LTE Xperia Z4 Tablet now in stock in Europe

by XB on 20th July 2015

in Sony Tablet, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z4 tablet LTE_Sony StoreThe LTE version of the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (SGP771) has now seen a wider release across Europe. Up until recently only the Wi-Fi SKU (SGP712) was readily available. However, over the last week, the LTE SKU is now in stock through the Sony Mobile Store in Europe, along with other retailers such as

Stock still seems limited though, the Amazon listing shows only 1 in stock but more on the way (there were 13 available earlier in the day). Clove and Handtec are expecting their first deliveries later this week. Hopefully, we will see stock levels rise across all outlets over the next few weeks, making it easier for those waiting to pick up Sony’s latest flagship slate.

Sony Mobile Store has stock of the LTE Xperia Z4 Tabet in Europe…

Xperia Z4 tablet LTE_Sony Store

… along with third-party retailers such as Amazon

Xperia Z4 tablet LTE_Amazon

  • Sadman Khan

    Too pricey :(

  • Arslan Jumaniyazov

    When is the damn thing coming to the US?

  • jmaxim917

    Sony and their usual production issues.

  • Alvin

    best tablet ever

    even better than ipad air 2

  • Alvin

    believe me, it’s worth the price. this tablet is experitraordinarily amazing

  • Alvin

    when looking at this thing with a keyboard, it feels like sony is reviving their vaio business just with xperia branding and an android

  • Sadman Khan

    Oh i didn’t notice the keyboard was included :P

  • Z4 is an overheating failure. Yes the tablet too…

  • DanielGearSolid


  • Vas Varnava

    Got mine and it’s fantastic!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    The only SD810 device that doesn’t suck. The extra thermal headroom and battery life optimisation help a lot :)

  • Now this would be perfect if it had a Super Amoled display but oh well i guess you can’t have it all its still a great tablet

  • Raj Singh

    Only thing holding me back from buying the Z4 tablet is the 810.
    I’d like to get the Z3 tablet but don’t want to get dicked on updates…

    Sidenote: Not a huge fan of 5.0 and Material Design.

  • Akand

    SD810 on Tablet doesn’t overheat. I mean you won’t feel the heat as it’s a much bigger device than mobile phones. More space to spread the heat. So more space, same heat but lower temperature. Maybe I would buy it after december as my currect contract of Tablet Z will be over then.
    N.B though it’s a perfect and powerful tablet, still one thing I feel that it should have had. It’s flashlight.

  • Alvin

    thank god my eyes still good.

    well not really, i just already know it’s bundled earlier

  • Alvin

    on bigger devices like tablets, or something like that, you’ll almost never experienced severe heating, and will never experience overheating, that’s because your device is bigger. Z3+ is a smartphone, and it looks like with sony’s bad luck, the overheating gets worse, it is running 810, and it has AR Mask, and other stuff from sony and everything that made it overheating

  • Alvin

    make a review!!! :D

    how’s the camera, display, and overall performance? and how fantastic?

  • Alvin

    really? do you have the tablet that you can say that?

  • Alvin

    go to europe, get it, and go back to us

  • Alvin


  • nfs2010

    Did anyone try PS4 remote play on this tablet? How are the cameras? My iPad air 2 has turned into a paperweight (just don’t like iOS on it lol). iPad cameras are decent though.

  • Makozak

    I agree with you, i never owned an tablet because they never interested me but this is the first time i really want one. But the price … Sony always have very bad prices.
    I do understand that Premium quality comes with Premium price, but i think 600€ is a bit too much.

  • Tanya E. Rider
  • marcyff2

    wait until OPO 2…. might change that to 1 of the 2 that don’t suck

  • marcyff2

    you can PS4 remote play on it (saw a couple reviews) I know that the front facing camera is clear too. As for IPad, I think is the best thing apple has ever made, but it still is not for me.

  • marcyff2

    if tegra x/trega m doesn’t heat up on tablets, 810 definitely won’t

  • PoweredBySony

    Check this guys

    New manual controls for Stock Sony Z1/Z2/Z3/Z3C/Z1C camera . HDR in 20.7 Mpx , 20.7Mpx in Superior auto and more :D

  • Sadman Khan

    Yeah it seems Oneplus did something about the issues

  • Alvin

    me tooooooo! i have a tablet in 2013, that is a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, that tablet is actually pretty good (i can’t believe and i hate i said this but it really is good), my experience with that tablet is good too, but it sometimes gets slow and choppy, lags too sometimes, and for games, it kind of lags a bit, but it is annoying especially when you play games with time management or some games like air penguin, flight simulator, or something like that, and it’s also not practical, not compact.

    So I replaced it with Xperia L, and it was alsoo great, I’m satisfied with both, especially with my Xperia L, but I kind of regret of selling my Tab 2 10.1 because if i still have that, i might have a phone and a tablet right now to complete my life a little :D But still, i want to save much of my money for buying another tablet, maybe not sony because i can’t afford a flagship tablet with a monstrous price, because i already bought a Z3. Or maybe an iPod Touch would be great too, but tablet would complete my life more :D:D

    I know and understand that 600 euro is too much, so if you want a tablet, I suggest you to buy Z3TC or Z2T

  • marcyff2

    it can compete with a laptop on the most basic scale. But in terms of availability of programs is still extremly restricted. Graphic Designers, developers, Event Planners, etc… Will not have the applications they require

  • marcyff2

    read his username, clearly a troll

  • marcyff2

    still stupidly expensive, even if you price the keyboard at 100 pounds it goes to 499 pounds. Considering the starting price of the tablet z2 was 350pounds there is a huge gap.

  • Sadman Khan

    Read the review on gsmarena

  • Alvin

    yeah, sony needs to improve a lot even it is already good

  • Alvin

    well i don’t know, he is just a sony fan that just wants sony to improve of the s***ness they had right now. i don’t judge him as a troll because he has a right to say anything, even though that hurts our feeling but we have to accept it as we just judge sony as a greatest thing ever but in real life, they need a lot of improvements here and there.

    but i just don’t like how he misjudge people

  • Alvin

    nope, the keyboard is 150 euros

  • SugaMyst

    I’m dying here waiting for the US version to be released.

  • TasteDatRainbow

    Anyone know if this will ever be released in the US?

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