No Marshmallow for Xperia Z1, Z Ultra – how disappointed are you?

by XB on 8th October 2015

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Sony-Xpera-Z1-and-Z-UltraWhen Sony Mobile confirmed which Xperia devices will receive Android 6.0 Marshmallow, perhaps one of the key surprises was a lack of an update for Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact and Z Ultra owners. Yes, the older Xperia Z series was not on the list either, but given that these handsets launched in the spring of 2013 we always thought unlikely that they would see an update to Marshmallow. These models now have Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and have experienced a good bunch of updates since it arrived with Android 4.1.2.

The Sony Xperia Z1 models (including Z Ultra) launched 6 months later on Android 4.2.2 and therefore we can understand the frustration from owners who would like (or even demand) an update to Marshmallow. Some have resorted to petitions, others may be more resigned. But we wanted to ask our Z1/Z Ultra-toting readers their views – are you disappointed with the move? Did you expect one final major Android update? Or, do you take a more sanguine approach and are happy to see the phones final days played out with Android 5.1.1. We’d love to your thoughts below.

  • Jerry Berglund

    At first I was actually. I was more or less thinking that Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1 compact were released in the same time wich means they are in release time the same. But Z1 compact is a closer sibiling to the older Z1 so I change my mind bout it. Sure I would like to get marsmallows, but I can also see that Sony changde it approac to this compact phones. I mean this would happen again that the compactmodell wont get updated like its bigger sibling.

  • Michael

    Was gonna get a Z5 Compact but given its recent crap about screen Ive decided to get a Nexus

  • Maxx Tan

    “Oh bummers…” I guess I would have to get a new Xperia to get the latest and greatest. I’d probably just wait for the next range of Xperia series. The ones with USB Type C. The XZU has been awesome, especially we just got the 5.1.1 update. It will probably take Sony a couple of months to actually deliver the M6.0 update to their Xperia line, by then I’m hopeful to see a new range of Xperia Z series to be announced. The disappointment shouldn’t be that bad. More like the perks of owning an Xperia, with up to 3 years of software support and update.

  • RealityCheck2015

    I never liked Marshmallows anyway :D Bit disappointed but i don’t get excited as i used to about all these endless updates anymore. I am sure my Z1 is sad tho :D

  • Nomak

    Given the magnitude of security and privacy-related improvements that Android M brings, I deem it a worthwhile update. It would show that the company cares about protecting its customers, more than the standard “we gave you 2 years of support already, deal with it” market logic. That said, it is true that the z1 compact had a pretty long support, and I am quite happy with the last 5.1.1 update, works like a charm (although I am pretty disapponted by the ART performance and I don’t think that its benefit compensate the larger storage required by all apps, but that is not not Sony’s fault).

  • Sergio

    Angry T3, E3, E4 and M2 users in 3, 2, 1…

  • Zayed Kotayba

    The Xperia Z series launched with android 4.1.2 and the Xperia Z1 series launched with android 4.2.2 correct that !!

  • SSyar

    Well my Z1c screen broke 2 weeks ago..,

  • dareczq

    i got Xperia Z ultra, and i think it is time to buy Xperia Z5

  • Mike Gonzalez

    it makes no sense at all cuz they’re just as powerful as the Z2 and just 5 months older

  • fried_egg

    My Z1 was fine up to the week I pre-ordered my Z5, then it started playing up! Today it is playing “transfer settings” to the Z5… I had a good run from it, I suspect the battery is on it’s way out… The Z1 still seems to be available to buy as new, but those buying “the latest” would have bought it more than 1.5 years ago (as we know every 6 months a new flagship comes along!) and therefore people who truly care for the latest of the latest have had a good run from the updates…

  • fried_egg

    Actually I wonder what the % of network branded firmware there is to pure sony firmware… the networks stopped selling the Z1 some time ago and at least with EE have shown no interest in getting the 5.1.1 version released… so with the networks not seeking an update & their customers on 2 year or less contracts they wish to see “churned” into a shiny new contract & handset i really think there is a huge “chunk” of missing demand for sony to develop 6.0 for the handset….. and that makes updating for the ones left more expensive than it is worth (those costs will only have to come from the competitive pricing of the next range of phones and sony services)

  • jokensy

    I can’t believe people are still using the Z1…

  • Sadman Khan

    People are still using Z

  • Zayed Kotayba

    LoL people are still using Xperia T !!!

