Xperia Z3 Plus owners: How bad is the overheating in reality?

by XB on 27th July 2015

in Problems, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z3+ OverheatingThe Sony Xperia Z3+/Z4 has received a bad rap mainly down to the overheating issues that have been widely portrayed. Most place the blame on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, with many people avoiding any device that runs this maligned chipset. However, whilst we’ve all seen the benchmarks and temperature charts we wanted to ask Xperia Z3+ owners what your real day-to-day experience was like?

Does the Xperia Z3+ overheat as much as the media makes out? Has the whole issue been overblown? Or does overheating really get in the way of using your phone effectively? We’d love to hear Xperia Z3+ owners speak out and set the record straight once and for all.

  • nfs2010

    For F’s sake, XB, there is no overheating. Stop acting like Crapsung’s bitch. Phone runs 3/4 degree Celsius higher than Z2 – big effing deal.

  • nfs2010

    XB, Also get a Z3+, update to a FW .2X & do a test like this to show how S6 is overheating compared to Z3+. Don’t feed shit to Crapsung’s bitch PA & GSMA. Do something useful, please!

  • lovebmw

    I noticed it few times, like when your charging your phone, navigation on, and I am trying call or search the internet ALL at the same time, but nothing crazy, it gets warm and that’s it……., z1, 2 and 3 did the same thing under the same load… So really, nothing to report.

    I am hoping the z3 plus gets the 2.0 charge through an update.

  • nfs2010

    Z3+ already does QC 2.0

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Can we PLEASE talk about any real life thermal throttling?! You know? The thing that drags down performance and drains battery? I’m talking actual power draw and CPU performance under load, yo.

  • Akand

    I think most phones get warmer when it’s new. after few days, get hot only when some apps drain battery running aggressively at background.
    Look, one plus, google, xaiomi, htc every manufacture is using the chip. I think doesn’t overheat so much how samsung’s paid agenda published news.

  • lovebmw

    Not the z3+ dual band

  • nfs2010

    Dual was not made to have QC -> “Sony says the charger will only work with the single SIM variant of the Xperia Z3+ (E6553)”. So there’s little hope there. It, however, partially supports QC

  • nfs2010

    Any SW update (especially the OTA ones) causes problems on Sony phones. It’s pretty much mandatory to do a ‘Repair’ through PC Companion. That said, the suckers at Sony should fix this issue with their sw updates.

  • bilomar

    My z3 can get hot too, but only in 3d heavy apps. Watching videos and shit makes it pretty warm.

  • bilomar

    Never trust media lol

  • FootyFanatic

    I had the Z1 for 1 year 9 months and have had the Z3+ for a few weeks now.
    Internally, my Z1 cpu gets hotter doing the same tasks than on the Z3+
    Externally the Z3+ feels hotter
    My take on this is the Z3+ disperses the heat better than the Z1 so feels hotter
    Further potential evidence of this, the Z3+ cools a lot quicker than the Z1. The Z3+ will feel completely normal when the Z1 still has some warmth on touch.

    My Z1 didn’t feel as hot on Kitkat, I’m sure it feels warmer on 5.0.2
    If that is the case and I’m not imagining it, 5.1 will fix this for both. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, my Nexus 7 2013 was warmer on 5.0.2 too….

  • Alvin

    of course it is overblown by those reviewers, I mean, my z3’s temperature also like z3+ does sometimes but they never/almost never mention it.

  • nfs2010

    “My take on this is the Z3+ disperses the heat better than the Z1” – best post ever. For identical internal temp., the phone with hotter surface is actually better at dissipating the the heat. But dropouts (reviewers) only pretend to look at the surface temperature and try to fool people to make few pennies from Craprsung.

  • Augustine Kau

    5.5-inch Sony Xperia Z5 due in September, report says

  • nfs2010

    Why’d the media mention it? Z3 & band-aid (S5) have the same CPU. Crapsung couldn’t dare to run propaganda against SD801 !

  • nfs2010

    At this point, Xperiablog needs to start reviewing Sony phones. Going by their history, I’m pretty sure everyone will agree XB is not a crappy biased website. They should at least do basic reviews – performance test for a given set of tasks, games, & benchmarks, camera test in controlled environment, battery test along with comments on design/feel, etc. All results just need to be reproducible! Please think about it, XB!

  • Abdullah Al-Salloum

    I’ve had a Z2, then a Z3 and now have been using the Dual Z3+ for three weeks. Yes, it gets hotter than the Z3 when using Google Map, Snapchat or heavy web browsing, but it isn’t that bad.

    In addition, the battery drains faster and charges slower than the Z3. We’re talking 7 to 10, respectively.

    I haven’t experienced the Z3 much with Lollipop 5.0.2 but 4.4.4 and it was very stable back then. The Z3+ comes with Lollipop 5.0.2 and it is, sometimes, a bit laggy.

    I am very sure that SONY, as usual as they previously did, will come up with a software update to resolve these issues, having its smartphone very utilized to give the best and smoothest experience to its owners.

