Sony SCR30 Style Cover Window for Xperia Z3+ now available

by XB on 11th July 2015

in Accessories, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Sony Style Cover Window SCR30 ThumbThe Sony Style Cover Window SCR30 case for the Xperia Z3+ is now in stock via the Sony Mobile Store in Europe. The case is similar to Style Cover Window products in the past, allowing users to see important notifications in the window without needing to open the case. The SCR30 case costs £39.99 in the UK, around €40 in Germany/Italy and €50 in France/Spain.

Sony Style Cover Window SCR30 for Xperia Z3 Plus

  • Kristo

    I’d probably buy this if it wasn’t so expensive

  • Amir

    Is the window covered by transparent material or open?

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Window is covered by transparent plastic.

  • Kregore

    Just like the SCR24, pretty expensive and pretty disappointing as well. For me the glue system which keeps the cover on your phone and the cheap plastic front window are a trade off.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I dont see the benefit having this cover for a waterproof device. Pls makes slim skin case 0.35mm or less for z3+ .

  • I never understood this design… held by adhesive!!!??

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    So much money for so little functions. Useless.

  • Amazingly, it holds pretty well. But it only takes a knock at the wrong angle for it to come off in one go, so it’s really not a great solution in the long run.

    The plastic screen also gets dirty very easily, and you also get marks on the display (which can be washed off) so I’m sure most owners (like me with the one for the Z3) will eventually bin it. £40 is a lot of money for something you’ll not keep.

  • AshleyDBaker
  • Brick

    That’s not actually glue, it’s a gel pad, you can wash it under tap water and let it dry and it will restore the stickyness completely. I washed my Z3 and the cover at least 30 times and it hasn’t lost any stickyness yet. But yeah the plastic window is cheap, and also the cover lacks any way to hold it close, when it’s brand new it will just stay open no matter what, it took several months for my cover to just get loose enough to stay closed.

  • Laura Williams
  • feyemahi

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  • Jim

    i bought one ‘Made for Xperia’ from Roxfit.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the DK52 charging dock even with any of the adapters because the gap at the bottom around the micro usb port is too narrow. (You’ll see what I mean if you saw and tried it).
    Apart from that it’s the case I’m using most. I recommend it.

  • Erezg

    The main problem of this cover is that most of the time the screen sensitivity is poor and not recognize touches on the plastic window (while it is closed). activate glove mode solve this problem, but cause the screen to be very sensitive without the cover

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