Sony changes stance on waterproof phones: Do not use underwater

by XB on 10th September 2015

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Xperia Z3Sony Mobile has made a hugely controversial change to its advice around Xperia waterproof devices. Despite most recent Sony Xperia waterproof devices achieving an Ingress Protection rating of IP68 for water resistance, the highest possible, Sony now says that they should not be used underwater.

If you head over to Sony Mobile’s support page on water and dust protection, you will find several statements on Sony’s new policy including: “Remember not to use the device underwater” and “The IP rating of your device was achieved in laboratory conditions in standby mode, so you should not use the device underwater, such as taking pictures.

A device with an IP68 rating is tested with continuous immersion in fresh water to depths of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. Sony’s new language on the waterproofing abilities of its Xperia devices suggest that despite this IP68 certification, Sony is not confident in how you may use the phone, potentially causing water damage and thus having to repair the phone under warranty.

Notice in the above statement how Sony talks about achieving the IP68 certification under “laboratory conditions”. This language is echoed on the same support page:

“Sony devices that are tested for their waterproof abilities are placed gently inside a container filled with tap water and lowered to a depth of 1.5 metres. After 30 minutes in the container, the device is gently taken out and its functions and features are tested.” [Emphasis ours]

You can see what Sony is doing there. Sony says that the handsets were not tested for the kind of rigor of a swimming pool, for example, where the Xperia device is potentially being splashed around at fast speed. A comment from a Sony Mobile support rep makes a similar point:

“Moving or operating the device while it is submerged is not tested during the laboratory tests. There are also many environmental factors which we could not assess (e.g. water movement or water pressure changes during the movement), if a device is used underwater. Therefore we recommend not submerge our Xperia Z5 in water.”

These new disclaimers first appeared for the Xperia Z3+/Z4 back in May 2015. At the time, the new wording surprised us, but we thought it might only be targeted for that handset for some reason. However, when the same disclaimers were used with the Xperia Z5 launch it became clear that Sony is issuing new limitations on its waterproof devices.

So why is this a big deal? Well, Sony Mobile’s marketing of its waterproof Xperia devices have centred on being able to take pictures in a pool and underwater. Most of Sony’s Xperia promotional campaigns for its new flagships (up until the Xperia Z3+/Z4) included the phones taking pictures underwater.

Take the Xperia Z3 as an example, Sony Mobile’s launch press release touted the device as having the “highest level of waterproofing” and that it was a “fully waterproof” smartphone. Even the Xperia Z3 promo video shows someone diving in to the pool and taking a picture underwater:

Also, who remembers the countless press pictures that Sony Mobile has used showing its new Xperia devices underwater. Here’s a few samples to jog your memory:

Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Xperia Z3TabletCompact_5

Xperia M2 Aqua

Xperia Z2


Xperia Z1


Xperia ZR


Talk about mixed messages. Up until now, this waterproof feature has been a key part of Sony’s advertising, yet now Sony wants to retract it. So why the change of heart from Sony? We can only think it relates to warranties. There must be a number of users who have damaged their phone in a pool or similar and tried to get it fixed from Sony under warranty. If the ports were kept closed, then Sony has had a potentially large repair bill from these kind of incidents.

Whatever the reason, Sony needs to be very clear on what its new policies are, as it is extremely confusing for the customer. Sony Xperia customers who purchase a waterproof device have always expected that it should be able to be used underwater, as that is what Sony has told us in its marketing. We do not think this is an issue of capability (we have used a number of Xperia models underwater to take pictures without problems), but of caution from Sony.

What we need is for Sony to be consistent across all of its material. Case in point, this “Waterproof Technology” page on the Sony Mobile website says: “Casual use in chlorinated pools is permitted provided the phone is rinsed in fresh water afterwards” and that “you can’t take the phone deeper than 1.5 m of water and for longer than 30 minutes.”

Then we have the Xperia Z3 product page which says: “You can even dive down to 1.5 metres with it”. These are just a couple of examples that were quickly found whilst writing this post. We’re sure there are countless more examples showing something similar.

The Xperia Z5 product page does use the updated language: “You should not put the device completely underwater or expose it to seawater, salt water, chlorinated water or liquids such as drinks. Abuse and improper use of device will invalidate warranty.”

So it’s quite clear here, that Sony is saying unless you adhere to this restriction there is a risk that you will invalidate any warranty claims. We have reached out to Sony for a clear statement on its new waterproof policies and will update this post when we hear back.

Does Sony’s new waterproof policy surprise you? Would it impact on your purchasing decisions? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: Sony Mobile has issued a statement on this here.

  • Mohamed Arif

    Its not surprising !!

  • PoweredBySony

    Well tested my z1 under water and had no problems with it. Also if you want to be sure that water won’t enter the device you can use tape over the flaps.

  • Seth

    This doesn’t surprise me much. I’ve replaced my Z3 twice already this year because of water usage. I can’t say it discouraged me from using it in the shower or getting pics under water but I’ll rethink that now that their engineering team has come back to straighten out the marketing kids with their fantastic claims. Still love my Z3!

  • Seth

    That’s a great idea about the tape!

  • Broseph Staline

    I think I have a idea why Sony is changing this thing. Maybe now the USB port is “waterproof”, the risk that the water pressure is to high to go inside the phone by the USB port push Sony to change his discourse regarding IP68.

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Then, there are water A LITTLE proof!, pppffff!! I have z3C and a fan of Sony!

  • Sepehr Estaki

    I do agree

  • Rene Pedroso

    It seems clear to me, Sony has language for the Z5 series and language for all other devices prior to the Z5 series. The language is applicable to those devices only. This new language for the Z5 series will NOT deter me from purchasing the XZ5P as the language is perfectly clear

    ”You should not put the device completely underwater or expose it to seawater, salt water, chlorinated water or liquids such as drinks. Abuse and improper use of device will invalidate warranty.”

    Warranty language always changes. I agree with what Sony is doing because there are just too many variables as to how users are using their devices in water. That being said, I have used my phones in water, washed them, in the rain, in my pool etc… and never any problems.

  • atlantadoug

    Makes sense to me. Anyone that took them underwater was looking for trouble. 99.9999 % just want it to survive rain or a spill.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    This does not surprise me. What does surprise me is it took them this long to make such statements. Yes, it is waterproof with IP68 certification…but it does not mean that if you COULD, that you SHOULD.

    I also think the open ports in Z5, though waterproof out of the box, could possibly wear out over time? I’m not sure about this one, just plain speculation.

    Either way, this is a good move from Sony to put it in black and white. I own a Z3C and Acro S before that…both waterproof and both used in swimming pool to take photos…not a single problem with either devices. I guess, I got lucky. :-)

  • dragonsneeze

    If you can’t submerge it let alone take pics underwater that means it’s not fully waterproof as the IP rating implies. It’s that simple. It’s not right, I don’t like it.

  • nick sweden

    No but it’s strange that it commercial with high waterproof, then u could emerged to water fail Sony fail :-S

  • Nick .

    those warnings have been there since sony xperia z, so no need to worry about it

  • Snorky112

    the problem is they can’t exactly know what you’re doing with your phone, imagine if they had to repare all damaged phones …

  • Abhi

    I think they are afraid too many people will take the waterproof part for granted, ignoring the chlorine/salt water warning leading to returns for failures. Also there were a sizable minority whose phones weren’t properly sealed even with flaps closed (factory defect). All that makes a big difference in relation to returns and customer service issues.

    Basically they are just playing it safe, I don’t blame them for that.

  • gamer324

    Well if this is just to cover Sony’s own ass over waterproofing claims then by all means I am fine with it. However, if this language being only on the 2015 xperia pages means that Sony has somehow weakened the waterproofing compared to the z3 then I have a serious issue with that. Gimped waterproofing is actually worse than no waterproofing because if it isn’t waterproof then one always takes caution when around liquids.

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Well I had to fix my Z3 under warranty. The screen became unresponsive shortly after I washed it in the sink. These two might be unrelated. After I had the phone fixed I went to an aquapark where I used my Z3 to record myself while going down the slides. Since I had no troubles, but I also very rarely use it under water. Also both at home and while in aquapark I had issues with the camera lens which would fog really quickly followed by water condensation. Sometimes it would just pass, but two times the phone had to spend the night in rice with open ports. SO lately I’ve been avoiding water just in case.

  • There are two kinds of people: those with common sense, and those without. Unfortunately the ones with common sense have to suffer from those without because they think waterproof means it can resist any kind of water force.

    Sony is saving themselves lawsuits from these ones without common sense, which makes sense for them to do.