    Software wise, I am not very comfortable. Hardware wise, I loved the device.

    BTW, I am a big fan of this blog. Keep it up!

  • Remote Player
  • Contrite

    Overheats pretty quickly from some things, not so much from others.

    Using the camera in say, snapchat makes the phone ridiculously hot after a minute or two, same while just viewing snaps or mystories. Trying to use camera apps like “AR-Mask” gives me two minutes tops before it throws me out because of heat. General surfing on chrome makes it really hot after a while as well, as does watching videos.

    I haven’t been stopped from using anything because of heat except the camera yet, but the phone gets really sluggish when it becomes hot. I think the heat is the cause of the battery being pretty meh as well, seeing as i have to charge it as often as i charged the 1,5 year old Z1 it replaced.

    On the other hand, things like games and emulators don’t really make it more than a little bit warm to the touch. Chrome shouldn’t be more demanding than that, no? I find the whole thing pretty odd tbh.

  • marco aurélio
  • mountain

    I bought my z3+ on day one. Received a firmware update on the same day. It was overheated to a point that is barely acceptable. On the second update 5 days later, things have not changed, battery was draining fast. Used it for about a month and things has not improved a bit, so did a repair via pc companion by reflashing. Now the phone is all back to normal. Almost at Z3+ in terms of heat. Battery is slightly worse, but performance is better than than Z3. I have no idea why google play servicew drains over 30% of the battery

  • Timel

    XB Admin: You mentioned in an earlier post in the comments section that Sony guys do visit this forum and I my guess is you are related to one or more of the employees working at Sony UK. Now, why can’t you, leveraging on this exclusive Xperia blog, get Sony fanboys to draft a letter to Kaz Hirai on the direction they want Sony mobile to take? I am pretty sure a jointed effort will put Sony on track…

  • Remote Player

    I’d definitely like to see that I’d trust what they have to say

  • Nuno

    Being a big fan and owner of all the Z series phones i can say that the Z3+ does warm up a little more than the previous phones but nothing that interferes with the everyday usage. I honestly belive thst the media blew this matter over porpotion as my co workers have the S6 edge and its very laggy and full of bugs. And as a coincidence it gets really hot too, these phones are 8 core 64 bit they naturally generate more heat dont matter what chip they use.

  • nfs2010

    +1. Timel says cool stuff most of the times :D Sony needs feedback from all kinds of users. At the end of the day, they have to make great phones to survive.

  • nfs2010

    Adreno 430 GPU is a beast. A57/A53 clusters ? – not so much. The amazing thing about 430 is that you can run GPU benchmarks all day, it won’t throttle much and it’ll widen the lead over the Mali on S6 as you go on. Same thing can’t be said about the CPU which is more important when it comes to Chrome.

  • Tony Xperia z3+

    I think, media just blew it unproportionally. My Z3+ did warm but in an acceptable level. I used to have m2 dual too and face the similar “warm” situation in day to day wearing this phone. Love it better when Sony can deliver android M sooner than the other though. #wish :)

  • Svnjay

    “Sony fanboys”

    Such strong language.

  • Svnjay

    You need to buy a quick charger.

  • webusermy

    The only time in my usage that the heat issue was even witnessed was when I was making a high FPS video recording for a few minutes, the camera had to shut down. But I was done with my recording anyway… so it didn’t hindered with my usage.. but that was it..

    Day to day usage, don’t feel any throttling etc.

  • Svnjay

    C5 Ultra

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    Have been using the Xperia Z3+ for almost a week now.. Have to say the phone gets warm under heavy load, but not really that hot to a point where it becomes uncomfortable to use.. Aside from that the phone performs really well..

    Anyway, when you look at it, the Z3+ is actually quite the improvement from the Z3.. In my opinion, the Z3 should have been the Z2+, and the Z3+ should have been the Z3.. One thing is for sure, the media really had its toll on the Z3+.. Such a pity..

  • lovebmw

    It’s so confusing lol

  • jag

    Woah dude! Something is wrong with your device. Maybe you need to do something about that google play services as I don’t see that thing in my battery usage. The only thing that is draining my phone is the Screen with a 22% of the battery usage.

    Edited: Using a Z3+ too.

  • Jeremmy Palacios

    Solo baja el rendimiento del harware del equipo cuando uno lo esta cargando y lo sobeexige

  • nfs2010

    But we’ve seen worse :P

  • Svnjay

    I guess that’s true :)

  • jag

    This issue was overblown by the media. Using the device for almost a month, the device does get hot but it is not that too hot that you can’t use it anymore. I think it is like the first Xperia Z in terms of heating up quickly (Snapdragon S4 pro’s issue) but it dissipates the heat more quickly and the performance is still great in my device even if it does get hot.

