Xperia C5 Ultra to be marketing name for Sony ‘Lavender’?

by XB on 14th July 2015

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Sony Xperia logoSony has a number of model numbers on the horizon which may or may not see the light of day. One of these is the Sony E55XX (E5503, E5563) codenamed Lavender. The handset is rumoured to have a 1080p resolution display that is bigger than the Xperia C4 (5.5-inches) and feature a MediaTek MT6752 (64-bit octa-core LTE) chipset with 2GB RAM and potentially 13MP front and rear cameras.

All of this information, including pictures of the front panel, were provided by tipster @upleaks. Now the same source claims that the Sony ‘Lavender’ will in fact be known as the “Sony Xperia C5 Ultra”. @upleaks was spot on with his leaks on the Xperia C4, so there is a good chance that this info is correct.

There were numerous rumours over the last few days talking about this handset being called the Xperia T4 Ultra, but this was unlikely from our view (hence no post). Recent Sony H2 releases have an odd number tag, so this year it should have a ‘5’ to denote it is a H2 device. Even-numbered releases are for the first half the year. The Xperia Z3+ bucked that trend, but we understand that was a one-off, given the importance of where the new flagship was positioned.

  • Luis

    Sony just doesnt want to release a Z Ultra successor

  • xperiaDROID

    That means no more T series? That would be a good idea by merging T into C, and make it C5 Ultra.

    That way, we’ll have…
    Z – Flagship
    C – Mid range phablet
    M – Mid range
    E – Low end

  • William Wijaya

    quite make sense., so it’s like C but odd number is phablet, while even number is regular phone.
    no more T series no problem then., as long as the quality is good.

  • Kadek

    Sony used to make design out of the box, one of their good design was Xperia Active, but it didn’t get a good support and also have a very small memory, Why cant they make successor for it using the latest chip and tech. I really want to have xperia active design with 4.5 inch screen, SD820, 20Mpx cam, 32/64GB storage, and removable battery. I don’t care if thickness is more than 1cm. If not because low of memory, ram and slow processor I will still use my active with me.

  • Harut Hajin

    I really want new Z ULTRA . It’s very comfortable if you’re using it, only bigger screen with same size small bazzels and 2k screen, hires audio , 4k and front 13mpx camera, and thinner and more sexual design +4GB ram, because 2gb not enough for Me.

  • Kadek

    Maybe something like this? I know not everyone will like it, maybe make campaign on kickstarter or something I will gladly preorder it :D

  • hansip

    Come on already :( z5 ultra with nexus 6 width and length body size with 13MP and 3200 mah battery will be enough.. Why does it sound so hard Sony? 6.44 inch was too big admittedly. But seeing nexus 6 popularity it should be a norm to create a 6 inch flagship.. Sheesh..

  • Vinicius Araujo

    lol, why not C4 Ultra? it would make more sense.

  • Kurt Kobaine

    Who says they’re not going to release an Ultra successor? The c5 ultra will be launch alongside Z5, Z5 compact and Z5 ultra

  • vigneshprince

    they made z3 compact tablet, but i think it didnt go that well. and they should atleast focus on Z5 series. so that Z5 Ultra can be great with greater specs.

  • SM

    I prefer T over C. Anytime.

  • SM

    Odd number is phablet & even number is regular? then what’d u say about t2 ultra?

  • Alvin

    yeah, what does they thinking? Z Ultra had its success in the markets. But they’ll not release the successor?

    But I believe that certificated ‘Z5 Ultra’ aka E68xx in Postel regulatory will be launched soon

  • Alvin

    I kind of either love or hate that concept. But if only that’s real, I wouldn’t be complaining..

  • Amir

    You are so right. as owner of z ultra i clearly say that sony needs to make a new one with flag spec and a 5.7-6″ display, not more then 6″ anyway, and better if it has short height as possible to make it the most pocket friendly as possible.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Yeahh… They won’t release any successor to the successful devices !!! No “Z5 ultra” no “Xperia Play”…. Fans are asking for no other devices than these two, but Sony doesn’t intends to even consider that……

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  • Svnjay

    So much for slimming down their phone line. At least give us a Z5 Ultra with a good camera and good speakers this time around.

  • Svnjay

    The Z Ultra is one the slimmest devices around. It doesn’t need to be slimmer.

  • Svnjay

    Agreed, 5.5-5.7 would be good.

  • Svnjay

    We need ultra slim bezels like the ZL.

  • Amir

    ZL bezels would be F AWESOME though z3 compact bezels woudl be acceptable but not larger then z3 compact. ideally is zl.

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  • H-R-K

    I still think T4 ultra or T5 ultra….

  • rzero21

    Why not a Z4 Ultra? Although 6.4 inches is quite big, I have always found the original Z ultra quite appealing for many tasks that both Z series and Z Tablet series aren’t suitable for.

  • Raj Singh

    Sony has the shittiest names for their products… with the exception of the PlayStation.
    WTF is C5 Ultra or SBH80 or MDR-ZX550B?

  • Nurlan

    Android 5.1.1 ne zaman gelecek ?

  • Zhyriel ZA

    I want Z4 Ultra… Z4 Ultra….. Please…. Please…. Please release Z4 Ultra….. I have been with my Xperia Z Ultra from the beginning it was released…. Need some upgrade now but it must have 6.44 inch display…. Which is Z4 Ultra….. Sony please release it…… Come on!

  • Timel

    Spot on…if you notice the PS division is doing so well because they are more or less autonomous and working outside the norms of Sony. Sony still needs to come to terms with current marketing strategies, streamlining and naming their portfolio correctly is a major requirement. What Sony calls the SBH80 or SBH70 is called Tone for LG. See the difference? I am sure if Sony made the Hue (phillips smart bulb), they would’ve named it as SLED-060B.

