Movie Creator update (3.1.A.0.5) allows you to create your own highlight movie

by XB on 13th July 2015

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Movie Creator 3.1.A.0.5_2Sony Mobile has updated the Movie Creator application moving the build number from 3.0.A.0.6 to 3.1.A.0.5. If you’re never happy with the automatically created movies, then this update will now allow you to create your own highlight movie with your own selection of videos and photos. The other main change in this update is that you can now add your own notes to the content. The app update is currently live on the Google Play Store, or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Movie Creator (3.1.A.0.5)

Movie Creator 3.1.A.0.5_1 Movie Creator 3.1.A.0.5_2

Movie Creator 3.1.A.0.5_3 Movie Creator 3.1.A.0.5_4

  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    Finally! Thanks Sony! ?

  • Sadman Khan

    And finally the most basic feature has been added. :’D

  • Kadek

    And now we need to remove that 30 sec Video limitation

  • Laura Williams
  • fried_egg

    Up to the Lollipop firmware upgrade this was an optional app that could be uninstalled. Under lollipop it is baked in… it serves to remind you of two things.. when using many of the camera functions your photos are processed off the camera and in the cloud – or at least a copy of them goes there. I would rather this could be turned off and uninstalled but instead it just has the option not to actually pop up a “ready” message

  • VIC


  • theskig

    I thought this was the function of this app since the beginning but it was crashing or freezing for some reasons.

  • iosvsios

    Are you sure this is processed in the cloud? I thought it was processed on-device, based on photos that are on device, and nothing being uploaded – just music being downloaded from some Sony servers..

  • fried_egg

    how do you think it will generate a film for the year when its unlikely you still have those on your phone.. it has cloud permissions at the start and looks linked to the saving of photos on playmemories…. one of the permissions is “full network access” and i think you are warned (like you do when you use timeburst) of sony uploads.

  • Rene Pedroso

    It will not let me select more than one photo

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