    The only unstable thing that I hate in the device is the CAMERA APP!!!!! I really don’t know why it gets the device to quickly get hot then after a couple of minutes it shuts down the app. Maybe the app is so heavy that it uses all the cores of the phone???? That’s why maybe it fires up slowly too than the other devices’ camera? They should fix this app and make it lighter. BTW, it takes great pictures. love it!.. If you are fast enough to snap some pics. hehe

    But all in all, I love the z3+!! I just love staring at it. It is so beautiful and elegant!!! haha! And with this, I can endure the camera for awhile until they fix it. The heat thing is just a minor issue. It is just the same thing as Z, Z ultra. Even Iphone 6 plus gets that hot too.

  • betatesterz

    Well someone’s gotta be sponsoring them new Xperia models to be reviewed lol

  • Faisal Armand

    I’ve got to admit that Timel has a pretty strong points even though sometimes he is very idiotic

  • Genta Aditya

    – “My take on this is the Z3+ disperses the heat better than the Z1 so feels hotter”

    figures, Z1 haven’t use heatpipe to drive heat away, while Z3+ uses heatpipe — even slightly bigger than the one we can find in Z2

  • raju

    Z1 compact support?

  • Svnjay

    Sorry, not Z1 or Z1 Compact support.

  • Chee Keong Chan

    i am currently using z1 as well. initially was thinking to upgrade to z3+ but was put off by the s810.
    1) i like to ask when z3+ heats up and the processor throttles, does it really affect the performance that it’s noticeable? how is it compare to z1 when z3+ was throttled?
    2) do you experience any app shut down (especially when using camera) when z3+ heats up?

  • gamer324

    Agreed 100%, I don’t exactly know the device request process, but I’m sure that stores etc. Will be willing to hand over a review unit for good publicity (shout-out, link to their websites etc.)

  • Alvin

    Yeah, a band aid is still a band aid

  • Alvin

    Like what? “you crappy a**hole d***head s***ty f*** c*** sony fanassboys”? :D

  • DieMusik

    No camera2 api support and now overheating issue. My next device will be either s6 or g4. It’s shame that Sony has the best sensor but we are linited by Sony’s lack of support and bad jpeg engine.

  • emmanuel david

    Been using Z3+ for a few weeks now.. Yes, it heats up, but I think my Xperia Z is much hotter when put on heavy load..

    Also, I don’t find any lags due to heat..

    Only problem I have encounter is the shutting down of camera when it gets too hot.. Though mostly it only occurs when you use AR modes and 4K video.. But with manual or Superior Auto, it will not heat up much..

  • Rico Chandra

    It’s impossible to use. It’s like playing a heavy game and charging device at the same time heat. I tried one on the display device and It’s unplugged. Usually a display device is plugged to power source to prevent theft. But the one I tried is unplugged and I think one of the Sony Employee’s phone. I tried about 10-15 minutes and it’s burning on my hands.

  • Sadman Khan

    I wish there was a way to use S805 but with Adreno 430 :’D

  • Laurie Miles

    The main problem is that the camera is unusable for more than a few moments, even just browsing photos you have taken through the camera app. Using ANY camera mode causes it to overheat and switch off the camera. This urgently needs sorting out by Sony, and anyone wanting to take photos with their phone should avoid the Z3+

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    Such exaggeration.. “impossible to use, burning on my hands”.. Yeah right, you don’t even own the device.. Tired of people talking bad stuff about this phone when owners of the device who have been using the phone for weeks themselves does not even say such thing..

  • haxona

    I remember using a Z1 and feeling the heat pump out at the top of the phone but also anywhere else even the sides.

    With the Z2 I had a mostly cool experience after the first major update.

    With my Z3+ its a different story than all the other ones. When using the camera only the camera area gets hot unlike the Z2 with started getting hot everywhere. Temperatures between the Z2 and Z3+ were for the most part the same its just that you are more exposed because of the metal frame that is now only metal and not plastic/metal like in the Z2.
    Also when browsing normal things its stays at mostly the same temps as my Z2 did and lower than my Z1 which got warm for anything.

    As for cameras shutting down its been proven that Sony has put the temp limit lower than other manufacturers so that they can protect the use of the camera because of how fragile a camerasensor can be to ‘extreme’ heat

  • marcyff2

    not exactly. If you read about it it is still as if the heat issues of 810 are rumours, like no one is certain about the problem. It has been said it was a samsung marketing strategy to do so, to boycott other companies (more specifically LG being a regional rival) but no one is certain of it. The truth is that the people who started the heating rumour did it really well, because for some reason no one has been able to prove it forward nor disprove it.

  • haxona

    Here is an example of throttle, you have your charger and ia charging your phone(I have the quick charger which generally will produce more heat because it charges faster).

    I am at the moment in Lebanon where we are hitting 35 C so the phone will always run as hot as the weather.

    Charging while playing Peggle Blast and with 35 C made the phone throttle for the first time and I experienced stutters in Peggle. Now this is a extreme case of being in an posi to on where 35 C is set and that you are charging at the moment.

