Sony CEO: 2016 is make-or-break year for Xperia smartphones

by XB on 7th October 2015

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Xperia Make or BreakSony’s Chief Executive Officer Kaz Hirai has issued some cautious words around the Xperia smartphone business whilst speaking to reporters. He confirmed that the restructuring within the smartphone division continues and that “alternative options” will need to be considered if the company cannot deliver at least sustainable break-even profits from next year onwards.

2015 has been a year of transition for Sony and whilst there has been positive buzz around its newest Xperia Z5 series, its other products released this year have not been bona-fide hits. The Xperia Z3+ in particular created a lot of negative publicity, mainly surrounding the choice of chipset, which Sony has largely conquered in the latest Z5 models.

Rumours of a new design, away from OmniBalance, for the 2016 models could be enough to see a revival next year. However, Sony still has a lot to do, especially when it comes to building relationships with carriers. The recent news around the Verizon Xperia Z4v cancellation cannot have helped matters.

In a worst-case scenario, the ‘alternative options’ that Hirai mentions doesn’t necessarily mean a sale or disposal of the business. It could mean a partnership with other manufacturer, but either way we really hope Sony do not have to resort to these measures.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai on Xperia smartphone business

“We will continue with the business as long as we are on track with the scenario of breaking even next year onwards. Otherwise, we haven’t eliminated the consideration of alternative options.

“I do have a feeling that a turnaround in our electronics business has shown progress. The result of three years of restructuring are starting to show. But we still need to carry out restructuring in smartphones.”

Via Reuters [via Android Authority].

  • Clarence Alvarado

    In a serious note, if Sony wants to partner with a manufacturer for its future smartphone business, I think Samsung can be a friendly partner and the rest of the world will just unfold on their tandem to have the strongest Android footholds.

    On the other hand, teaming up with Huawei also can be a possibility.

    But before all manufacturers want to partner, we want Google to save Sony’s smartphone sinking ship by making the Sony Nexus Z. Agree?

  • jumbo3220

    how to make : cut off the 6 month circle for a new flagship and release an ass kicking speced device

    how to break : keep the 6 month circle for a new flagship and release a minor upgrade

  • Hassandroid

    Just make the prices a little bit cheaper and you will get significantly more sales.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Stop over pricing thw device in some markets such as india, and u will sure get profit…
    Make lower price n sell more but instead they try to collect all money frm single device only

  • DBS

    I don’t see how Sony could make a partnership with another manufacturer the way they did back then with Ericsson. The only manufacturer I can think of that could possibly be interested in such an alliance would be HTC. Of course, Sony could try and join forces with one of those cheap Chinese manufacturers but that would immediately destroy the little respect they still command in places like Europe.

    I’ve said it more than once: Sony needs to start listening to users and looking carefully at the competition. They need to stop trying to be Apple and start trying to be Sony.
    They simply MUST stop putting form over function when it comes to their flagship devices and they have to understand that there are crucial places where they just simply need to heavily invest, namely mobile camera software.

    Sure you can point out the US market etc, but that’s not what’s sinking Sony IMO. What is making Sony sink is not the fact that Americans can’t buy their phones, is the fact that Europeans and Japanese are becoming less and less interested in buying their phones. Because their phones keep being refreshed every 6 months and yet still fall behind the competition.

    And no, lowering prices isn’t the solution. The cheaper the smartphone, the bigger the loss the manufacturer has. Cheap phones didn’t do anything for Samsung, they didn’t save Motorola and they surely didn’t save Microsoft.

    I highly doubt that Sony will turn this around. I really hope they do because the last thing we need is Samsung to get more power. But unless they make some radical changes in the way they face the market, I’m afraid they won’t. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this time next year we’re reading of Sony shutting down the mobile division. I surely hope not.

  • Orion X

    all this just made me realize every major OEM made a nexus except Sony :/
    Also the cold treatment from U.S carriers……sigh I hope they survive, they are the only ones in the Android realm who make beautiful water resistant phones.

  • Akand

    Failing to sell enough isn’t a fault of mobile division. They surely produce excellent products, and after that if they fail to sell then I wanna say this stupid guy (Hirai), “first shoot your entire marketing division and then shoot at your own head with a shot gun“.

  • Eye of the beholder

    Sony for life!

  • Faisal Alqarni

    Dear Sony U Smartphone is Excellent, wonderful, and you are always creative. I think the biggest and basic your problem is marketing your products. Especially the Middle East.
    plunged Medium-sized mobile market such as Compact and Powerful phones.

    I’m a fan Sony devices
    I wish you success (in fact you are successful)

  • Chihuax

    I won’t buy any Xperia Smartphone if Sony can not ensure me that I will have enough support from them, the words of Sony’s CEO just make me thinking of getting away of it before they drop support, and I now of people who think the same…

  • Abhi

    HTC which helped make Android famous in the early days, too is in trouble despite numerous design awards and an excellent warranty service.

