Sony Japan issues recall for GCM10 DUALSHOCK 4 Gaming Mount

by XB on 6th August 2015

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Sony Game Control Mount GCM10 recall_2Sony Japan is offering a free replacement to those that own the GCM10 Game Control Mount after discovering build quality issues. The Sony Game Control Mount GCM10 is used to attach a Sony DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to an Xperia device, particularly useful for those PS4 Remote Play sessions.

Some of the older GCM10 Mounts were subject to cracked hinges that support the controller (see the pictures below), therefore Sony Japan will now exchange these for a brand new mount free of charge until 31 March 2016. All details on how to exchange the mount are included in the source link. There is no word whether this is an issue outside of Japan, or whether Sony plans to run a similar program. If you own the GCM10 Gaming Mount, have you had any issues with cracked hinges? Let us know in the comments below.

Sony Game Control Mount GCM10 recall_1

Sony Game Control Mount GCM10 recall_2

Via Sony Mobile Japan.

  • joseph carmine nero

    I plan on buying one for my Z2 when i get PS4

  • GigaSPX

    I own one and I don’t see any issues with mine. It is best to note that if you’re visiting a Sony store overseas and not in the US, you can buy one for cheaper. I bought mine from Verizon for $40, at a Sony store in Bangkok Thailand, it was only $26.

  • Kotatsu

    I’m about to buy this one.
    Guess i’ll wait a little longer then.

  • FelixVienne

    So it’s only for Japanese customers ?

  • Kotatsu

    I use my DS4 to play some Android games that support gamepad.
    The DS4 is the best controller for all your needs, IMO.
    It’s not limited to be used with PS4.
    I always use it for desktop and Android either as gamepad or a touchpad.

  • Kotatsu

    Not yet :)

  • geravigo

    That happened to mine

  • theskig

    I want to buy one, thanks for this news.
    I miss my Xperia Play and I want to play SEGA Genesis games in a proper way on my Z3 :)

  • imparanoic

    Best to use the cheaper dual shock controller ps3 for emulation, you can get a third party game klip for cheap, don’t update to 5.1 lollipop as you lose these feature, only ps4 dual shock controller support which is more expensive

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    When I got mine the box was battered but I guess thats eBay I also have cracked hinges very noticeable too bad I live in the uk

  • theskig

    I still have KitKat on my Z3 Dual but I need to buy a new controller so I prefer to spend 20 euro more and have the latest model with no support issue in future

  • imparanoic

    You can get a decent quality original (not fake) used ps3 dualshock controller for as little as 12 euro /10gbp /hkd120/usd15 nowadays

    I have 3 dedicated ps3 dualshock controller for ps3, hori ps3 controller, a separate dedicated ps3 dual shock controller for my z2, dedicated dual shock controller for xperia tablet z, even another one ps3 dual shock controller for my psp go ( with 720p full screen upscaler converter)

    Can’t be bothered to re assign controller each time to each machine. And 45 euro for ps4 dual shock controller is too expensive

  • Kotatsu

    I can relate to why ds3 is “better” choice if you use it only for Android/device other than PS4 and PC.
    But to me ds4 is way more ergonomic and comfortable to hold.
    The buttons are also better. Especially the d-pad and the L2/R2.
    I’ve always been using the touchpad as a mouse on PC or as extra swipe controls.
    It also works great if you use steam. You don’t need to move from your sofa at all.
    And as bonuses, you can customize the light bar color and rumble intensity (only on PS4 or PC though).

    Each to their own i guess :)

  • theskig

    Do you use it with a Xperia smartphone?

  • Kotatsu

    Xperia and on a Motorola phone.
    One of my friends is also using it on Asus Padfone.
    You can directly paired it by bluetooth or via otg cable.

  • theskig

    Can you use the trackpad as a mouse on the phone?

  • Kotatsu

    My Xperia is not a PS certified device, dunno if it’s the reason.
    Besides that, when i tested the rumble/vibration, the Android API couldn’t detect the vibrator service on the DS4.
    AFAIK, there’s no native driver support for DS4 controller yet (in Android).
    Maybe PS certified devices provide the support.

    That’s why i agree that DS3 is better choice if you only use it on your phone.

  • alejandro bona

    both the hinges on mine are shattered! I bought it in the Netherlands. Where can I get a replacement?

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