Movie Creator (3.2.A.0.2) adds new welcome screen; auto movie creation is now an option

by XB on 1st October 2015

in Applications

Movie Creator 3.2.A.0.2_1Sony Mobile has updated the “Movie Creator” application to build number 3.2.A.0.2. Changes include a new welcome screen animation that gives a quick overview of the app. The app also lets you now disable the auto-creation of a highlight movie (you’ll find a toggle in the settings).

Other changes in this new version is that crossfade transition has been applied to highlight movies and the app now lets you add your notes, as well your own photos and videos. The update is now live in the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD APK: Movie Creator (3.2.A.0.2)

Movie Creator 3.2.A.0.2_1 Movie Creator 3.2.A.0.2_2

Thanks Diogo!

  • Rick N

    dang this bloatware creates movies by itself in background

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    You know you can turn that off and just disable the app. I think this app is really good. Some of the videos it created for me were awesome.

  • jonyah

    you could always turn that feature off. this isn’t new.

  • jonyah

    me too, but i take too many “naughty” pictures and had to turn it off when they started showing up in the movies.

  • Reen

    Really good news! Some of the created movies are nice but I don´t need the automatical creation.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    LOOOL Stop taking naughty pics.

  • Unknown


    New update start tool out

    For Z2 and Z3 series

  • Disabling it breaks timeshift video, if I recall correctly.

  • grzeg8102

    It’s about time, Sony! The app itself is very good, but automated movies were sometimes a pain in the a**

  • Arianna Quarles

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  • Rick N

    yes they created the turn off button just yesterday update

  • Brick

    The app is useless for me and I always disable it completely, but it doesn’t create movies in the background and barely uses any memory, it doesn’t use almost any resource, all it does in the background is create a “playlist” of your media from that month or whatever, when you open the app and play the movie then all it does is actually play the media from its hidden playlist and add some transitions to it. It doesn’t make copies or anything becuase the media is played on the fly. It’s actually a pretty smart app but useless for me since I lead a shitty life and I have no need of playing back my awful photos which are mostly work related stuff or experiments I make with manual camera controls anyway.

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