Official StopWatch app for Sony SmartBand Talk released

by XB on 4th September 2015

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StopWatch for Sony SmartBand Talk_1_resultSony Mobile has launched an official StopWatch application for the SmartBand Talk SWR30. To use the app, you simply need to press on the screen to both start and stop the timer. You can also set up a vibration feedback frequency at various intervals. The app is available to download from the Google Play Store.

StopWatch for Sony SmartBand Talk_2_result

StopWatch for Sony SmartBand Talk_3_result StopWatch for Sony SmartBand Talk_4_result

StopWatch for Sony SmartBand Talk_5_result

Thanks Rimaz!

  • Sergio

    They just forgot once again of SW2 users, thanks.

  • Timel

    Why sony waste their times make this apps and bullshit stuff like smartband talk?
    Most people really don’t need these things, I think Sony save their time and money and focus on camera quality on their flagship phones… Not these bullshit things

  • Matt

    hmmm, its getting hard to bash when new xperia z5 family leave an impactful impression isn’t it ?

    you’re starting to sound like broken record now. oh btw flagged ;)

  • ramuk

    Exactly, Timel can’t helped but post negative thing about Sony and when people here react or disagree with him, he calls them ” brainless Sony fan”. In his head his opinion is the absolute truth. You don’t agree with him well you are a trash. Fagged him too. ;)))

  • Timel

    Oh yeah

    – Useless 4K display which bring the bad UX to users
    – 3 GB of RAM (while other competitors in Q4 2015 will come up with 4GB of RAM)
    – Even Sony claimed that they have improved camera software but Z5 camera auto mode still can’t beat S6 , Note 5, G4 and iPhone 6,
    – No full manual controls
    – No RAW support
    – No fastest charging feature
    – No wireless charging feature

    And more…

  • Matt

    So basically Z5 is bad because it isn’t a Samsung or iPhone or any other phone? Hmm interesting point. A bit dumb , but still interesting. Please elaborate more, because those comments seems oddly familiar ;)

  • Matt

    Ah, Mr. Ramuk glad to see you joining us here :)

    I will try to listen to Timel and response accordingly, with relentless logic of course as you send me on my previous endeavour. :)

    Meanwhile do you have any opinion about the new Z5 line? do you think the Sony sensor will shut the door on haters?

  • Timel

    My above comment is the FACT

  • mawhob22222

    Z5 has fastest charging!???

    Plz go to Samplastic website…

  • Timel


    I’m not a person that can’t listen to other opinions like some Xperia fans here.

  • Timel

    What is a Samplastic? And why I have to go to that website?

    Asus also has this feature, “world’s fastest charging feature”

  • mawhob22222

    You want, and you want….. And you have galaxy s2 hhhhh

  • Matt

    as you can see my above comment is also Fact.

    It just depends on you being an ass about it or not , which you are

  • Timel

    Genius! Mr. know it all! How do you know that I have galaxy s2

    Now You see ladies and gentlemen?
    why i’ve always called them (some Xperia fanboys here) “brainless”

    P.s. @mawhob22222 Oh I don’t care if you hate Samsung so much but please! don’t act like you know me so well

  • mawhob22222



  • ramuk

    Dude, Haters gonna hate. No matter what Sony do or how much improvement they made with their camera they will say nasty stuff. I’m super excited about the new camera sensor and all the technology that comes with it. I’m really glad that they finally redesigning the camera app. That was long overdue. And from the initial pic from the camera I’m impressed. Z5 camera looks miles better than Z3 camera. I think we finally have a killer camera on xperia device. I’m so happy. :)

    I like the “normal” Z5 (green color) the most. I’ll wait and see the 4K screen myself then decide/judge the valve of 4K screen on a smartphone. On the overhand, after all the negative press about Sony on Z3+ overheating issue Sony needed a bang. And they delivered the biggest BANG in ifa. They really stole the show this year. LOL, even Samsung didn’t get this much attention with their S6/edge/note/edge+ range product line up. If sony just release the “normal” or compact version they wouldn’t be able to create such a buzz. Overall I’m really happy.

  • Timel


  • Timel

    Me too

  • Matt

    i do think the 4k screen is like any other quote on quote buzz worthy feature that is not really important , just to turn people heads to xperia line, and that is good ! but what i am really exited about ,( my z3 will last me 2 years or so , i will use it as long as sony updates it) is the next xperia tablet ! which can bring 4 screen with it :)) since sony already use 4k on smaller device , it is only the matter of time its coming on tablet.

    i will buy samsung if they outed the galaxy edge plus grand duos prime LTE-A with 4K display 2016 version. (its sarcastic btw, samsung do spend a lot of money naming their product line)

    yes the camera looks really promising , hope the new UI will grace all the xperia z line :) or at least my z3. The alogarithm too, but on 5.1.1 ive seen quite immense improvement on the camera. the green colour looks stunning ! i almost got the green version of xperia z3 too :) still mixed feeling about the ever smaller battery though, and the near stock UI until i saw how smooth it runs.

    are you on XDA?

  • Timel

    You mad or smth?
    Calm down Bro, and I just don’t understand why you against Samsung because according to what I said in my above comment there’s nothing that fuck with Samsung at all. C’mon I know you hate Samsung but don’t be a envious ruffian please!

    Whatever I agree with everything you said about Samsung
    But at some points I think we should not call it “copying” like RAW support because it’s a good thing that Samsung trying to catch up the competitor like LG and I think Sony should do the same.

  • ramuk

    No. I don’t have an XDA account. I’m only on Xperiablog and Phonearena. :)

  • Matt

    Well I’m just presenting the facts the way you did it? How does it sounds? How is not having 4gb ram a negative point if you can multitask more that phones that already has ? Exactly.

    Who needs to catch up if you’re already in the front? Sony are in front of ideal smartphone now along with Motorola and their gorgeous x style and Google.

    Your comment wants xperia to be a bland feature packed (I mean like refugee train packed) feature phone. If all you wanted is iPhone like ui in generic smartphone metal body and humongous amount if useless feature, it’s already created. It’s called xiaomi. A brand consist solely on stolen feature without any character at all. It’s just some high end phone. Not interesting at all.

  • Matt

    Oh, am I correct to assume that your z3 is stock? :)

    Because mine doesn’t

  • ramuk

    Z2. I own a Z2 .

  • Timel

    I mean RAW support bro

  • Matt

    I also meant inluding RAW support :p feature that 5 person will use

    I’m not sure you know what RAW is

  • Matt

    Well I can say it is more reluctant to crank up the iso especially in low light shot, by that I mean very low light. Less sharpening and processing.

    Responsiveness improved alot.

    But shooting speed depends on you memory, internal really fast. external .. Eh.

    Good improvement over 5.0.2 excellent over 4.4.4.

    Which software are you running on your z2?

  • ramuk

    Still kitkat.

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