Here is what the Xperia Z5 boot animation looks like

by XB on 15th September 2015

in Videos, Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 Boot AnimationWant to know which boot animation Sony Mobile is using for the Xperia Z5 series? Then check out the brief video below, which shows the boot animation from the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. The animation uses the white theme which has adorned much of the Xperia Z5 marketing – if we were to use one word to describe the animation it would be ‘subtle’. Check It out for yourself below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks Jozef!

  • Damn. This is amazing. Cant we add it to our devices

  • jumbo3220

    Best Sony Boot animation was the jelly bean series one.. missing it :(

  • DBS

    So now even the boot animations are white?
    Ok, I’ve been trying to make excuses to myself to remain with Sony. I really have. The Z5 series is a disappointment but I thought “well, maybe the Z6 will be better”.
    Their Lollipop update is a disaster specially when it comes to the Theme engine but I thought “well, maybe Marshmallow will be better”.

    But no. All of this (boot animations, apps going white theme etc) point towards a clear path for Sony’s design. It’s full blown stock Android and it’s full blown We-want-to-blind-you-white. Sorry but that’s it for me.
    My Z3C shall remain on KitKat and I’m not picking up another Sony phone in the future. My eyes matter more to me than Sony.

  • Kristo

    I hope the color changes if you change the theme to a darker theme

  • Haziq Hasnol Zam Zam

    So what is it that is disappointing about the Z5 series ?? I thought people liked it..

  • Sergio


  • PasserBy

    You’ve been complaining a lot lately ==”

  • nick sweden

    What :-P only see white white white and a little text power by android, it would be awesome if it was black black black , I use a custom so freaking nice ;-)

  • serendipity1002

    Looks clean but a bit too ‘subtle’. A series of colors would be nice, I trust some devs will come up with various colored boot animations soon.

  • Sachin Gautam

    Try INVERT it

  • mountain

    I actually think that this animation is much better than any previous animations. The current lollipop animation is just the worse. I mean, why is it purple for no reasons? It does not fit the theme or anything. Jellybean animation is good, but does not fit in with material design much.

  • percentaged

    Some people disappointed about no OIS,no raw support and the way of the Future Sony Xperia Phone UI (Looking close to Stock Android).

  • percentaged

    Yep i agree better than that purple flow boot animation at least.

  • percentaged

    I think he’s done with Sony Phone i guess.
    This is maybe his final comment,”maybe” don’t quote on me though.

  • DBS

    Maybe because Sony has given me thing BUT reasons to complain?
    I mean I bought a Z3C based on a bunch of reasons that Sony has been working to destroy ever since. So I guess I am entitled to complain when it comes to broken expectations with a company like Sony.

  • H-R-K

    Sony is always elegant.

  • DBS

    percentaged already answered but I’ll tell you what disappoints ME about the Z5 series (considering I have a Z3C, mind you):
    – Still no OIS on the camera
    – Still no Qi charging
    – The designs with the matte finish on the Z5 and Z5C and the plastic build on the Z5C are far worse than the ones that preceded them. The phones look a loot less premium than their ancestors.
    – The flash is still a joke.
    – LCD instead of AMOLED screens. Yes, the Xperia screens are beautiful if you cram the brightness to the max, but they’d be even better if the screen technology was better.

    – Sony’s theme engine was severely crippled with Lollipop. You can no longer customise, for example, the colour of the background on settings etc. One would expect Sony to expand the theme engine to customise the notification tray etc…not thwarting it.
    – Sony’s new UI is horrible. It’s way too stock Android.
    – Sony’s new UI is way too white-based. While Sony’s screens aren’t AMOLED and so don’t take advantage of the battery savings that black backgrounds provide, the use of white doesn’t make them better. On the other hand, it makes everything more aggressive on the eyes, specially if you’re using the phone in a darker environment.

    So, as someone who has a Z3C that I kept on KitKat for the aesthetic reasons above, the Z5 is pretty disappointing to me. It has some nice new things like the exposed USB port but that’s it to me.

  • ludimilojko

    What’s the fuss with the boot animation? On my latest Xperia. i saw it only 4 times, after the Android upgrades, and to be honest, i don’t know how does it look like.

