Sony Xperia Android 6.0 MarshmallowSony Mobile has confirmed which devices will be receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the next major Android update. Sony will update the Xperia Z2, Z3, Z4 and Z5 series to Marshmallow, but this means that the older Xperia Z series and Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra are off the list.

Other handsets to receive Android 6.0 include the 2015 released mid-range models such as the Xperia Z4, C5 Ultra, M4 Aqua and M5. Sony hasn’t put a timeline of when Android 6.0 Marshmallow will land, but hopefully it’s not too long before Sony commits to a date.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be available for following Sony Xperia devices*

Xperia C4
Xperia C5 Ultra
Xperia M4 Aqua
Xperia M5
Xperia Z2
Xperia Z2 Tablet
Xperia Z3
Xperia Z3 Compact
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
Xperia Z3+
Xperia Z4 Tablet
Xperia Z5 Compact
Xperia Z5 Premium
Xperia Z5

*Assume this includes all dual SIM variants too

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • akzidenz

    RIP XZ
    5.11 will serve me well till someone releases a custom rom i guess

  • Eljugadordelaplaya

    No !!!!!!!!! I wan’t to have Marshmallow on my Z1 !!!!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Whaaaa? Why Z1, Z1c and ZU. It should be getting Marshmallow.

  • Winfried Schueler

    Why not the Z1? :-(

  • No Z1? I see they’re following Google’s impeccable example (Nexus 4, anyone?). ¬¬

  • Skarabeusz

    Are they kidding? Z1 Compact was shown a year ago, and it won’t get the update?

  • Olaf Duits

    Please, the Z1 is two years old! In Tech years, this is old. Also, keep an eye on XDA developers, they will probably come with a custom rom. You can’t expect this from Sony.

  • jumbo3220

    feel sad for the Z and Z1 series users. but next it’s our time, the Xperia Z2 users :/

  • Robert Szombati

    3..2..1 and let the complaining begin :)

  • masi0


  • Now every Tom, Dick & Harry with a Z1, Z1c & ZU will come here and cry like a baby.

  • Nasos Vasileiadis

    I am almost sure that they will stop updating the Z2 at the same time they will stop updating the Z3. They are almost the same devices!

  • CopperStew

    I guess not; since the Z2 and Z5 have almost the same config

  • Alex

    Extremely p*ssed off that the Z1 and Z1 Compact have been ignored. Only got the Z1C a year ago – was looking forward to Android 6.0 because of the disastrous Lollipop update which I have still refused to install. I think I will have to look beyond Sony next time around. I say it every single time but if they can’t be bothered to support their products, why should I buy from them?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yea I know it’s two years old but you know like they updated Old Z to 5.1.1, I thought they might do the same with Z1 series. But it’s just sad.

  • CopperStew

    well the Z when through 6 major update; he did well for a sony device

  • Thanx Sony, perfect. M4 Aqua

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    They have all the right to cry.

  • jumbo3220

    yeah for Z2 and Z3 series, since they both have the sace chipset with two different variants S801AB and S801AC.

  • Well it was understood that 2013 models wont be getting the next major update.

  • Abdul Ghani

    where are those brainless idiots who claimed that mediatek devices never get major updates looks like sony and htc using mediatek and updating them the MAJOR UPDATES

  • Jack Mazurek

    Nope, as expected, didn’t get that far as Z1 series.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i agree well z1 people can cry because nexus 5 got the update maybe there is a chance z1 will come way later like m2 did

  • /obligatory
    Sooooooo… when am I getting Marshmallow for my Z3? ;-)

  • jumbo3220

    yeah but 64bit processing , Qualcomm quick charge support, and other hardware improvements on Z5 series could lift it up. like Nasos said in the comment below, Z2 and Z3 series might face the end of support together , like Z and Z1

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    All the Z1 series users, I feel your pain brothers

  • Robert Szombati

    Sooner or later ;)

  • Olaf Duits

    Haha. A good excuse for you to buy the magnificent Z5. I am on a Z3 so happily I will have Marsmallow, but I really would like to have a Z5.

  • Please update Z Ultra

  • Rick N

    i think the release date is too fast, i just use lollipop few months ago and i hope android become like windows in future (we can install any version easily) @_@

  • CopperStew

    yeah probably; and then it’s time for a change

  • ????? ????????


  • What about Xperia Z Ultra and Z1 ?

  • No phone will add into the list once announced but they can exclude any of them anytime. Thats the un-said rule Sony has made for years now.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Seriously, You wait and see all the other OEMs will update their 2013 flagships and Sony just ignored Z1 series. I get that Z is really old but Z1 should definitely get the update. It’s more than capable.

  • Retrik Lmt

    Estou querendo comprar u móvel novo, mas penso em sair da Sony, esta muito mal e andam falando mal do Z5, outra opção sem ser o Iphone….

  • jumbo3220

    then it’s time for a Xperia with a Snapdragon 820 and maybe a dedicated walkmen chip :D

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I mean I don’t get that theory, Remember the time when there was Xperia S couldn’t receive the update because of the SoC( that was their excuse) but that didn’t stop them updating Xperia V, T, TX. Am I not right?

  • Muzaffer Bayraktar

    When will my sp get kitkat?

  • CopperStew

    well I’m considering a lumia for a change but not until a while

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Dude seriously, to be precise it was the only device they announced 2014 January at CES. I don’t know what they’re smoking right now.

  • Abdul Ghani

    are u mad m2 was added later in the list so did t2 ultra and c3 ADDED later after people requested

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    No problem. Xperia Z and Z1C user… 5.1.1 perfect…

  • redX

    well, i guess my Z3+ is going to be a rare breed, lol..

  • Amir Oraby

    The 5.1.1 update is perfect… Go ahead

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Z1 series users fucked right in the ass… Good job SONY! Atleast i’m going for Z5 in less than a month so i got that going for me, which is nice.