    If you are not charging or if you are in a more cool country you will be totally fine. I hace only received the Camera shutdown twice and both tines was with direct sunlight being put at the phone

  • marcyff2

    I think this is one of the greatest ideas ever, if we could direct a company in which way to take their business. We would be pleasing both the customers as well as company heads, considering that they would make more money out of the phones.

  • haxona

    My sister’s 5s is getting scorching hot here in Lebanon on our vocation my brother’s Z2 is getting hotter than my Z3+ and the only time I get hotter temps is when using the camera or When charging and uaing the phone because quick charge generates a bit of heat.

  • jag

    Yup, the Z3+’s cooling system is better if you see the teardown of the phone you will see that it is like the same size of the phone. That’s why maybe it is better with heat dissipation.

  • FixMax

    1) AS I had previously Z1. Throttling on Z1 (5.0.1) on the same level as Z3+ for me right now. The only perfomance with slowdown could be founded in special AR/Face Camera Modes (AR Mask, Face in Picture, AR Fun), and throttling is noticable. BUT in 4K recording, Timeshift video it’s completely unnoticeable.
    In applications I tried to run Montezuma (my favorite game) , it’s making telephone hot but still able to keep hands on back side. Tried also to surf with Chrome and watch Twitch in window mode at the same time. Still good.
    2) Camera shut down (it shows warning message of rising temperature before shutting down) only in case that I’ve explained in first answer. I guess AR/Mask camera modes are not ready to work with 810. In other modes you can shoot as much as you want.

    In general it often makes surface hotter, but I don’t pay attention because I don’t put my hands on back side, usually I hold them on lateral side.

  • jag

    hahahahahaha!! If this is true then we can sue Sony already. Go take a pic of your burnt hand then let’s show it to sony. I’ll even help you to get your lawyer but give me some of the money you will get from sony as for effort. So hilarious! hahahaha

  • jag

    I agree with you. It does gets better after a few weeks. Let it break in first like how we do for engines. It is a machine afterall.

  • Navigation is pretty intense. When using navigation my old Xperia T almost melted into the dashboard of my car…

  • jag

    hmm.. you have a point in there. The quick charge may have something to do to it. But indeed, it does charge up fast! But it also get discharged fast too. Maybe a few more charging cycles will stabilize the battery.

    All phones heats up! That is a fact! This snapdragon 800 heat issue was just overblown by the media. Poor devices with this cpu… They got rejected by nerds and readers of biased reviewers.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I love it how Samsung paid sites review these sony devices.

    For ex they review z3+ batterylife on its 50% 350 nits whilst all others are tested on their 50% 200nits, KNOWING z3+ has over 700 nits screen, and KNOWING screen is the biggest battery drainer while doing web and video battery test….

    I love it also how they review heating up on just certain devices (in this case only sd810 devices), deliberately NOT samsung devices, whilst not offering any real heatup comparissons or tests between those devices, despite the fact heatup was made a big refference point between samsung and other manufacturer devices in their own reviews. Its called deliberate targeted marketing anti propaganda.

    I love it also how most ( not all, but most) reviewers also DELIBERATELY do a camera comparisson with Sony in SUPERIORAUTO 8mpx and other in 13-16 mpx auto modes, as if Sonys 20.7 mpx mode does not exist at all.

    I also love how those same reviewers only take into account quality of autofocus speed while reviewing camcorder abilities, absolutely ignoring the quality of video stabilisation of the camera which in real life usage is much more important.
    I stand corrected, video stabilisation became important in tests only recently, when direct competitors decided to go with OIS, so to stand a chance against sonys steadyshot.

    So yeah, f**k all those biased unprofessional reviewers, And all those calling me a fanboy for noticing such flaws

  • jag

    That’s why I don’t read reviews anymore. True also with game reviews.

  • nick

    I used the device on display in a sony center, played all the high end games installed and temperature was just ok,like my z3, i compared both unit temp and z3 was about 5 deg cooler n thats bcz z3+ uses octa core sd810 and u tell ur hands burnt, thats bu****t!

  • laci_csk

    You are absolutely right.

  • MohammedM

    My Xperia Z2 has been warmer on lollipop and with shorter battery life (Google play services seems to be the culprit there!)

  • Geese Howard

    It’s the ‘monthly’ thing man, the MONTHLY thing… Only for Timel, when the monthly thing comes he spurts out something useful once in a while…

  • Geese Howard

    So what you are saying is that the Z3+ still heats up (which is normal), but when you use the camera, let’s say for some time, it heats up badly to the point it shuts down the camera?

    And does it dissipate the heat fast? Thanks dude.

  • Geese Howard

    Dude, does this apply to Z3+ Dual LTE or just the single normal one?

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    Every phone has heating issue ofcourse depending by weather conditions autumn vs summer so temps aren’t import for me even here is 40c

  • Alvin

    yeah, they seems honest. but i’m afraid they’re just like us, fans or something like that, that just can see other reviewers reviewed sony products and services, that can’t review phones.

    but if they could review sony products and services, i don’t need and want to see sony reviews other than this site.

