIONS! Other than the BS that VZW sells!

  • ville672

    System wide eq, better microphone locations for video recording and very high quality stereo speakers. Also the mics should be able to handle loud concerts like lumia 1020 or gopro.

  • H-R-K

    Try to work fast Sony.

  • Fahad

    I wish Sony could use my design :) and

    Fingerprint scanner/Power button on the back of the device
    5.3″ IPS NEO Display (1080p or QHD i don’t mind)

    S-Force Front Surround Stereo Speakers
    8Mp Front/21 Mp Back camera
    4 GB RAM Offcourse
    32/64GB ROM

  • Fahad

    I wish Sony could use my design :) and

    Fingerprint scanner/Power button on the back of the device
    5.3″ IPS NEO Display (1080p or QHD i don’t mind)

    S-Force Front Surround Stereo Speakers
    8Mp Front/21 Mp Back camera

    Dual LED Flash True Tone
    4 GB RAM Offcourse
    32/64GB ROM

  • marcyff2

    you must have a defective unit. My phone on heavy usage lasts me about 13h, on average a bit over 20h and on little usage, a day and a half

  • marcyff2

    M9 is the worst camera this year, but timel isn’t too of the mark, both g4 and S6 outperform z3+ in terms of camera

  • azzido

    the difference is small, too small between them, if Xperia wants to count on a market it needs to outperform everything released so far, understand? 230 is rather a minor update which is shown on comparison you linked. This for sure will not push me to buy new Xperia flagship, but as I will be thinking about new device my eyes will be searching something better (avoiding Shamesung but will consider to switch to LG, new HTC or maybe even apple?), will see.

  • azzido

    RGBW JDi OLED 2K 5.5″ screen would be great!

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    All I want is z2 with better camera and 2k or more display
    Less heat this depends from chipset 820 or more

  • Teddy Beyrouthy

    I would like to see a new design language (keeping sony’s omnibalance language but changing its glass back is what imports: its so fragile that non sony fans get angry quicly i mean it could be leather or methal i don’t know but for shure it will be less fragile) and quad hd display ( amoled is of course preferable) 4 gb of ram is useless , 3gb ram can do all the work . I would love to see sony new sensor IMX230 and sony mobile team must work seriously on cam color sycronisation . I would like to see sony getting out completely off qualcom chipset and getting samsung exynos or nvidia tegra or apple a8 sensors because they perform better . I would like to see fingerprint scaner in the black space under the screen so user wont consider it useless space . 6.9 thik id good but getting it thiker is preferable and the front cam must have a 40 degre wide angle . I think these requests are easy the have and are the true changes needed in the xperia line and these changes will have a positive review on the xperia line.

  • ruba

    IR Blaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I like the one from ZR or ZL so it won’t take much space. It’s minimal and elegant. The only reason I’m not upgrading my ZR, cause I will miss the led strip. :)

  • Mac

    I see, true but I think the notification led on my z1 compact is very similar to that one, but above the screen instead or below.
    I was thinking of upgrading to z3 compact when it released because of screensize, sound and white faceplate. But there were things holding me back like plastic frame and I still loved my Z1C, maybe the led notification light as well.

    I really hope Z5 compact will be available in purple though!

  • Agree except for the LED strip. One, I don’t think it serves any purpose. Two, it only made sense with capacitive navigation buttons. (What am I missing?)

  • Z5C with:
    – high-end CPU
    – enough RAM (at least 2 GB, maybe 3 GB)
    – bigger battery
    – non-slippery, non-glass back
    – no port flaps
    – more ergonomic form factor (curved back like Moto X 2013)
    – state-of-the-art camera with fast shooting, better auto focus, and better low light performance
    – WiFI that works properly (fix WiFi issues with every other Sony phone)
    – SD card support
    – wireless charging
    – stock Android or easy-to-disable customizations
    – USB C maybe

  • 3rdflyleaf

    It adds a nice effect on over all phone’s design. It’s futuristic yet minimal. It adds uniqueness. When it’s dark and you receive notif, people still know, you’re using an Xperia just by seeing the light.

  • Tommy Irianto

    I want everything that you want as well, but then some..
    17) Biometric Sensor (Fingerprint etc)
    18) Return of the notification LED to the top of the phone (Z2 Style). On my current Z3, I don’t know if I have a message coming in because the LED light is hidden beneath my “official” Sony Style Cover.
    19) Speaker placement should return to Z2 Style as well.
    20) Less bloatware.
    21) Running Android M out of the box.
    22) WQHD (1440p) Resolution.

  • Shawnesome

    Before we forget, please solve the overheating issue and make 4k video/AR mask more usable rather than 1min then shut down…

  • Shawnesome

    And for the camera, sun/light flare has been improved on z3plus, please make further improvement on the next generation. Another thing is, I always find the zoomed picture is very blur, I mean very… Compared with Samsung n apple

  • Osama Ahmad

    Sony you should use LED or Super AMOLED display and also try to solve the problem of overheating issues, i know the reasons why your mobile phones get heated but you should solve the overheating issues. Also increase pixels density. And also try X-Reality Pro engine. And the last please bring the walkman app instead of music. THANKS

  • Ghost D.

    Sabre32 GT should be your number 1,2,3,4 and 5 concern.

    SONY, you should be the first maintstream company to bring very good DAC, AMP & converter to a smartphone.

    The Chinese giants do it (VIVO, MYO), why not SONY ??

  • Nathan Brown

    Xperia Z3, but with Type C 3.1 (so you get the the speed diff as well), seaproof design, Bigger Battery, Stylus (for Ultra edition, if there is one), Snapdragon 820 (or CPU with Big.LITTLE (so i can make the little ones take care of a process (like moto X8 computing system)).

    If removable battery possible while keeping Seaproof design.

  • joseaugust

    I heard that de xperia z5 family, will now have a new member, but only in Japan. It´s de xperia z5 compact premium. I mean, it´s the best of both world´s, only in Japan. I´m from Portugal, and I would like to have that kind of phone here.

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