Six new ‘Style Portrait’ camera apps hit the Google Play Store

by XB on 19th August 2015

in Applications, Imaging

wpid-wp-1439974772087.jpegSony Mobile has released six new Add-On effects for the “Style Portrait” camera application, which recently launched on the Google Play Store. The six new effects include Germany, Vampire, Cleopatra, Flames, Beijing Opera and LOMO. You can find pictures and Google Play Store links for each new effect below.

Style Portrait Add-On:  Germany


Style Portrait Add-On: Vampire


Style Portrait Add-On: Cleopatra


Style Portrait Add-On: Flames


Style Portrait Add-On: Opera


Style Portrait Add-On: LOMO


  • I don’t care what Style Portrait they use on this model, she’s still BEAUTIFUL!! :-)

  • Igor Eisberg

    Could someone dump some APKs here? It says those styles are incompatible with my Z1.

  • iia3ezu

    If you are a straight guy, don’t apply Cleopatra to your photos.

  • theskig

    ahahahah :)

  • Samuel

    Don’t worry. I’m gonna upload them all to MEGA, MediaFire and 4Shared (18 effects)

  • Igor Eisberg

    Much appreciated!

  • Samuel

    Download all the 18 Effects available! I’m gonna post links below… (16.5 MB non flashable .zip)

  • Samuel
  • Samuel
  • Samuel
  • Samuel
  • Samuel

    4 mirrors added with all the available effects

  • Alvin

    Lomo is cool

  • echomrg

    why? he looks fabulous! :P

  • Dunexus

    Truly outrageous !

  • Lol! :-)

  • @theskig:disqus You, sir, have a nice phone as your profile pic! :-)

  • Prasad Daki

    Why is this app not available for Xperia T3???

  • theskig

    Thanks man!

  • theskig

    Thanks, I still own it in perfect working conditions!

  • How do you keep it in that condition? My P990i slowed down to a crawl and the hardware eventually started failing about three years after I got it.

  • theskig

    I used it for a year and after i swapped to a p910 and was working perfectly. Still own P800, P910, P990, P1 all in working conditions exept the p910 with broken screen by my ex-girlfriend

  • Micro

    thanks, dude!

  • KzX

    It’s only for lollipop and above, sorry guy.

  • Timel

    Not a bad app

  • Ayad Fahos

    Can you fix ussd code in z3 dual

  • maggiejtillson




  • jxPerience

    are these add ons are made for ladies only??? As a guy, for sure i cannot post on my FB or IG account with these filters

  • jxPerience

    coming in 3 weeks time

  • nataliehscot

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  • Alina Chirica

    After update, my old effect HDR (from edit with photos) has disappeared :( Why???
    How can i find it?

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