  • emmanuel david

    Yes.. I’m using Z3+ Dual.

  • Alvin

    just sometimes, but most of the times, he’s totally right

  • mohsen

    what about xperia Z5?
    is it true that uses SD810 and 3GB ram???
    very bad if it was true. no change and no flagship. it will be Z3++
    spotted in last leaks

  • Alvin

    again, some faulty models still exist.
    yeah, we got over worries of waterproof that will not work, unlike some flaw units in z,z1,z1c,z2,z3,z3c. But when waterproof worries are gone, then this overheating flaws for some models came and screw sony again.

  • Alvin

    no need to be sorry. SONY is the only one who should sorry

  • Svnjay

    It’s not Sony’s fault. The 801 and early revisions of the 801 do not support quick chagring 2. They only support QC1.

  • Alvin

    i thought you are talking about S810….. I really should stop smoking weed

  • Alvin

    does 805 any better than 801 in some ways?

  • Svnjay

    Yep, it’s considerably more powerful, especially in the graphics department but not worth upgrading to.

  • Svnjay

    You really should :)

  • iia3ezu

    I don’t have one, but I played with one at a phone shop.

    The rear is definitely hot to touch, even when on standby mode.

  • Amir

    lol, the rumor from yesterday (mobipicker) is fake. no brainer. z5 will have 4gb of ram for sure.

  • CherylCHanson

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  • Amir

    not c5 ultra. c5 ultra has 2gb of ram. not z5 either. it is just fake info.

  • Amel_Marie

    Finally! Yeay!

  • Elisa Test

    I guess I agree with everyone. had a z1 since launch, which I lost last week. Bought the z3+. On the first day, I did get the warming up warning. This mainly because I was trying every function and benchmark possible. I must say I never had the issue again since. I’m really happy with the device. It’s soo light, battery is at 60% at 4pm after a whole day of Bluetooth music, browsing Facebook and various emails.

    All the bad reviews I read before buying are indeed false. The device is amazing . The camera and screen seem to be a great improvement also (I’m an advanced photographer / graphic designer so I have enough knowledge to judge)
    . All the photo samples seem to have had badly set white balance.

    I saw some amazing benchmarks too, on my own device (50181 on Antitu). Love the light os compared to bloated Samsung.

    Well done SONY

  • Alvin

    my mom got her s6 edge. it is magnificent to me.

    well i misjudged samsung too bad. but for design, i’m happy to say that my z3 looks miles better than that thing. the ui feels better though. but multitasking, camera, design, my z3 beats it very far. didn’t test the battery yet though, I feel like the s6 edge has better battery but she just used it lightly, unlike super super user like me.

  • katchytitle

    Got a Z3 plus – it does get warm if you start using the camera or Artificial Reality features (draws AI bots and other stuff on your camera view). If you shoot 4K video it stops after about 30 seconds.TBH the heat in the winter will come in handy, my main concern is battery life which I don’t believe is as good as the original z3 but is certainly better than Nexus 5 (I’m running 5 email accounts on cloudmagic and use the mobile web a lot along with whatsapp etc). Sony definitely need to sort the heat issues out – one the main distinguishing features between Apple and the rest is that they strive to delight their customers just enough, and then rapidly improve the products as they move forward (just look at the first iphone with no 3G). Sony needs to start doing this – they don’t even make a point of advertising the “waterproof for 30mins underwater feature” – that is pretty amazing for anyone who works on the coast or near water.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Definitely gets really hot XZ3+

  • Alvin

    really? not just hot, but over like said above?

  • Alvin

    and i really should stop to say “i really should stop smoking weed” or somebody who knows me and reads my comment and they really think I smoke weeds. i would be pissed

  • Dafuq is wrong woth you ? Fanboy much ? 20MPX is only avaliable in manual mode

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Excepted reboot the camera software if the phone is said to be “HOT” I have no prob with it.
    Then I keep enjoying my Z3+

  • mohsen

    how you trust 4GB?

  • Amir

    3gb of ram is faker then fake. all 2h flags from all the big brands will have 4gb of ram. 3gb of ram from sony premium flag would not be acceptable. moreover, 5.5″ most likely also fake. mobipicker is questionable source for leaks. their previous leak of z5 4500mah battery is most likely also fake. they lost credibility.

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    And have Timel spam the reviews in horribly mangled English. Sounds fun, actually.

  • Rene Pedroso

    My personal opinion (I have owned the Xperia line since the X1) this is the hottest (no pun intended) mobile device I have ever owned.

