PlayStation Video update (16.0.A.0.2) adds download option for offline viewing

by XB on 17th September 2015

in Applications

PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_2Sony Mobile has updated the PlayStation Video app to build number 16.0.A.0.2, where the big new feature is a download option allowing you to watch video content offline. The download button will appear on your content and you can choose to download to either internal or external storage. Videos can also be streamed through your mobile data connection or Wi-Fi network. The 11.6MB update is currently rolling to Sony Xperia devices.

PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_1 PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_2

PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_3 PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_4

PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_5a PlayStation Video 16.0.A.0.2_6

Thanks Rimaz!

  • Sait Güldal

    Is there a apk file of PS Video’s this version?

  • Wolf0491

    How does one go about getting this app. It’s nonexistent on my Z3

  • ChilliPSco

    Normally I keep an eye on APK mirror ( or XperiaBlog usually post the links to APK Mirror as and when they are available.

  • ChilliPSco

    See my reply above. Doesn’t seem to be one as yet.

  • Wolf0491

    Last time I tried install it via APK it would just fail… Lol

  • Raj Singh

    Downloaded this last night… didn’t catch the offline video option. Cool.
    Their dev team is on a roll. I’d give em a high five, maybe even buy them a round of drinks.

  • zip

    It’s a shame that Sony won’t allow you to download HD videos, even though the Xperia Z series has HD screens.

  • Please watch this video …

    Xperia Z Ultra Android 5.1.1 update review

  • jonoave

    It could be a regional lockdown. The Playstation video is not available in all countries.

  • Alvin

    .200 update released on z2….:)

  • Reen

    In which country?
    Nothing to find with XperiFirm Tool.

  • Wolf0491

    I’m in US

  • Alvin
  • uiaiuazxcjm

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