  • We Love to go for one major update

  • alienx2

    Give us one more final version of marshmallow for Xperia Z1…

    otherwise, If its confirmed, I guess its time to root my phone and put custom roms on it for extended support…

  • Zohaib Hassan

    i’m using Z :D

  • Ratha Siv

    Get it or not is not important anymore lolz… My 2-year-old Z1 is starting to have problems. I mean it old enough. The battery is already broken. Front camera is not working as well sometimes.. The screen recently starts to flicker.. BUT back camera and performance are still amazing! Best premium phone I ever have! I’m considering about Z5 series… :D

  • Rick N

    and sony ericsson K500i needs update too lmao

  • Tan Chik Chew

    z ultra owner, disappointed… spec wise, still can run for another year i think

  • Peter Yeh

    It’s OK.
    After all, the models before Z1 will have been launched for more than 2 years.
    There are still some alternative available for those models, like CyanogenMod.

  • Rachael Ridlon

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  • Sergio


  • Green2u

    But is this also true for Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition? I read these owners (like me) are getting 6.0. Fingers crossed!

  • yeah, pretty disappointed, because Z1 Compact was released in 2014 and 6.0 would have been the perfect closing update for it’s life circle IMHO.
    I’m aware that this company it’s one of the most careful about long-support for their devices, but sometimes, like for the 4.4 release retired for the Xperia T, does a mistake that make their users unhappy.

    uselessy, because making a further update for a device with an hardware that is similar to it’s successors It would not be such a great “waste of energies” and certainly will not affect sales of smartphones of subsequent generations that are significantly powerful and advanced than this.

    For sure i will not buy a z3 compact or a z5 compact in the near future, despite of this.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – done!

  • SM

    t2 ultra :-(

  • Well its a tough time for SONY right now. 2016 will be the deciding year for the Company to consider other options if the business doesnt improve.
    My request for other fellow Xperia users to please leave this Z, Z1 debate and go and buy (only if u can afford) a new Z series phone and support the company financially.
    The company which gave us that much happiness and a feel of pride now needs its customer to save the mobile division. Refer the phones to your friends and families and buy yourself too. I just have no idea after SONY, which company would i be buying. No one is worth buying but SONY forever.

  • Amimanot

    Doesn’t Google handle the updates for GPe phones? Try seeing if the other GPe phones gets Marshmallow

  • Praju Rajkarnikar

    Ya, its very disappointing From Sony for Xperia z ultra user and z1 even though they both have enough spec to qualify Marshmallow they didn’t get.

  • lFreedoml

    Very disappointed, I will expect it…

  • Robert Szombati

    The Z1 was released in 2013 and it doesn’t matter if the Z1C (the compact) was released in 2014 because they’re identic (same chipset, same camera etc).
    Sony kept supporting this model for 2 years now and I think it’s natural to end the support after 2 years.

    Just get a new phone if you want the latest Android and move on.

  • ??????? ????????

    Of course I’m upset, I do not want to change the phone every 2 years. A serious company must keep track of your gadgets. If you want to change the smartphone after 2 years could buy a cheap Chinese smartphone.

  • Ermeson Souza

    Please ZL update for Marshmallow

  • David Hvatov

    Mine Z1 screen also flickering sometimes, especially when charging or network signal is low.

