Sony Taiwan announces Xperia Z5 prices

by XB on 30th September 2015

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Sony Taiwan Xperia Z5The Taiwanese Xperia Z5 launch details were officially announced earlier today. The Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact will launch on 1 October 2015, whilst the Xperia Z5 Premium will land during November.

In terms of prices, the Xperia Z5 will cost NT$ 22,900 (£459, €621, $697), with the Xperia Z5 Compact costing NT$ 18,900 (£379, €512, $575) and Xperia Z5 Premium will set you back NT$ 25,900 (£519, €702, $788). In terms of extras, the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium will include the UCH10 Quick Charger bundled for free. The Sony MDR-NC750 Hi-Res Headset will not be bundled for free in any version.

Sony Taiwan Xperia Z5

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Thanks Ben!

  • xAntifreeZe

    HOLY SHIT it’s Jay Chou!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • shhh

    Damn they got Jay Chou!

  • mukul verma

    if converted to inr-
    z5 costs- 45990
    z5 premium costs- 51800,
    but I am sure indian prices will be more..

  • fried_egg

    1st of Oct for a Z5 (not compact) – is that the earliest date known? I preorded on the day of the IFA (over 3 weeks ago) with an expectation of first full week of Oct… and guess what… i am now off on a long weekend at the end of that week and I bet will be told my phone is ready to collect on the first day of my trip away!

  • fried_egg

    doesnt india have an import tax on some mobile phones from some manufacturing places to add on?

  • Chitti- The Robot

    I think Z5 wil be around 52,000 to 55,000, Z5 Premium 59,000 to 63,000 and Z5 Compact 45,990. All inclusive taxes. I’m pretty sure prices will go down after couple of months. But trust me. These are really worthy.

  • shenoy

    True, after 2-3 months prices will reduce but some free bundled guddies like ear phones, batt pack , covera, accidental warranty etc etc will not be provided with reduced prices.

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Yes, extras will not be provided but they are not certainly necessary. You can also purchase them separately. They will surely bundle ear phones though though.

  • Alvin

    They’re starting to go crazy on marketing and everything now……

    Music to my ears

  • Alvin

    Don’t forget the software contents those are included too

  • shenoy

    Oh is it… Like???? I got only battery bank with my Z1 with my Z1.

  • Alvin

    I mean it’s like a “free” software offers, like content offers they made available… They usually do it with every launch of their flagships, and some other models too:)

  • shenoy

    Oh! U mean to say play station games, access to xperia longue to download paid apps for free… And so on….??

  • Alvin

    It depends on the country actually… And yes it is like that, but also some more contents like voucher to some stores or something like that

  • DanielGearSolid

    that commercial was HOT

  • theskig

    No Dual prices?

  • mukul verma

    yeah , but there may not be z5c for india. In that price slot there is m5. so there may not be z5c this time.

  • Aiden Pearce

    imo it would be 59,990INR for Z5 Dual and 65K-68K INR for Z5 P Dual(Not sure abt this).
    Since this time they ditched the single sim variant, i think they might sell less no of units. But it could go other way around.
    Only thing that worries me is the updates for duals are very rarely rolled that to by Sony looking at their past history.Also dual sim models are prone to network issues, have faced alot using moto e 1st gen,2nd gen, Moto G 2nd Gen. But i would like to be wrong on this.

  • Aiden Pearce

    they might actually launch the Z5c later looking at the sucess of z3c, which is still the best selling cmpact evr by sony, they might actually launch the z5c dual later in India.

  • Dean

    Hmm no Australian pricing, but no matter how you slice it, it looks like it’s going to be aud$800+ for the compact. I’d prefer to spend less than 800, 600 to 750 would be the sweet spot

  • Svnjay

    Who’s that?

  • akzidenz

    800? wow thats still pretty good compared to the current z3 @ ~600 and the samsung s6/iphone 6’s t the 1000+ range
    this is retail price though

  • xAntifreeZe

    one of the most well known Chinese singer/musicians :)

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  • Kim Nguyen

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  • azzido

    what earphones Sony will bundle with Z5? I hope it will be noice cancellation ones, and not a cheap ones as I will stay away from this Z iteration in such a case. Proce is high so the ones with noice cancellation should be included.

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