  • Abdul Ghani

    other OEM are u serious s4 note 3 lg g2 all other mid range phones from samsung and lg dosent even have lollipop lg g3 5.0.2 but buggy version of it samsung s5 has only 5.0 note 4 5.0.2 only s6 sereis has 5.1.1. and it has super ram management bugs have some knowledge before u blindly say anything

  • nick sweden

    It was waited but little dissapointed none z1 ultra or c :-B

  • Abdul Ghani

    show me proof what manufacture gave 20+ devices 5.1.1

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    BTW at least LG is updating their 2 years old phone. There’s a leak that they’re updating their 2 years old G2 will be updated to marshmallow.

    Shame that Sony can’t do the same.

    P.S: Z1c was announced Jan 204. so two years isn’t technically over. So still they can consider about updating Z1 series. Even QC supports this SoC to be updated to Marshmallow.

  • “Other handsets to receive Android 6.0 include the 2015 released mid-range models such as the Xperia Z4,” _ Z4? ;p

  • jokensy

    Ha! Ha! A Lumia!? Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Yuhuuuu….Cyanogen it’s the sh#t :)) Z1

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    So it’s finally time to upgrade my Xperia Tablet Z 4G… I think all Xperia Lollipop devices should get Marshmallows

  • Winfried Schueler

    5.1.1 is the best update I had made so far with my Z1 (and now maybe the last update I made with it) :-(

  • CopperStew

    I’ve been on android since 2011 so… I guess I need changes :p

  • Jonfensu

    What?!! The Z1 series have the same SoC as Nexus 5 and even Z2 and Z3 series (just underclocked CPU and GPU) There is not reason to update the Z1 series to 6.0!!!! Come on!!! >:(

  • Messup7592

    As an Xperia Z1 owner, I can’t prevent my tears from falling :’-(
    Anyway, Sony was great enough to bring lollipop to my device but I’m considering getting a Nexus phone next time

  • Nothing For Xperia Z1 Series

  • Alex

    I’m still on KitKat – admittedly I only tried the 5.0 release in May. But even then it was missing features I use a lot, like lockscreen widgets and had a dreadful battery life. But then these may have been the case with 6.0 too I guess.

  • Messup7592

    It seems that they won’t get marshmallow

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Wow, HTC do better about updating Software.. :o

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    Sony, do the right thing finally and ann Camera2 API manual controls to Z2 blobs! Dammit!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Are you kidding me? Bro no one has complained about their updates are buggy. I have friends who use the 5.1.1 on their phones and they’re loving it.

    This is just a rumor yet they’re still planning on updating.

    Still let’s just talk about Z1c. It was released on Jan 2015 at CES but they ended the Software updates putting that device into a 2 years old phone. How do you explain that?

    Remember the time when they said Xperia S wasn’t getting the update because it’s on Snapdragon S3, this is all excuses bro. It’s okay for them to take their time and give us a good clean update, but this is just sad and bad. I hoped that Z1 series will see one update so it will shine that it got marshmallow unlike other companies.

    P.S: I read all tech news and I see who’s updating their devices and who’s not.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Well I would say no since they didn’t update One m7 to 5.1.1
    and Sony’s doing it with Z1 series. it’s just pathetic.

  • Ambroos

    Z2 and Z3 are part of the same platform, internally they’re basically the same device (and they get all software releases exactly at the same time).

  • Ailan Hidaz

    LOL I’m guessing they will find a fault in even that.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    How do you explain about google’s own Nexus 5? it’s released on November 2013 and yet getting the update. I don’t know man this is just pathetic.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Z1 compact was released in Jan 2015….?

  • hansip

    For Sony Xperia Z1 owners, i feel your complaint, but listen.. the 5.1.1 is great update imho and 6.0 is not that far more advanced. So i’d say it’s time to let it go. Yes i understand that the device has enough RAM but it would be too much for Sony to support us this far with a lot more new phones they have released. it takes money to pay to develop an official update for these phones.

    I’m Z Ultra owners too and i know i will not get Android M, but for the support i have received so far, i can only be glad that my phone still has 5.1.1. The next one will be Xperia Z5/6 though :)

  • Simon Setyadarma

    They will update their 816, 820, and some of their mid range. Well, they left me with battery drainer 5.1.1 :/

  • Clarence Alvarado

    I think Sony chose to end the support for the Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra series just because for the users of it to upgrade to Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium respectively in which the Z1 series started the small, medium and large form factor groupings.

    But if there will be a chance, I hope and I request Sony to have my Z1 a good taste of Marshmallow as the last and final update. It’s been a very great support from Sony from 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.2, 4.4.4, 5.0.2, and now 5.1.1.

  • hansip

    Yes i believe that is the case. to be honest though, even if they don’t update Z1 series to M, the 5.1.1 update is so stable and quick i can stay on it all day long, thank Sony for not letting us stay at 5.0.2 yuckk

  • hansip

    I don’t think Z3 will be stopped at the same time of Z2. it was memory limitation at first with older device but now with the RAM is 3GB standard, it’s down to how Sony choose their policy. i believe Z3 will be at least receive one more major update compared to Z2

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Precisely man. Updating this phone wouldn’t kill them but instead of that they went with a shady business. I mean c’mon Z1 is more than capable of handling the Marshmallow.
    SD800, 2Gigs of ram. I don’t know what they’re gonna say now! cause they can’t just say oh this phone is 2 years old cause Z1c isn’t old, it was released on Jan 2015.

    I am really disappointing in their stupid move.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Sorry 2014,
    Edit: it was a typo.

    P.S: yet I was telling the truth, I mean you know people who bought their phones will be really happy and they’ll be convinced to get their products again. But this is just shady business. If Sony is thinking that Z1 users will go with Z5, they’re bunch of idiots.

  • hansip

    Well Sony will update their Mx and Cx devices too. So HTC is not better than Sony.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I’m sorry but you mean “went through” right ?

    Well yeah if it was another brand they get only 4 major update and some get 2


  • Clarence Alvarado

    IMHO, there are still few bugs to fix in their 5.1.1 update for Z1, but well, I’m still hoping for a possibility on Z1 series to Android 6 for the last time.

