Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact hit benchmark; confirms specs

by XB on 1st September 2015

in Rumours, Xperia Z5 series

Sony-Xperia-LogoWe have already seen much of Sony’s new Xperia flagship devices, due to be announced tomorrow as IFA 2015 kicks off. Now the Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact have both appeared in the GFXBench benchmark confirming some of the specifications already rumoured.

The benchmark points to the Xperia Z5 having a 5.1-inch 1080p display, with the Xperia Z5 Compact sporting a 4.5-inch 720p display. We believe these rounded down numbers may relate to the display real estate excluding the on-screen buttons as we expect the Xperia Z5 to have a 5.2-inch display with the Xperia Z5 Compact at 4.6-inches.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and 32GB internal storage is once again confirmed for both handsets, with the Xperia Z5 having 3GB RAM and Xperia Z5 Compact with 2GB RAM. A front-facing camera of 5MP is expected of both units as well as a 23MP rear camera. We’ll bring you full official specs tomorrow when the formal announcement takes place.

Sony Xperia Z5 (E6653) GFXBench

Sony Xperia Z5 (E6653) GFXBench

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (E5823) GFXBench

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (E5823) GFXBench

Thanks Niels, Peter and Svnjay!

  • Ilya Panasenko

    “picture: 7MP”
    is there a mistake? should be 23MP, I guess

    and Snapdragon 810 :(

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Snapdragon 810 !!!!!!!

  • mawhob22222


    Tomorrow will see #best #phone

  • the truth

    gfxbench isnt good about screen size and cameras so dont count it about them

  • DestroyTP

    It’s a fake because z5 an z5c are 23 MP back camera and 8 MP front camera .. No 7 MP and 4,8 MP

  • aksem

    not even the inside calls my attention.. to standard… nothing “explosive” that makes me turn the head. Sad..

  • nick sweden

    nice _=) 4.5″ smaller and smaller but premuim.:)

  • Battal Aljadei

    That’s because it’s in Auto mode which’s 8MP by default .

  • pt020

    The on screen buttons do not take place from the screen,nonsense.

  • pt020

    You can adjust the resolution on the phone.
    My Z3 Compact has 20.7MP but most pictures I take have or 8MP or 15.5,
    but you can go down to 2MP.

  • pt020

    You can adjust it on the phone.
    My Z3 Compact has 20.7MP but most pictures I take have or 8MP or 15.5, but you can go down to 2MP

  • Arngrim

    I thought the whole thing about Xperia series was that they didnt make the smaller phone any worse? Yet the Z5 compact has less memory? Is this standard for the compact version? Maybe i should go regular Z5 afterall then. (Granted any of the two is better then my S4 at the moment so dont matter i guess).

  • kido

    to hell with the 5mp front facing camera.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    It might be 8mp. Even bck camera here shows 7mp !!!

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  • Svnjay

    The Z3 Compact had less memory.

  • Luxsaan06

    The Z5P, Z5 n Z5C has the Auto mode set at 20MP as soon in the video leaked earlier.

  • pt020

    In all tests the Z3 Compact with it’s 2GB is faster than the Z3 with 3GB,must be the smaller screen.

  • Arngrim

    aight, good to know its been like that before then. :)

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    C5 ultra and M5 got 13MP Front camera but the flagship got only 5MP…

    What the hell are you thinking—-!!!!!

  • DBS

    So, IF these specs are true, the difference between the Z3Compact and Z5Compact is that the Z5C has 32GB of built in storage and a frying pan in the place of a good processor.

    With Qi charging, OIS and proper manual controls very likely absent from the phone, I have zero reasons to buy a Z5C to replace my Z3C. On the contrary, the presence of the SD810 and Android Lollipop are two excellent reasons NOT to buy a Z5C instead of a Z3C.

  • Alvin

    Alright… The front camera i was hoping are 13 mp, or at least 8mp.. But if the quality will be better, i won’t be complaining

  • Is it me or is the z5 compact not as well anticipated as the original Z5 or Z5P? does anyone even care about the compact version lol

  • Jonfensu

    Have you look the HOLE in the front of C5 and M5? It looks disgusting!

  • Yali AA

    only 2 of them………………………

  • Raj Singh

    It’s a shame to see the 810 on this…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I don’t think so. It look cool to me and it have a very good quality as I have try it already.

  • nfs2010

    Z5C is going to be the fps king as usual. I wish there an ultra with 720p screen lol It’d have been one heck of a gaming phone.

  • jamie evans

    You mentioned that 50% of Z5 family will come with 820…

  • Mario Junior

    4.5″ screen of Z5 compact

    WTF Sony ¬¬

  • eur3kasizm

    Is there gonna be 64 gb version? I love my z2 but seriously, 16 gb?? My app cache is 4 gb and i dont think 32 gb is enough.

  • pt020

    I had almost every camera Sony/Sony Ericsson had…
    The one I liked the most was the 5.0MP (Elm/Mini Pro) it made not such sharp pictures as the 20.7 in a good light does,but it was a camera I could trust that every picture will be good.
    The most disappointing was the 8.0MP on the W995.

  • pt020

    I agree with you but 5.1.1 works very well on my Z3C,no problems at all,fast and smooth.
    I also like the frame and thickness of the new Z5C.

  • ymytbb .

    810 CONFIRMED? HD for compact CONFIRMED? really? I still have some hope to get Z5C with FHD and 820. Still, I know Z5 Premium is the marquee phone at IFA2015.

  • ymytbb .

    820 lol?

  • Thariq Mohammed

    I think manual mode is going to have new camera api2(manual camera) support

  • ZXcorr

    Have we heard anything about wireless charging capabilities?

