iPhone 6s fingerprint sensor pitted against Xperia Z5 Compact

by XB on 28th September 2015

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iPhone 6s versus Xperia Z5 Compact Fingerprint SensorApple made big improvements to Touch ID within the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models. The fingerprint scanner recognition is significantly faster compared to the previous iPhone models, so much so that some are complaining they are unable to touch the home button to check the time as the phone unlocks too quickly.

Sony Mobile has introduced a fingerprint sensor power button for the first time with the Xperia Z5 series. If you are wondering, how the phone fares against Apple’s best, then check out the video below. It shows the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 6s pitted against the Xperia Z5 Compact to see how quick it is. We won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s good to see how competent the Sony offering is.

Thanks Edison!

  • Srijan Chawla

    No difference whatsoever, both were amazing :)

  • omar

    Better placement on the z5 compact :)

  • MarkLastiwka

    Works well with left index finger? I am lefty and use my phone in my left hand all the time

  • Peter

    What finger you use shouldn’t make a difference, I have had several fingers programmed into my last 2 phones, and all work equally well.

  • Marinko Agic

    I am lefty and i use it like i use ex button,with right hand

  • MarkLastiwka

    The only issue would be the angle you touch with. With your right thumb, It would cover the power button vertically. With the left index finger, it would cover horizontally.

  • nah, the speed is same , the animations make ip6s look slower

  • Ilya Panasenko

    You can add up to five fingers. And when you add a finger, you tap it many times at different angles, to make sure that it will always unlock screen

  • Gitarooman

    wonder if Android M with native finger print sensor suppose can improve this at all.

  • Oscar Martinez Valdez

    Certainly. It is almost impossible to unlock the iphoe through the sensor without having to hold it with both hands.

  • Based on the video, what would there be to improve? Both seemed incredibly fast.

  • Raj Singh

    Both are pretty good.
    I like the placement on the Xperia better than the iPhone.
    Sidenote: The music in the video was shit.

  • mountain

    But at the same time, not possible to unlock the phone without lifting it up from the table.

  • Alvin

    Especially when it is the size of a z5 and z5 premium… It will be very difficult..

  • Svnjay

    Yes it is. Just use your index finger for the fingerprint scanner.

  • Championship Shyvana

    The animations make it look faster for me, you see them start before the Z5 compact actually unlocks

  • Ben Baranovsky

    Upvote for comment on music.

    I also happen to agree with the rest of your comment. :p

  • Muhrijal Ibn Madhari

    I Hope Sony will change Quick Access and Notification bar, not as Stock Android like the current

  • El_Carnicero

    So… Have they tested unlocking the Z5 with their nipple yet?

  • Ammy

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  • Arngrim

    So far it seems abit dodgy for the Z5C, sometimes it seems to have blind spots. Ive tried redoing the fingerpirnt registration a few times to cover most of my tumb, but it still fails 110 to 310 times.

  • KKTK

    You have fat fingers :D

  • Marinko Agic

    Where is video?I dont see him exept stupid ads!

  • Jadin Andrews

    True, but I find my phone in my pocket more often than on a table. I didn’t expect the Z5’s fingerprint scanner to be this good when It was revealed. At first I was disappointed due to the precedent set by Apple, and Samsung’s failure. I thought it would be a gimmick that would be disabled. I’m glad it works, really well!

  • Jadin Andrews

    You probably have a crap load of malware on your pc, I see no ads.

  • Jadin Andrews

    Agreed, it almost seems that the Z5 displays the home screen before the iPhone due to the slow transition animation.

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Move your finger a little.
    Good. Touch again.
    Great. Keep going.
    Well done.
    Doing great.
    Keep going.
    Good work.
    Nearly there.
    Just a little more.

    Oh god, this sounds dirty. The internet has ruined my mind.

  • Cakefish

    Sony, where is my phone? Carphone Warehouse are dispatching orders, yet Sony still list it as a preorder. For shame Sony, 3rd party retailers are beating you! Gives it to me! I needs it!

  • Catalin C Iftimie

    You say that the lockphone button is a better placement. I say not. Think about it. You want to check the time or see a notification on the screen. Maybe you have some widgets on the lock screen. You also don’t have a home physical button. With such fast response you wither need to start switching fingers so you don’t trigger the fingerprint sensor. While on the iPhone is a matter of getting used to use the lockphone button to bring up the lockscreen.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    iSheep detected.. Just joking…
    I believe there is a ‘double tap to wake’, that just wakes your phone to the lock screen…

  • tehdef

    When I have it sitting flat on my desk I don’t want to have to touch the side of the phone. The Apples is better because you can bind left and right thumb and index fingers so when the device is flat you don’t have a problem accessing it based on where it’s sitting around you.

    It’s definitely better when it’s in your hand, but not better for all purposes.

  • Raj Singh

    I didn’t say it’s a better placement. I said I like the placement better. The first statement cannot be objective. The second is subjective, based on my personal taste and opinions. I also don’t like physical buttons and certainly don’t like seeing it on the face of the device. To address your comment regarding the time and notifications, I check my Huawei Watch. Notifications and time are accessible, by extension, on my wrist. I don’t need to pull the phone out for that. I also don’t use the fingerprint scanner on my iPhone; I likely won’t use it on the new Xperia either… I might, but probably not. I don’t like having passwords on my phones.

  • Raj Singh

    We have different opinions. I prefer it on the side.
    When it’s flat on a table or bed, I grip the edges and run my thumb or finger along the Xperia button. I like that better than the alternative. I also don’t like physical buttons on the face of the device.

  • Sachin Gautam

    This guy really suck with apple coz he doesn’t know about the double tap onthe Sony lol

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  • tehdef

    Yeah, that’s cool. It’s okay to be wrong.

  • Pierito

    Good! Then you shouldn’t feel too bad. :)

  • tehdef

    Considering how there are more fingerprint scanners on the front of the device in the public hands than the side, it’s safe to say I’m the one in the right here. :)

  • Pierito

    True! There are also more Toyotas on the road than Porsches.

  • tehdef

    If Sony was a porsche, I’d agree.

    It’s not.

  • Pierito

    Excellent! Then we are both in agreement that Apple is a Toyota.

    Good talk.

  • tehdef

    Bias doesn’t look good on you.

  • Raj Singh

    It’s impossible for a preference to be wrong.
    I’m not perfect but I like what I like.

  • Raj Singh

    The irony…

  • Pierito

    You are correct, Raj. Some people just don’t understand that.

  • Benny

    Sony Phones are now available at a discounted price online only at

  • Sue Seng

    The fingerprint sensor for Z5 can support at least 3 fingers. Means you can register your thumb, your index finger and your middle finger if you want to. so it doesn’t matter if your phone is lying flat or in your palm, which make the Z5 really awesome.

  • Aaron C

    I much prefer only soft buttons on the face as well. It’s why I won’t own a Samsung phone, for instance. Well, besides TouchWiz… :)

  • Le Kawaii Potatoe

    I hate that you see the lockscreen before the phone unlocks to the homescreen. It just doesn’t look right.

  • shane avlis

    Sony xperia button placement is good, also to check time and status you can simply tap the screen. Win win

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