Sony Europe closes Online Store; customers can no longer buy direct

by XB on 15th September 2015

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Sony Store Europe_3In a baffling move, Sony Europe has closed down its online retail store for good. From today, if you want to purchase a Sony product in Europe, you can no longer do so directly. The Sony Europe website still exists as a showcase for all of Sony’s products and promotions, but if you try to access the old Sony Store link ( you will simply be redirected to the homepage.

The move means that even the Sony Outlet Store ( is gone for good, so no chance of grabbing the occasional bargain or two. However, at the time of writing, the Sony Mobile Store in Europe still seems to be operating.

This news follows similar moves in the US and Canada, where Sony has been paring back its retail presence, both online and offline. At least in North America, there was ample notice ahead of the change. The change in Europe has happened suddenly and without notice.

Sony has good traction with its European consumers, so the change is certainly a surprise. Sony still includes a ‘Buy’ button against its products, but you are now directed to one of its approved partners such as Argos, Currys, Jessops, John Lewis and so on. We don’t know whether this move will see the number of Sony Centre retail stores cut back too in Europe, but time will tell.

Sony Store Europe has closed without notice…

Sony Store Europe_1

… you are now directed to Sony’s approved partners instead

Sony Store Europe_2

Here is the homepage as it stands today – no mention of the ‘Store’

Sony Store Europe_3

  • fluxx
  • MarkG54321

    oh how naive the blogger here is. Sony Centres are independent franchises.

    if you don’t know what either of those long words are, use a dictionary.

  • XperiaBlog

    Not every store is franchised, Sony also operates owned stores across Europe.

  • Akand

    I won’t mind if they improve their customer services. Their post sale customer care is the worst. Too slow service and not widely available.
    Online store/direct store from Sony doesn’t matter as very few people buy products direct from manufacturers because of higher prices. But they must be sincere and careful about their customer services. Otherwise, Sony won’t be able to beat others.

  • Alaa

    Hi, When Xperia blog will chang the desugn of the site ???

    from 2010 or 2011 to now same design ?

    We hope to see new desgin ” like Material design ”


    Change the site color , font and make it better and with number of the big

    and include animation

    like Android Police / GSMArena ….etc

  • echomrg

    As of now Sony’s store is still available in italy.


  • echomrg

    and the Z5 is available for pre-order for 30€ less than the Z3+

  • XperiaBlog

    We’re open to the idea, but wouldn’t want to change it just for the sake of it. We think the desktop site works perfectly well as it is. If enough think otherwise though we’ll consider it more thoroughly.

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  • Lars

    Sony’s Swedish store is still online. No problem ordering phones.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    agree with admin, its okay if no change. look at gsmarena change their design and make newbie reader confuse including me

  • +1

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think the idea here is that it reduces costs and should hopefully give Sony more leverage with retailers and improve its in store retailer exposure as many other tech giants such as Samsung have successfully done.

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  • blurb8

    Sony store was always WAY overpriced (minimum 25% more)….so who cares?

  • Gitarooman

    they are doing this in EU too??? What the hell, they better be coming up with a global solution for online purchase, if they relying on 3rd party sellers then they better pic someone like Amazon, not some obscure weird sites that people don’t shop at.

  • Stavus

    Only the sections TVs, audios and cameras are closed, smartphones and tablets are still open :)

  • Alaa


    i know that , But try to make a new design and make a choice too chose the design ” currently or New ”

    like XDA site, you can chose between many designs !

    and What about app for Xperia Blog on Android ?
    We hope to see Xperia Blog Application soon on play store with material design !

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  • Timel

    I am not sure if you view the site on mobile. It isn’t mobile friendly at all. Who uses the desktop version of sites these days’s a pain to navigate the site on mobile

  • Goodbye Pony, you will not be missed.

  • azzido

    I am wondering why it is not possible to take Z4 tablet from carrier in Poland.
    It was possible to select Sony tablet in the past, but not now.

    Any ideas? Is this the same in other countries? Can you share information?
    In Poland in Orange, T-Mobile, Play, Plus, noone offers it :/

    Sony what is the reason?

  • azzido


  • goldenblls

    They should have done it sooner. It’s always cheaper to buy elsewhere anyway.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I dont mind at all cause no price change buying online even the product were 2-3month old. The promotion only available thru their store or I can get less price cut buying from non-sony store.

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  • FooVoyager

    Thank God! Last time I used them (pre-order for a Z1Compact) they were 3 weeks late delivering, since they prioritized their resellers over private customers (read fanboi’s). The xperience was almost enough to get me on the Galaxy bandwagon instead.

  • Andy Roid

    For Z1 Compact it was the cheapest at launch, plus threw in a free SmartWatch 1 (which I sold to knock another £90 off the price)

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