  • DBS

    Yeah but memory management on Lollipop is still a disaster. Although, as a disclaimer, I was talking about Lollipop in general, I can’t stand the childish colours through the OS and I can’t stand that Sony locked the Theme engine to the point of preventing us to do stuff like we could on KitKat like changing the background colours of the settings pages etc.

  • Sadman Khan

    Memory management on 5.0.2 is shit but amazing on 5.1.1

  • el_sur

    5MP front camera is disappointing

  • el_sur

    i def do. the compact series is the perfect size phone for me. you can only appreciate it if you have used it.

  • Rr9

    I cry for 810.
    Sony gods didnt bless us with 820, even tho i dont think thats released

  • Yasir Fawad

    Xperia z5 compact = 37fps vs s6 = 6.6fps vs z5 = 16fps

  • Don Reba

    Xperias are the best phones smaller than 5″. It’s an unremarkable brand otherwise.

  • nfs2010

    Memory management shit exists mostly on Crapsung phones. I have zero issue on ZL & Z3+ (both are running 5.0.2)

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  • kido

    that implies that the 5mp size will probably have a photo ratio of 16:9 and the full ress size (8mp) will probably be 4:3 ratio.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    I was expecting 3GB RAM in Z5 Compact.

  • Alumine

    Curious on how the Z5P isn’t part of this. I want to know what SoC they use to power the (supposedly) 4K screen.

  • Jan H.

    FullHD@4,6″ = wasted battery IMHO. I would have loved to see the 820 too, though.

  • iia3ezu

    820 isn’t yet released, so the other alternative is Helio X10, which is far worse.

  • iia3ezu

    Front facing camera is 5MP… so the same as the Xperia C3 then.

  • iia3ezu

    Sony’s choices:

    1) Don’t release the Z5 now, wait till Q1 2016 when the Snapdragon 820 is out.
    2) Use the Snapdragon 810.
    3) Use a Mediatek chip, perhaps the Helio X10.
    4) Use the Snapdragon 808.
    5) Use the Samsung Exynos.

    Pick yer poison, fanboys.

  • insyt

    Yeah the 810 with those screen resolutions seems to be working pretty well.

  • insyt

    And the 810 seems to be kicking a.s.s on the compact model.

  • insyt

    Judging by the benchmarks, looks like the 810 is built for 720p.

  • iia3ezu

    Let’s wait for the Xperia Z6.

    1) Snapdragon 820
    2) 4K screen
    3) Android 6.0 (‘Marshmallow’)
    4) USB-C
    5) 4 GB RAM

    Personally, I really don’t care if a phone is waterproof, Sony should use the wafer thin bezel design on the C5 Ultra and put it in a Z-series phone. Waterproof should be a unique selling point of the M-series phones (similar to the Samsung Galaxy Active phones).

    Next year Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and even the likes of Xiaomi will up the ante and provide greater competition. There is no point playing it conservative. Cast away your foolish Japanese pride and make a proper flagship phone.

  • insyt

    If you check out gfx bench, the compact’s score is double that of the regular z5.

  • eeke4jooz

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  • H-R-K
  • fried_egg

    the flagship doesnt have to have all the features of the phones below it, especially when the feature is a “specific” differentiation… bentley & bugatti are just big vw’s but neither do a “van” version of their cars like vw does…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    at least make it not so bad when compare to the below model. :P 8MP is acceptable but 5MP… Umm nooooooooooo

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    I heard that the Snapdragon 810 doesn’t heat up in the OnePlus Two. Is it true?

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  • Tjaldid

    just check the reviews… or youtube

  • pt020

    If you want different OS colors just change the theme or download the one you like.
    I changed everything to black and white,

  • pt020

    Sonys 5MP camera is better than the 8MP
    And this phone is not a selfie phone.

  • SONY only
  • pt020

    They did not bless you because it still does not exist.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Well what about huawei P8. That was not selfie-focus phone also but it still got 8MP front camera. I have try it and it was better than the one on C4 :P

  • Akand

    Disappointing specifications. Lost interest again. :-(

  • Brick

    I think this Snap810 overheat issue is way overblown. All phones do some kind of throttle when they heat up or they’ll burn themselves out. Even if the Snap810 is slightly hotter than competing processors I really doubt the issue is as severe as you make it out to be.

    Not a big deal for me anyway since I’ll keep my Z3 for a long time.

  • jauling

    its soooo weak that the Z5C doesnt have 3GB RAM

  • pt020

    Just buy yourself the C5 and you will also save money.

  • Akand

    Turned me down. :-(

  • spade

    I don’t mind S810, but 2GB ram for Z5C?

  • Kompa_

    Now I just want to know the battery size.
    Might aswell just go buy the Z3C now.

  • Alz

    Same here. Kinda disappointed about that but thankfully it comes with 32gb this time.

  • Mac

    I was like wait what!? Another reason not to upgrade from Z1C

  • adneon0

    The same thing again and again SONY..!! Why ?? So excited i was and then this leaks ruined my day! I want those days backs.. After Xperia Z line things have started getting saturated..

  • Sadman Khan

    There’s no problem on Z3+. The problem’s mainly on Z3 and Z3c. For example searching on chrome while using skype, would close skype down. Issue was not present on 4.4.4 and isn’t present on 5.1.1

  • Paul M

    no sign of a replacement for the Z Ultra :-(

  • Paul M

    I think if I had a Z3 I would wait 6 months for the Z5S update.

  • spade

    Yeah, same story with my Z3C, although i almost sold it because of the memory leak bug, glade that i didn’t, thanks to 5.1.1 for fixing it..

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