    Bet they could combine heads to compete.

  • Gunboat_Diplo

    Sony Xperia Z5 for Windows Phone 10

  • DBS

    Yup, that’s why I said they’re probably the only ones I could see entering such a partnership. And even them I’m not sure. Apparently the HTC Vive is the best VR set produced yet and if they successfully transition to those kinds of products, I wouldn’t be surprised to see HTC just dropping the mobile business altogether.

  • Z5 is a compelling device. Just don’t release another flagship until a year later and for the love of God lower the damn prices and release to US.

  • Abdul Ghani

    z5 series still not available in middle east shops agents dont even know what is m5 and c5 are they just dont even know what products they are selling all are brainless guys sitting and eating kabsa

  • Eric

    Sony, don’t be afraid to be Sony. Just don’t do it halfway with smartphones like you have been. If you want to make it successful, go all in. Just like your mirrorless camera business, you can challenge dominant competitors and carve out a market.

  • shenoy

    This yr is a tragedy as per me. M4 came to global market, Sony launched M5. C4 n C5 same case. There was no need of Z3+ when it was a flop in home town (Japan) how it will bring business outside. Lot of mistakes… Sony plan property…..

  • Rene Pedroso

    Playstation 4
    They need to get their devices into the hands of their Playstation users. Simply stating that you can use the Xperia device at ”HOME” sucks. Remote Play used to work anywhere there was a wifi connection. I believe this would significantly boost sales if PS4 users could access ”ALL” of there content (Movies, Games, Music & Pictures) with ”NO” restrictions from their Xperia device(s).

    One Sony
    My Sony TV (w/Android TV), Xperia Tablet, Xperia Smartphone, PS4, PS Vita, Sony Smartwatch, Sony Smartband Talk, Sony Cameras, Sony Audio, Sony Home Theater should ”ALL” work seamlessly together. THEY DON’T!!! This is NOT One Sony. If Sony could make this happen, sales would skyrocket.

    1080 & 4K Content
    Xperia ”MOBILE” devices support these formats but when you rent or purchase from Sony (PS Video), you are only able to rent or purchase in SD. This makes no sense

    Sony makes the best cameras in the world but fail to place this technology into their mobile devices. My thought is they don’t want their camera sales to drop or actually closing this division because everyone is using their mobile devices.

    Just some thoughts……..

  • Rene Pedroso

    I paid $625USD for my XZ3+ unlocked. If you shop around you will definitely find a competitive price for Sony

  • Abhi

    I love HTC designs apart from the camera and the black bar lol. Would hate to see them dissappear. They even made my first smart phone, the Palm Treo for which HTC was the manufacturer.

  • DanielGearSolid

    after seeing wat a fair price point did for ps4, i’m shocked they aren’t going for that with z series. they shave off atleast $200

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Create a proper line up for yearly release and makes the device available less then a month into a market. What I can see now sony trend to release their flagship into market quit a bit to late after revealing and that makes consumer losing their interest toward sony flagship. Sony need to gain popularity by making solid advertising n marketing . the popular device will getting telco attn.

  • Raj Singh

    They better get their shit together but if 2016 is their make or break year… they’re done. Their corporate culture stinks. As an example, yu can’t even buy a Sony phone from their website. Like I said before: They like making things. They don’t like selling them.

  • gamer324

    Seeing as how an Xperia Nexus wouldn’t havr x reality or Sony’s music mojo,I really don’t want one. But it would put Sony on the map, that’s how LG, Huawei and ASUS all got to where the are – thanks to the Nexus hype.

  • gamer324

    That is not what ‘corporate culture’ is….-_-…what you’re referring to is known as sales infrastructure. And yes I agree that Sony’s infrastructure is rather backward in 2015.

  • Randy

    And this is what happens when you ignore the US market.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Streamline. Your. Portfolio!

  • Johan

    Eh… Okey?

    Then what about the article on Xperia blog from just a few months ago (06/07/2015)?

    ‘Sony mobile CEO: “We will never ever sell or exit our smartphone business”‘

    This is highly contradictory…
    Has something been misinterpreted or is Sony just being extremely ambivalent?

  • If they don’t release a Z6 in the first half of the year, I’m pretty much screwed, because I’ll either have to wait 6 months or settle for the Z5 when I upgrade from my Z2. Samsung, HTC, LG, all released 2 flagships this year. I don’t see why Sony should stop doing the same.

  • Raj Singh

    No. I mean their corporate culture. Their values, beliefs and attitudes affect their strategy and decision making — infrastructure and distribution included. They are not a global company. They are a Japanese company operating in global markets. The only reason the PS4 is a huge hit is because it’s a global product. It has to align with American (or Chinese) culture to be massively successful.

