Podcast update (2.1.A.0.10) adds new widget and light theme

by XB on 15th September 2015

in Applications

Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_4Sony Mobile has revamped the Podcast application (normally found within the Music app) by introducing a light theme to bring it in line with changes to its media apps. The Podcast build number has moved from 2.0.A.0.8 to version 2.1.A.0.10 and includes a lighter interface throughout the app. The other main change is that Sony has added a new widget, allowing you to access the Podcast app directly from the home screen. The 3.1MB update is currently rolling to most recent Sony Xperia devices.

Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_1 Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_2

Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_3 Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_4

Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_5 Podcast_2.1.A.0.10_6

Thanks Himath and Sasa!

  • Dakota

    These light themes probably look great on white phones, otherwise it would be great to have an option to switch between light & dark


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  • browns0und

    is there any way to change the default location of saved podcasts? internal storage fills up fast so im looking to have them downloaded to my SD card

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