  • Peter Angelov

    Well i do not have z3+ but i have m4 aqua which also according to some people is hot phone. My impression i just like those of several other people – these new phones are made to dissipate heat a lot quicker than old generation. When i run heavy load on the m4 aqua it gets warm pretty quickly at the upper back part but also cools down as quickly. Today i ran garmin street pilot navigation for 30 minutes while driving home for test. This is very heavy and unoptimized app and it uses cpu, ram, gps and display is on constantly. On my old xperia S after only several minutes whole back of the phone got really warm and battery usage was immense (it could not handle more than 2 to 3 hours at such load). On the m4 aqua the phone gets slightly warm and battery usage is not so severe. Also it needs only 30 seconds to minute to cool down after stopping the heavy load. I think that sony really engineered well these new phones to dissipate heat effectively and i am very happy with the m4 aqua. :)

  • nfs2010

    As long as they do the tests in controlled environment & then record & post it on youtube, it should be good. We all will figure out if they are not doing things right. For example, it doesn’t harm them if Z2 turns out better than Z3 in some areas since both are Sony devices. They could recommend Z3 to Z/Z1 owners, but warn Z2 owners of the lack of substantial upgrades. They actually did something similar with Arc & Arc S. I’m just asking for continuation of that on the aspects that can be objectively measured.

  • Eduardo Otero

    What widget are you using it on status bar??

  • nfs2010

    Try to run Antutu with a cold CPU (around 25C as read by CPU-Z, etc) with all apps closed. You should get over 56K.

  • Pavlos Hadj

    Are you sure that the fact that your phone is warmer isnt due to the season of the year that lollipop was released?(spring-summer”

  • nfs2010

    Me too :(. 430 with a 64Bit 805 would have been awesome.

  • nfs2010

    Exactly, we also need to occasionally click on the ads being shown on this site ;)

  • MohammedM

    I live in the UK. Today, even though we’re in the middle of summer, it’s 14 degree Celsius. My battery is currently at 37 degrees. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that Sony is at fault. Like i wrote before I think Google Play Services is the top battery user, even higher than the Display which was not the case previously.

  • MohammedM

    I’m having to charge my phone over USBat work.

  • Robert Dunn

    Would you say it gets really hot when browsing the web?

  • emmanuel david

    I agree.. The problem is optimization of the cores.. I observe that 6 cores are always active even using light activites (messaging, phone calls, web browsing, etc) in due time, this can be improve through software updates..

  • Amel_Marie

    Its an app called Internet speed meter lite. You can download it on Google play.

  • Daniel

    I am owner of xperia z3+. I bought this phone on first day they launch in India. Previously I used xperia z, Xperia z3. Compare to previously used mobile, heating is little bit high and it may due to high graphic and other chipset. But in xperia z3+ I didnt feel more hot and it is normal heat ( it may various due to ambient temperature). And in phone heat stage, heat dissipation is more fast compare to old Z series…..

  • jag

    Yup. Most likely when you played a video (even a gif that loops) in the chrome app. I don’t know if it is the chrome app’s fault because even a gif can make it hot quickly. But for casual reading is just ok. A bit warm during long browsing.

  • jag

    It shuts down the camera when the phone gets hot which is atleast 2 minutes or lets say 3 minutes max. It will give you a warning that the phone will shut down and then after some seconds you are out of the app and will be returning to the homescreen. This is what I really don’t understand. Why, even when using the manual or auto mode, the camera makes the phone hot so fast??? Z3 is ain’t like this right? Is it like this with other OEMs too???

    And yes, it dissipates the heat fast.

  • Sadman Khan

    One can only dream :P

  • Robert Dunn

    I see. So would you still recommend that I purchase this phone?

  • jag

    I’d honestly won’t recommend this phone right now. But don’t get me wrong… I love this phone, I love my Z3+! I can do what I need to do with it. It is fast and snappy and I love how the multitasking works and it takes great pictures too if you are fast enough to take pictures hehe! and of course it has some downsides too like the heat thing (if that is an issue with you) but I can just simply ignore it because there is a lot more positives than the negatives. Coming from a Z Ultra, the Z3+ is a major jump for me. Oh yeah, It is also so beautiful to stare at! Mind that! hahahaha!

    But as the rumors of a Z5 coming this IFA, It is hard to recommend this phone. Maybe you have to wait for a while if you can. If no Z5 this year then YES! And maybe they got a new patch or something in the future that can make it more irresistable.

  • jag

    Yup! I totally agree with you on this! Sony should patch this camera app. This is the only thing I have to whine about the phone.

  • jag

    Hmm.. maybe I should try that. I just received my update via OTA. Maybe that’s why some of forums I visit says that their cameras doesn’t overheat that much. Thanks for voicing that out! ; )

  • nfs2010

    You ‘just’ updated to .2x fw? It came out 5/6 weeks ago!! 0.1x fw that existed before .2x was horrible.

  • Adhito

    Hmm actually, I don’t really bothered by the SD810, just wish it has Fingerprint sensor :(

  • jag

    nope not that “just” meaning. I meant that I have only received the update via OTA since I got my phone on the 4th of July.

  • nfs2010

    Ah, makes sense. I was like there is no way one could live with .1x fw this long lol But yes, do the ‘repair’ anyway. Also compare the free available memory (with all apps closed) before & after the repair ;)

  • jag

    Haha! Is it that bad? I’ll do the repair this weekend and see if it will make any difference. Thanks!