  • KzX

    Sure :-D

  • mUSICA

    ANDROID 5.1.1 Now Seedng For Xperia ZR

  • Emil Oskarsson

    That one was really cool, anyone knows if theres a bootanimation for this over at XDA? For Xperia Z then :D

  • dragonsneeze

    Off Topic: Why did Sony rumors of this year realized by Apple? 13″ tablet, 12MP OIS Metal phone. Curious.

  • Timel

    It would be so good if Sony will dot the i’s and cross the t’s

    Software has always been the weakest point of Sony products

  • devx fred

    this sucks.This is just baseless jpgs.There is no animation.

  • hansip

    Ok take care now, I’d bet you’ll love your next Samsung.

  • hansip

    Much better than Lollipop wiggly purple line. Hopefully on the next M this will be the standard

  • DBS

    What a golden opportunity you lost to stay quiet.
    I never had nor do I plan on ever having a Samsung device.
    Fortunately for me, there are other brands with Android phones: OnePlus, LG, Motorola, Alcatel…and coming 2016, Nokia. I’ll give you a hint: I’ve already picked which one I’ll be buying from now that Sony destroyed everything that appealed to me in their phones. Samsung won’t be it.

  • Geese Howard

    This one looks simple enough with style. Kind a dig it.

  • DBS

    Oh I never said the Z5 family is bad. Far from it. I’d still take any Z5 variant over a Motorola or Huawei. They simply aren’t appealing to someone who already has a Z3 device. And won’t become at all to someone who doesn’t like We-want-to-blind-you-white designs.

    I agree with you on the software specially of the Z5P. If anything, it should be LESS stock Android and more…you know…Premium.
    On other Sony products it varies to me. I, for example, enjoy the PlayStation software a lot more than I do the Xbox One (specially the upcoming “new Xbox experience”). On their walkmans it’s becoming a little dated…but it works since you won’t spend a lot of time looking at it I understand if they don’t want to waste money in redesigning something that isn’t broken.

  • Matt

    I’m digging this, clean and non obtrusive.

    Sony is taking material to a new level :).

    Will wait for marshmallow

  • Matt

    Yep the purple 9ne is ugly.

    Well it is just a boot animation. And I just rebooted my phone once a week so no biggie.

  • In other news, a mongolian farmer just took a dump.

  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    I like it :)

  • Svnjay

    Motorola, OnePlus and Alcatel are stock Android and even more white than Sony and LG’s skin is heavy and laggy.

  • DBS

    Oh I’m ware of that ;) I’ve said it more than once, as soon as Nokia returns I’ll be returning to Nokia from where I came ;)
    I was really hopping to extend my “relationship” with Sony phones but unfortunately Sony didn’t contribute for that to happen. It’s a pity as they had the foundations for something really great with the Z3C.

  • azzido

    Yes, I have the same feeling that Sony will oversleep the OLED trend as it almost oversleep Android revolution with X10 while joining the competition too late…

    Same comes with IOS and so on. They showed they can do something more like curved lens but never delivered.

    + proce is the same as better competition.
    To be honest I was hoping for:

    1. OLED or IPS NEO screen.
    2. camera with OIS, bigger matrix and aperture F1.8. 4K video in 60fps. Better HDR. Basically Cyber-Shot camera.
    3. S-Master with Mega Bass.
    4. 4GB of RAM + Snap 820.
    5. New design.
    6. Completely new UI as this one… better no comment. Still same and even more stock than previously. Too stock.

    As they did not delivered and 4K occured to be only marketing as it only works for pictures and videos and there is no difference to 1080p as screen is too small = skipping Z5 and waiting for Z6.

    Hoping Z6 will be something really new and worth the money :/

  • Lorenzo

    Link please?

  • Svnjay

    Oh well, I hope you enjoy your next Nokia phone. I want to buy one but i’m loyal to Sony :)

  • akzidenz

    and the signature violin bootup sound

  • hansip

    You lost it everytime to stay quite too. Whiners will always whine. I myself rather than bitching I’ll just hold my purchase, almost all you describe is just a ‘want’ factor but you resounding it so much and threatened to move as if you’re tied in the first place.

  • DBS

    Then perhaps you should stop whining just because you don’t like my comments? ’cause that’s all you’ve done so far.

  • Yoppy

    This animation still alive in my rooted lollipop z ultra… :D

  • shenoy

    True. Personally I rate this in 2nd position. 1st is xperia arc with SE logo animation.

  • hansip

    But that’s your opinion though.

  • xperiaDROID

    Looks simple and elegant.

    Btw, no boot up sound?