    Why can they do it for M2 series and not for us Z1 series? Cheers to Sony and my future with them! Still believing in their “make.believe” slogan.

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    Hmm Sony give marshmallow to z1 users
    So I will not cry for z2 next time

  • Andrej Petrevski

    Probably z1,m2 etc etc after 5 months.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Exactly, but at least I didn’t get my hopes that high. It’s been a happy two years of update and just wishing for the Android 6 in Z1 for the last time to be possible. :)

  • DBS

    Well…for all the horrible things Windows Phone lacks, at least Lumia cameras (well, Nokia imaging tech to be more precise) are miles better than Sony’s. It’s unbelievable given Sony’s tradition with normal cameras but it is what it is.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    C’mon bro. it’s not that. There are ton of features we’re gonna miss.
    Specially the battery hog – mobile radio active bug. it will be only fixed in 6.0
    Permissions, it’s very important to have.
    Doze (I know you’d say “oh hey we got stamina mode” but this is just advanced and it’s already in the OS)

    And most of the people won’t go unlocking Bootloader or Root their phones to install custom roms. They like to stay in stock.

  • hansip

    Well no ROM is perfect though, plus i don’t have the bugs bugging me for my normal usage.

    Yeah, maybe just maybe. Hopefully we got the Android M eventually. Especially with the leaked document with Z1 and Z Ultra still on the running but might be delayed.

  • CopperStew

    Yeah sorry :p

  • Andrej Petrevski

    i dont think soo sony always update all Z series.

  • goldenblls

    Don’t take this as gospel. I suspect the whole Z series will see Android M.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    Karma…. for those z1 and z users that used to make fun of sp users at that time…. hehehe this is ur pay day!!!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Well remember Sony had this habit of releasing a phone with an old update.
    So later they release those updates, meanwhile all the OEMs released their phones with the latest software, luckily Google came out and said all those 2014 devices should be on Lollipop. I think you remember that.
    But I agree with you that XZ got so many updates bug fixes. But Z1 series didn’t

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Exactly that’s what they’re doing right now. Oh hey let’s ditch all the Z1 users so they’ll come and buy Z5 series. I think this strategy is really stupid, Don’t you think so?

  • Mohit Verma

    Don’t worry. We’ll get 6.0 update for our Z1.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    LOL :P :P

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Dude if they update whole Z series. I will be buying Sony devices for my entire life.
    But after this move I am more leaning to other OEMs now. Specially I am gonna try Nexus.

  • Andrej Petrevski

    yea.8 months ago they said that 5.1.1 wont hit xperia m2 so today we have 5.1.1.To all Xperia m2 users:Lets hope for 6.0 for Xperia m2 :D

  • Abdul Ghani

    ONLY s6 series got 5.1.1 and it does have bugs ram management is one of them sony xperia phone how many phones have 5.1.1 can u count please dont cry like a baby all samsungs midrange phones are dead on arrival lg same so who are major OEM releaseing new updates only htc but again only m9 series m8 m7 dead seriously dont be a baby

  • cicababa

    what are you talking about? E4 with MTK didn’t get any updates.

  • ben bleho

    so it is. 5.1.1 on my z1c is great. no further wishes at all.

  • Abdul Ghani

    m5 mediatek getting the update plus e4 low end no major or low OEM update low end phones seriously have brain mann

  • David Hvatov

    Yeah, and their software versions has the same numbers.

  • Chen

    Never mind, Sony product i won’t support again and again. i swear!!rip xperia z1

  • hansip

    I’m not so sure about the Mobile Radio Bug, i mean it doesn’t flag my device as stay awake. and i have lost my habit to turn off Data even when i’m home and using Wifi. With that, i’m still having similar battery life with 5.0. If in case it is still having the same issue, maybe our Z devices should only use Wifi or portable Wifi for later on.

    Permissions, imho not really needed even though it’s nice.

    Doze feature, i was thinking it was Google who copied Sony on that?

  • djfapples


  • Azar

    The only benefit M would give us is the battery standby time, that’s pretty much it. I hate the app permissions anyways so exclude that

  • Olaf Duits

    No, of course not. Like i said, the Z1 is old. After the Z1 you have had the z2, z3,z3+, z4 and now the z5. No company support AND develops for all model for eternity. I meant for you personally, get rid off the old z1 and do yourself a favor and buy you a present; the Z5.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Launch the Z5 india that will be enough Sony!!

  • Andrej Petrevski

    OLOLOLOLO they also said 8 months ago that 5.1,1 wont come for Xperia m2.

  • Kabuto Kouji

    I hope this is a good update, cause is gonna be the last one for me…(Z2)

  • Sachin Gautam

    Time to sell my Legendary Z1C for a Z5C

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    S4 Note 3 won’t get the update. it’s like you’re comparing to Xperia Z. I am really happy that Sony updated it to 5.1.1.

    Here I am talking about Z1 and Z1C and Z Ultra. (You may say that Z Ultra is really old, but it got the hardware to receive the update)

    I know it takes time money and all the effort to seed the update. But still Google’s own Nexus 5 is receiving this update so why not Z1 and it’s siblings?

    Z1C was released in Jan 2014. It hasn’t been two years to be precise.

    P.S: I’m not being a baby. I was talking about what I am seeing. I was just standing against what’s going on. They should really think about what’s going on. Then again they should think about releasing so many phones before that too cause I think they are bloody confused too.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Honestly get a Nexus 5X man. This is so stupid. cause you’ll be saying this in another 1 and half years.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Well now I am no more afraid rooting my Z1 if chances do not exist. Help me on this one, guys! Thanks Sony mates!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Well, I love to have that Google Now on Tap.