  • Tjaldid

    they will support it, the have with Vaio

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  • mike

    fully understand. wish xperia can survive, but most likely it is done. Z5 may be the last xperia. I wish other SONY production line, like TV can still in market for years.

  • kj marway

    Abdul, both devices (C5 and M5) are on display at the Sony flagship store in Dubai Mall.

  • HAWX

    Deamn! Timel can’t be right!
    “Sony is going to be bankrupt” by Timel

  • tonkotsu

    There are so many things wrong with sony that I don’t even know where to start!

    Ok actually..

    I’m still not able to buy a Z5, Z5 compact, C5 ultra, or M5 with US warranty and all US carrier bands. Motorola did this quite easily with the pure, what exactly is stopping sony?

    Why can other companies use your sensors and grey better pictures? This applies to cameras as well.

    Also, you can’t charge premium prices when your phones can’t compete at the highest levels. I feel bad for all the supporters of sony reading this article. All that hard earned money spent on their device, then their ceo gives an ultimatum to the entire division.

    Anyway, there’s no hope left for their mobile division. Rip.

  • Timel

    Sony thinks it needs focus on innovation; wrong. It needs focus on organizational management first of all. Put Sony Mobile in the hands of the Playstation team and see what they come up with. Sony should follow the pricing strategy of Motorola; below Apple and above the Chinese crap. The only partnership Sony needs is with the right people to get the brand promoted. I saw in Canada that their authorized retailer is like a corner of the web website which is shameful.

    Fan or not, a business only deserves to exist if it is relevant. Samsung already benefited from Sony’s past failures by bringing a lot of it’s engineers on board. Now Samsung/LG will benefit again at Sony’s expense.

    On the other hand, one must give credit where credit is due. Kaz Hirai has at least managed to save a fast sinking ship (follow the share prices and news from the past decade). Sony was quickly going into irrelevance before they got saved by PS4 and imaging division. Sony will always have the capability to come back into Mobile business with renewed resources anytime it wants to (if it pulls out).

  • Alex Norris

    I really tired of Kaz Hirai and his promises.

    He nothing did during those 4 years for sony mobile, than because we see shitty and similar Xperia devices. Even the new 23mp camera Xperia Z5 camera loses Iphone 6S Plus ((

  • HAWX

    (Reply to DBS) By the way why the fock everybody is flagging without reading the DBS s comments? You don’t want to use your brain?

    Well said men :) Only thing that they are better is their external design. But rectangular design is not comfortable for above 5″ Xperias.. Sony haven’t truly listened us once and I think they won’t be listening this time as well.

    By the way when I hear android the first thing comes to my minds is the old htc phones :) The old hrc cloclk widget was so good xD. When yoy unlock the phone it animates like turning calendar pages and slowly shows the right hour and minute :) It was fun :)

    Yo what do you think about new microsoft devices :D! 550$ for the 950 is a bit expensive like you said :( Design is meh for me. But I dont like the back of the device. Especially camera module :( And I don’t think that I will use iris scanning nor continiuum thing :(

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    I’m not sure if Sony is ignoring the US market. They had a stint in T-Mobile and a really strange relationship with Verizon.

    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are…well, I suppose, struggling…to enter the US market. For this, I would likely place my blame in their US office Sales/Marketing team. Whoever heads the US division should really be ashamed of themselves for this massive failure.

  • Matt

    yea but the hit miss rate of his logic is quite appalling really.
    beside that i like the form over function thing :((

    yea a friend of mine still use old HTC and it does its thing great hahaha full of animation :)

  • SM

    In order to be in the smartphone market & business, for a strong market share & successful presence, Sony has to strategize their business properly in term of targeting the proper audience/customer/consumer & segmenting the market properly where needed, & last but not the least, changing their overpriced policy.

  • azzido

    Well, as a loyal customer of Sony brand I hope Sony will listen to it:

    1. Remember to listen your customers – you get the money from them, from me, not from yourselves!
    2. Only one but epic flagship device each year, consider the month carefully. It needs to get relevans software support. 2 flagships only in emergency, in case if released failure like Z3+
    3. Decrease amount of devices produced each year, it is too much, then it is not getting enough treatment (except Z series). Less products = less money spent to design/produce/market/support it
    4. Do not try to be Samsung or Apple, be a Sony. Find your own way.
    5. For so long people asking to get new design stating this is good, but you bored your customers to death… See, first people look, and they see nothing new in your devices each 6 months… But you are so stubborn and still claiming will be delivering same looking devices, that was told by one of frmale designer on IFA in Berlin. See not poeople are so familiar with tech inside, they only look and see almost nothing new when comparing your phones, as these are almost identical for them. You need to change your designs more frequently
    6. Ask for help other Sony divisions like you started to do with Z5 (Sony Alpha team). Now to create Z6 ask Sony TV/Picture (Screen ad design – increase screen size, hire the guy responsible for monolith design), Sony Music (Mega Bass), again Sony Alpha (camera) and PlayStation (advertising, apps and games) for help. You can get it so much easier than other brands + you need it more than merging with other brand…
    7. Lower the proce a bit, not that much bot you will not survive offering same prices as Shamsung and Apple. A lot of people except your loyal fans if having 1K $ to spent on a phone and will see these 3 brands will most probably pick another one as is more recognized, familiar. Other than offering Epic! people are looking at proces too. Then will think: “Hmm, maybe this Xperia is not best at everything in my opinion but still good and offers better proce, I will save some money.” You can leave Premium variant to match prices with Shamesung and Apple.
    8. Finally deliver curved awesome Camera, people are still hoping and waiting as a manufacturer of best cameras will deliver the best result using its own product.
    9. Stop decreasing battery…
    10. Treat your all customers the same way (Playstation Video, Music/ Video Unlimited available for every country, not SELECTED ones). For GODs sake deliver your movies at least in 1080p instead of 480p! Wake up, it is 2015!!!
    11. Improve your relationships with cariers. Start advertising and selling in USA.
    12. Colaborate with Google, finally create Xperia Nexus Z.
    13. Deliver something unique, that noone other have. You have so much talented people. Send them all for 1 day vacation/workshop organizing a contest for best idea.
    14. Improve advertising and your traditional way of selling phones at least in huge markets / city centers, where people gather.
    15. Offer good Playstation Plus discounts for every Xperia user. Discount relevant to range like Z most benefit etc. Or simply add older AAA game to every Z device. I wonder why you did not do this yet? Combine your offer at last! Think. Both divisions can benefit. More Xperia sells, more Playstation users attracted to this device.

    15. As someone already stated. This one is maybe most important.
    A lot of money you get from loyal customers. Try to keep them and only increase the base. Offer good discounts for buying new Xperia device like Apple does. Then they will not search for other brand.

    Hope you will read it Sony.
    Do not be stubborn thinking you know better than your customers what they need.

    We wish you all the best, not the opposite.

  • azzido

    I pointed a lot of points, 2 last I think are most important:

    15. Offer good Playstation Plus discounts for every Xperia user. Discount relevant to range like Z most benefit etc. Or simply add older AAA PS4 game to every Z device. I wonder why you did not do this yet? Combine your offer at last! Think. Both divisions can benefit. More Xperia sells, more Playstation users attracted to this device.

    16. As someone already stated. This one is maybe most important.
    A lot of money you get from loyal customers. Try to keep them and only increase the base. Offer good discounts for buying new Xperia device like Apple does. Then they will not search for other brand.

  • jokensy

    Here we go again…

  • TechGuyChris

    Well now, looks like me and Timel were right :-) . I guess i’m still trying to figure out why Microsofrt can sell a Lumia phone on all networks yet no on one buys them and Sony cant do the same lol.

  • Malih

    You need to read the news, Samsung are profiting from Display business and making Chips for Apple (among others)

    This keeps them afloat to try and experiment with different things that works. Sony does not have the same luxury.

  • Malih

    I think it would be interesting if they do it like Samsung. Xperia Z for the first half of the year, and Xperia Z Ultra for the second half.

  • Malih

    it’s only contradictory if you think “considering the alternatives” is the same as “exit our smartphone business”. It’s possible he’s just trying to “motivate” his employees.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Sony makes image sensors for almost each and every device.

  • kido

    I gues chipsets and displays sell more than image sensors

  • ryq24

    Sony should price their premium phones cheaper than Samsung and lg. That woul be a good start. Sony cannot compete with Samsung and lg’s premium phones head on just like they cannot compete against Chinese brand n the mid range section.

  • Malih

    maybe Sony simply isn’t enjoying the same level of profit from image sensors as Samsung have from their display and chip

  • At almost no profits.

  • Zeljko Kovacevic

    Sony is overpriced period.

  • I think what Sony needs to do is to deliver a unique selling point that can help them to stand out. For some rivals that is a lower price than other premium rivals, for some rivals that is a terrific and exclusive operating system, for some that is a unique style that gives them the ‘edge’. You need a unique selling point to stand out, and you then need to sell it well.

