PlayStation Mobile: Last chance to buy games on 15 July

by XB on 12th July 2015

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PlayStation MobileA quick heads-up to all of those you who have used the PlayStation Mobile (PSM) service in the past, either on PlayStation Certified Android devices or the PS Vita, the last day that you will be able to purchase new content will be on 15 July 2015. Therefore you have three days left to browse the PlayStation Store to see if there are any gaming delights that take your fancy.

If you have bought titles from PSM in the past, then the next major date you should be aware of is 10 September 2015. This is when PSM will be closed for good. Any titles you have bought in the past will not be re-downloadable from the PSN Store. Any content you have bought can be played after 10 September, but you need to ensure the device is activated through the PSM app (up to three devices can be activated) before that date. For further details click here.

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  • Tim Rox Westerholm


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  • Timel

    I want PlayStation Phone

  • Lokinhu Kun

    Nice, but where is Xperia M2 Lollipop update???

    Can I have that untill my B’day, on 07/22???

    Thanks for read my message ;)

  • Raj Singh

    Remote Play on PS4?

  • Jarrod

    That tried and it didn’t sell

  • zaid

    They tried with shity hardware and no support of course it wont sell

  • Timel

    I mean “Xperia featuring PlayStation Vita”

    Xperia Play flop because it’s not good enough…

  • Svnjay

    I had the Xperia Play, it was a great phone. Should’ve bought it if you wanted to continue doing PlayStation phones.

    “It would be so cool if the next Xperia flagship phone has the ability to play PS4 and PSVita games natively.”

    Sony will never do that and how will a phone be powerful enough to play PS4 games?

  • Timel

    How will a phone be powerful enough to play PS4 games?

    You don’t know PlayStation Now?

  • Svnjay

    You said natively -_-

  • Alvin

    i appreciate your concern, but this is not the official sony mobile site. For more information about updates and our products please go to or our blog at

    Sony Mobile Team

    well not really, you just wish about updates in unofficial xperiablog lol :D:D:D

  • Matt

    Yea, I want it with time travel also…

  • Giannis Doutsirelis

    i want to keep this app cause it was very good that i texting with my playstaton friends through my phone.. without interrupt my game ;)

  • rygarto

    I don’t own one, but does this mean that PS Vita is dead, or is there another sales channel?

  • Rodrigo Ogasawara

    No,PS vita uses PS store,like PS4.PSM was also available trought.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I only got free games from ps plus I think

  • Laura Williams
  • Joe

    I think July 15th is just the last day that Sony is going to add new games to the service – it will still be possible to buy games until Sept 10th using PC. Though it’s all kind of pointless given how you can lose your games just by switching memory cards.

  • Eduardo Otero

    The best post I have ever read!!

  • Eduardo Otero

    M2 will get Lollipop 5.1 after the whole family Z has gotten it. That won’t happen before October. Perhaps even later.

  • Alvin

    Aw thanks mate

  • Alvin

    Nope Z series users will get it at around july (well just put it at 1st august, because when there’s a delay we wouldn’t be complaining), so M2 will get it in like late august or something. Not until october though, sony isn’t as mean as that.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Remember according with operators dates first are Z3, Z3 Compact, Z2, Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra, then a month after comes Z, ZL and ZR (what would happen on September) then M2 would be getting 5.1 on October, besides it’s better they don’t have chances that It comes before so they won’t be complaining Sony where’s my update?
    And remember Sony hasn’t given a date for that yet. It makes you believe it will take long…

  • Jarrod

    A system that can play ps4 games in the size of a smart phone. Are you serious? Plus doing all this would make no reason to buy the other products. You don’t really think much before you say them

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