AR effect update (4.0.8) adds decoration feature; enhances Dinosaur and Masquerade themes

by XB on 1st October 2015

in Applications

AR effect 4.0.8 ThumbSony Mobile has updated the “AR effect” augmented reality app to version 4.0.8. The big feature in this update is that Sony has added decorations. A new icon has been added on the left side of the screen that when pressed gives you various actions to choose from. This includes adding text (either freehand or typed) or shooting effects into the screen such as stars, flames, hearts, bubbles and ice.

As part of the update the “Dinosaur” AR effect theme has been updated to include new dinosaurs (Pteranodon and Triceratops), so that your T-Rex will no longer be lonely. The Masquerade theme has also added new funny masks. The update is available in the Google Play Store right now or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: AR effect (4.0.8)

AR effect update 4.0.8_1

AR effect update 4.0.8_2

  • Kenzo Fai


  • blurb8

    @XperiaBlog: How about an article about the stagefright exploit and the current state of the patches for the various Xperia devices? This would be much more intresting than all the posts about new themes….
    I still love your site ;)

  • akzidenz

    sometimes i wonder if anyone actually uses these ar masks outside of japanese ppl

  • I did, when I took some photos for my mother and baking. I used the fantasy/fairy/gnome one.

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