  • Diganta Choudhury

    that’s why I sold my Z1

  • Azar

    Oh yeah I had forgotten that, good point. But I guarantee a developer will port that to Lollipop one day…

  • Simon Setyadarma

    I think you didn’t get what I talked about. HTC Desire 816 released in the same year with T2 Ultra and M2, then C3 and M2 Aqua. But Sony didn’t have plan to update those midrange but update Z2 instead, maybe because those are midrange, idk. But as far as I know, HTC will update 816 to M and 820 which are midrange too, even tho T2 Ultra and M2 aren’t 2 years old already. Why I complain about this? My T2 Ultra need to be charged more quickly the front camera isn’t work well not like in Kitkat, etc.. Which means they left me with a buggy version of Android. And why they not update Z1 since it had a proper specification to run 6.0 ..

  • Lukas

    I dont get it why no 6.0 for Z1 series when it got exactly the same HW than Nexus 5. However,5.1.1 is pretty good,but i dont think next device will be from Sony again.
    PS: can i flash cyanogenmod through flashtool? it would be nice if yes

  • mukul verma

    will watch Microsoft event & decide to buy z5 or Lumia. time to upgrade my z1. eagerly waiting for Microsoft event.

  • There is! It’s old as f*ck. They don’t care anymore. Why would they spend money on development for it when they can force you to buy a new device?

  • hansip

    O ok, seems I’m a bit uninformed. Well maybe Sony isn’t just as desperate as HTC..

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    cyanogen mod…

  • Woooohoooo M4 Aqua ! :D

  • MacAllan

    Doesn’t Google agreement say minimum 2 year update service?
    Z1C was unveiled in january 2014

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Idk, but they really left me with buggy version of Android? What kind of sorcery is that, Sony?

  • Sadman Khan

    I guess some people are never satisfied

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    human always dissatisfy, that’s why they always complaining and nagging

  • Xvestor

    why his must do that? if he satisfied with compact series, let it go buddy..
    nothing wrong with use z3 compact , i think compact is one smartphone android that can make me satisfied…before z series show up, i dont interest in android at all..thanks to that sony make great device

  • Xvestor

    are you sure, that 5.1.1 make your battery phone drainer? somepeople out there report nothing wrong at all in battery..
    maybe you must check your battery or do flashing again..

  • Nayib

    Well, anyways I want to change my Z1C for the Z5, hehe, let’s start saving money

  • Jaissal S

    I’m not disappointed that the Z1 series isn’t get the Marshmellow taste. It runs well on 5.1.1 for me and am happy with it. However, I have ordered a Z5 so….yay! I can’t wait! It’s about time to upgrade!

  • Messup7592

    Let’s hope so :)

  • Simon Setyadarma

    It does affect my battery, people in the same group (on FB) complain the same problem, even tho it is blasting fast but battery drain faster and front camera bug still there. Like really SONY?
    I hope I’ll get Android M and all those bugs fixed it will be SUPER FINE, Sony.
    Where’s their responsibility? Even in M it is support MicroSD, and maybe I can use it to install things.. Oh God, why Sony, why?

  • Doubleyoupee

    As expected Z/ZL support finally ends.

    No complaints here, 2.5 year is long enough, and 5.1.1 works great.
    I only wonder whether they will release the stagefright fix.

  • Matt

    and then the good last taste of android N, and O and and and.

    yes i kinda sad that sony dropping z and z1. but z1 is now 2 years old (sep 13 announce date) , and that kind of support is unheard of even on nexus device standard (18 month) :)

    it is not a matter of whether the device is capable or not, its just the time is up.

  • Jim

    Damnit, and Verizon’s Xperia Z3V doesn’t even have the “official” Lollipop yet!

  • daniel kudo

    Nokia doesn’t even have camera technology, their outsourcing sensor form toshiba and their lenses from Zeiss. Sony waaaaay more advanced in camera department alongside nikon, canon, panasonic, fuji and pentax

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Yeah. I already believe it wouldn’t be updated for M ever since it is already two years old, but what cost they will have if they give us the M as the final update.

  • DBS

    Actually, you’re wrong. And I’ll explain you why: you’re mixing camera technology with camera hardware.
    Nokia’s cameras used hardware from Zeiss and from Toshiba in the case of the 808/1020. That is correct. However, that alone isn’t enough (as Sony has proved with their sensors). Nokia’s technology is software based. Nokia has a ton of imaging patents and on mobile, they have a lot more technology and know-how than any of the brands you mentioned.
    And since we’re talking mobile here, that’s what matters. Nokia’s mobile imaging patents and tech is unsurpassed. If Sony went to Nokia and licensed their imaging tech you can be sure Sony Xperia cameras would easily fly above the competition. Because it’s commonly agreed that Sony’s weakness in mobile imaging is precisely the software.

    (By the way, at their pick, Nokia was actually the biggest camera manufacturer in the World. Even above traditional camera manufacturers).

  • Clarence Alvarado

    High hopes on that one, mate!

  • ahmed khan

    I think the z1 series would get the update just like the z series got the android l sweetness and keep the hopes they would update it and it would be after 2-3 month of releasing it on z5 series


    i felt annoyed when i saw one of my friend having xiaomi mi4i and it has manual focus in camera as well as 1/1000 to 2 sec shutter speed option, now i dont think its related to hardware

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Z5 series now supports Manual Camera app, just the RAW imaging is not included. Check Xperiablog’s article on this one.

  • Sweggity

    xperia Z makes sense but Z1? seriously??? why the heck stop supporting Z1? ps Z3 user

  • Sweggity

    i used a lumia trust me horrible OS, 70% of time don’t even receive whatsapp or viber call


    RAW is to much we dont need this yet instead they should work on better noise reduction but i think even older z series from z2 can support manual focus at least

  • Saquib

    This really sounds so disappointing that Sony didn’t bring marshmallow for z nd older series, we didn’t hope for it, Sony should must care about older series as it is part of Sony. I wish Sony will announce soon about the update of marshmallow in older series specially z ultra

  • Alvin

    The only thing that set them apart is closer-to-screen speakers and copper colour… That’s it

  • Mohsin Sheikh Kasif

    NOW the Xperia E3 Dual D2212 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Updte

  • Alvin

    It’s not about the capabilities or supports… But it’s just that they already facing End of Life

  • Alvin


  • Alvin

    We, as a family of sony smart devices, especially z series should feel at least, good… Because S4 didn’t even get 5.1 yet and they’re still waiting for it pathetically..