  • MarkG54321

    IP68 only applies to freshwater. Not saltwater, not chroline treated water, not any other type of water.

    This is why IP68 alone doesn’t guarentee waterproofness.

  • Paul

    I’ve never used my Z3 under water but I used to rinse it off under running water in the sink. That was really my only practical use of the “waterproof” feature. That, plus the resistance against liquid-based accidents (which I have not had with this device to date). I never purchased the phone with the intention to take photos under water (what other use would there be?) so Sony’s new position doesn’t bother me as long as it’s protected from spills, splashes and gentle rinsing. I did drop my Z3 and, fearing that somehow it may have lost its water resistance, have decided to no longer rinse it under running water.

  • Paul

    I know that saltwater or (highly) chlorinated water can cause problems with the device’s finish, but does it somehow ruin the water resistance of the device too? Maybe it somehow degrades the seals?

  • Stephen Liu

    It’s not that confusing.

    The newer disclaimer applies to all waterproofed devices with capless USB ports (Z4/Z3+, Z5 series, M4 Aqua, and M5), which points to this likely has something to do with those capless USB ports in specific. Advertising for those capless devices have also deliberately not included imagery of people using the devices underwater.

    You guys have pointed all of these things out. The policy shift doesn’t surprise me; you guys not connecting the dots and making this sound like some sort of conspiracy is more surprising.

  • Samuel

    if the Z5 series makes it’s debut in the US of A (officially, of course) this could lead to a Class action lawsuit. You can’t claim a device is IP65/68 certified but Sony will invalidate your warranty because you submerged the phone and it got fucked up.

  • Stephen Liu

    My guess is it ruins the USB port’s pins.

  • DBS

    This change seems to happen at the same time the exposed USB ports started appearing on Xperias so I guess Sony is just trying to avoid unnecessary messes. They may not be 100% confident on the waterproofing capabilities of the USB port. Time will tell.

    Not to mention, even before, lots of people didn’t carefully closed the doors and many of the reasons warranty-services were denied was because of water damages. Of course, Sony also took advantage of that excuse one time too many.

    However…it will deal a massive blown to their (admittedly poor) advertising campaigns). If they stop promoting the ability of taking the phone to the water, they lose one of the few key things that makes Xperias stand from the competition.

    Truth be told and then again, they always used pool photos etc but have always said that they were only waterproof in fresh water…well…no pools use fresh water so…

  • Amimanot

    Great… Right after my Z3C got water damage yesterday

  • JaroB

    unacceptable !!! SONY = water resistant …

    I want Z5 PREMIUM water resistant !!!

  • jake

    Have z and z1 compact .
    Wash it countless time . No problem for me .

  • nfs2010

    I knew this day would come. Now Sony’s probably going to use weaker seals & we won’t have anything near what we had before thanks to those goofs who abused waterproofing. Great!

  • nfs2010

    Also no more swimming pool ads. See what you have done, people!

  • lovebmw

    thats not it, from my experience, they are only water proof for the first months or two… Z1 twice, z2, z3 and the z3 compact i have are all water damaged. and trust me non have the red emblem on.

    i think what it is at one point you will sit on your phone, place it in your jeans pocket or forget it in a hot car under the sun, any of that has it’s toll in the glue or the crack that eventually will invite the water in.

    right now i have a z3+ and i am not willing to even try put it under the water, besides with the Z1 i embarrassed my self i told some one to just poor water on it….. and boy did i regret that.


  • Jecht_Sin

    So basically that means the IP68 certification (the highest?) is worth nothing.. I want a certification that says we can take the phone to the beach and swim with it.

  • darannechelle

    Buy The ugly sammy active, i think it can make it

  • Nidou Xperia™

    well, i have an xperia z3 and couple weeks ago i went to the beach and i was so excited to submerge it with me which it was the first time i’d do it since i purchased it… just the only thing that seemed weird is the 3.5 hole top left pin got some green stain , but thanks god i cleaned it because at first it doesn’t detect a headphones unless i move , then i cleaned it and it works.. but thanks god the NC31EM worked well without problem… just my question is, what does the sea water or the chlorinated water do exactly and how it damage the phone if it’s a waterproof?


  • Bur

    I agree 100%, since I am one of those without common sense xD I went 300 meter off shore with my z2 for 5 days in a row untill it died. Sony gave me a new device and the store from where I bought it said the ip rating is to save the phone from water damage, not risk the phone or expose it more than normal phones.

    Yep, this is a good move. I bet they lost a lot of money bc of warrenty cases.

    I still love the feature. I wash my phone with sink water because smartphones tend to become veeerryy dirty.

  • Bur

    You know what salt and chloride does to metal? It oxidizes metal. Doesn’t matter what kind of metal. The one metal faster than another. If you submerge it in sea water, the 3,5mm jack will oxidize and die. I had this issue since my z2 did see some water damage in the sea.

  • Bur

    Both are right. Salt and chloride water eats the metal away. Both the phone frame and the ports including the headphone jack. Regular fresh water doesn’t oxidize it.

  • akzidenz

    At least the idiots that break their phones due to the waterproofing cant go whining when they realise that the warranty doesn’t cover water damage. I use my z2 in the shower fully knowing that if it breaks, it IS MY fault.

  • dragonsneeze

    Then they shouldn’t make waterproof phones, or at least shouldn’t market them as such, this is cheating. I’ll get a highest IP rating phone and it’s only splash proof? Then why even bother, at least get rid of waterproofing and make sleeker devices. I can’t believe everybody is saying it’s users’ fault. I’d understand if they say don’t use it in salt water but never submerge it? Throw that rating out the window. If a company -especially a reputable one like Sony- says it has a certificate for something they should deliver on the promise, not cheat like this to protect themselves. This is wrong.

  • akzidenz

    Capless usb not being able to withstand water pressure it seems. The capless usb port is a plus to me i guess but if i lose that ability id rather go with the capped + magnetic charging plate as it never was an issue to me

  • Brad Williams

    This is because none of them have ever been waterproof. It’s a wonder they haven’t been sued over this numerous times already

  • This means that Z2 is the best Sony Xperia device EVER, Period.

  • Sony Fanboy

    This is just Sony covering their butt. I regularly submerge my Z3 (as I did with my Z1) in my chlorinated pool as well as every type of beverage imaginable. I am very careful with it while submerged and I have always washed it immediately after liquid exposure. The only liquid I haven’t exposed them to is saltwater. I have never had a problem.
    Also, Sony has always said these devices won’t be covered under warranty if they have liquid damage. This is nothing new.
    I’m my experience, these devices are truly waterproof.

  • Sony Fanboy

    You’re full of it. Stop trolling with these lies, please.

  • Sony Fanboy

    What? My Z1 and my Z3 are truly waterproof. I have 2 fully functional devices and some underwater pics to prove it.

  • GigaSPX

    It’s definitely because of the new capless waterproofing USB port. If they still stick with the cap, they wouldn’t have to do too much about this whole confusion.

    It’s a major tradeoff. My Z3v can go underwater to take pictures and all, but I don’t swim that often just to take pictures or videos. It’s all about impression really.

    Or or or, what if someone made a bumper case that also seals the USB port? Best case scenario in not covering too much of the phone AND really keep it waterproof. :0

  • Shravan SP

    You didn’t mention the other phones you have like the ZR/Z/M2 aqua/M4//M5…

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    What i think is the new capless usb port is the culprit behind the change in statement..

  • chunkybeats

    This is a good idea from Sony, play it safe but this might be their undoing too as the killer feature in the Z series has always been the waterproofing.

    Dont get me wrong some have been defected, my Z for example was waterproof for ages and I took it on holiday last year to Bali and with the conditions there it was very hot and humid so when i did have the phone underwater it worked perfectly throughout the holiday.

    It even slipped out of my hands underwater and hit the bottom of the pool (which was 3m deep I think). What happened afterwards was weird. The atmospheric conditions fogged up the camera lens so I had to wait for that to clear up but with it being humid it took a lot longer.

    Once I got back home the weird thing happened, it destroyed the phone speaker / vibrating unit. Water got in there but nowhere else and all I needed was a replacement. My Z still to this day works perfectly and I was told it has lost its waterproofing but I still wash my phone in the sink now and again and it hasnt affected it.