    They did relatively well with the ‘waterproof’ aspect back in the time of the Z and the Z1. Many remember the ads with David Bowie’s ‘sound and vision’ song. Several updates down the line though and not a lot has changed – certainly not the asking price – and there’s a stagnation going on. So the Xperia phones have decent cameras – they’re not the best, but they’ve very good. They remain waterproof – a unique selling point for such an expensive device but nothing new for them now. They have a simple, unique and familiar design – as does Apple though. They really need to do something to stand above the crowd. Offer a phone with all these premium features for a lower price than your competitiors perhaps (it’s done wonders for the PS4!), or maybe offer wider intergration with other Sony products as a reward for brand loyalty.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think this years Unique selling point is Z5 Premium’s 4K screen !!! Not necessarily useful but Eyebrow raiser !!!

  • Abhi

    Samsung has patents from LTE to Memory Controllers to NAND Flash technology. In fact the Z3 has a Samsung NAND. Sony makes great sensors but the pressure is building on that aspect as well, Samsung simply has a lot more money to invest at this point. Sony is doing well in the Gaming and Audio market though, there I’m sure they will be still doing well for a long time.

  • ZoubIWah

    Slighty cheaper, fix camera lens, profit. Can’t afford mistakes on anything.

  • ZoubIWah

    im not sure if you know the market but in the US samsung and apple basically pay so that sony cannot sell their smartphone through carriers. its not like if they werent trying.

    thats why it keeps poping in/out on tmobile’s website as well. tmobile can tell sony “sell it to us at lost or we’ll stop carrying your phone, cuz sammy and apple are 99% of our sales right now, sorry, fuck you”

    the other carriers are even worse.

    Sony is actually making a dent in the EU where such stuff is simply not allowed.

  • Miguel Ortiz

    Well the new sensor is now the best smartphone camera on the market, in all departments, even stabilization

  • ZoubIWah

    ive a vaio and its still supported to this day. including w10 updates. even thus vaio has been sold.

  • Miguel Ortiz

    Always feels like a one more chance thing for Sony, all they had to do was deliver the Z5 everywhere at a competitive price

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    I think Sony had to renew thier design more revolutionary and they after sales had to upgraded, coz my experience in Indonesia service center is bad.

  • Adhi Suryana

    Playstation, Sony Music Entertainment #2 biggest in music industry, Sony Pictures (including Columbia one) #4 big 6 in Hollywood, now you see their money,

    Imaging, they also make sensor for Nikon and Canon SLR, other than Xiaomi, Meizu, Motorola, Nexus, iPhone, Samsung, and lot of them even embracing sony sensor on public launch, not to mention their success in mirrorless camera

  • Adhi Suryana

    Somewhat I agree with you, I think there is a reason why Sony keep making 300K projector, sound receiver and a lot of handmade electronic stuff at stratospheric price

    They like to sell less, but making more profit

  • Adhi Suryana

    Somehow, rather than sponsoring Jamesbond Spectre movie, why not spend the money to “accelerate” their sales on US carrier like Tmo, At&T, Verizon, pay their marketers for each phone sold, US people loves to buy phone from carrier or 2 year contract phone, sell Z5 to carrier at 350-450$ use a cheaper display, less band range to save money and let the carrier inflate the price as high as they can, keep selling unlocked phone at 850-900$ that use a better display, and a lot of band range support
    Endorse your product! Give all your Z5 Pre free for all singer under Sony Music, and sell them unlocked at online store at 1500$, make a Jamesbond edition with a heavy briefcase and decent package, matching color headphone, charger, cable, sell them at 4500$, and partner with Swarovski like Samsung to make a special color matched case
    For chinese market, their “upper echelon” market only wants “limited” things, sell cheap Z5 compact, and Z5 for chinese carrier, Z5 Pre must be sold invitation only with numbers engraved on the side, like OnePlus or Patek Philipe brand, that’s how to sell niche product in china
    Z5 Pre is very nice, they have to endorse them, give it free for as many public figures as they can, most people may not buy 1500$ phone at first, but a cheaper Z5, by making partner with chinese and US carrier, make a 2 contract Z5 Pre with different color (than the unlocked one and without engraved numbers) with Xperia only upgrade policy, so they can continue their contract (after 2 years) only by purchasing another Xperia phone
    That’s how marketing works

  • nfs2010

    Samsung’s patents are useless. They keep on paying royalties to Nokia, QC, MS, Ericsson, etc. You can implement a fart app in hw in 10 different ways & score 20 patents. Only the first one makes money, other 19 belongs to Samsung. Sony had a nobel laureate way back in ’70s (Leo Esaki). Whole ‘effing Korea doesn’t have one yet. So yes, number of patents is totally useless. As you mentioned LTE, check out Qualcomms’ patents that generates around 9 billion USD every year. If cheapsung can generate a tenth of that off their patents, they will plaster it all over internet. You know that =)

  • Adhi Suryana

    I mean seriously, how could Beats selling so many headphones?? Endorsement
    How could iPhone selling like nuts? at ridiculous price in china?? 2 years contract on carriers, make them limited at first in China or launch 3 weeks later, endorsement, iPhone only upgrade policy

  • betatesterz

    TBH I’d rather pay a little bit more if it would mean their R&D division can properly advise their management on the appropriate hardware and design so as to avoid situations such as using SD810 with it’s heating issues.