  • Compare sony and samsung …

  • Matt

    Yea not much, but then again we should remind ourselfs that Sony is a company. if they respect the 18 month update policy Z1 won’t even get the 5.1.1 for all we know xperia z will stuck at kitkat, if that happened we ought to see more torch and pitchforks here.

    Compared to xperia z, galaxy s4 has a much bugger 5.0.2 update and no words about 5.1.1 or even 6.0

    Just be greatful and save some money for z6 ;) you’ve got an awesome support for the last 2 years.

  • please don’t cry …

    Sony is the best

  • Matt

    And closer to surface screen and more efficient display with built in memory :)

  • gosbiker

    I have a z1 compact, and, although I’m a little bit disappointed at this news, looking at the range of devices getting marshmallow, and the fact that when it’s going to be released (probably Jan-Mar next year) then the z1 compact will be 2 years old… Which in mobile tech industry is a lifetime I can understand why Sony is phasing out support for z and z1. It’s been well updated upto 5.1.1 so I’m not going to complain. My phone will still work, and when it stops then I’ll get a new one. No probs!

  • mukul verma

    Microsoft uses SD 810 in Lumia 950xl with liquid cooling, why sony didn’t use this in z5 series. now doesn’t matter I am going to buy 950xl. that’s what I was hoping to coming in z5, but didn’t Microsoft this time. Lumia has everything which I was hoping for sony to give, but they fail with z5. proud owner of sony since 2004.

  • CopperStew

    I don’t use whats up and sometimes Viber from texting

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Z5 has heat pipes for better heat control. Z5 is NOT a fail. Z5 compact already proved that with 40+mins of 4K recording.

  • Alvin

    Better battery:)

  • mukul verma

    I know bro, I had seen each & every video related to z5 series, but what I was xpecting in z5, z5 didn’t deliver except in camera. Lumia 950xl has everything for my upgrade of z1. & btw I was ready to buy z5 premium until today.

  • mike

    All I need is the notification can wake up the screen?

  • I can’t believe the Xperia Z1 will not be updated any further than the Xperia Z.

    The Z1 is almost the same as the Z2, while it’s insanely different from the Xperia Z. I guess porting a ROM to the Z1 won’t be much work then…

  • Bennder

    I like sony but it seems that microsoft is better choice this time. And looks like wp10 have much more potential than android at this point.

  • Gitarooman

    if the GPE version of Z ultra still get Android M there is no reason why the Sony version can’t.

  • Dante the great

    Xperia V and co use a far better chipset than the Xperia S. If I’m not mistaken, the Xperia processor were the old scorpion architecture and Adreno 220. The T V and TX series used Krait cores and Adreno 225.

  • SM

    High hope for Z,z1 & other series. Later, they might reveal some more devices that will receive 6.0 just like they did when 5.0 launched

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    E4 was pretty much doomed being a bottom tier device though

  • Kunal Shukla

    Z2 has a better battery life than Z3 according to GSM arena. It’s just that sony came late with their marketing term of 2 day battery later

  • Chitti- The Robot

    What let down your expectations?

  • Chitti- The Robot

    It says 18 months.

  • Rammstone

    Some people say they wish heaven had a phone so they could call their loved ones who have passed away. Well, now the time has come. The first phone has left us and proceeded to heaven.

    RIP Xperia Z

    Should I get Z5 now or wait for Z6?

  • LeNegro

    I think Z1 Series and Z Ultra will receive the update (although 1-3 months later), because these devices were part of the AOSP M Preview:

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    On my Z1C the batery on 5.0.2 and 5.1.1 is so bad that my phone is pretty much useless. I keep it plugged in most of the time at home and it usually turns off by the time I get back from school.

  • illstplaya .

    I think Sony is making a mistake not supporting the z1.. Other manufacturers are supporting phones older then the z1

  • Matt

    More elegant and simple rim design. Simpler power button. less mushy buttons in general.
    Much brighter (but colder) screen.

    I can go all day

  • Matt

    A tad, but for all intense and purpose it’s identical if not better.

  • Andrej Petrevski Do u remember this??? and this was true right?No.Today we have 5.1.1 on Xperia M2 so there will be update for Z1 JUST WAIT!

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    Even Z is capable of handling 6.0 because my Nexus 7 (2013) will receive the update and they are almost the same hardware (processor, graphics, etc)
    But on the other hand the Nexus 4 hardware from Google is almost the same and won’t receive the update to 6.0
    The only difference is that Nexus 4 was released the end of 2012 and Nexus 7 was only released in middle 2013 but they are virtually the same hardware and structure.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Well, I’m now into rooting my Z1 for the sake of lengthening its life before it slows down and buy a new one. And yes, it’s been an awesome 2-year support journey from my Z1 and never been disappointed on buying this phone, and never been looking into other brands with this kind of support from Sony.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Well it depends on your personal preference. If Z5 didn’t deliver your high hopes, you can freely choose in a gazillion units of smartphones out there. It’s just there are most people who prefers buying Z5 because most of their preferences fit on the device.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hahaha Dude, I read the G2 with Lollipop benchmarks and it’s funny seeing the whole benchmark screenshot shows LG G2 with a Snapdragon 808 (MSM8992) SoC, which is 101% fake.

  • Pingback: *** ANDROID Stammtisch***[Part8] - Seite 585()

  • I hope they change their mind and give Z/Z1 users the surprise of receiving Android M.


  • Don’t make me cry and laugh at the same time, please.