  • peltruquin

    A t-mobile rep told me they were having issues with people returning their Xperia z3 after being damaged in the pool. Obviously these customers were giving the waterproof rating for granted, I have been careful with my Xperia Z1c and it still shoots pictures underwater after 1 year. The last time I took my phone to the pool it shutdown and wouldn’t turn on, I thought the phone died because of waterdamage, I did a hard reset and after vibrating 3 times the screen would only show the battery charging. Taking to the Sony rep he told me it wasn’t water damage since the battery charging was displaying on the screen. After 1 month I decided to try to turn on the phone and it came back to life out of nowhere, not sure if some humidity was blocking a circuit and it took a long time to dry, but my Xperia Z1c is back and definitely not taking it to the pool again, most I’m doing is taking pictures at the water park, it can definitely handle the splashes

  • Jecht_Sin

    But then if it falls it isn’t covered by the warranty because it wasn’t certified to do it. Nope, I’m talking about a new certification level.

  • iia3ezu

    If the waterproof feature were really that desirable, many waterproof Xperia phones would be flying off shelves based on that merit alone.

    I guess Sony could no longer handle the numerous support calls from users having their supposedly waterproof phones damaged by immersion in water. LOL.

    Then stop bragging about the waterproof feature in your product commercials. Or get rid of the waterproof feature, and give us the slim bezels found on the C5 Ultra.

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  • Nidou Xperia™

    so i have to clean it with some baking soda or vinegar!

    thank you :)

  • Alvin

    Okay that solves it. Better to be honest than to use the phone underwater and can’t claim warranty from those s*** service centre

  • lovebmw

    Those are poor mans phones and not water proof, and mostly Indians love them for some reason, mid phones are such a waste… However I do still have the CMD_z1 actually, yet can’t find a battery for it lol

    The x10 by far was the worst Android ever…… She’d there was the Windows one, I can’t remember the model number but it had fish on its screen saver as a selling point.

  • Alvin

    Did the faulty products still exist on z3+ and all 2015 products? Because it is just so unacceptable that even they protected the usb port too, but that is too fragile

  • Alvin

    I stopped reading your comment when you said “beach” because i knew what happened next and what to answer…

    The thing is, chlorinated water also like salt/sea water will damage the metal in some or every parts of the phone

  • Alvin

    Really? Do you read your comment and your mind before you post it?

    Big deal, mate. They’re improving and they told this to us for not put our waterproof phones underwater in like swimming pool, beach, sea, or even just your bath tub

  • Alvin

    Me too, but i don’t want to take more risks since sony released this statement :)

  • Alvin

    I will not stop bragging because i can still have some shower and wash my phone if we both (me and my z3) are dirty or just want to have shower together.

  • Alvin

    A real sony fan and a true wise consumers would not dump their sony phones or don’t want to buy it anymore.:)

    Yeah me too, I don’t have any problems about waterproofing, i just have problems with software in this phone

  • Alvin

    No. Z3 and z5 is.


  • nick sweden

    And I’m tired of u everytime I wrote something u must been there to complain and comment everytime like a big hack chicken, please now I’m saying mind ur own business man, I’m not comment every thing u comment right, so please don’t comment every post from me, if u don’t like scroll down, I can say I don’t like all ur post either but the difference is I’m not complaining and comment, so please stop!

  • Yoppy

    My almost 2 years Z Ultra still works fine underwater.

  • Alvin

    Because almost all your comments are just plain bull**** about how you always mock sony, you know. Just chill, i don’t even reply to your every hundred of comments

  • xperiax10.awesome

    If I cannot use the Xperia devices inside swimming pool then seriously there is no point advertising it as waterproof phone.
    It stupid strategy, Sony has nothing left other than waterproofing and if they are so scared with open USB port – keep using flap, dont do fake advertisements.

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  • Azurpha

    My z1 compact has survived two times with water in the battery area. Lucky me.

  • Azurpha

    Does matter too much? No not really, all waterproof allows you to do is take photos or a video underwater, no biggy.

  • psyche

    does this mean I can get a replacement for my z2 and z3? they both failed after ‘baths’

  • Kunal Shukla

    courtesy to an open micro usb port I guess

  • Yasir Fawad

    They are right. When u use ur phone roughly, sometimes very minor damages occur, which can’t be observed, but they do damage the water protection. So without a need, e.g. in rain, or taking a call in shower is good to go, but at pools u know what happens. The water may enter, as you can not observe the minor defects that occurs with the passage of time.

  • Kunal Shukla

    I think devices with an open micro usb port aren’t allowed to be submerged and used under water

  • Kunal Shukla

    if they aren’t going to have same waterproofing capabilities they can go the motorola way. Try water resistant instead of waterproof which in turn can give user better sounding dual speaker, slimmer bezels etc.

  • Lasantha

    Then its glaxy active all the way?..Will sony release someting like Xperia active then?

  • ryq24

    So if you cannot take pictures under water with Sony’s water proof phone whats the use? It just like any android phone. And there are a lot of Android phones out there that are cheaper and have more features and are also durable.

  • David Lettinga

    This has to be for warranty issues. As Sony nor the customer can prove whether the phone was or wasn’t sealed when submerged so neither party can tell if the waterproofing failed or if it was a user error.

    Don’t be an idiot and your phone will survive a submerge.

    Pretty sure if an Xperia can survive this a short time in a pool will be fine

  • nick sweden

    Okej dito then :-( sorry for u to can’t count, I have not wrote 100 post I always like Sony I have always own don’t phones but lately when telling us things wich in the end Is different then it’s fail, so don’t come to say it’s bull then urs to :-) u are a bully man, stop complaining now and mind your own business thank u ;-)

  • Eric Edwards

    I’ve had the z z1s and z3. I hate having doors over the charging port because the doors have a poor design and get knocked off with the first 2 types. I got a z3 and gently walked into a pool and submerged it less than a foot. It immediately shut down and never came back on. I returned it to T-mobile store as faulty. I didn’t dare do it again with the next one because I didn’t want to push my luck. I was so excited to see Z5 with no port cover, but then they put this out. The only reason I haven’t upgraded my phone is T-mobile doesn’t sell any other water proof phones of decent quality. I live in Florida and should be able to use my phone in heavy rain, shower, and a shallow submergent in a pool like the ip68 claims. If Sony is going to back track on it’s water resistance then make it splash proof ip67 and get away from the glass backs that break when you yawn. I love the Z5 series for what it is, but if I can’t swim with it then make it ip67 and I’ll be more careful. The one time I did take pics underwater with my z1s they were great and I’d like to continue to take underwater pics. Plus I thought Sony improved how well the touch-screen reacts while being wet compared to other models. If not then I might as well get a life proof case for an S6.

  • kido

    This is unrelated but z5 still does not support raw capture.

  • Geese Howard

    Well this waterproof strategy is simply for marketing purposes IMO. I don’t really care about going underwater, unless I am doing some real kinky stuff with a chick in a pool then yeah perhaps… but generally as long as it is waterproof against rain or some amount of water, than I think the waterproof makes sense. With how their phones now have open ports (USB), the waterproof idea is becoming less convincing.

    Besides, Sony may have marketed how great their phones are against water, but it is always the ‘people’ who abuse what they have and then put the blame on the company.

  • Tom Olecki

    I had a great fun using Xperia Z1 on pool, water slides and in sea. If this is not the case with latest Xperia – I’m going to try other phones (as being waterproof was the main thing why I stick with Sony for so long).

  • ZXcorr

    My Z1 and Z1 Compact worked perfectly fine in the ocean. Done it many times. It’s so disappointing that they made the newer generation’s waterproofing less reliable.

  • Alvin

    Well i can count, fortunately. But there is no way I’m wasting my time for counting your sony-only posts.:)

    Well I know it is still expensive but please just wait and see the reviews of those z5, but it’s just the way you said sony fail…. bugging me so bad because what fail they made that will make people mad other than z3+? ‘fake’ waterproofing? It is not fake at all, look at it now, they released a statement out of it, because they’ve seen so many complaints of the underwater things and of all of those complaints are just almost dumb people because they took the phone to chlorinated swimming pool, sea water, and everything else. They realised it and now look at it, their phones are still waterproof (phones that aren’t faulty) but just don’t take it to chlorinated or salt water

  • nick sweden

    Just stop oke, okay j many cases shown that they have brooked and yes that are a failure when it should advertised with waterproof, I’m not gonna buy other manufacturers anyway so we stop the conversation now!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Exactly my thought, so many people have complained about that their Xperia device has gotten waterdamaged. Yet I have never heard of such thing among my friends who have an Xperia device in the z line and have tested to submerge it in freshwater.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    My over 2 years old can handle water just fine and trust me it has gotten a lot of smashes down in floors of different kinds every now and then :)

  • fried_egg

    The phone can not be both IP65 & IP68 as they say in the Z5 disclaimer… it is the lower level or the higher level… and if the higher level ALL lower levels are taken as a given so do not need to be mentioned. The IP68 rating goes on to say “see individual advice for phone” only then to go to a “explain meaning page” which contradicts the main Z5 page. They are in a mess on their marketing. But, my Z5 first day order remains in place… I only used the Z1 a few times in a Jacuzzi so wont really miss that too much

  • fried_egg

    “the language is perfectly clear” NO IT ISNT! IP68 means it can be submersed for up to 30 minutes to at least 150cms… yet how can it go down over 15x the length of the phone if it must not be completely submersed!