  • Abhi

    So by your statement Apple is the best as the US had more laureates or maybe even YotaPhone as Russia also had more lol, of course not. I would not say all their patents are useless, many are critical many even FRAND patents. To be fair its not Samsung that’s a shadow of its former self right now, and they have been dropping on the brand value index.

    Samsung has a pretty strong patent portfolio. I would not call memory controller, NAND patents, display patents etc as crap. Their SSDs are pretty good, though I prefer Intel-Micron (Crucial). Samsung also builds wireless networks along with Nokia here in the states. Samsung, Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, Apple, LG have been ramping up on crucial patents and purchase of companies with “useful” patents and they have a lot more money to spend.

    As for royalties all the big names use each other patents. Now with the patent trolling with Apple/Samsung it’s become anti competitive, bigger the company better chance at getting important patents to drive of competition or hemorrhage another.

    FYI Both Samsung and Sony have done some crappy stuff, Samsung CEO going to jail for corruption, paying people to stand in line at stores, Sony with the SecuRom crap, and flaming batteries supplied to companies like Dell and the list goes on for both as with many other companies, interesting that people act as if they need to be loyal and defend these companies as if they are going to put food on their plate lol.

    Ironically enough Sony is part of the Rockstar consortium with MS/Apple against Google while Google and Samsung have more cross licensing deals from what I read a while back.

  • nfs2010

    By bringing up brand value, patents & apple altogether, you’re contradicting yourself lol So Apple is the most creative company then since its ‘brand value’ is higher than everyone else? You could have said Moto (not American anymore though) Haha. As far as NAND goes, Toshiba seats at the top. They invented it, they made UFS 1.0 & UFS 2.0 before everyone else (that’s right – back in 2014 for SD805, but retarded media will tell you how Samsung exclusively made UFS 2.0 in 2015 LMAO). Once again, if you have a ‘strong’ portfolio, you should make money off of that. You should not pay other companies billions of dollars every year. Or at least, you should not get sued by Apple that’s been making phones for few years. So yes, Samsugn’s patents are junks. But Intel/micron’s 3D xpoint seems like the real deal. Samsung was never in the game. They make stuff after all those guys & sell ’em for cheap. That’s what you do when you spend ‘R&D’ budget on reverse engineering lol

  • Abhi

    Yes the brand index was for sarcasm lol. As much as I dislike Apple, I don’t think they are any less or more. They do hold back in deploying technology till they believe is the right time.
    They all pay each other a lot of money you only hear it in the news when one refuses to oblige or feels they can prevent competition.

  • nfs2010

    After paying each other (or cross licensing), the net is negative for Samsung. You could easily look up their quarterlies & see how things stack up. Bottom line, nobody’s gonna pay for Samsung’s junks (patents).

    Oh, one more thing. Samsung’s not going put food on your plate – not at least by making money off their garbage patents. So no need to defend anyone :) But you could always criticize a company without citing another company which is one of the biggest copycats around :)

  • Alex Norris

    Last Sony Xperia flagship

  • jamie evans

    I like Xperia phones, but they are not selling well…that means most other people think Xperia phones are not attractive…that means They have to change A LOT, including design language. First thing to do…The less bezels, the better looking.

  • Abhi

    By the way I am playing devil’s advocate here for fun, since this a Sony blog lol. I never claimed either Sony’s or Samsung’s patents were crap, simply the obvious truth that one is a shadow of its former self while the other is not, well the S6 isn’t selling as well so they may have peaked as well lol. You would find it interesting how angry or defensive some can become at such trivial matters.

    As for you, this is a pretty good conversation, and as for copy cats they all do it, or buy the ones that made the original. For heaven’s sake at this rate the only company making cars or motorcycles should be Diamler-Benz and Moto should be the only cell phone manufacturer lol.

  • nfs2010

    LOL – Fair enough. You know the most creative companies go down the drain before others. Two main reasons – huge R&D & open market abused by Chinese & Korean companies. They are just taking free rides & it’s quite sad. As you mentioned Benz, just look around to see those cheap Benzish Hyundais. Did you also read the new about Samsung copying the crap out of TSMC’s process & scoring A9 business from Apple by offering lower price? & TSMC A9 happens to faster, more power efficient than theirs? Haha. This world is messed up :)

  • Abhi
  • nfs2010

    Thanks for the link. Quite a drama there. So Apple will try to play QC against Intel. But I think Intel is not gonna play that cheap game. After all, they believe in fat margin as much as Apple does lol. It is going to be very interesting :)

  • Abhi

    Intel is bigger than QC but to be honest, they want a foothold in the mobile arena that is bigger than a few small Android OEMs so I can’t really say what will happen. This kind of threat/speculation may actually force QC to fall in line who knows.