  • Rizky Maulana

    Why the first line appears and rotated? LoL

  • mountain

    I also don’t understand why Sony has not use oled panels for the xperia range. Both my PSV and NWZ-X1000 demonstrate that they can tune colours on oled panels far better than others, and the lack of OIS is really the only downside of the camera.

    But I really do like the white theme. Its more refreshing than the current themes.

  • Matt

    Ca anyone tell me why people are so obsessed with dark theme? Eben though it separate itself from material and it doesn’t have any benefit on Ltd screen.

    Don’t tell me it is easier to read in the dark one doesn’t make the whole ui dark just for that.

  • Matt

    then go already. what are you waiting for ? oh right the fictional nokia product.

  • echomrg

    YOUTUBE link, we’re professionals here.

  • sentech

    funny to see people fap on boot animation.. how often you’ll see it?


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  • iia3ezu

    It’s those emo fanboys who think having a default dark theme makes them badass or ‘like Batman’.

    It’s the same for Microsoft Windows 10. In the early developer preview builds the default theme was light. Then ‘design by committee’ groupthink crept in, and the dark theme was made default.

  • Matt

    its just colour . white is cleaner , material is good.

    why forcing sony to go with unknown way to design new UI which we do not know whether it will be good or not. and port in again and again with every single software update. an inevitably still preload xperias with google apps which clearly uses material ? only for a f*cking black theme .

    2 solutions there for black-fands :
    = stay on kitkat and shut it
    = dev option > invert colour and shut it

  • RyTek

    You can take it from Xperia S firmware for hdpi devices and from Z1 for xxhdpi devices, I have one which was took from Z1, if you want I can share it (flashable and non-flashable)

  • Da Fuq

    Imagine turning your phone on at night…

  • HAWX

    Because dark has better looking to them. It’s preference and I personally think jellybean setting menu have much better, classy looking.

  • Samuel

    Unfortunately it won’t. It is a .mp4 video.

  • Matt

    yea it maybe is personal preference . i did the upgrade to lollipop 5.0.2 before but i downgraded again to kitkat because i cant stand the broken volume toggle. Then i fell the settings and button on kitkat are cluttered and full, i like cleaner UI that lollipop offer :)

    and i do like my phone feels like a whole, instead of all sony app look out of place compared to materialized google apps on litkat, now they (at least some of them) look like they belong in 5.1.1

    and i do not think dark theme is the way to go. even if you can re-theme the sony UI you cant re-theme the google apps without a deodexed rom, which is annoying . the only way is not upgrading and ejoy the stagefright exploit.

  • PoweredBySony

    Xperia Z5 Launcher for other Sony Phones

  • HAWX

    Yeah I think phone itself should look like full, which is material design in todays’ standarts. But it still gives manufacturers lots of space to change things. That’s why LG, Samsung, Sony looks quite diffrent on same version of Lollipop. I think Sony looks still the best amongst them (maybe htc is better), but the problem for me is I can’t stand some minor things in stock Lollipop e.g. colour of toggles. I can’t idetify them whether they are on or off in daylight. They are really important to me since I use them quite much. And I’m just sad that I can’t change this simple thing :/ Although you can change them to some extent in other manufactuers like htc or Samsung, you have the least personilization option on Sony. And I think manufacturers should give much customization option to people who chosed an expensive Android device like Sony or htc. Because those people are caring phone’s external look, internal look or maybe both in my case. And there is no. 1 best option for everybody. Maybe you can’t design or select best colour for every single person, but you can add customization option so that everybody will create best for them :)

    If I wanted a phone to just work I would buy a nexus. And If I wanted to add some more quality I would go for Apple.

    Anroid over Apple means flexibility, personlization for me. Apple is company which have strict standarts and everybody’s phone’s UI exactly the same which I can’t stand.

    So my point is that Sony should definitely add a powerful customization engine or features. Otherwise they would loose some of their existing or potential customers who doesn’t want to enjoy stagefright exploit ;)

  • Sebastian Furnigel

    I still use this bootanimation on my Z. I took it out of an old 4.2 fw. if you want i can send it. :D

  • Azurpha

    Just going to say, changing to amoled will effect battery life in someway or another.

  • Azurpha

    Just going to say, changing to amoled will effect battery life in someway or another. ( Here is a flower taken with Z1c flash, maybe its enough for me.

  • Kristo

    But if they have multiple videos, or just two: black and white

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