  • fried_egg

    I have used my z1 in the pool and spa bath… but i am very alert to the state of the flaps… mostly the usb flap which needs to be uncovered once or more a day and so is often “ajar” – it is a pity the z5 isnt wirefree charging… then it could have kept the usb covered (if it is the waterproof usb which is the weak link to anything other than tap water) with a flap no one rarely if ever needs to use (as the wifi sync with a pc is very reliable)

  • Alex Norris

    People are not to blame, because Sony, always in their promo video clearly showed everyone that they xperia`s are actively can be used underwater, and now they tell us there is no …., People, don’t swim with xperia smartphones..? LOL

    This proves once again that Sony always was marketing company, in contrast to Samsung and other A brand companies.

  • fried_egg

    no not confusing at all.. i mean you can put your phone over a 1m under water without submersing the whole phone… yeah, easy! fool! it is totally impossible the two statements are possible.

  • XperiaBlog

    In the global page where Sony is referring to water and dust protection, there is no distinction made between smartphones from 2015 or earlier. Therefore, it IS confusing. Plus all of the recent flagships are IP68 certified, therefore any normal person would assume that the same policy applies to all phones with this certification. Until we know for sure, we would take it as read that this policy applies universally, unless you can show us somewhere that suggests the 2014 and older Xperia models are excluded?

  • fried_egg

    ip68 never said you could take it to the beach… you could have used it in a bath… but! somehow you can use it a meter under tap water (IP68) as long as the whole phone is not submerged… yeah! clear as day!

  • fried_egg

    (i am a 4 xperias in a row… 6 year “fanboy” so take this in jest…) well it sounds like it needs a nice waterproof case… just like apple iphones used to make a big thing of being thin but needed a fattening case to protect it… or “keyless” cars allow you to keep your key in your pocket but because they are also now easy to steal you have to still get another key out to remove the 1990s style metal bar lock over the steering wheel you didnt need until the car went keyless…

  • dannybuoy

    Yes. Fair enough. But Sonys own marketing made a big thing of it. I know 3 people who used their z3s under water (myself included) and all 3 died. Mine had all flaps closed. The phone was 20cm under the water. It took 2 photos then died. I opened the SD slot. Water inside. Total crap. There was a build up of dust and gunk on the rubber gasket. Maybe that allowed the seal to perform badly. Not sure. Whatever. I’m up for a Z5 regardless but there’s no chance on earth I’m going to use under water again :-)

  • edric

    I am still in for the Z5. I am quite satisfied with my xperia V, Z1 and Z3. I am most of the time cycling and running rain or shine so at least i will not be worried if my phone will conk out when it get wet during my workout. I do not use the phone intentionally to swim as i am aware of the wear and tear as well of the ports, so if u keep on opening it every now and then the rubber sealing the ports will eventually loosen and lose it’s water repelling capacity. Getting wet in the rain and minor splash accidents won’t damage the phone i guess. I think it is still the best waterproof phone in the market. :-)

  • Alvin

    Okay then

  • Say hello to heating issues boy, lol Z2 is tge BEST!

  • dannybuoy

    Sony should update their advertising. Maybe the Sony owner is sitting by the pool taking photos of their friends. One of them is splashing them. The caption reads: it’s OK, your phone MAY survive this*

    *only if it’s a fresh water pool

  • fluxx

    Sony. Always making two steps in the right direction while shooting themselves in the foot.

  • John Latimer

    The last waterproof z was the first z nightmare to get flaps open but did there job.All Sony had to do was include charging dock then flaps less of problem since original z flaps open far too easy it if you drop flaps jump open so totally useless anyway.I need a dust proof phone for work z 5 dust proofing useless so USB port will fill up in my job with dust metal filings etc and now can’t rinse dust out so need to keep my Z3 compact

  • clemmgx

    You have a point about water pressure. I was thinking along the line of wear and tear. USB ports are used so frequently (even more so without wireless charging). Now that the USB ports are capless and exposed, any wear and tear overtime from plugging and unplugging may be more damaging to the phone than one with flap covering the port.

  • PoweredBySony

    Just be sure to use a strong tape.

  • Amir

    Rubbish. All that ‘proves’ is that you know nothing and tend to talk out of your backside.

    Think logically. This disclaimer has been in use since the launch of which phone and applies to which models? Z3+/Z4 and now the Z5 series. So what is the common link between those devices? The exposed USB port!

    Maybe Sony have seen some issues with water ingress from the USB port and being cautious, logical.

  • Raj Singh

    No, they are changing their policy because the phone is not waterPROOF in real world conditions.

  • Amir

    Maybe you should take better care of your devices. You talk about sitting on it, leaving it in the sun to warm up. Well, do you not read the usage warnings that come with electronic devices?

    All state the desired operating environments, such as temperature ranges, humidity and most will tell you not to leave your device in direct sunlight. Common sense again seems to be lacking.

  • iia3ezu

    If you want to make a REALLY waterproof phone, have it properly certified e.g. like the Casio G-shock watches, 50m, 100m water resist etc, where you can even bring it for shallow sea diving.

    That means having a fatter body, but you have a unique selling feature for appealing to customers.

  • masi0

    there is key difference between water test in the lab which probably is distilled water or maybe a tap water why in swimming pool water contains lot of chlorine and other addons. we do not know how those works with xperia? perhaps causing reaction with cover gaskets?

  • All right, but either they are waterproof or they aren’t. It’s not a matter of playing it safe: they’re clearly saying that if you submerge the phone and it breaks, they won’t repair it, no matter if you submerged it gently or not. So, xperia phones are not waterproof anymore. Just splash resistant, or waterproof enough to probably survive if you accidentally drop it into a pool or in a toilet, which is what most people need, anyway, but if you accidentally drop it into a pool and it doesn’t survive, Sony won’t repair it. I would call it “waterproof if you’re lucky”.

  • Alvin


  • Matt

    well as far as i can deduct this problem. there are just too many stupid people who overestimate the capabilities of the phone. they think it is a gopro or something. And naturally they blame sony because the commercial.(why wouldn’t they?) and im with them.

    i personally have used my z3 in the pool and swim , and take pictures with it . its fine . . .

    up untl i remember the pool has water in it and makes the contact point in my audio jack a bit green . . but it still does the audio thing perfectly.

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  • Matt

    chlorine oxidises the metal in thee audio jack,and can eat the seal on the flaps (really slow). you dont need to worry about this actually.
    i got the same problem witht he audio jack when i put my phone in the pool.

    but , if you rinse it with tap water directly afterwards and clean the thing , its fine.

  • Matt

    that is the thing , it is really hard to make a good looking device such as xperia devices and adding water proofing as well. while it is easier to bake a cataract inducing ugly phone such as active series galaxy and make it waterproof

  • darannechelle

    You didnt see the new ads for Z5 lineup, its all about rain and no more underwater shot

  • With the capless USB port on the Z4/Z5 perhaps another risk is electrical short if charging when wet …!

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  • ZoubIWah

    I washed my z3 in fresh water 5 min ago. Its 1 y old.
    Now then again i take care of it. Seals are good.

    I often use it under water. I always check seals before submersing it

  • Haldi

    Or it might be a problem when you press the Camera Button. “active usage under water”

  • I took my Xperia Z1 to the pool multiple times, without issues. So yeah, they can indeed be used under water just fine. But the issue is that you’re never able to prove that you’ve used the device under the stated allowed circumstances, and there is no way Sony could refund every kind of water damage then.

    I’m thinking, “oh my screen is scratched, let me purposely cause water damage, get my money back and get a new one”. That should never be possible.

  • nick sweden

    Thank u finally:-)

  • I’m not sure what that is, but I’m willing to believe you. The flaps are just made of rubber, and that’s just not always a fail-proof way of securing water resistance. Rubber deteriorates after some time.

