Sony Mobile issues statement on new waterproof guidance

by XB on 15th September 2015

in Problems

XperiaZR_Press_21Last week, we reported on an apparent change in policy from Sony Mobile on its waterproof Xperia devices. Sony has today come back with an official statement on the matter. The statement says that the change in guidance and marketing is to “clearly illustrate the best ways to protect devices in day-to-day usage” and to “better advocate sensible usage of our devices.

Sony goes on to say that the “warranty terms provided for our products remain the same” and that any communication on the parameters around IP ratings is “to help customers to protect their smartphones and tablets in line with the applicable warranty we provide.” The full statement can be seen below.

Sony Mobile statement on change in waterproof policy

“Sony Mobile is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service. Xperia models that feature levels of dust and water-resistance are validated independently and based on Ingress Protection (IP) standards agreed and used across the industry. We have every confidence in the qualities of Xperia devices, which are built to exacting technical standards and are designed to perform to high standards in normal usage.

“The recent changes to guidance we provide to our customers are designed to more clearly illustrate the best ways to protect devices in day-to-day usage. We communicate necessary precautions, and the specific parameters of ingress protection ratings, to help customers to protect their smartphones and tablets in line with the applicable warranty we provide.

“We have also recently updated our marketing visuals to better advocate sensible usage of our devices. The warranty terms provided for our products remain the same and any customer concerns will continue to be considered on a case by case basis in line with these terms.”

  • So is it ok to take pictures underwater or nah?

  • +1. Also, how have their “marketing visuals” been “updated?”

  • MarkG54321

    Under freshwater, less than 1.5m, yes….

    Under saltwater, in a chlorine pool, exposing the phone to water pressure (jumping into pool etc), no…

    Common sense obviously applies. IP rating system is a scientific measure of waterproof resistance, when you are an idiot consumer, science and common sense are absent…

  • DBS

    However, you can’t really blame consumers for taking the phone to the pool when Sony itself has a ton of advertisements with pictures being taken underwater in pools.

    Unless Sony’s people live in a weird world where pools are filled with fresh water, that water will have chlorine in it. So what they’re saying in the advertisement goes against what’s in the fine print. And when consumers realise that, they get p*ssed. And with reason. (And theoretically, they could actually sue Sony for it.)

  • Rick N

    my suggestion = NO, never dip to water depends the handset age too
    most people says it safe but on the other hand lots of people already become “victim”
    it’s up to you tho but don’t blame sony if your phone breaks

  • Raj Singh

    I do not like this explanation by Sony Mobile’s PR team… at all.

  • Matt

    We have also recently updated our marketing visuals to better advocate sensible usage of our devices

    They can’t change thing that are already out can they?

    That weird world called a lake

  • Micheal Archer

    The explicit answer is no. You can store your phone under 1.5 m of fresh water in standby mode for 30 minutes if you want, but Sony has said that IP68 means only that – that the phone has been tested (when it was brand new) under those specific conditions. Taking photos is “using the device” and I’m fairly confident that you couldn’t take a photo while the phone is in standby mode either.

    This is simply a matter of the fact that IPX8 testing is done with water that is not flowing with the device in a static position in standby mode. Similarly, IPX5 testing is done with no constant water pressure but with “jets” of water (low-pressure). IPX6 testing is done with high-pressure jets and might imply that you could take your phone swimming or jumping into the river…

    However, most Xperia users that I know have all taken photos underwater, but are generally quite gentle while doing it – no swishing the phone vigorously back and forth, not taking photos in the rapids, etc.

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  • Ami

    Seems they were just trying to make people realize, that the device isn’t designed for daily (or “extreme”) usage in water, which I’d understand…

  • Andreescu Daniel

    This is for dumber peoples, i have a z2 for over an year i put it in beer, in pool, in sea, washed it and no problem at all.

  • Sachin Gautam

    You’re The Man, I too did the same, No issues with my Z1C

  • Matt

    It’s fine, done it loads of times

  • fried_egg

    Well Sony, my ordered Z5 will do… but the Z7 had better be “pint of lager dunk proof” because that’s really how we use the function impressing our fruitphone holding friends ;)

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I literally dropped my Z3Compact in a pint of Heineken….and the faces of my friends were priceless!!! :-)

  • RockStar2005

    What I’d read a while back was, if you get salt or chlorine (pool) water on it, just make sure to rinse it off with FRESH WATER soon after (like within a couple hours or so).

