Flashtool update ( adds support for 2015 Xperia models

by XB on 31st July 2015

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screenshot1Flashtool developer Androxyde has pushed a latest version of the popular Sony Xperia utility moving it to build number The latest release now supports the latest Sony Xperia devices such as the Xperia Z3+, Z4 Tablet and for the first time MediaTek-based devices are also supported such as the Xperia E4 and E4g series.

We would advise some caution before updating however. Flashtool now needs a template script for your particular handset before a FTF firmware file can be flashed. This can be generated by a program such as Simple USB Logger, but the procedure to capture this data is complex.

This particular Flashtool release only supports the following models: Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3+, Z4 Tablet, E4, E4g and M4. Androxyde will add a tutorial shortly on how to generate and add new FSC’s (Flashtool script) to increase compatibility. In the meantime, if you have a different device, stick to the older build (

  • nfs2010

    Hey XB, Do you guys know how I could back up TA before rooting? It seems to be a chicken & egg problem.

  • Raymond

    Works a treat on Windows 10, assuming you have drivers installed of course.

  • Damon Adrian

    Backup ta is for unlocking the bootloader, not root.

  • nfs2010

    Let me be clear, I want to ul the bootloader & root as well

  • Damon Adrian

    Backup the ta then… There lots of tools on XDA. You can unlock the boot loader without root, and vise versa. Rooting does not remove the ta. Unlocking the bootloader does.. So backup your ta then unlock bootloader. I recommend to root after unlocking. But if something goes wrong with your phone when rooting I’m not responsible.

  • Lukas

    cannot open installation file in Windows 10

  • nfs2010

    ” I recommend to root after unlocking” – That’s exactly what I’m trying to do!!

    So how can I back up TA before rooting & unlocking? All the TA tools I have checked out require rooted devices.

  • Damon Adrian

    On yeah I forgot that. Sorry… This guide is coming from a guy that lost his ta.

    1. Root the phone
    2.Backup the ta
    3.unlock BL

    So now you understand… I guess.

  • Qays Muhammad

    Depending on the device you have you will need to root it first while the bootloader is still locked to preserve the TA partition for backing up. First make sure that you are using a firmware that has a root exploit for it available for you to use. Follow the steps that it requires and root your device then use a tool that does a TA backup before unlocking the bootloader.
    All handsets with the exception of the newer 2015 phones have root for locked bootloaders if I am not mistaken and details can be found on XDA. Good luck.

  • Sergio

    If you need to use this flashtools with a XPERIA M2 device, you can grab my FSC from here: forum[.]xda-developers[.]com[/]attachment.php?attachmentid=3424188&d=1438348290 (Remove the [ ])

  • nfs2010

    Mine is a 2015 phone. I guess I have to find out a fw with root exploit. Thanks!

  • nfs2010


  • H-R-K
  • Off topic

    Now on 5.1.1 we can do this :D

  • amit kumar anand

    Z ultra update in 5.1.1 im which date please tell me xb

  • Sergio

    Redownload. It’s working fine here. Win10 Pro MSDN

  • mukul verma

    Xb will not tell u, Sony will..zultra update will come at mid to end month of August..so wait till..

  • amit kumar anand

    How u can tell us .

  • amit kumar anand

    Please tell us how to make TA back up. How can root and flash. And unlocked bootloader

  • Arian Hajiakbar

    im confused. so for example if I have M4 aqua with new flashtool version. do i still need script to flash something?

  • This particular Flashtool release only supports the following models: Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3, Z3+, Z4 Tablet, E4, E4g and M4. Androxyde will add a tutorial shortly on how to generate and add new FSC’s (Flashtool script) to increase compatibility.

    I guess it comes with the scripts for those devices only. Let me confirm

  • Arian Hajiakbar

    just tried. It still needs the script for M4 Aqua. Thanks

  • Yaaaaaay (not)

  • Anyone on OS X El Capitan beta here? Is Flashtool (any version) working for you?

  • Does this support Windows 10

  • Betty M. McKinney
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  • faranjosh

    Xperia now Read More

  • ShirleyRManley
  • Arcanjo Wenderson

    Sergio, please send to me this archieve.
    I can’t open from this link.

  • mrninko
  • Sergio

    Yes, here you are

    Remember to place files in: C:Users.flashToolmydevices. In my case, it’s C:Userslinux.flashToolmydevicesD230X

  • Arcanjo Wenderson

    Thank you so much Sergio.
    It’s worked so well.

  • Shine

    Hi guys, I am trying to flash a custom room on a xperia Z. But this latest version of flashtool is not opening on my windows 10 PC. I have tried running as admin and I checked all of my java settings. I don’t find any solution to make this flashtool work… Any suggestions guys?

  • jadeja kuldeepsinh

    hello, i want to roll back to kitkat from lollipop in my XPERIA M2 DUAL D2302.
    While installing drivers in flashtool, can’t find drivers for particular M2 Dual. Please help asap.

  • Marat Gorivodsky

    I have Xperia z3c rooted with installed pre-rooted zip of Lollipop 5.1.1
    Now, in your youtube tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iL9T-MHH20 you suggest to make a final step to flash again the FTF file with Flashmode. First, why it is necessary? Second, I see you’re using different version of Flashtool.
    In my version in the exclusion list in addition to the System and Partition I also have Bootbundle, Baseband and TA. Should I check these factors for exclusion or enough just System and Partition. Especially I’m worrying about TA.

  • John Edwards

    Would it be worth trying another app to capture usb data such as USB port sniffer?(http://www.eltima.com/products/usb-sniffer/)

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