    But, when I went swimming with my Xperia Z1, I used a tight thick rubber band over my device to make sure the flaps were very tightly closed, to minimize potential trouble. I would never drop the phone under water nor move it quickly through water. Those are things that allow water pressure to get in the flaps despite conforming the use cases that Sony used to have for waterproof phones (i.e. the 1.5m deep for 30 minute thing – you’re still able to get water inside then if you move it too quickly under water).

  • santosh khatiwada

    ive got xperia z1. i used this device for submerged in the pool, dived into the pool with phone and make underwater photos and video, even use it on sea water without any problem at all. one time i dropped and lost my phone in the under the pool and had to looked for it for few minutes, and this phone which is still working perfectly fine. i totally don’t understand about sony’s new controversial claim

  • ivan

    I have an Xperia z3 that stopped working not because I was swimming but because I have it in my pocket during a heavy rain. The phone was advertised as waterproof. When I contacted technical support, then told me to call the warranty department. Hello! the phone is not working. Customer service is crappy.

  • Daniel

    That’s disappointing! Only a few days ago I was using my Xperia Z2 in the sea, taking pictures of fish underwater.

  • LiterofCola

    Maybe so, but I’ve taken my Z3 into the beaches of the Caribbean and taken photos of family members in the water. Even with the currents of that salty water my Z3 came out fine.

  • nick sweden

    Ok very imiture i was prepared on that answer, so childish and are u 5 years old?

  • En.Pasta.Tack

    Timel = Alex Norris?

  • Benoit

    They should not advertise their products as being waterproof to up to 1.5m then. If I buy a product that is advertised as being waterproof and can be immersed to up to one and a half meter, which is what IPx8 means, I expect to be able to do so with no damage, or at least for the manufacturer to repair it if there is damage. Since they can not know if I swum or not with it, they have to repair it. Or they simply don’t advertise it as waterproof.

    After all, the galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 have been proved to be waterproof to some extent as well but you don’t see heir manufacturers advertise them as such for these very reasons.

    This is a very dishonest marketing twist since they advertise their product as waterproof, only write on their website or in small letters at the back of the user guide that it should not be used underwater, and will deny people who didn’t know it of a repair.

  • klay

    Honestly im bit surprised since what is the benefit for going with very high IP ratings where customer will not ever submerge the phone GENTLY in a pool, I mean hello this is the real world not a lab.
    we are paying a couple hundred boxes to benefit from the IP rating and we are happy never complained, but with such new policy its a meaning less to keep Sony keep going with the IP rating phones, i mean take out this protection and cut the prices.
    after all other smartphone users never risk their phones to expose it to water.

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  • Sony Fanboy

    It’s not wrong, you’re just stupid.

  • Alex Norris

    No,no,no,no…. Dont need talking about open USB Port, because when Sony was release their Z1 and other copy-paste smartphones, they promoted it`s like reliable smartphones for active underwater using for underwater pictures ect..

    .All Z, Z1, Z2, Z3 has close USB Port, but….. Xperia`s had many problems with water resistance and on previous Z line smartphones.. Sony very well knew about the risk, and their promos was simply for attract buyers !

    But in fact, as we know, Sony promos and reality are – two big difference. )

  • Stephen Liu

    It also doesn’t really look like they’ve updated that page fully.

    There’s a bunch of possibilities in terms of why Sony changed their stance on this; evidence points to the capless USB port being involved in this. Either the pins are prone to oxidation or Sony assumes that people are prone to forgetting to let the port fully dry out. Or even both. Either way, that’s the only correlateable change as far as what any website-reading layman could discern.

    And I’d expect you guys to be the ones to be investigating this, finding out for sure, and providing details that clarify what’s going on instead of being confused and then spreading confusion. YOU are the news source here.

  • couldnthinkaone

    I think the biggest concern is that the phones are not ridgid enough to keep water out. Try gently squeezing you phone between your fingers dead center. It WILL flex in, and then back out. If this happens under water, say, its in you pocket and you accidentally “squeeze” it, the extra air in the phone will be expelled, creating a vacuum which will then suck in water back into the phone, causing water damage. I noticed this on my Z Ultra. After it suffered watter damage I performed a few “scientific experiments” to try and figure out what happened. This is the best conclusion I could come up with…

  • Alvin

    Just back off this site okay, you little troll

  • nick sweden

    Det e väl själva fan att man inte ska kunna skriva någonting utan att någon jäls barnunge håller på och kommenterar

  • Alvin

    You think I don’t know what it means?

  • nick sweden

    I understand that when u are very childish :-o take a nap it seems u have woke up on wrong side of the bed, u are troll pgasys

  • Alvin

    :O oh yeah? Because I AM a child. That’s why I’m childish. Everybody knows that children usually childish. But you, like you’ve just knew children are childish that you have to post it whenever it is through this comment lol can’t take it any longer, must laugh hard

  • Alvin

    I took a nap this afternoon, and it just felt good, and I slept still at the same side of the bed… So who’s the troll now…? YES, ME lol

  • Alex Norris

    It happens in different ways, like on your example, has no problem, but there are cases when the smartphone was drowning in glass of water.

  • nick sweden

    Wow, who is the troll? U are everyone is aloud to write so long is not harassment, and u are drunk ur bully I not going to listen to u more now u are a moron,

  • nick sweden

    Yes ;-)

  • nick sweden

    E du svensk ja då förstår du bra


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    ???? http://googlejobsinsidertopqualitywork/get/98$hourly…. ???????????????????????????????????

  • Lukas

    oh well,this was the most useful thing on my Z1C,i nejoyed a lot of fun with it. I enjoyed it so much,that i said to my self i will buy only phones with IP certification. But now,i think i wont have Sony is as my next device,since Flex 2 is much better than Z3 for that price. Im sorry Sony. PS: I know that Flex is not waterproof,but since Sony says i cant use Z3 under water neither….

  • Alvin

    Gue bales pake bahasa padang, jawa, sunda, madura, batak, sama indonesia tau rasa lu nyet

  • Alvin

    Yeah right ” i not going to listen to u more”

  • Alvin

    Gue kira semua orang swedia baik baik, eh ternyata gak semuanya hahaha lol terserah kau je lah tak peduli pun aku, bleber mouth

  • Sunny all day

    Yes, fun fact people… Water isn’t just water, it’s minerals as well. My Z2’s headphone jack stoppped working after a year an taking it swimming a couple of times. I shined a light in the headphone jack an sure enough there was deposits. I used some CLR in a Qtip an sure enough it started working again perfect. Minerals will build up on the usb port overtime, thus rendering it useless without proper cleaning or protection. the Z5 I would not use as a dip in the pool phone like the Z2 or even Z3.

  • J Cav the Great

    How are those who have common sense suffering ? If you never dunked your device in the water, and never intended to, then this really doesn’t effect you.

  • Constantino Bernadas Arch Matt

    Thank you for this Sony. Now, I have decided not to buy Xperia z5 but buy a galaxy s6 or note 5 instead. Been a fan of sony because of it’s water proofing feature and suddenly after reading this article things has changed.

  • J Cav the Great

    It has nothing to do with the consumer, Sony spent more money advertising its “underwater picture taking ability”, than Battery Life, Build Quality, Software features, etc.

    Everyone knows that all those photos of people using their phones under water, in someway, persuaded them to purchase a phone.

    Xperia fanboys, I get it, u will stand by your device no matter what corporation does. And that’s cool (I love Xperia phones too)

    But False Marketing, is what it is.

  • J Cav the Great

    Same here, now other phones offer front facing speakers, and far more superior cameras, better specs, etc..

    The only thing that made you stand out from the crowd is that when everyone has there phones around the pool, YOU can actually take yours inside.

    I live the design of Xperia phones, but I think competitivly, Sony just leveled the playing field with the competition…

  • couldnthinkaone

    Yep. I just ordered a Moto X Pure…

  • Jason

    wait. so aside from splashing around in a sounds like any contact with water has to be “gentle”. i wouldn’t buy the phone to take underwater pictures but i would take it to the beach with my and lay in on the sand and expect to wash it off in the sink when i got back. but now who knows if the water pressure from a sink or hose might cause the thing to fail. id say this is grounds to return the device. you cant show images of people taking pictures underwater and then tell people that they cant do that or they void their warranties.

  • Richard Fong

    I seem to remember reading the IP rating included pressure rating and ‘jets’ for a certain period of time. Not gently lowering into perfectly still purified water on he moon during a solstice.

  • Miguel Ortiz

    My phone isn’t water resistant and I use spotify in the shower =P

  • (C):stem

    Last time I was in a mission in the Persian Gulf, had to jump from a helicopter to the sea, kill a shark and swim very deep underwater to rescue a girl trapped in a sunken boat, then I went to look for a lost treasure hidden in a very old ship buried undersea, and luckily I found it. And absolutely nothing happened to my Xperia Z3 compact!

