New premium Daisy Duck Xperia Theme launched [Update]

by XB on 15th September 2015

in Applications

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_1_resultSony Mobile is continuing its selection of Disney-related Xperia Themes with the launch of the Daisy Duck theme. This theme follows from the Donald Duck Xperia Theme which was released last week. Unlike that theme which was available for free for Xperia Lounge Gold members, the latest theme will set you back £1.99/€1.99/$1.99. You will find some pictures of what to expect below.

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_2_result

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_3_result Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_4_result

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_5_result

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_6_result

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme_7_result

Update: The new theme has now gone free for Xperia Lounge Gold users.

Daisy Duck Xperia Theme Xperia Lounge Gold

  • how many themes?!

  • Jaspreet Brar

    hahahahah its funny. really. :D

  • I think Sony reads their own blogs to see satisfaction in their own products and come to XperiaBlog to see reality .. Nobody wants these fucking themes.

  • Timel

    This themes is fucking ugly
    Most of Xperia themes are also fucking ugly

    If Sony have no idea to make the great themes for Xperia phones or have no idea to improve theme engine then stop! Please just stop this bullshit!

    You better save your time and your money and then hire the talented people to improve your shitty camera software (especially auto mode) and your marketing strategy.

  • Sadman Khan

    Sony needs to stop making themes. They should let 3rd party developers handle this.

  • xperiaDROID

    I wonder why Sony’s themes are always ugly, it just don’t blend into the UI. Sony should really take note from the Chinese brands and Samsung too,

  • ludimilojko

    Are you serious? Daisy Duck theme? Donald Duck theme? Minnie Mouse theme? Lego Ninjago theme? What’s next? When you buy a Z5 Premium, you’ll get a box of diapers, as a freebie?

  • Lol

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