  • nfs2010

    I sometimes think if Intel just quits mobile (or stops losing ~4/5 billions every year through their mobile business lol), they’ll in much better shape/bigger. Even QC (still making quite a bit of money) is giving it a thought. What do you think?

  • Abhi

    I don’t think Intel can ignore mobile, look at Apple (Since 2007) they pretty much built themselves on it at 70% of their revenue. Mobile chip industry is starting to get crowded by the likes of Mediatek slowly creeping in at the low end. Price pressure is building on Qualcomm. Overall I think it’s better for Intel try harder now at mobile rather than when it’s fully crowded.

    Some investors want Qualcomm out of the chip business:

    What’s your opinion on that?

    I think of these activist investors look to much at the short term gain and put companies in dire straights in the long run.

  • Husam

    I agree with all 15 points above… specially number 15 :D

  • nfs2010

    CEOs are the best friends (puppets actually) of activitst investors. So when the damn CEO is shooting for short term gain, what can we do? Think about TI. TI was the big daddy of mobile chips. CEO thought mobile chips are low margin, why not fully go analog where we’re even stronger. It worked out pretty well for them. Mediatek & co will soon take over most of the segments. You’ll be left with only high end which is still great. But Apple is making their own SoCs & will soon make their own modems (as your link says), then there is nothing left for Intel or QC. For QC, it’s quite complicated (so was it for TI). They definitely have to find some other markets. I could only say IoT. It’s not that rosy for Intel either. Remember they’ve already lost15/20 billions over last 5/6 years. Can they make up for it by competing in a market that’s going to fully saturated in a few years? Too much uncertainty there. But yes, short term gain is definitely there.

  • Abhi

    Yep, I forgot about TI, till you brought it up.

    Future: I suppose you are right about the soon to be saturated market.

    They dominate the mobile cellular modem sales at least for the time being. QC is still doing well with the IPQ series cpu’s dual core Krait 300s in consumer router’s and gateways, infact last few router’s I tested for Netgear had them. Their WiFi 2.4/5 Ghz chipsets are also doing pretty well, giving Broadcom a pretty good fight. Overall networking is probably pretty low margin though….

  • xperiaDROID

    It’s a shame, really. The once tech giant has turned into the situation like this. It’s like a curse, look at Nokia, BlackBerry and HTC. But let’s hope they will do well next year.

    In case they need to partner up with someone else, Huawei might be a good choice, since Huawei is now on Samsung’s and Apple’s tail, I can see their potential in defeating one of those two in the future.

    I wish Sony all the best.

  • nfs2010

    Wow, that’s a pretty good show from QC. So something’s there. ARM is trying to crack the server market too. So if QC can lead the wave & couple with it with their networking equipment & score big from IoT, it actually can work out pretty well for them. TBH, QC has all the pieces. We’ll see :)

  • Malih

    I hate to tell it twice, but read the news man, Google is your friend, Sony hasn’t had a sustainable profit in years, they’ve been suffering big loss here and there, we’re talking IN BILLIONS of US DOLLARS.

    Things are starting to look up for them this year, I don’t really care about Sony as a whole, but I wish Sony Mobile turns a healthy profit this year.

  • Alex Norris

    But why even new 23 camera on Z5 lose crappy iphone again…?

  • Abdul Ghani

    not in saudi stores if u go and ask them is m5 c5 z5 coming they will stare at u like they are in limbo

  • mixedfish

    LOL you’re talking shit, they sold their Manhattan business HQ but they kept their science centre so that kids can learn about technology. Now tell me which company has better ” values, beliefs and attitudes”?

    If anything Sony cares too much about it’s impact that it forgets how to do business.

  • mixedfish

    The reality of the Vaio is that it wasn’t ‘sold’, it’s just a clever Accounting trick/ tax evasion tactic. That’s why they still actively list it on their websites.

  • mixedfish

    Sony is always the best quality at the lowest price. I don’t understand where this ‘pricing’ issue is from. Unlike other companies they don’t have a RRP, they’re all open pricing with a suggested starting price. If it’s more expensive than either it’s worth more or the store is trying to profit from you.

  • ????????????

    They will finally drop android, and finally make their own Playstation phone platform. Java can just stay in the closet, as unmanaged (aka native aka no-vm) codes kill it.

  • Rachael Ridlon

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  • El_Carnicero

    The review is off… I don’t think he switched on the stabilizer in the Z5, and he seemed stuck on the wrong white balance. The Z5 units I’ve played with all had picture quality that was as good as the iPhone6s and the video was miles better.