  • Khalid

    The phone does the job of surviving water sinking. I think that’s enough besides shower and rainwater being nothing to be afraid of.

    Chances are it will be damaged due to shaking, whipping and hitting while underwater. That’s what I did while testing the waterproofness of this device (Z3), then I fixed it under warranty afterwards.

  • Francis.F

    not bothered at all its just sony being very careful with their language, I know very well that the water resistant is for emergency and accident only

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  • Daniel Giovanni

    They should have user gold for the 3.5mm jack. Trust me you can put real gold in any kind of water and you get no oxidation.

  • Daniel Giovanni

    They should have used gold for the 3.5mm jack. Trust me you can put real gold in any kind of water without any kind of oxidation.

  • Akand

    Customer service isn’t crapy. Just a bit slow. But if you go to any service center, you will have a replacement for sure. You just have to wait about 2 weeks. That’s it. But it’s sure that you will have a brand new one with all accessories.

  • Akand

    Though this decision/statement naturally will bring negative reactions more then positive. But I think Sony has NO WAY because I have seen some people enjoy their phones for long time and then they willingly damge the phone a few months before the warranty is over. And then they take their water damaged phones to service center and get an absolutely new one as Sony was bound to do that. This is how some people renewed their phones. For these types of people, Sony had to change their policy and ultimately the honest people who will damage their their phones accidentally or for manufacturing defects will be hampered greatly.
    Contradictory but reality.

  • gtop

    Sadly this is more confirmation for me that I should just skip Sony’s new devices this year. I still maintain that the Z3 Compact is the best phone Sony has ever made – and the best Android phone period – but it’s just been downhill from there.

    Maybe next year Sony Mobile will find themselves again.

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  • skyzo97

    Why Sony don’t want to make non-waterproof flagship?

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  • Micheal Archer

    IP65 means that the device is completely dust-tight (the “6”) and can survive low-pressure jets of water (the “5”). IP68 means that the device is completely dust-tight (the “6”) and can survive continuous submersion in water beyond 1 m as specified by the manufacturer (for Sony, this has meant 30 minutes at 1.5 m). Both ratings are necessary because you can conceivably have either one water protection without the other.

    It should be noted, however, that these ratings are based on a brand new device using fresh water and with the device in a static position. Combining fully submerged with motion underwater may be analogous to a “powerful water jet” which would require an IPX6 and IPX8 rating (IP66 and IP68 for completely dust-tight).

    I see this change in wording simply as a way for Sony to say that the device met IP65 and IP68 ratings out of the box as long as all flaps were closed but that they will not guarantee that the water resistance is maintained throughout the lifetime of the phone due to normal wear and tear and they will not be held liable for any water resistance failures. It would be nice if they instead had a reasonable limited warranty in effect for water damage (three months, six months…?) after which time, they would not repair/replace a water-damaged phone.

    As has been mentioned before, how can Sony trust that the user didn’t simply misuse the phone around water (open or partly opened flaps, submerged under more than 1.5 m, submerged for longer than 30 minutes, exposed to a fire hose…) or that it was damaged intentionally to either cover up a non-warrantied incident or to take advantage of getting a brand new phone for free near the end of the warranty period?

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  • Roderick Daniels

    I had my Z3 replaced under warranty due to water damage from taking pics of my toddler during bathtime.. I can’t imagine how many others had the same issue.. I’m sure it’s gotten too expensive

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  • I dropped my z2 the first day I got it in a lake and it came up working fine.

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  • I don’t know what’s happened to Sony Mobile lately…they’ve seemed to do a complete u-turn and it’s for the worse. Since Lollipop I’m among a number of people with a Z1 who can no longer use their device without some kind of life support in the form of a backup battery – it cuts out several times a day to 0% unless I prepare, or just don’t use the device.

    They’ve scrapped the Walkman brand and replaced it with Music, which is now practically identical to Google’s own simpleton Play Music app. All sense of a sophisticated design is gone, and I have an expensive phone screen to display tacky menus. Now the Album app seems to be going the same way.

    Add all this to the waterproof turnaround which is one of the biggest backfires you could possibly manage (hey, convince everyone to buy our phones by promoting a waterproof selling point, and then remove the waterproofness from your warranty!), along with their practically non-existent customer support and I don’t care how appealing the Z5 looks…I’m now seriously considering a new brand…and my need for a new phone that actually works (I’ve had problems since May!) means I might be compelled to buy it with the money I was putting aside for a PS4…so Sony, it’s your loss again.

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  • Joachim Nilsson

    Yeah thanks, that could’ve been useful to read <1 month ago when I killed my Z3 by attempting to take a picture of my kids under water in the local pool …

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  • Zik Judy

    I am angry about this personally. When my Xperia Z Ultra failed due to water leakage Sony did not cover it even though it was the headphone jack and not the covered ports. Now my Xperia Z2 Tablet is not waterproof anymore? These devices were sold to me as water proof. It’s bait and switch. This will be a factor in future purchases.

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  • devx fred

    then what’s the use of sony phone? There are so many other devices that can resist wate and dust .We don’t need flaps for showcase.Sony purchase your own phone I am tired of your useless phones now.Lost belief in Xperia.

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  • iia3ezu

    Drop it in the lake again, but this time leave it there overnight. Report back to us.

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  • iia3ezu

    Once a certain Android-only app of mine is ported to iOS, I might just switch over to Apple (for the first time).

    iPhones have higher resale value. Also, Google and Microsoft (under Satya Nadella) are increasingly creeping me out regarding privacy.

    And I want a true international software keyboard, not the half-hearted implementation found on Sony Xperia phones.

    I don’t want other Android phones. Korean brands have clunky and unintuitive software. Chinese brands have dubious quality. Motorola is now the OEM slave of Google. HTC makes questionable hardware choices.

  • Why?
    I rince it off under running water regulary, and sometimes even in alcogel to kill all bacteria.

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  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Could be, both have the broken English and attitude.

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  • Torry Skurski

    I have a Z3 that I actually just got back from warranty for water damage. They sent me a new one. It had gotten wet numerous times before, but the final straw was when it dropped to the bottom of the swimming pool (3′ depth). It was only down there for about 10 seconds, but it was enough to short out the phone and brick it. At least they honored the warranty though. Only problem was it took me about 2 months to get a replacement. Meanwhile I bought a crappy S6 Edge to use. That actually bricked as well and had to be sent back under warranty. Glad to have my Z3 back. Anyone want to buy a brand new S6 Edge (a recent warranty replacement)? LOL

  • Nico

    So what, I like the fact Sony is the only one having a wide range of phones that can handle the Dutch weather. So no, no reason for me to start thinking about other smartphones.

  • Torry Skurski

    I had my Z3 replaced under warranty for water damage. And recently too. I just got it back (well, a new one, as a replacement) Wednesday last week.

  • Torry Skurski

    The Sony warranty *does* cover water damage if they test it and it no longer holds up to IP68 standards. I just received my brand new Z3 warranty replacement after having water damage. Still a pain in the ass to send it back and file a warranty claim, but I just want to people to know that if they get water damage that doesn’t mean Sony won’t cover it. They covered mine and the water sensors were tripped and it was obvious water damage.

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  • Alfonso M. Camacho

    Waterproof was never a reason good enough for most people to buy the phone. Now that they say it’s not that waterproof after all, it become a good enough reason for most people not to buy the phone. hehehe. aaah, the beauty of a market and fickle people.

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  • Ryan Patrick McAvoy

    Huh.. I understand this for the Z5, but can Sony really legally change warranty policies for phones that have already been out?

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  • Mohamed Thowheed

    From the Ex-Googlers we gonna get Android PC for Just 30$

    Here are more Details :

  • Lukas

    such a logic: dont use waterproof phone under water….

  • Martin Ambre

    all later phone after Xperia acro S, V and Go are not waterproof

    Sony is lying; marketing HYPE

    unsatisfied Xperia Z3 Compact user
    want to exchange with iPhone

  • fried_egg

    IP68 is a rating higher than IP65, if you are 68 you are already 65. Alos you seem to have missed the biggest contradiction of all in your long reply… Sony claim IP68 which means over a meter under water for up to 30 minutes but say DO NO IMMERSE PHONE FULLY. that is impossible to be a meter down and not fully submersed.

