SG50 Xperia Theme celebrates Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

by XB on 16th July 2015

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SG50 Xperia Theme_1Sony is marking Singapore’s 50 years of independence celebrations with a brand new SG50 Xperia Theme. The theme features live wallpaper with a shimmering water effect and “I love SG”app tray icon. The theme is actually quite functional and clean and one of the better ones we’ve seen from Sony. If you would like to download head over to the Google Play Store.

SG50 Xperia Theme_1 SG50 Xperia Theme_2

SG50 Xperia Theme_3

SG50 Xperia Theme_4 SG50 Xperia Theme_5

  • Timel

    Ugly as Always -_-

    I’m not sure if I should say this “congrats Singaporean fans”

  • Augustine Kau

    Singaporean fan here :)

  • bilomar
  • betatesterz

    Given it’s not the best looking theme out there but “as always” is abit harsh.

    Out of curiosity, what would you consider as a good theme. Would you be able to share some screenshots & examples?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Triflat ftw!

  • gamer324

    Really don’t get all the hate towards these themes, yeah they’re not as nice as the ones you get on MIUI or Lewa OS, but both this and the recently posted Summer themes are quite refreshing; playful and colourful without being harsh on the eyes.
    Whatever though, thr purpose of the theme engine is so that everyone can create his/her own theme, so honestly I’d like to see that from the complaining members instead.

  • marcyff2

    the hate comes from one person only at all times. Anyway the team is nice, except for the home and menu buttons.

  • Lara Croft

    Fellow Singaporean here, and I like it :)

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