  • Kristijan Knezevic

    what are you saying my Xperia Z has lollipop 5.1.1 :),and it handles quite better on lollipop than on kitkat…

  • Agus Widhiyasa

    Well, Xperia T3 abandoned again.
    No Lolipop Upgrade, even no stagefright patch.
    RIP XT3

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Oh wow you’re absolutely right. It’s MSM8992. Bummer, I really thought that it was SD800 but this is SD808. But let’s see it in future about what happens.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    But bro just think about Z1c, It was announced Jan 2014 and it must have been released around March-April 2014, Does this mean that it’s facing EOL? I think the phones which are running SD800(like Nexus 5) should receive the update. I mean it’s okay to receive it later in that year. It’s the difference between Sony and other companies. Because they can always brag about how they updated their all flagships to the latest versions.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I understand that Sony Z has literally hit the EOL, Just like the Nexus 4. But Nexus 5 is receiving 6.0 and so should the whole Z1 series.
    Now look at Z1c, it was released Jan 2014, has it come to it’s EOL? No right. This is just stupid.
    It’s because they don’t wanna update ZU to 6.0 they’re cutting off entire Z1 series. This is just sad.

  • Matt

    read my comment again ok ? ;)

  • Matt

    i am rooting my z3 since i unbox it :) welcome to the non bloated world of rooted phone :))

  • Agus Widhiyasa

    Well, sems like Xperia T3 abandoned again.
    No Lolipop Upgrade, no Stagefright patch.
    Aaaannndddd this is the end of Xperia T3.

  • Joowon Cho

    I hope C4 update! I sad to unfit for use 5.1.1.. but fortunately going to 6.0!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Hehe. I’ve been into rooting already since Xperia Arc, but hey, here I am again, but I think rooting is much more different now than the ones I did in my Arc before.

  • Sadman Khan

    How many more updates do they even expect? 5.1.1 should suffice.

  • mukul verma

    Actually I was hoping z5 will get ois, usb type c, wireless charging, but Sony didn’t provide any of these, so after watching Microsoft event, what I want from z5, lumia 950 delivers, if lumia doesn’t give all that, I was going to buy z5 premium.I was just waiting for Microsoft event. May b u should watch on YouTube Microsoft event, even you’ll also like lumia 950xl.

  • mukul verma

    Yeah bro, what I xpecting from z5, lumia 950 xl delivers. I didn’t like Samsung or apple phone.they are totally worthless to buy. Before Microsoft event I was going to buy z5 premium. But lumia 950xl deliver my actual upgrade for z1.

  • i hope z1 get the update 6.0

  • Thirukumaran

    Please add Xperia e4 to the 6.0 update list it doesn’t seen any update till now even lollipop..or else please update us lollipop… Plz we want an update for our e4

  • 3_nity

    Very sad. Tomorrow just buy Xperia Z1. ;(

  • Srinivasan Shanmugam

    xperia z C6602 why not me?

  • Quark Gluon

    You’re probably right. But think of it like this: if Xperia Z5 had image sensor the size of that on 808/1020 and Zeiss lens instead of G, wouldn’t the image quality be superior compared to that on 808/1020? You can’t be sure about which software is better, unless they’re running on exactly the same hardware.

    With sensor that size you would have less noise to suppress (higher SNR), hence less re-sharpening which would otherwise end up with severe posterization. And with that high quality lens you would get sharper image and better color reproduction.

    I’m not into details about patents, but I believe many of Nokia imaging patents are based on other imaging standards and patents owned by other bodies including Sony.

  • jb
  • DBS

    Actually I can be sure because I’ve used Nokia phones for 15 years and I’m now using an Xperia. My 2012 Nokia 920 with an 8mp camera produced better pictures than my Z3C. My Nokia 930 with a 21mp camera produces better photos. Of course the 808/1020 blows everything away but the point is, Sony has terrible software for mobile imaging. The over-process everything and ruin the pictures. I am fully convinced that the only reason why Sony refuses to make RAW available on Xperias is so that people don’t actually realise how badly Sony’s software ruins the work the hardware makes.
    Sony’s biggest enemy in camera tech is Sony itself.

    As for Nokia’s imaging patents, well all patents are based on other patents. That’s how they’re made. However, mobile imaging was mainly developed by Nokia from the ground up. They were the pioneers hence why they have the most advanced mobile imaging portfolio available. A portfolio that they now license and that Sony could and should definitely use. Because LG already went ahead and licensed tech from Nokia. If the camera on the G4 is already the best camera on Android currently, once they add Nokia’s imaging tech to it, it will surpass everyone by leaps and bounds (Nokia’s imaging tech is what you find on Lumia devices which are, despite the horrible OS they run, the phones with the better cameras overall)

  • Alvin

    I also thought that it isn’t always about EoL timing, but also with the series or family that one phone in..

  • Alvin

    I could also go all day…

    Slightly better camera, and better speakers, rounder corners, more comfortable to use..

  • Pingback: ?????? ! ??????? Sony Xperia ?????? Android 6.0 Marshmallow()

  • ben bleho

    this is definitely not normal. the battery here in my z1c lasts about 3 days with normal use. over night the battery drain is 1-2%. you should do a factory reset. after this you should install only good and well coded apps. good luck.

  • Jerry Berglund

    The only thing that kinda do get me furious on this list is that Xperia Z1 compact wont get Marsmallows but Xperia Z2 do. Doest phones is equally old. So if they should pay attention to when they were released Z2 should get the update at all. But they seem mostly to think about the modelnumber Z and Z1. Z1 compact is actually younger than Z1 and according to Sony own policy, thaty should not stop develop update and such within 2 years. So to be honest, people who has Z1 compact… do make noise. Tell SOny this aint ok. Because Z1 compact is also a flagship.

    I wouldnt have mind if Z2 didnt get the update. Then I would have reacted differently.

  • Jerry Berglund

    YOu right. As I said before. If Z2 get an update Z1 Compact should get it too…. If Z1 compact wont get one, the same should be the case for Z2. This is just a stupid move, to be honest. As you said, they are release in the same time and are both flagship phones.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Do you mean that qualcomm 800 is obsolet? YOu right. Didnt, even think about that. So in a sense Z1 cmopact is the Z1, with that plattform Ok. I do kinda get the desicion now. Thats why Sony jumped Z2 compact for Z3 compact. so next time its Z2, Z3 and Z3 compact and Z3 tablet that wont get anything? They all have the same plattform right?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, after reading some info of plattforms, I actually change my mind. Z1 compact is coser to Z1 than Z2. :-) ANd thats the reason why this is the case. But it wont happen again. Z2 is closer sibling to z3 and the rest.