  • nfs2010

    Did you a try to ‘repair’ through PC companion?

  • nfs2010

    Yep, actually it was the reason why some reviews were harsh. Sony did make 0.2x available OTA before Z3+’s global release. But reviewers are not going update – you know the deal. And the morons at Sony are still shipping the phone with 0.1x to score few more bad reviews =)

  • Rohit Patel

    It heats like hell .. and Bcuz of that battery lowers faster ..
    The best thing is you can make omelette when camera on ..

  • Eduardo Otero

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Dafuq off.

  • Amel_Marie

    No sweat :-)

  • Yeah you say that because i just fucking proved you wrong i just opened the camera and only saw option to change aspect ratio not resolution you are just roo much of a fanboy to admit it

  • Rhonda Chavez

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  • Apurba2790

    Hey…please let me know all the changes u found after updating.

  • Sasan89

    It’s pretty bad… If you use VPN and there is an application update going on in the background, an you are listening to Spotify during chat, it get’s to around 60 degrees Celsius. That’s in a normal room weather of around 27-28.

  • Sasan89

    I have z3+ and it gets rwally hot here is a cpu z screen shot after the startup. If you don’t believe this, i don’t know, what will you believe!

  • Sasan89

    Performance goes down of you push it to hard. It’s not noticeable if it’s at 1.56ghz but after getting really hot it takes down almost 4 of stronger cores.

  • jag

    Aah.. I guess you are right about that. They should make another patch for the camera and also we still haven’t received the 5.1 update yet.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Dafuq off with your delusional rants fanboy.

  • marcyff2

    yeah but how far off is it from 801 or 805? that is the question

  • Amel_Marie

    I found the Google play store and whatsapp had some animations, I didnt see any changes in camera and music. Numberic keyboard together with the alphabets. Hmm what else? But I spotted lags in settings and slide to unlock. Bold font of hour and minutes. That’s all I noticed. How about you?

  • Apurba2790

    Updating right now…w’ll let u know!!!

  • Amel_Marie

    Okay, let me know :-)

  • Alright show me where the fuck is 20mpx in auto mode here and stop being such a bitch i can only see aspect ratio butthurt much ?

  • Great Dude

    really **

  • Great Dude

    Is this article a good article for the feedback in your opinion :

  • Apurba2790

    Nothing exceptional….watever u said was right…a lil pissed of with the volume level…but really really fast and smooth!!

  • Amel_Marie

    Did you notice a little lag in settings?

  • Apurba2790

    nope! no lag at all!

  • Amel_Marie

    Weird, I felt it. Maybe the next update could fix it for me :-)

  • jag

    I did the repair last night and it seems that it does not heat up fast like it was before. Also the ram that the system is using is lesser now. Last time it is more than 2gb and now it is only at 600mb. Not sure maybe because all apps have just been freshly installed?

    The only thing I hate now is the “device may be monitored” message in the notification drawer.

  • nfs2010

    “…monitored” is caused by my Xperia protection. It’s like the “beware of dog” sign at your gate. I’d not worry about it.

    So repair killed a lot of junk processes in your case. My system takes up only ~650mb. Yours should be around that when things settle down. Freshly installed apps are likely to take up more RAM as you go. In the end, you’ll still see a net gain in free RAM after the repair.

  • MohammedM

    Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t repair it. Just updated to 5.1

  • Duncan Law

    MY Z3+ gets warm but my big problem is that my phone is now bent anyone else have this problem

  • jag

    Yup, that’s what i thought too.

    And from my recent observations, the battery management got better too. It now lasts longer than before repair . The camera can stay up longer too even with the AR mask camera app!! It does not heat up fast and does not shut down in less than 10 seconds like last time haha. Good thing I did the repair!! Thanks for the tip!

  • Kevin Pachää Khouyà

    I can see the notification icon of snapdragon app , its a shitty app … Uninstall it , after you have better battery

  • MohammedM

    The funny thing is that I only installed after I noticed the poor battery life. I think I may have got to the bottom of issue with Google play services using more battery than the screen. It seems that the Google Photos app is struggling to sync my photos. What is strange is that the Google plus photos was brilliant at synchronising my photos!

  • Chao Zhang

    I have to stop playing “Sky Force” after three or four round to cool down the phone…otherwise the game will be lag frequently…how do you think about it? decided to order the new iPhone in September…

  • David Williams

    I’ve had my Z3+ for just over a month here in the UK. It feels noticeably warm in my pocket, something I never experienced with my old Xperia SP. It isn’t uncomfortable and during most usage is not a problem. It becomes a significant problem when using the camera. Within seconds of opening the camera it is normal to get the over heating warning. It frequently shuts down which becomes a real irritation and has meant I have missed a couple action shots I was hoping to capture.
    My wife has the Z3 compact and does not have any problems. I have had some problems with stuttery video which I can’t be sure is not throttling issues related to heat. The camera specification was one the key USPs for getting this phone so it is very disappointing that this is where the phone is letting me down

  • jag
  • Leighton Cripps

    Well i have an Xperia Z3+ and i like the phone allot, it has everything i need in a phone at the moment apart from a few niggles and one major problem.

