Sony Xperia marketing commences in UEFA partnership

by XB on 12th August 2015

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Sony Xperia UEFA Marketing_4Sony Mobile has started to push its brand awareness campaign through its UEFA European football partnership. Sony announced a few months back that it would extend its UEFA partnership to include Sony Mobile up until the season commencing 2017/18. This means that Sony has a great chance to extend awareness around the ‘Xperia’ brand across UEFA Champions League matches.

The campaign kicked off with a bang last night during the high-scoring UEFA Super Cup between Barcelona and Sevilla. The match saw “Sony Xperia” and “Xperia Z3+” ads frequently displayed on the electronic pitchside billboards, which is a great sign of things to come as Sony raises awareness of its mobile offering across Europe and the world (the UEFA Champions League has a huge global audience).

Sony Xperia UEFA Marketing_1

Sony Xperia UEFA Marketing_2

Sony Xperia UEFA Marketing_3

Sony Xperia UEFA Marketing_4

Thanks Madhu!

  • Daniel Craig

    I hope this will help Sony.

  • Timel

    did they really have to start with Z3+, a failure device? No doubt, the match was quite ‘heated up’ towards the end..

  • Stephen

    until we see the sd820 in xperia phones ill be holding onto my z3c
    wishing that z5c will launch next year with sd820

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Let me see… oh the field was burned !!

  • kido

    Two free kicks 2 goals, all hail messi… Lol

  • kido

    Because of messi yes.. Lol

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  • iia3ezu

    HTC did that but it did nothing much for sales.

    Good luck Sony.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    They need to do promotions in the US and Canada. Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL etc. Sony is already popular in Europe and Asia.

  • ZeRo+

    Marketing can’t help Sony-mobile, can help only new high-quality programmers, which the company does not have and is unlikely to ever be have!

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  • I agree 100%. Without the US market, it is as good as dead

  • Geese Howard

    I doubt it will do much. Most of the people who go to watch football (soccer in the US) are only there for the game, booze, and junk food. They could careless about advertisements unless it appears on a big screen or in a picture form. Sometimes action speaks more than words.

  • laci_csk

    Yeah, US = world LOL

  • jxPerience

    it could have been a good marketing if it has photo of xperia z3+

  • ryq24

    A lot of people don’t know what sony xperia is! Sony should be more specific!

  • Matt

    true , because xperia always lags with bloated touchwizz on them . . . oh wait it doesnt

  • Yeah, but jokes aside, Xperia needs both marketing and more programmers. The 5.1.1 update wasn’t slow but it’s quite buggy, on my Z2 at least.

  • Matt

    marketing which they now trying to do . . .

    hmm quite buggy? what do you mean?? its mosty good on my z3

  • haxona

    Wow, have you even used a Z3+ because I have for 7 weeks now and its been through hell literally(40 C heat outside) and it still managed better than my old Z2. The phone is the best looking Z phone yet IMO and the features are just as awesome on other Xperias. So quit your yapping and please for the love of everyone and everything stop commenting on every damn xperia post.

  • Nice move Sony ;)

    Hope more and more ppl will buy Xperias ;)

  • Xperia Z5C will launch in September with SD810 ;)

  • Small app Calculator resets when I rotate the screen. There are visual glitches in Hangouts and some other apps every once in a while. Battery life is disastrous. Normally I would have done a factory reset, but I can’t do it at the moment and probably not until the end of the year. Not that I should be forced to do it in the first place.

  • Matt

    hmm,did you do dirty upgrade or clean install?
    if dirty upgrade is the case, then a factory reset should do it.
    if not i would resort to flashtool and go back to the beloved kitkat.
    Disastrous battery life ? check your apps first before shouting at anyone.
    (I assume youre a power user. ) because its fine with me, not as great as kitkat but not extremely bad either.

    it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise really that fist wave of software update will yield to a problem or two. We cant be on bleeding edge without risk. After all its you who pressed the update button.

  • No No No! US is NEVER equal to world.
    If you’re trying to compare a country that having a strong feet there is enough and as good as the world, then it is China. Remember, Alibaba, and Baidu?

  • This isn’t their first time, so will it even change anything?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Pretty much yes. US has a huge population changing their devices every 6 months. Thus huge mobile sales. Its one of the top 5 markets.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Not possible because of brands like Xiaomi.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    While this totally agree with you that they should do massive promotions in the USA and Canada, but there is one big problem even if they increase brand awareness–there are no carriers who would sell their phones! And even if they have presence with Verizon or T-Mobile…this does not help because they only sell the flaghsips (not to mention a modified one in Verizon’s case!!!)…they don’t carry the low-end or mid-range Xperias–which is generally more affordable than a Z3+ (or whatever Verizon wants to call it).