  • XperiaBlog

    We did investigate this. We sat on this story for a long time. Initially, we were going to write about it when the Xperia Z3+ launched months back but we didn’t as we couldn’t be sure that the change was isolated for that phone. We had a number of emails from well-placed contacts citing this as a purposeful change from Sony. We even got in touch with Sony prior to publishing, but surprise surprise, no response.

    In the end, we got as far as we could being an outsider to the company. I‘m not sure what other investigating we could do to further the story without working for Sony! We took the decision to post the story as it was already causing confusion from people that got in touch and it was only going to get worse as time went on. This is what we call responsible reporting, making Xperia fans and customers aware of Sony’s policies. Now that the story is out there, Sony needs to be very clear about where it stands on this waterproof issue.


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    ???? http://GoogleSpecialIntroJobsOffersReportClub/$98hourlywork…. ???????????????????????????????????

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  • Xperia user

    As the article says “those warning have been there since the z3+/z4 ” if say that the
    Ose warnings are there since the first xperia z so please tell us where dis uou get this information from ??!!!!!

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  • Mike CBA

    Just a word of caution, my first Phone failed while it was being washed, you could see water getting under the touchscreen :-)

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  • Nick .

    from the extensive research i did when i bought my sony xperia z, besides if you keep reading it says : Do not use the device to take photos while performing any type of activity underwater, including diving or snorkeling.

    The device is safe as long you are not doinf any kind of activity like diving

    PS: why would sony advertise the phone with these pics above, if it wasnt safe to take pictures underwater????

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  • pt020

    Have the Z3 Compact already 11 month and I wash it every day,no problems at all.

  • Xperia user

    Well…. if your phone ” xperia z ” is water damaged you will get it replaced but ur any z3+ or z5 is water damaged it wont be replaced , that is what the article is saying.

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  • Stephen Liu

    Maybe I’m in some sort of strange minority, then, because I still don’t see how Sony is being unclear here, and the game of telephone that’s spinning out from here is, if anything, making everything even more confusing than it might have initially been to begin with.

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  • Synthespian

    Then don’t advertise your phone by showing it underwater in a (chlorinated) swimming pool. They’ve completely and utterly destroyed their brand imho.

  • Synthespian

    Err … sorry … it is. Have had a problem with my z2 tablet with stuck pixels FOUR times. Last time they had it in the shop for 3 months, and they still haven’t replaced the devise.

  • Synthespian

    Logical but stop marketing it as waterproof then. That or close up the usb port and use the magnetic port to charge and supply that charger as standard.

  • InspectorGadget80

    So after all this time I put my Z1 under water died after I took my picture in a pool it finally died after 3yrs. I call it misleading advertisement. Plus I wont buy any Sony phones until they stop using the 810 chip mean time I’m enjoying my G4

  • Abhi

    I agree that was not very bright of them, they went overboard with oceanic ads… When the fine print says not to do that.

    Guess better late then never, to change the policy, before more angry customers add up.

  • MG

    The phones still have the IP68 rating which means that they are waterproof, a feature very few phones have. Sony on the other hand can’t tell whether youb submerged the phone up to 1,5m or you dived with it to more than 5m, or didn’t close properly the flap.
    It is a statement to prevent people from overdoing it and cover their ass from people who wanted a new phone just days before the warranty expires.

  • Micheal Archer

    Taken from Wikipedia article on “IP Code”:

    “The ratings for water ingress are not cumulative beyond IPX6. A device which is compliant with IPX7, covering immersion in water, need not be compliant with IPX5 or IPX6, covering exposure to water jets. A device which meets both tests is indicated by listing both tests separated by a slash, e.g. IPX5/IPX7.”

    Also, you seem to have stopped reading my long reply so let me condense it for you: Sony can claim that their device is IP68 out of the box (testing of device under lab conditions allows this), but one minute after using it they can no longer guarantee that the user hasn’t damaged it in a way that means it is no longer able to survive immersion in water.

  • Iki

    All sony phones that are water proof must be washed with clean water after use in a pool, and they should not be exposed to salt-water. Sony has always said this, but some people use them wrong… And then complains to sony about it.

  • Iki

    It can be submersed in clean water, but at 150 cm you should not move it fast, as that makes the water pressure higher… The rubber o-rings also get damaged if you use it in salt/chlorinated water for a long time, and don’t wash it. Sony has said this about every Z phone they have, but people don’t listen…

  • Iki

    They are fine in normal water, but people think you can use them in a pool or something without washing them after… The chloride / salt ruins the rubber and metal of the phone… It sais so on every sony warranty…

  • Iki

    How is the waterproofing on the Galaxy phones?

  • Iki

    Ip68 is fully waterproof, but not salt proof…

  • Iki

    It is waterproof, but it can’t take pool water or salt water without getting cleaned afterwards… Like all other sony phones… But people still ruin their phones in pools, and sony get’s blamed. That is why they change it.

  • Iki

    Use it in clean water, not in the pool… Rubber gets ruined by the pool water… Sony has always said that…

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  • dragonsneeze

    I know that, they said it everywhere. It’s just saying “you shouldn’t submerge it fully” for a waterproof device sounds kinda shady. That’s all I’m saying. Some people might abuse warranty but in a lot of countries they didn’t cover water damage anyway now they can say “we said so” and not cover the damages even if it’s a defect.

  • I had my Sony Xperia Z2 damaged by washing it under the sink. Flaps closed but water still got in. Replaced under warranty.

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  • p waddy

    lol ip68 all of a sudden is irrelevant to them.

    Another winner Sony.

  • Pingback: Don't take your waterproof Xperia Z5 underwater, says Sony | world news()

  • p waddy

    So they use the ambiguity of *water in the IP68 rating and then use marketing IN A POOL and expect complete adherence.

    Nonsense they are trying to have their cake and eat it too through mixed messages.

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  • Pingback: Don’t take your waterproof Xperia Z5 underwater, says Sony | wingman()


    not completely true.. official video of xperia m4 aqua with device underwater

  • charuka

    Too bad. now I won’t be buying a xperia z5 because of this.

  • agramonte

    And everyone who bought an Xperia for extra day to day protection wont care. I slipped getting a cab and my Z1C ended in the curbside with the drain water – fished it out and it was fine. The case kept it from cracking and the flaps from drowning.

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  • fried_egg

    iki you don’t seem to know what this story is about… sony’s website says very clearly “You should not put the device completely underwater…” that is what people are talking about and what you say is the opposite to sony… i repeat their website says on the z5 “You should not put the device completely underwater “

  • fried_egg

    you still want to completely ignore the simple statement that if sony says, and i quote, “You should not put the device completely underwater ” it cant be IP68 to over 150cm… it is impossible to be both not underwater and that deep underwater!

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  • Stanley08

    Personally, i think it’s time for Sony to stop focusing on waterproof BS and do focus on something better. Like Camera (especially RAW) for example

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  • Antonio Dinis

    I have a Xperia Z, my phone never had been in contact with water, the only thing i use it a lot is in my morning runs. A year after the earspeaker started to fail, i’ve send it to technical services and they told me it wasn’t covered by garanty because the humidity seals of the headphones port where compromised. I had to pay 200 euros to fix it. i told not to do it, and it was re-sended back to me. i’ve tried and it’s good now after all. It’s a joke the waterproof advantage of sony mobile’s in my opinion. I have the humidity seal compromised, because of what?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    It’s all because of this idiot here.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    No because of idiots like him. Watch how he tortures the phone over and over again.even in other videos.

  • Stephen Liu

    I stand corrected on that statement, but, at it also turns out, the M4 Aqua has the older, less paranoid disclaimer.

    So the marketing materials still do match what their legal team is saying.

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    Well, they never showed any of the Xperias being used under the “sea” or something! So, using it in the pool for instance is fine, right? because that’s what we they claim in their commercials.

  • Sony’s previous site is still live!
    DOES THIS MEAN the old phones are still water-lovable cause my Z1 is still listed lol :D

  • XperiaBlog

    Read the footnote regarding the Xperia Z5 on its latest press release and you see why it is so confusing. From footnote #5 on talking about the Xperia Z5: “You can’t take the phone deeper than 1.5m of water” and “casual use in chlorinated pools is permitted provided it’s rinsed in fresh water afterwards.”

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  • Hugo Borges Schunke

    i love apple ?

  • Hans

    Especially bought a Sony Z1 Compact to use a navigation device on my motorbike. Since it is waterproof, usable with gloves and works with a wet display. Also bought a navigation APP and traffic services for it. IP68 is IP68 I am not happy.

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  • Iki

    And the reason it says so is that people put them in every kind of water known to man… Not just clean water. And therefore they damaged their phones. So now, sony has to change their statement because of those people.