  • rubinaish

    Why don’t you take into consideration that the Z launched with 4.1 when 4.2 was already out for quite some time? You can’t count that first update…

  • Sadman Khan

    Whoa :’D

  • ChilliPSco

    Bit gutted, but I understand why they may be doing this. Still, I should have the Z5 in the next couple of weeks, which will be getting it, so meh

  • Rigel Kent Villacarlos

    While I do understand that these units’ “economic life” has ended it doesn’t mean it has lose its edge. Thus, update is necessary, because it is also necessary for them to take care of their patrons. Furthermore, it is not like there’s a lot “ultra series”. #XperiaZUltra

  • Bo$$

    The Z1compact was launched in January 2014, so it hasn’t reached those 2 years of support that Sony primised, therefore it should receive the marshmallow update. Sony, did you lie about 2 years software updates?

  • BarelyBlurred

    Not too disappointed, it was expected.

  • ppl r still using Neo V…

  • Akand

    As a Z1 user, I’m not disappointed at all. It’s OK.
    Sony supports longer than any other Android manufacturers and that’s why people never feel much necessity to upgrade. Z1 is also old enough. So it’s logical to me.

  • i think that, ideologically, for keeping Sony at par of the canonical 18 months of support that Google give to the nexus family, it would be relevant, regardless the Z1 and Z1 Compact hardware equalities.
    otherwise we are facing a clear difference in treatment, when the yardstick should be the months passed from the commercialization, not the hardware specs (except in case of impossibility to execute the O.S. on a low-spec hardware)

    at best, we should say that they need to make an exception to the rule for the Z1, just for the hardware equality, stopping the support to the Z1 family to 6.0.

    All of this IMHO.

    About my future inside the Sony playground i think that i will remain loyal, but i will look further for the XDA Community unlocking my Z1C, unfortunately, because i’m still under warranty that will cease in March 2017 (and this make me upset much more).

    P.S. forgive me for my bad english, it isn’t my native language and i’m a bit rusty with it.

  • James Bond

    People are still using (abusing actually) Xperia Mini Pro!

  • I bought my Z1 Compact only about 6 months ago and yes, the Z3 Compact had been out a few months by then too. It’s still not 2 years though since the Z1c was new.

    The hardware in the Z3 Compact and Z1 Compact is almost identical – same GPU, same CPU except 0.2 Ghz faster in the Z3. The Z1 Compact has the advantage, for me, in using a Micro SIM, not a Nano SIM. The Z1c was about £150 less than the Z3c.

    There’s no technical reason why they couldn’t support both the Z1 and Z3 Compact with Marshmallow.

    Will I be buying a Z5c to get Marshmallow? – no – at least not until the Z6c is out and the Z5c is discounted so it’ll be a while.

  • Odie octavarium

    T E and M aren’t flagship dude :v

  • Lol

  • Skarabeusz

    That’s exactly my thoughts. They released z1c just before z2 so that they don’t need to update it for as long or what is the deal?

  • Dennis Hesler

    Hola, a mi me parece justifique ya haya llegado la actualización del 5.1.1 sl Xperia Z1. Pero tampoco me gustaría quedarme afuera de malvavisco. Hasta sería muy bueno para Sony actualizar la serie Z completa, ya que sería uno de los únicos del mercado que sigue actualizando dispositivos del 2013, dejando atrás a nos Nexus y esos otros :v. Me gustaría que Sony considere. Actualizarlos.

  • Sergio

    And? They should be updated during it’s 18 month support time period.

  • Sergio

    *cof* Fanboy Detected!! *cof*
    No, but seriously, he is right. If Xperia sales don’t improve, Sony will stop producing phones.
    But I also have to criticize Sony on the Support side. They provide very few updates, and if we didn’t complain, all of us M2 users, via either Support Forum, twitter and social networks, we’d still be on 4.4.4, just like the T3, for example.
    If Sony wants to sell more, give support for all of your devices, not only the damn expensive Z series! They’d have happier customers, for sure.

  • Luis

    No angry at all. Phone is dated with no true phablet successor, so I had to go elsewhere for my smartphone needs. Z Ultra won’t be able to work well with 6.0. Even with 5.1, multitasking was not possible without app refreshes. 2GB just won’t cut it. Still have an Xperia Tablet, so I hope I can stay as a Sony fan.