    That being said, US market is a big puzzle for Sony Mobile that they haven’t discovered how to resolve–yet.

    Besides, I personally noticed (through friends/families/colleagues) that US consumers appear to be sooooo loyal to Apples…. Samsungs…. Motos…. Nexus…. OnePluses….etc.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    There is! If you look closely, there are images of the phone that is displayed alongside the branding. :-)

  • Timel

    Don’t get all heated up! Cool down :)
    As for your experience with Z3+, it’s your word against plenty others’. Why would Japanese service providers show a disclaimer for heat issues while selling Z3+? They didn’t do so for Z1/2/3. As for Z2, I have used that device (amongst many others) for a while. You would be an absolute liar if you will say that the phone didn’t heat up within 2-3 minutes of being on call (that’s whats a phone for btw). The top portion got dangerously hot and let anyone come and challenge that..I don’t care about all the gimmicky internal temperatures I just care about what I can feel and I didn’t want to put that thing against my ears..lastly, me being here is a huge favor to the blog and Sony fans as at least I can make you look beyond the haze of fanboyism..

  • nfs2010

    Now you’re lying, Timel. I play games everyday for 30/40 minutes on Z3+. It doesn’t get dangerously hot. My Z2 gets warmer & starts dropping frames quite a bit with the same workload. Also, save this ‘used it for a while, used my imaginary friend’s imaginary Z3+ & what not’ BS next time. Nobody buys those BS anyway. You don’t want it, fine! Move on.

  • I will not roll back to KitKat, I will not consider myself responsible for my phone being buggy, and I especially will not wipe my phone clean every time I update. My apps might be the ones draining the battery, but those are the same apps I had on KitKat.

  • Timel

    I never said I tried the Z3+ did I? I said I have used the Z2 for some time. And I mentioned heating up while on call and not while gaming. I have been very precise and accurate about my feedback so think before you react.

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    And My z2 5.1.1 isn’t buggy at all, perharps you should do a clean install,..

  • Rikimaru Azuma

    Z3+ is great, live with a S810 isn’t a problem…

  • And I probably will do just that one day, but as a user, it’s not something I should do to keep my phone running smooth. Yes, I am a power user, but a mainstream smartphone can’t play on that card.

  • nfs2010

    Sorry! Didn’t you just edit it :P I thought ‘it’ -> Z3+. Anyways, Z2 doesn’t get ‘dangerously’ hot either – I have been using it for 1.5 years! If you are a long time Xperia users, you should already know that glass phones feel ‘warmer’ than plastic ones.

  • Timel

    Edit was to add hot in front of dangerously if you are so keen on finding things. Secondly you’re right; ‘warmer’ in comparison to plastic phones but ‘hot’ in it’s own right. Try making a call to your loved ones for more than 2-3 minutes and then provide an honest feedback right here. Gotta submit a detailed inventory analysis file..back to work.

  • nfs2010

    That’s why I said you get used to it if you’re a long time Xperia user.

    No problem, have fun at work :P

  • Timel

    Didn’t you say you ‘want the best’ 007?

  • nfs2010

    Lollipop has a horrendous bug called ‘mobile radio active’ Basically, on mobile data, apps keep on using modem even though phone is screen locked. You could easily verify this from the battery usage page by comparing SoT to ridiculously high ‘radio active’ numbers from most apps. Google hasn’t done anything to fix this which is really pathetic.

    You also got a great point about updates. It’s very annoying to do a clean wipe after every update. I always have to use PC comp. (instead of OTA) & do a repair right away. It needs to be fixed.

  • Matt

    ok just sit there with buggy phone and complain.

    i tried to help , but if you do not wish to be helped dont complain.

  • Saif Shahin

    i hate people who say US= world ITS A NORMAL COUNTRY so shut up, also football (soccer) is the most watched sport in the world. They shoud do it in the NFL, but they pick the most popular sport. US= NORMAL COUNTRY

  • Saif Shahin

    US is not the whole world

  • 2015 ;) On IFA in Berlin ;)

  • Thank you very much for your help, but you told me nothing I didn’t already know, and what I know doesn’t solve my problem, whether it be because of my principles or my laziness.

  • Daniel Craig

    Totally unrelated to what I said.

  • Timel

    This was a reference to Daniel’s comment about product endorsement in the next flick when he wanted to go with Samsung..anyway, the forum could do with some humor or so I thought

  • laci_csk

    How many people?

  • laci_csk

    But they want to be.

  • Daniel Craig

    Yeah I know about it.

  • Geese Howard

    No shit my friend :D

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