    It has overheating problems that render the camera completely inoperable. I cant just take a picture when i want to because it overheats and shuts down all the time. When it overheats the battery drain is immense.

    This one aspect is ruining the whole experience for me, please fix it Sony or replace my Z3+ with a Z5 and sue Qualcom for lost revenue.

  • Gabriel Voica
  • emmanuel david

    I’m using the dual variant.. I guess its the same with the single one..

  • Ceo Chances

    I got mine today I noticed heating almost immediately using it, not to hot average like the iphone and samsung edge. I was just charging the phone and tried to use camera it said it needs to cool down displayed on phone, I haven’t even took picture yet. It gets very hot at the top of the phone, near camera especially when using camera and lot stuff other media stuff. Smudges like hell too. Think I be taking it back and swap for a different phone. Not sure which one though I don’t like iphones and I have samsung edge.

    Inside the sim/ sd card holder a cardboard/plastic with ime and made in china TM I was told if I remove this it void warranty, I can help but think though wouldn’t this effect the phone. my network provider couldn’t say if it would of course.

  • Leznavi

    One question, what do You meany by ‘repair’? Do You mean to update you need Sony Software on your PC and process all updates only via PC software? Or something else?
    Thank You.

  • jag

    Yep! If your phone already has the latest software, PC companion will ask you if you want to repair your phone. It will delete all your data in your internal memory and perform a clean install of the latest software. This is the best way to have an optimum performance.

  • Leznavi

    Unfortunately it did not help my X Z3+ at all. Maybe cause I got only one update (here in UK) and surprisingly I’m still on A 5.0.2 not 5.1.1 (and that was supposed to be released for Z3+ in July????).
    So am not quite sure if I should switch to a regular Z3 or if maybe You know if Sony is just gonna jump with Z3+ straight to A 6.0?
    And got really disappointed that the phone gets annoyingly warm (or hot) by just browsing on Chrome or using WhatsApp.
    Unfortunately all Internet sources claim that I should be running A 5.1.1 by now. To add I’m using an originally sim-free phone.

  • vijay raja

    I just bought an Xperia z3+, an upgrade form my Xperia z2. Let me get straight to the point the phone does get warm while browsing or watching YouTube videos,but never hot unless of course you use the AR mask effects in the camera. Also to note while using the quick charger bundled with the phone it is recommended to charge the phone placed on and inclined plane with the camera end not touching any flat surface cause it could become quite hot. Apart from these nothing else deters my user expirence, it is snappy as ever and games run like a dream. If you have a z3 it is really not worth it anything else it is not a really bad choice

  • haunted1

    I got this phone 2 days back. Phone is working fine. Its shape and design is done very well.I got aqua green color which looks great. The quality of pictures from both(front and back) camera is superb quality.

    But there is one big problem with this handset::


    And not only that once the phone will heat up you wil not be able to use the camera of phone. You will hardy b able to click 2 or 3 pictures in a row and camera will close itself.

    Camera has so many different features but of no use;by the time u will start to click some picture the app will close saying “High temperature of device”. It is really annoying. Camera app cannot work continuously even for 2 min. It is big turn off after buying such an expensive phone.

    Want to return back this phone. Sony shame on you

  • Erklister Dometita Tipura

    Go to manual mode.. you’ll see the 20 mega pixel there.. and one more thing manual is better than auti shoot…

  • How to fix your phone getting overheat -14 Reasons and answers

  • Suntani Prime

    I have this device, I have used it for around a month now and it is riddled with issues. I have owned four Sony Z’s ( Z, Z1, Z2 and Z3) this device the Z3+ is without a shadow of a doubt the most disappointing of them all.

    Yes, the device gets hot, it gets very hot infact. I can record around 60 seconds of 4k video before the camera shuts down, calling causes the phone to over heat, browsing and listening to music.

    I would hate to think how it must react during game play?!!

    The device is also laggy, with poor touch response. It is an absolute shambles by anyones standard. I have owned LG G3 and 4 this year also a S6, the Sony Z3+ is not even worthy of the same league as these devices, it is for me the equivalent of a Samsung S2, that is where I would pitch it against.

    Terrible, terrible device.

  • Calin

    Actually the overheating is worse. I forgot my camera and was trying to take some photos with Z3+. Application shutting down after a photo or two. I cooled the phone with running water (at least I had this option) but didn’t help much, application closing after 4 photos. Since I was walking around, I did not have the running water all the time. Even cooling the phone with car AC didn’t help for too long, once out of the car I got back to square one: a photo or two, then shutdown.

    In addition, if wearing polarized sunglasses, the screen is not visible if rotated horizontally (i.e. 90 degrees from normal portrait view, in order to take a landscape photo). One can’t wear sunglasses when taking a photo. :)

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