  • Hein S

    Hello Sony Marketing? This is the Service Center.

    We have 1000 people with water-damaged phones demanding new replacements!

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    Well, I believe that nothing has changed in waterproof capabilities!
    Basically, they just published that disclaimer specially for those shitheads (you might have seen their “waterproof test” videos on YouTube) who, literally, abuse the phone. They spill thick liquids such as oil or even submerge it in gooey stuff like peanut butter or something; hot (boiling) water, or drinks like Pepsi and then put it in the freezer. Then when the phone stops working, they be like “See… Xperia is not waterproof as Sony claims”…

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  • c933103

    IP68 mean “The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which shall be specified by the manufacturer. However, with certain types of equipment, it can mean that water can enter but only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects.”. The specification say immersion beyond 1m, and thus water pressure in a static pool should not matter. However, what’s problem is things like water tap or swimming pool’s circulations, which is something that not guaranteed regradless of USB cap or not.

  • It will definitely affect my buying decisions…. I’m buying a new phone soon and it won’t definitely be the Z5. Which is kind of a bummer, since I’ve been a loyal Ericsson/Sony-Ericsson/Sony customer since the late 90s…..
    Despite what they say now, I’ve had no trouble washing my Z1 (with soap and tap water) in the last 2 years

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  • gamer324

    Honestly I doubt the capless USB Port has anything to do with it, we’ve had capless 3.5 mm jack since Z Ultra, why would a capless USB be any harder to seal?
    I’ll believe Sony when it says that this new guidance is just that : what you should reasonably be putting your device through on a day-to-day basis.

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  • Aditya Pawar

    Sony xperia devices are not at all waterproof. They are water resistant. My xperia z1 got water damaged last month in a swimming pool. I used it for photography underwater with all the flaps closed tightly for less then 10 mins with depth less then half feet. First the screen started flickring so I quickly removed it from water and switched it off. And from then it never turned on. My warranty expired just before 2 months. And when I sent it to service center they gave me a long list of parts to be replaced with complete circuit damaged and the repair cost me almost 70% of current price of new Xperia z1 and selling it gives me 40% of repairing cost so definitely going to throw it. Customer care has no answers to my questions regarding repairing cost. Definitely my last device from sony.

  • if u have any problem with your xperia go to

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  • etmccaus

    Great. Fraudulent advertising. Bait and switch. Amazing. Between this and the latest update INCREASING my Z3C’s exposure to Stagefright, I am *DONE* with Sony Mobile.

  • Simos Katsiaris

    3 months? i have been waiting for 3 weeks lol, i’m about to sue there asses for not notifying that they have received and see the device after 48 hours like the european law demands

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  • Well i hope i’m not screwed by Sony. I Used my Z3 on my pool without any problem some times then i used it on Walt Disney World Art of Animation Pool (It has music underwater) and the phone died. I sent it to Sony to fix it under the warranty. Will they fix it?

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  • ivan

    Well well. I returned my phone. I got a phone that doesn’t update. I have to returned again. Isn’t that a crappy customer service? Incredible.

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  • Maulerw

    The biggest issue is people misunderstanding “waterproof”

    For have ATM ratings. Or atmospheric pressure ratings.
    50m waterproof makes people think anything less is ok. Where a hose or shower or diving into water create higher pressure than that depth.
    Washing your phone under running water could also easily surpass the IP rating.

    Ip68 to 1.5m can be exceeded by diving in with it in your hand. Forcing water past the seal on the side.
    The usb port and headphone are hardly an issue as they’re sealed tight inside. It’s the silicone seal for the sd and sim cards.

    If you walked into a pool and submerged it it would be fine. Just be 100% on that side flap being closed.

  • Cari

    Found this article 3 months too late. Took my Z2 in the sea, works fine. Headphone socket is actually better than before I used it underwater, after cleaning it with some wd40.

    For those that purchased these devices and used them before they changed the terms, does the warranty still cover damage?

  • You were unlucky. I took my Z2 in the ocean waters of the Belize, and in a f’in mud volcano near Cartagena in Colombia. No problems whatsoever, except for some fine dust around the speaker grill after the phone dried up.

  • I took my Z2 in the ocean waters of the Belize, and in a f’in mud volcano near Cartagena in Colombia. No problems whatsoever, except for some fine dust around the speaker grill after the phone dried up. I never cleaned the phone with fresh water.

  • Same here with my Z2 in Belize, and in a f’in mud volcano near Cartagena in Colombia. No problems whatsoever, except for some fine dust around the speaker grill after the phone dried up.

  • You could have tested a few SONY phones underwater like this guy:

    Or do a video test and check the pressure sensor (see comments):

  • Which phones offer “far more superior cameras”?

    The Z5 is #1 at DxOMark in the Mobile category.

  • Nonsense. You can even film underwater with the Z5.

  • Iki

    For some people the phones gaskets does not need cleaning. You might have been lucky.

  • dragonsneeze

    Sony clearly says don’t submerge it, it’s not meant to work underwater. You can do whatever you want with your phone but they just don’t want you to use it underwater. They did it for the ones who abuse the feature and laws probably but it’s just contradictory.

  • arpan roy

    i used xperia l about 3 years and i am glad that i had that but now a days problem start when my xperia get wet partially.after that phone works but after few days problem start with lcd and my touch does not i’m dissapointed.plzzzzz help me to recover my phone

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  • trayupman

    I put my z3+ in the freezer when it warms up

  • Hector Sanchez

    But then those of us who have common sense but received defective units that do not seal properly get fucked

  • Lovely F Suarez

    this is kinda annoying. I love swimming, I love salt waters. :( deceiving. :(

  • Amprich

    I am very careful with my devices, but waterproof (underwater shooting) was a feature that differentiate it from the market, but now, I don’t find too much advantage, I would buy another brand that also use sony’s camera sensor and provides higher performance at lower price

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  • John shaw

    I have never put my phone under under water. I do however sit it on the basin when I have a shower to listen to music. I purchased ed this phone because of the advertised waterproofing it has so being in a moisture rich environment and not submerged in an water should be a breeze. My phone recently developed a fault with the antenna so I took it for repair. I was told it could not be repaired as it has water damage. I was shocked. Vodafone has washed there hands of it despite selling me the phone that I was told was waterproof upto 1.5m in fresh water. The phone is being picked up by Sony tomorrow to fixed under warranty unless they feel it has been abused. I will be furious if they reach this verdict and will pursue the case with watch dog and trading standards under grounds of false advertising and the phone not being fit for purpose as advertised. I’m shocked that Sony have lured me into buying their z3 with their advertising yet change their mind on the phones use and policy without informing me as this could be considered a breach of contract.

  • franckylime

    For tge first time, I recently used my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact in an underwater shoot for just a few seconds and found my handset dead. No power, dont charge. I did that because Sony claims their Xperia line is waterproof as their advertisements say so. My handset is over 2 years old. Can I charge Sony for the repair of my damaged phone due to their false advertisement? How do I do it?

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  • Abdou Zaouia

    Hello, i got Z5c, i put it underwater 2 days ago, after rinse the device it works normal, but a few hours later, the notifications of jack’s port started alone without plugging in any ear/headpohne, also i saw the performance of battery is reducing immediately even with doze on android M, can samone help me to resolve this issue ? thank you

  • Francis Parenteau

    This is total BS ! I chose that phone especially to use it in water condition (filming the kids swimming, diving etc.) I would have made a completely different choice knowing what we know now, considering that beside the ”waterproof” feature, the overall functionnality of the phone is not better than the competition.

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  • sathvika
  • sony seriously need to be sued a LOT of money for their constant lies!

    they advertise PS3 with its Other OS function, now when hackers started trying to use Other OS for hacking ps3, Sony removed the function… gives?!

    they advertise Sony Xperia phones can be used under water, now telling us it should not be used under water.

    Sorry but this is false advertising! and they should be sued hard!

  • Tristan Hanlon

    My z5 just survived 2 hours in the washing machine. After my z3 died from going in the sea for a few seconds I didn’t have any hope but it worked straight out of the machine with no problems, just a warning about some apps being closed due to high temperature! #miracle

  • Balram Shah

    They say it will fail in chlorine/salt water and won’t fail in tap
    water. But waterproof mechanism is to seal phone such that no water goes
    inside the phone. So, Does chlorine/salt have ability to teleport inside the phone and damage it and normal water doesn’t. OR

    Sony waterproof phones are not seal tight but their components and
    circuit can withstand tap water and cant withstand chlorine/salt water.
    Is it like that?

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