  • Okazuma

    In other words, waterproof Xperias aren’t “scuba devices”
    They are “Water resistant” if it’s raining, if wine/coffee drops on the phone or if you need to wash out the dust on it.

  • RockStar2005

    They are waterproof. Just don’t get too crazy with them underwater is all.

  • Okazuma

    I agree with you.
    I think this change is due to the reckless behavior that some users have had

  • KzX

    Like this ;-)

  • RockStar2005

    Yes exactly. I mean ppl in these comments are saying they’ve dunked their Xperias in mugs of beer with no issues, but they didn’t PITCH THEM at the mugs at 100 mph!! lol

  • RockStar2005

    Key words: WASHED IT! See, just gotta wash it in fresh water afterwards people!!

  • G-UNIT_(Z)
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  • John Latimer

    Sony has always in my experience stood behind there waterproof phones I’ve had few repaired never been any hassle from what I’ve read on Sony site this hasn’t ever changed. So don’t no why Xperia blog Sony bashing or possibly keep quite till facts are clarified

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  • Zeljko Kovacevic

    I have 68 underwater pics with M2 aqua

  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    I have used My Xperia Z a full day at amusement park the only issue i faced was a little fog in camera glass and that’s quite natural. even my watch was facing the same.
    Even i tried almost every worst ways to check the waterproofing and Sony never disappointed me at all :) This statement is just for their legal safety.

  • Mark Richfield

    I’ve had the phone under water about 30cm (12 inches) deep recording my swimming laps at the pool for about 20 minutes with no problems. Multiple times with my Z3. I’ve also taken it to the beach and haven’t immersed it in sea water for more than a minute, but have taken pictures from the water side more than a few times. I also wash my phone under running tap water with soap again with no problems. I guess I’m lucky. However, having seen photos and videos at various conferences where Z-series, including tablet compact have been shown under water for an extended period of time, and all those adverts, it’s quite disappointing that Sony’s shying away from the waterproof concept. It doesn’t give confidence to those users like me who have been reliably using it under or near water.

  • Hanzubou

    Then the marketing team only needs to make a advertisement video how to dump your waterproof xperia into water(all kinds of water) along with making sure your xperia will stay waterproof after usage

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  • jonyah

    I can attest that they work great underwater in limited conditions. I dunked one with the flap not closed all the way and it had issues after that. There’s no way to prove you had the flaps open or closed so it makes sense for Sony to put out these warnings. Rain, bathtub, lake, beach, pool, etc. My phone has been in all of them without any issues when the flaps have been properly closed.

  • RockStar2005

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!

    And the newest Xperias don’t even have a flap anymore, yet retain the same exact dustproof/waterproof IP rating. But yes on my Z3 I would always make sure to have them closed, even in just rain. I have yet to take mine into a pool though. Or my shower/tub for that matter. lol

  • Jason

    soooo. if you take a picture underwater, and your phone breaks, just tell Sony all you did was gently place the phone in a container full of tap water and lowered it to a depth of no more than 1.5 meters for no more than 30 min….and then you dont know what went wrong.

  • Thanks everyone for the answers! I have a Z3, but I don’t plan on even taking it in the shower. I enjoy the comfort of knowing that my phone is safe if something gets spilled on it; not for taking it scuba diving.

  • Semnoz

    Over the 2 years I had my Z1 I took hundreds of photos under water while lake swimming and quite a few ‘snorkling’ videos. I did the same in the sea as well – got some amazing footage of jellyfish once ! The photo/shutter button is designed to be operated under water.

    I always kept the phone in a tight silicone rubber case so there was no possibility of the SD/SIM/USB port flaps opening. That’s my advice to anyone wanting to use theirs underwater.

    I’m now onto a Z3+ and taking it underwater (again with tough rubber case). Because the USB socket is exposed and presumably has copper or brass electric contacts, I’ll certainly make sure I rinse it if it goes under the sea. Great thing about the Z3+ (and Z5) is that with the 4K video option, the shutter button starts/stops video recording, so great underwater.