  • son baltazar

    please include z1 on the lists of Android M update. :(

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    I hope they don’t do this on the next version of android where the z3 gets it but the z2 doesn’t that would really annoy me considering the similarity in specs

  • Odie octavarium

    Yeah sure your devices will got M when it still in 18month service.

  • sonya_y

    I guess it’s ok after 2 years, of course it would’ve been nice to see Sony support their Smartphones for a longer period than Google actually does :) I got really close to the Nexus 4 with my Xperia Z and I still really like it :) but the Z5 looks amazing and I think I was gonna buy it anyway.

  • hansip

    The only problem is.. do you have some spare money for me to buy a new phone :*>

    Just joking, definitely Sony fanboy i am so i will support Sony with their next phone :) if Z5 premium get Z3 level battery than that will be it for me.

  • hansip

    the Premium one can’t come soon enough

  • fast83

    I’m not. Well, I am a bit.
    Z Ultra here, 5.1.1, going freaking well for a mobile phone who’s 2 years old already. It beats, performance wise, any phone that’s not on the shelf right now. I mean S4/S5/N3/N4, G2/G3, HTC Ones etc.
    Battery still keeps up.
    But it was written somewhere that support had to be dropped.
    Anyway, I just hope (and I’m writing it everywhere) Sony will pull another experimental rabbit out of its hat (because the Ultra was this, an experiment, first with SD800, first sleek elegant IP58 6.44 phone etc), just to fill this piece of market.
    I’m not gonna buy another phablet. Not a Note 5, not an eventual HTC Max, not a G4+ or something like that.
    I want another Ultra. Another shining Ultra.
    I want, as happened when the original one hit the reviewers, everybody to describe it as “yeah, it’s a bit awkward to hold, and has this or that fault, but it still is a motherf+cking badass piece of hardware”, one that you love or hate; but if you love it, there’s really nothing that can take its place.
    I don’t want Marshmallow on my actual Ultra, I want it on the Next Ultra.
    I can wait. Wait until you pull your act together and go in stage in Barcelona with my new Ultra. :D

  • hansip

    if Z1 and Z Ultra get final 6.0 Marshmallow, i guess Sony will be bogged down with the updates. Some first firmware won’t be bug less i swear so i guess Sony dropped it altogether to prevent more whining, esp with their good 5.1.1.

    I do hope they, with lighter carriage, can survive 2016 well. Hope they can do it well. The only issue now for Sony is to fix the JPEG quality and reduce prices a little bit, maybe 100 US$ less, considering it’s almost barebone Android now.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Why should we buy Sony smartphones? Sony have had year’s to change but they just don’t (probably thanks to the senior officials). I used to love Sony but now I have left them and am very happy, a decision I don’t regret.

    All they need to do is stop using overheating chips, provide stable software support for all devices , even the E4 for example should get 5.1 at least, and importantly market all devices not just flagships. Sony seem to think that only flagships exist, their mid and low ends don’t exist in their eyes.

    Oh and please stop over pricing devices.

  • KKTK

    Well, if they do that. Time to switch to alternative ROMs.

  • KKTK

    Actually strange. Huge company can’t to what some guys can do in free time. Adapt newest androids to not supported phones…

  • Sadman Khan

    There is no company that gives support to all phones. Sony actually updated a lot to 5.1.1 to be honest :/

  • Robert Szombati

    Yep, and the same thing happened with the T and V (I still own the V as my spare phone which runs the buggy 4.3) so I feel your frustration. This is Sony’s policy, sadly.

    No worries. English isn’t my native language either so we’re on the same boat ;-)

  • goldenblls

    Well I think the’ve had a good run of updates and I don’t think they’re missing a huge amount with MMallow.

  • Doubleyoupee

    Well my ZL doesn’t overheat and is very stable software-wise. Don’t see the problem?

  • Doubleyoupee

    Just because you don’t get 6.0 doesn’t mean you have to replace your phone…..