  • Confruggy

    I hope it’s not the C4 Ultra, because the whole C series isn’t available in germany

  • Raj Singh


  • Sony is as good as Motorola is specs but pricing is way too high.Anyway, I am excited about Mto G 2015 :D

  • Timel

    5.5 inch display size is more than too much for smartphones

    Sony must stop producing Ultra model
    4.7-5.5 inch for smartphones
    8-13 inch for tablets

  • Timel

    Me too, slim bezels like Xperia ZL but use materials like Z3+ would be so awesome.

  • Hamed Azizi

    Not agreed. 6.44″ is awesome. They can minimize bezels.

  • Alvin

    But not all people have the same thought as you, timel

    Many people want phablets now

  • Alvin

    Ngomong apa sih

    Wat aryu toking ebaut?

    What are you talking about?

  • Alvin

    Not really..

    Its far better than GT-i9300, or SM-900

  • Alvin

    Yeah sony entertainment network, sony pictures, and sony music to me are like different from the sony electronics itself, even they are in the same corporation

  • Alvin

    Especially sony mobile communications, way too different

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    So everyone who brought a one plus one shouldnt have?

  • Timel

    5.5 inch is enough for phablet

    6.4 inch is too monster, fugly and bullshit!

  • Timel

    there’re a few people that brought OnePlus One and the main reason that they brought OnePlus One is its awsome OS called “CyanogenMod”, People didnt buy OnePlus One becuase it has a big screen.

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  • Ana Heluši?

    When you look closer SBH-60-70-80….. is a great name, it means sony bluetooth headphones & the number is just the class of the product, it is very simple

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  • charbel aoun

    no i like 6.4 inch

  • Harut Hajin

    sorry for My bad English .IF YOU USE 6.4 ULTRA , IT WILL BECAME SMALLER > WHEN I WATCHING IN REAL LIFE Z3 OR Z Series it looked like Z compact and compact series looked like old SE X8 or SE mini . 5.5 screen + onscreen buttons its small for Me , I cant use it

  • Alvin

    It’s like this. I have this gigantic imagination about my future company (yes, my imagination is way too much), when i grow up, i want to build a company which the name that you can’t call (I called it “Zerstonhornde Electricalism”, yes I am the only one in this world who can pronounce it). That is a mixed company, i mean we have electronics, mobile devices, semiconductors, automobil, aviation, and others. and inside the mobile devices division, i have a lot of products (like 40-50 types ranging from smartphones, tablets, and phablets (in my company, i called it SBOOK which stands for Small Book, which has special capabilities including a special stylus and more features, just with adding 20$ more price of my company’s flagship smartphone). And then, with that flagship SBOOK thing, we have the 5.7 inches model, 5.8 inches model, 6.1 inches model, and 6.4 inches model, so people like you and some people here could choose different ones based on some sizes.

    I know it’s kind of off topic, but I actually also don’t like oversized phablets, I mean for it’s screen, Z Ultra is way too big, because of those bezels, but it’s not as ugly as you think, it’s still beautiful as f**k.

    If only sony could implement like 5.7 inches and 6.3 inches versions of phablets, their phablets will be greatly anticipated

  • Alvin

    1+1 has 5.5 inches display, if i’m not mistaken.. right?
    I’m okay with that size but for me, 5.2 inches phones are just the right size for me

  • Alvin

    No need to break your caps lock mate lol

    It’s like me too, because when first I unboxed my Z3, My thoughts are like “wow, it’s gigantic” or “how should i put it in my pocket” or “if I slip this thing out of my palm, i’ll be pissed as the sh*t of the sh*t”.

    but after two to three weeks of using it, it just adapts through my mind and hands, and now, it just feels right to me, when I use my two-year old Xperia L, now it just feels as tiny as an ant. And the cycle will be just like that. And from now I think like “what if phones in the next few years, the flagships will have 6 to 7 inches displays, and the low end phones will be at 5 inches, I think i’ll make my own phone”

  • Alvin

    hey i want to ask you all, what samsung products that get lollipop?

    i’m too lazy to search it online because there are so many rumours about it so that makes me unsure unlike sony, the answers are solid, if we get it, we get it, if we don’t, we don’t)

  • nick

    You in wrong place dude!!!

  • Timel

    Xperia fanboys have always loved Xperia phones but in real word 6.4 inch is too huge for many people… Sony Mobile will lose again

  • Nuno

    I know Sony is prepping a super phone that can compete head to head with the new note, new iphone, and new lg. I hope that the Z5 ultra is announced in September, the market for big phones is increasing and a 5 inch phone now a days is standard.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    CyanogenOS, dumbass, not CyanogenMod

  • Harut Hajin

    Why this models sold much than others because there has one thing that You want to buy , W800 plastic box , K800,K810 design and for camera, K850 design, Satio design, X8 colorful cases, Neo design, Arc design , S and ion design and led lights, Sola floating touch, active and go first sportie design, TX design and promotion, Z design, Z Ultra design, and Z3+ design in copper must come after Z and will success in sels,

  • Alvin

    I’m just asking so we can mock them here

    Don’t you get it

  • Raj Singh

    SBH, SWR, MZR, QX, MDR, KDL… I understand it; you understand it.

    I have the SBH52, SBH80 and QX10… Try explaining that to someone who walks up to you and says, “Hey, what is that?” Not very catchy for branding purposes.

    Question for you: What’s the difference between an Xperia M, an Xperia L and an Xperia T?

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