    It’s a shame if Sony are having to be cautious as they took quite a risk releasing phones with IP rating. But for me it’s been a revelation. And when you also factor in the ability to attach a lanyard/wrist-strap (again, something only Sony are now doing), Xperia’s become the ultimate adventure/sports phones, and long may it continue. Even with the ‘throttling’ of my Snapdragon 810, I’m still glad I went with Sony.

  • JonShipman

    Now think about all the places your hands have been since you touched your Z3C. Might as well poured fecal matter in your pint.

  • I still have the Z2 and don’t ever intentionally take it in the shower or drop it in beer like others here (props to you all!)

    On a side note, very much want a Z5 Compact though…

  • ZXcorr

    I would use a rubber plug for the 3.5mm jack and another one for the micro USB port for extra security when swimming/taking pics/filming underwater.

  • Alvin

    Look at z5 commercials… They’re not showing the phone in visuals(ads) underwater since z3+

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  • Nayib

    It would be excellent if Sony created those accessories!

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  • gamer324

    Yeah but I’d never take my phone near salt water or chlorine, salt is harder than tempered glass and chlorinated water hates metal (granted the aluminum is anodised thereby adding an inert layer Al2O3 but I’m a biy paranoid when it comes to my tech).
    It’s a good thing Sony issued this statement, and to be specific, the new guidance only discourages complete submersion, doesn’t mean you can’t just dunk the camera in to take a few pictures. Besides that, I’ll trust the IP rating more than Sony’s new ‘guidance’ for daily usage.

  • ryq24

    Damage control!

  • Twice I’ve been to a pool with my Xperia Z1 and twice I actually forgot to wash it with fresh water (I know, not the smartest thing I’ve done in my life). I did dry it properly, and I haven’t experienced any issues.

    I strongly recommend washing the device after, though. I may have been very foolishly lucky.

  • Hell I even spread butter with my Z3.


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  • LiterofCola

    Yup! Mine has been in the Caribbean. And I mean in the Caribbean Sea and it still works fine.

  • vzangel

    Sony has a very, very bad customer service, they didn’t repair my Z2 Tablet and they didn’t even tell me why, it was under warranty time, they also scratched the back of the tablet. I’ve been trying to get a response for a month and nobody answers me.
    I won’t be buying anything Sony again.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    M2 aqua is blessed with flaps which protect its jacks and connectors from getting “rust”.

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  • ??????????-??????? ?????????

    i have the original Z, Z-ultra & Z1 compact, the water is something daily usual for all of them
    the Z is from 2013 nothing wrong and those are not even ip68 as the new phones

  • ?????? ?????

    So the Lord !

    The notorious SONY waterproof smartphone does not withstand scrutiny

    Within a year the joy of using the gadget

    Trouble found unexpectedly died Z3.

    Conclusion service – Centre : Traces of corrosion > warranty repair refused !!

    On the whole , very rarely opens cap , because the cost was added to the magnetic dock and accurate operation !!

    ALAS and pity .

  • Azurpha

    Pretty much as long as the concentration is low/highly diluted I don’t think it would be too bad.

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  • Patrick Smith

    First of all all models but z3 are fresh water only a Sony rep told Me z3 handles pool water I’ve taken pics and videos no issues I think Sony covering their ass. Ip68 handles 1.5 m for 30 minutes I think or is it an hr. You get the point. I’ve had problem z1s in pool water cause flaps flimsy. As long as flaps closed there’s no issue. I don’t know why Sony doubling down on this they are going get sued cause false advertising

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  • Cari

    On the offchance you’ll see this, what kind of case did you get for your phone?

    My Z2 has been in the ocean and it’s fine but not more than a few inches depth, and not for more than a few seconds. I’ve been good about keeping the open audio port clean, and making sure the flaps are clean and closed properly, but extra protection for future underwater photos sounds like a good idea :)

  • My Z2 as well. And also in the mud volcano near Cartagena, Colombia.

  • Abdou Zaouia

    Hello, i got Z5c, i put it underwater 2 days ago, after rinse the device it works normal, but a few hours later, the notifications of jack’s port started alone without plugging in any ear/headpohne, also i saw the performance of battery is reducing immediately even with doze on android M, can samone help me to resolve this issue ? thank you

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