  • Doubleyoupee

    I don’t have a Z1 but I understand why they stopped supporting it.. they could’ve given it 6.0 but that would mean if it introduces bugs they will have to support it even longer to 6.1 6.2 6.2.2.
    Better stable 5.1.1 than potential buggy 6.0.

    As for my ZL it has had support for 2.5 years so it’s fine.

  • Srinivasan Shanmugam

    i think upgrade mean some new facilities and fix issues, but this time sony says old models(XPERIA Z C6602 AND C6603 SOME OTHER MODELS ) did not get m upgrade,PLEASE check 5.1.1 update issues and tack decision,

  • cicababa

    lol :D

  • roeshak

    I think it’s a bit much to expect any further major updates for 2013 models. Get real people ‘

  • Paul M

    I agree. If there was a choice between MM for the XZU, or a totally new XZU with the latest hardware and none of the deficiencies of the old, I’d definitely go with the latter.

  • Paul M

    I’m pretty happy that my XZU even got 5.1.1.

    I wonder if Sony have considered running a KickStarter campaign to raise money for updates for old devices. I’d happily pay US$45 for MM for my XZU.

  • Andrej Petrevski

    Well there will be update 1 year later.Same situation with M2 1 year ago they said no 5.1.1.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Man, you have serious problem with that simple mind of yours. If a company can’t survive in the market is their own fault for making the wrong decisions or bad management skill. Xperia phones have nothing unique or better that other phones do not have. I can switch brands with a snap of a finger.

    Unless you get some percentage cut from their sales then I can understand why. Otherwise fanboyism is stupid.

  • Koushik Mondal

    z1 compact is not 2 years old and it was released with 4.3 when kitkat was available to all the flagships of that time.. So dont consider its release with 4.3… basically we got kitkat with z1c and it ends update life before 2 years. And right now I dont care if sony mobile will exist or not in future.. This is the last device that I bought from sony.. Time to move now..

  • John Smith

    I am disappoint

  • RamyRamz69

    I have a Z1C and I am not frustrated at all, not even one bit. Apart from Ok Google on tap, there aren’t really any new software features that Marshmallow brings to the game. Apart from that, the HTC One M7, which was HTC’s flagship by the time Xperia Z1/Z1C came out, is only upgradable to Android 5.0.

    Speaking from another perspective, Xperia Z1C was the first iteration of the compact family line. It gets yearly iterated and therefore, if you reasonably think about it, no company updates any flagship that is two iterations behind. In the case of HTC, they didn’t even update the One M7 to 5.1. In the case of Samsung, S4 is also still on 5.0. Even Motorola won’t update it’s 1st generation Moto X. In fact the only device that is getting an upgrade from a 2013 portfolio is the Nexus 5.

  • Cleiton Cesário

    For me, the end is comming (Sony celphones)!!! :(

  • czerikcum

    I’m using ZR, and to be honest, I’m not that disappointed. It’s a fairly old device. But to be honest, I can’t say that Marshmallow is a great or drastic upgrade from Lollipop. I’d expect more to be fair, at least when it’s a total new version of android. For me, Marshmallow have just some minor improvements.

  • fast83

    The hell are you talking about? I can multitask up to 5 apps at a time and every single one doesn’t refresh once tapping into it. Not even games for God’s sake.
    The same thing goes for the home page, never saw a single redraw since going from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1.
    It’s one thing to say that the phone is old enough and support had to be pulled, it’s another thing to say it isn’t capable.

  • Jeremy Tsuei

    Still haven’t received 5.1.1 on my Z1…

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Sony is the only company that upgrades most of its phones except of course for the low budgets.

    Every SD chip since 800 has heating problems. I have a z1 and when I play graphic intensive games it hurts just to hold the phone. And its not just Sony, Sammy, Redmi, Huawei, LG and pretty much every other small player which uses SD 800 and above have heating problem, Either opt out of SD or live with its problems.