  • El_Carnicero

    And this is what happens when the US market is controlled by the telcos and you don’t have actual freedom of choice.

  • ZicmA Holy
  • En.Pasta.Tack

    Sony and Samsung cooperation will never happen, since Korea basically hates everything Japanese. The same thing surely be said about the Chinese and what they think about Japan.
    Sony is the only Japanese brand that are selling smartphones outside Japan. Because like someone said, they are just extremely bad at marketing. All Japanese electronics companies are.

  • kazuki

    they are so stupid no surprise this happens. just go back to 1 flagship per year.

    if i wouldn’t want to still buy their flagship too if they make it obsolete in less than 6 months either. and their flagship spec increments are so small, no body give s a shit.

  • Alex Norris
  • Raj Singh

    That’s exactly my point. I’m talking specifically about their business acumen. With the exception of the Playstation, they suck at selling their wares.

  • Randy

    Yes, the US mobile market is controlled by the carriers, however, Sony should have found a way to penetrate the market. Instead they threw their hands in the air and focused on EU and Asia, hence this. Apple didn’t get where it is by ignoring the US culture. It pushed into AT&T and then pushed into Verizon, then T-Mobile, etc. and is still pushing. They offered deals and incentives until they got where they are. Sony not being a start-up company should have been on top of their game.

  • joe

    I think that this Hirai is the problem they have to kick that stupid out and put a good person in his place than the Sony will rise again .

  • aligamz

    Kaz said at some point that they were gonna stop with the half-a-year release cycles. Yet here we are, a while later, and we are still witnessing half-year flagships. If Kaz has taught us something since he was put in charge of Sony, is that he talks way too much. Remember the One Sony initiative? Nowadays, Sony is tearing itself apart in pieces: it’s main businesses have either been sold or spun-off.

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  • ????? ????

    Make the most out of user perspective not just style.

  • El_Carnicero

    “one can walk into a carrier store of the choice” – Nope, I want to be able to buy a phone from ANY STORE of my choice and use it with ANY CARRIER of my choice. Now *that* is freedom of choice… Which you don’t have.

  • Zeljko Kovacevic

    1. Sony don’t know how to advertise
    2. Sony is overpriced.They must be cheaper then LG and Samsung especially in mid range,but noooo Sony is the most expensive.

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  • Timel

    iPhone 6s is much faster and smoother than Xperia Z5 lol

  • Timel

    lol No wonder at alll why Sony Xperia flagships have always been unsaleable, Xperia cameras’ve always been the worst when compare to iPhones and Galaxy S/Note series, until the sixth generation (Z5 family) Sony still stuck with the same old shitty camera… Sony Mobile deserves to go bankrupt.

  • Timel

    the new TouchWIz is very fast, Now it’s much faster than Xperia UI

  • Nawi
  • Roh_Mish

    I don’t agree on the third point. Even if the markup price looks high, I find that the price is mostly worth it for Sony devices.

  • Battal

    Turning the Low end device like Xperia E into a mid ranger and the Mid ranger into a High end at phablet Sizes and asking a price of High end device and than ask them self’s why no body buying our products !

    Samsung compete with Sony Camera and SonyMobile department add more Megapixels, HTC compete with Sony Camera and again that Stupid department add more Megapixels, more Megapixels, more Megapixels
    First 12MP Than 13MP Than 20MP Than 21MP And Now 23MP !

    No one has lead that stupid department to this sinking holes except those liar fanboys who glorifying every gimmick that stupid department make as it is a new invention and they didn’t even test or bought the product !

    Get back to Ericsson Sony, at least Ericsson has taste of designs and functions and you don’t,
    Or at least change your Department name From Sonymobile To SonyMegapixels !

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  • Geese Howard

    Replace Kazuo Hirai – problem solved!

  • Anukul

    someday i’ll tell this story : “there used to a mobile division of sony called xperia. sony used to produce great camera sensors, just like today; the design of their phones used to be praised but xperia never hit the market hard, I don’t know what it was but maybe it was just fate”, by attributing this inauspicious end as a deed of fate, I would calm the sony fanboy in me but deep down even then i would know that it’s just that sony was not able to get the shit together and produce a superhit xperia. that day would be a sad one.

  • sevgili
  • sevgili
  • P9

    NO, absolutely can’t imagine the world without Sony smartphone. Sony for life. Please stay with us forever.

  • Fome

    Hirai’s statements are rather vague, he doesn’t explain what kind of “alternative options” they could pursue. But Sony mobile chief Hiroki Totoki has specifically stated that they will never exit the phone business.

  • John Oliver

    having problems with Sony service center, need help been a sony user of phones for 10 years plus now thinking while the phones are very good service is poor

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