  • cocorico

    because your (my too) phone is to old. Sony support the Z for near 3 years. It is the best for a non-google brand. So, i am happy that my Z has 5.1.1.

  • Carol Moore

    WORK AT HOME::Get $97/HOUR…I just purchased themselves a McLaren F1 when I got my check for $19993 this past 4 weeks and just over 17 thousand lass month . this is really the nicest-work Ive had . I began this 10-months ago and straight away started making more than $97… p/h .learn the facts here now
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  • Carol Moore

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  • Rick N

    no xperia Z is 2 years (jan 2013) while Z1 is 1 year (Okt 2014)
    it’s lucky for XZ and payday for Z1 hahahaha

  • Rick N

    it’s a bit out of topic but guys what matter is the design, if you use softcase there will be no difference XZ to Z5, your friend can’t differ which one is XZ or Z2 or Z5 etc hahahaha

  • Andrej Petrevski

    Just wait :D

  • Malih

    Thank you Sony, I’m posting this from a C5 Ultra after being away from using Sony for 3 years.

  • Matt

    Yep, install greenify and block the pesky apps from running in in the background. It froze my battery when I do not use the phone :)

  • Matt

    Oh you want to dance? Let’s dance.

    True black color (not a bit blue).
    A lot thinner. And lighter.

    Built in high resolution audio with dual DAC.

    Better flap grouping (USB being alone).

  • Matt

    Being commonly agreed does not mean it is true DBS.

    Just like the time when people commonly agreed that the world is flat.

  • Matt

    Do not use the word overall too broadly. 1020 while good take ages between shutter. 808 has horrible jello effect without software correction at all when recording video.

    And again both phones has a gigantic camera bump.

    Again what is Nokia tech? OIS?

    Did you forget who is the king of mobile camera right now? ;) it’s z5

  • Maxx Tan

    how is it a mistake? they cant please everyone. 3 years is a good enough time for support. you want the latest and greatest software? 3 years is enough time to save up for a new xperia, or in your case, dissapointed, get another phone from other brand. Maybe a nexus.

  • Alvin

    Silver green colour, more robust design, sleek and shiny frame list

  • 3_nity

    WHAT THE F*CK?!!!

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Yeah bro, I followed Microsoft’s event.
    But I’ve got few things to say.
    Sony’s got best image stabilization in the market, right from Xperia S. No doubt in that. Even without OIS.
    2nd is, yes it doesn’t have Type-C and Wireless charging, but with Quick-charge and 2-Day battery life promise( Which actually lives up to expectation) all leftovers cover up. Also no need to tell about overall user experience in Xperia Line up.

    But its up to you to decide Android or Windows Mobile, not Xperia or Lumia.

  • DBS

    I think when all Xperia users who care about photography and all reviewers constantly point out that the biggest problem with Xperia cameras is the software, it IS commonly agreed.

    Also, nice try of an analogy. However, the difference here is that, whilst back then people couldn’t prove that the World wasn’t flat, today we can actually test the Xperia cameras and see the results. And prove that the software is the problem (you just need to look at what Samsung and LG do with Sony hardware but different software).

  • DBS

    We’re talking about photography, not filmography. So the point about the 808’s video, while true, has nothing to do with this.
    Also, yes the 1020 takes its sweet time processing the images and doesn’t do it (like the 930 for example) on the background. But that’s constraints caused by the tech available at time and, most important of all, by the limitations of WP. You can’t imagine how frustrated Nokia engineers were in the WP days because every time they wanted to do something they couldn’t because WP didn’t support it.

    Both phones have a gigantic camera dump. True. You have to have it if you have a 41mp sensor with optical image stabilization. However, I’d rather put up with a bit of a hump and have better hardware than not have any hump and have lack of OIS for example. Also, notice that the only problem that causes humps on 20mp sensors is this stupid stupid trend set by Apple of “forever thinner and lighter” devices. If you look at the Nokia 930 for example, you have there a good example of a 20mp sensor with OIS and no hump. And the phone is just a hair fatter than the Z3 Compact.
    When you start putting form over function, you’re bound to fail.

    And by the way, the Z5 isn’t King of anything. Just because some website with very doubtful reputation* said it is doesn’t make it so. What counts isn’t lab testing. It’s real life usage. The Z5 Compact is already being sold and so far everyone is far from impressed with its camera (for photography!). And again, the complaints are the same as always. Bad software. Lack of OIS. It’s like a broken record with Xperia cameras. Sony just doesn’t listen.

    (*If you take seriously a “test” that puts the Moto X ahead of the iPhone 6, the Z3+ and others I don’t know what to tell you…)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Don’t feel sad about the original Xperia z line users. I’m just glad that I can move on to a newer Sony device now after a long time of support :) strange though that they don’t update the Xperia z1 line (including z ultra) to marshmallow though. Hopefully they will change their statement about those devices :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Still it was time to kill the devices :) So I can have a good argument about buying the next Xperia flagship phone ;D And Google killed nexus 4 so, well the Xperia z got the same updates as nexus 4 did.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I did a factory reset and I also updated it from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1 but it still dies on me. Thanks for the tips though, I appreciate it!

  • Matt

    but but you said best camera overall :( so i thought it include all aspects of things a phone camera can do.

    you see sony cant put hump because of omnibalanace ,and i kinda agree about the form over function thing. The lack of OIS does translate to higher ISO and yield to noisy-er image, its just basic stuff there.

