Xperia Keyboard update (6.7.A.0.84) adds numeric row, Punjabi language support and more

by XB on 29th July 2015

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Xperia Keyboard_6.7.A.0.84_1Sony Mobile recently updated the Xperia Keyboard within the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop builds to add a numeric row on phones. It has now pushed a separate update on the Google Play Store with a similar changelog, allowing everyone to access the new features and moving the build number from 6.6.A.0.52 to version 6.7.A.0.84.

Apart from adding a numeric row, other improvements include a new layout for number fields, Punjabi language support and access to more word suggestions on phones by long pressing the “…” in the word choice menu (only available if more than three choices are available).

DOWNLOAD APK: Xperia Keyboard (6.7.A.0.84)

Xperia Keyboard_6.7.A.0.84_1 Xperia Keyboard_6.7.A.0.84_2

Xperia Keyboard_6.7.A.0.84_3 Xperia Keyboard_6.7.A.0.84_4

Thanks Sasa!

  • serendipity1002

    I thought numeric key row has been available long time ago? I’ve been using it on Z Ultra ever since kitkat. The multiword prediction, on the other hand, is really a nice addition that I haven’t seen on other keyboard apps (however, my experience is quite limited)

  • Luis

    X2. I guess they based it off screen size


    why it is 6.6.A.0.52 for me on google play?

  • When will it have proper capitalisation options? Current doesn’t seem to work accordingly, it is always capitalising first word.

  • shhh

    Does it have dancing emojis?

  • Ivan Krušlin

    Is this for Lollipop only?

  • wait for some time

  • Shivers

    I also had the numeric key on my z3 and z for ages, however I set the dpi to 320

  • nfs2010

    Mine is actually always NOT capitalizing the first word, which is also an issue. Problem is that it can’t remember ‘the up arrow setting’ every time you (close &) reopen the keyboard.

  • serendipity1002

    yeah likely based on screen’s dpi

  • Fadi Obaya

    I had numeric keys since last year when I bought my ZU last summer.

  • SM

    can I install it on my Xm running Android 4.3? APK like?

  • Damon Adrian

    Why use this when you can use Google keyboard?

  • Why use Google keyboard when you can use Swiftkey? :-p

  • Abhinav Tella

    And why use that when you can use your voice lol?

  • mUSICA

    i dnt see the update on playstore running stock 5.0.2 on Zr

  • bilomar

    Not compatible with 5.0.2

  • bilomar

    Yes I think 5.1 only. I tried to install the one from 5.1 rom on 5.0.2 but it failed

  • WilliamTell13

    I just downloaded it, it’s definitely compatible with 5.0.2

  • Rene Pedroso

    I have XZ3+ running 5.0.2 and it installed perfectly.

  • Augustine Kau
  • MoYeung

    Another version released earlier not working with 5.0.2, but this version does.

  • ????????????

    err.. can’t we use our brainwaves? lol
    ~people getting lazier by second~

  • bilomar

    Ok i tried the previous version and it didn’t work when I was on 5.0.2

  • yuanhui502

    never used sony xperia’s original keyboard, would like google’s for english input and touchpal for other language.

  • jxPerience

    it’s ugly

  • jxPerience

    don’t you realized that the screened shot photos we’re both taken with kik kat? check the UI

  • Engin Okumus

    Great!! finally

  • fried_egg

    the biggest problem with the keyboard has been around for the last couple of years… when the phone goes into landscape the bottom row sits “below” the thumb arc line… making it really hard to hit the space etc keys when holding it either side with both hands… previous versions saw the page back/home etc bar also rotate to the bottom meaning the bottom line of the qwerty board was higher on the screen. even the demo app pictures for both the sony & google keyboards show the “home bar” sitting below the bottom keyboard row in the app shop but does not happen in real life. really annoying… i want to be able to lift the keyboard position or put the home bar back under the keyboard rather than it staying on the right of the screen.

  • Musadiqkhan
  • Sho Firdaus

    I prefer the bigger and consistent size of keys on google keyboard (one of my main gripes with sony keyboard) but ‘Smart language detection’ & ‘Use my writing style’ is just too awesome for multiple language & slang suggestions.

  • Amel_Marie

    Haven’t received the update yet.

  • Sadman Khan

    I really wanna get the S820 Z5 whenever it releases :(

  • mUSICA

    i downloaded manualy n it worked lol playstore still shows onld ver

  • Melvin Mejia

    Is working fine on Xperia Z1c no problems lollipop 5.0.2

  • aiamkesz

    Thank you for the numeric row for all devices, Sony.

  • Zero-21XX

    I have XZ3 running 5.0.2 and it installed perfectly.

  • Zero-21XX

    I have XZ3 running 5.0.2 and no problem

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