New update (23.4.A.1.200) certified for Xperia Z2 series and Z3 Tablet Compact

by XB on 12th September 2015

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Xperia Z2_23.4.A.1.200A quick heads-up to let you know that the PTCRB has certified a new firmware update for the Sony Xperia Z2 series as well as the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. New build number 23.4.A.1.200 compares to the current firmware with build 23.4.A.0.580 – the change from 23.4.A.0.XXX to 23.4.A.1.XXX may signify a slightly bigger update than the usual bug fixes but we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, it will include a full fix for the Stagefright exploit if nothing else.

The update has been certified for the Xperia Z2 (D6503 only), Xperia Z2 Tablet (SGP521 only) and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP641 only). However, we would expect this same build number to be heading to all of the Xperia Z3 series, so we should see certifications appear for other handsets in this range next week.

Update: The same build number has now been certified for the rest of the Xperia Z3 series.

Xperia Z2_23.4.A.1.200

Thanks cachanilla86, Farooq and JulianBravo!

  • PoweredBySony

    dafuq? Seasone 1 ep 2. mmmm….Z1 update? Anyone? No? Ok .

  • Snidhin Ninu

    Yeap need a fast update… in trouble with some bugs in last update… Hoping Z3 Dual will also get certified and updated soon

  • Sweggity

    Finally the stage fright fix, hopefully this will contain the mobile data bug fix and some fixes with the priority mode ringtone volume set to low.

  • Surya Vamsi

    Its an Update for Tmobile Germany Models…….Dont Think it as a Biggest Update
    (My Mobile Will get it because Mine is Germany Device)

  • Fempter

    Maybe this update will bring Camera2 API to us.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    It is lollipop bug isn’t it? This and mobility radio active?

  • Alvin

    Hope they just certified it here, but they’ll update the z2 at the same time as z3 and others too….

    But if they just update z2 series and z3tc first, well………….

  • Alvin

    Just WISH mate. Let us WISH together :(

  • Alvin

    Yes they are.

  • Alvin

    You cri everytim, don’t you?

  • arini bateng

    When Sony Xperia M2 ???

  • Jaspreet Brar

    Marshmallow is about to release and we haven’t got 5.1.1 for z1c yet… Sony it’s not slow it’s really too slow. :/ m not satisfied even u release it with stagefright solution. U can see other bugs destroying these devices. You can also roll stagefright patch after that.

  • Matt

    Think of it this way, if it dies happen the z2 users are beta testers for the z3 user. Hahaha

  • Alvin

    Oh yes of course, so we, z3 users will not get the bugs again because launched faster than it’s predecessors.

  • Lokinhu Kun



  • Faisal Armand

    Amen to that!

  • Brayan Ramírez

    i would bet that the update probably would be launched next week between Thursday and Friday if we´re lucky enough

  • Vahid Sanati

    and yet no update for z1. huh ….

  • MG

    We should be lucky we are getting lollipop on M2 even if it is going to be late. Let me remind you that most people where shocked and thankful back when they announced lollipop for C3, T2 ultra and M2.

  • Sweggity

    Yep it’s a bug with 5.1.1, in settings, about phone, sim status, service state, data become out of service, when u r on WiFi for a long time.

  • Samuel

    It may be worldwide release.

  • Saad Khan

    Please Sony fix USSD Codes problem in Xperia Z3 Dual as soon as possible.

  • czachapll

    Yesterday I had z1 compact… aaaand it’s gone, welcome iPhone :) I was tired of waiting a half year for update.

  • Antonis Kalaitzakis

    aaaaaaaaand nobody cares :)

  • Killian Khoo

    Good luck with other OEM update.
    While the Sony is the only OEM that giving update for mid-ranger phone.


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  • KzX


  • Shaktimaan

    The z5 doesn’t have it yet….so don’t get your hopes high.Maybe we’ll get the z5 interface and the stagefright fix in this update.Cheers!

  • WhiteShark

    I haven’t even got 5.1 to my z2, why’s that?

  • Luigi De Francesco

    Z5 have camera2api

  • Matt

    Because it launched in the z2 first, -_- logic

  • Killian Khoo

    Meanwhile the oldest z series 5.1.1 update have released to most of the worldwide market ~

  • Alvin


  • gary slatter

    Xperia z had 7 updates, z2 had 5 (so far).
    Sony now keeps updating phones for years. My galaxy note had no updates in 2 years!

  • Musadiqkhan
  • allan

    Finally got 5.1.1 for Z2 in Sweden

  • Sweggity

    5.1.1 got bugs like the mobile data bug

  • Sweggity

    What phone r u using?

  • Sweggity

    how did u get the update?

  • Nasos Vasileiadis

    Well, the Z1 is getting the update already and what we have is a build (released 1~ month ago) that had bugs…Come on SONY, release this new build for us and please let it be flawless!

  • jxPerience

    my Z2 with 5.1.1 gives me signal problem, i need to reactivate and deactivate flight mode at the same time to revert the signal… Does anyone here XPERIence the same problem>

  • KzX

    Same here bro. I thought I’m only one.

  • jxPerience

    too bad, it was perfectly fine with 4.4.4 but i need the guest mode feature that’s why i’m sticking to 5.1.1 :(

  • agujeronegro

    I also have this problem with my Xperia Z1 and version 5.0, but it happends with my WiFI, not mobile signal.

  • AlJeane20

    Xperia Z2 Latest Stagefright Update (Tested)


  • AlJeane20

    Xperia Z2 full fix for the Stagefright exploit

    for rooted device just flash!!


  • AlJeane20

    Xperia Z2 full fix for the Stagefright exploit !!!
    for rooted device just flash!!

  • dkionline

    dump or share with us.

  • Sweggity

    will wait for the official sony release

  • ShanghaiWall

    Is this your screenshot? I live in Russia and this update is not rolled out yet. At least, for Z3 D6603.

  • AGAR AKIQUE Chowdhury

    xperia z1 got the update all over the world but Z2???

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Some people are receiving this update already, but it doesn’t show at xperifirm.

  • batuhan

    You can use pc companion to download and install the Update. I upgraded but i dont know Whats new——no stagefright fix and manual camera settings :(

  • basheer

    what is the changes ? u mean to say there is no big changes nor stagefright fix then what is the use to update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • batuhan

    Just 1 New icon on small apps

  • Surya Vamsi

    I Have told you that this update for Nordic Countries…….. Check It Now

  • Salman Irshad

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