    That puts my point really , xperia camera ist as bad as you make it to me and i cannot speak about z5 camera because i do not own it only the z2 and 3.
    Being banging on about the camera , this is still a phone camera. yes its nice to have some manual touch or even the actually uneeded RAW . the constraint is to high for raw processing negates the actual usage to end user. You might be able to process raw image but im not sure others can.

    i do believe DXO mark is quite credible, especially on the non smartphone side , i mean you cant benchmark real live usage cant you ?
    we cant say when every one is not impressed, it means it awful! normal people will tend to choose more saturated photos , we all know that and it cant benchmark the camera performance that way.
    The new moto x is indeed quite good , you should see the detailed points on that. if moto x is higher it does not means it is better than iphone in every single way. For example the z5 is beaten by s6 and iphone on noise performance but take lead back on stabilisation on video.

    t is fun to say the nokia 808 or z5 or s6 or g4 is the best smartphone camera ever ! but note that no camera excel in every single aspect, and i doubt no one will.

  • bartek010
  • Raúl Roldán Ortiz

    Xperia m2, t2 ultra, c3

  • Raúl Roldán Ortiz

    :'( :'(

  • Duck Knight

    Well Z1 ended it 18 month life cycle

  • Priyesh

    I am planning to buy Xperia C5. should i go for or wait untill it be upgraded to Marshmallow?

  • Tommy He

    Because it uses the same SoC as Nexus 4, which Google decided to drop support in Android 6.0, which means that Qualcomm feels no obligation to provide updated kernel driver.

    Have a problem? Rage to Google or Qualcomm.
    Sony Mobile is the wrong guy to complain to.

    Saying as a Xpeira Z1 Compact user.

  • Well i said that because my phone (SP) was promised Kitkat but then left out even when it was in the 18 months update cycle.

  • Priyesh

    I am planning to buy Xperia C5. should i go for or wait untill it be upgraded to Marshmallow?

  • Priyesh

    I am planning to buy Xperia C5. should i go for or wait untill it be upgraded to Marshmallow?

  • Tun Aung

    can’t move data pakage or obb game ache to SD card. please made it.
    also add burmese language

  • daniel kudo

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5/S6 & LG G4 takes more reliable photos in daylight and lowlight with comparatively smaller sensor and less megapixel than 1020/930/1520, so i don’t think nokia’s software is the best like what you mean

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    definitely, but everyone got shits to whine about

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    you can hold off your decision

  • DBS

    In low light yes, they do because they have a smaller aperture. And, well, are 2015 phones, not 2013 like the 1020.
    In day light though? You probably don’t know how to handle the camera of the 1020, if you say that. And that’s exactly the thing: the 1020’s camera is meant to be used on manual mode, not auto.

    By the way, more megapixels doesn’t mean better photos. As the Xperia clearly shows since Xperia phones come with 21mp and 23mp sensors and still take worse photos than the Note 5 and G4.

    As for Nokia’s software…well…wait and see. It’s coming to Android next year and believe me, WP did nothing but restrain Nokia engineers when it came to the camera. With those restrictions gone…well…wait and see. I’ll just tell you this: LG, who has the best camera on Android currently, entered a licensing agreement with Nokia Technologies. They did it for a reason ;)

  • Daniel Wiedigen

    Its a shame from Sony to declare her flagship the Z1 as end-of-life.. I think its only for pushing the sale on the new Z5 series. Only one major Update for an flagship is to less.
    Its like samsung shit update policy.
    If the declaration become true, i think its the last device I have buy from Sony. :(

  • Elf111de


  • The Z1 has had a good run, and has been supported for years. As someone with a Z1 that has had nothing but problems since 5.0 and subsequently with 5.1, I can only say that it’s a decent decision… endless updates aren’t always the best thing for a device.

  • MixoMaxoViper

    Look at support page–>updates
    There is no official sing of EOL like L,T,V,SP

  • Ulysses Grant

    Time for Z5! :)

  • Srinivasan Shanmugam

    ok boss,

  • MD Nadim Hossan

    Please give marshmallow on Xperia C3.

  • MD Nadim Hossan

    Please give update marshmallow to Xperia c3.

  • Gabriel Voica
  • AVI


  • MD Nadim Hossan

    Please give marshmallow on Xperia C3.Please……

  • Gabriel Voica
  • Pingback: Sony ?? 6 ??????????????? Android 6.0 | 3C ??()

  • Chris

    It’s good to see the Z3 on that list. I just hope T Mobile is also onboard…

  • Brad Williams

    I’ve been very happy with the XZ updates to date. Not going to rush out to buy the XZ5 (Nearly did tho.) My XZ is still working just fine and until it isn’t doing what I ask, I will stick by it. I always knew my Z would eventually lose support, so no gripes here.

  • Ranjit Tayde

    I wish Sony Bind Sony Xperia T2 ultra Dual Sim with the latest
    Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  • Krishna Thakur

    Please launch 6.0. Android version for Sony c3
    Phone’s work slow in 5.1.1 android version

  • emily

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  • samatha

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  • Ellen

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  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I myself is a z2 owner, however, seeing what z1 received, i am quite certain that 6.0 will be the last FW for z2, (maybe just 6.1 if 6.1 is a bug-fix), so i am eyeing for z5 already, cause according to 2 yr support claim and Google update speed, z5 may get 9.0 and get terminated at early 2018.

  • Dharma

    Please 6.0 marshmallow update for Sony c3

  • mohamed tarek

    Hay Sony we need update marshmallow for Xperia t2 ultra please

  • Noli Mirador

    I m waiting impatiently for getting this….

    hoping for the best.

    Can you kindly tell me that what is the sony xperia z5 release date

  • Zbaeia

    sony xpeira m4 aqua android 6.0 marshmallow Software update .5,2016 xD

  • ????? ???? ??? ?????? ????????? ??????? 0544460944

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    ???? ????? ????? ??????

  • mohsin

    lollipop update for xperia m2 dual is cool, it would be glad if u release marshmallow for xperia m2 dual smartphone too.


  • Raúl Becek

    I have a z3 dual sim D6633. I hope receive the update to marshmallow soon.

  • Gokul Makwana

    Please make update marshmallow for Xperia m2 dual

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