    E4 wont survive 5.1 for a simple reason, It has just 2 GB internal for apps. And 5.X uses ART which bloats up all app size. So e4 will just get full in a flash.

  • Killian Khoo

    Actually Z1C is not the 1st but the second.
    The 1st is Xperia ZR and Xperia Z1C is its sucessor with small footprint,

  • Sadman Khan

    I think there’s a Z5 Ultra rumoured to be released in March with 2k 6.4 inch screen and snapdragon 820. Let’s see :P

  • Terrober 14

    I have the Z Ultra, and I don’t want to “upgrade” to a new phone. The size of the Z Ultra is just right for me. I have large hands, so small phones are hard for me to use. I want Android Marshmallow, but not if that means having to switch to a small phone. I’d like if they made a new Z Ultra, like the old rumored Z4 Ultra that we talked about on the Internet last year. I want this size from the Z Ultra, with some newer, more powerful hardware, and some newer firmware. And I’d like some higher storage options too.. THEN I’d consider buying a new phone, since it would be sensible for me then.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Not much that I care of.
    Step 1- Get the Z5
    Step 2- Root the Z1 and get a custom rom with MM.

  • rychie bro

    Very disappointed

  • Paulo

    ZU owner here.

    I am a bit disappointed, I think the ZU is powerful enough to work well under 6.0.

    However, the move from 4.4 to 5.0 was very painful: my phone behaved very slow, often crashing and restarting. Multitasking was not working for most of the apps. After several months like this (April-September), 5.1 arrived and it fixed everything. I now have the same performance under 5.1 as I had under 4.4 and I am very happy with my phone.

    So I am a bit worried that another major update will introduce new bugs and make the phone worse. So I’ll wait, stay in 5.1, and if in the future I really need 6.0 I can always go to Cyanogen.

  • Daniel Guerra

    Totally disappointed. I think Sony did wrong, my Z1 has enough power to take marshmallow

  • HAWX

    Rubianish “Z launched with 4.1 when 4.2 was already out for quite some time? You can’t count the first update..”

    And also Z1 should have launched with 4.3.. And Sony made really bad updates..

    People here are talking from paper.. Xperia Z bunch of updates but most of them had many bugs. You can ask me which version had which bug, or look Only good version was 2nd version of 4.2.2 which has it’s own bugs and phoens stutters heavily sometimes.. And in the last version 5.1.1, and MOST Z and Z1 devices have mobile radio active bug, and repearing deosn’t fix that. Sony left these diveces with that huge bug. Even chineese brands doen’t do that. People and even Xperiablog is talking bla bla but the realty is Sony made terrible updates. Right now, they cut many jobs and not doing anything original but copying Google. They are not desgining almost anything in the UI unlike LG, Samsung, htc.. Only thing that is good is that their external desing and battery. But rectangular desing is not comfortable and hard to handle on 5+”. People are afraid to test waterproofing thanks to Sony policy. Phone’s UI doesn’t match with serious and classy external look of Xperias.

    They didn’t listened anything, and every device they released has some drawback compered to other manufacturers. Example: Sony didn’t waited and put S4 Pro on Z, 801on Z3, 810 on Z5, when newer generation processor was about to come.. And they were selling these devices with prices like the chipesets have just released. Sony thinks they are clever. BTW Sony camera and camera UI have been another joke except Z5, which CEO said they put lots of Money on improving the camera, Finally.

    People here are saying Sony is best, updates are good, devices are fantastic.. But the reality is Sony Z series have been just expensive nexus devices with questionable waterproofing, bad sofwared phones with bigger batteries. Sony is going to loose hard again unless they make radical changes, which is something they haven’t been doing for years.

  • Matt

    Yep nothing unique at all since all phone nowadays are made with premium material and still water-resistant. Or have days of battery live

    Which brings me to normal consumer. Which do not care what lies in the hardware. Ignore all the post that Sony need to have manual control on camera or this and that.

    Those people are just a fraction of populous. Normal people who aren’t interested in phones only know iPhone or Samsung.

    I think it is right that z premium uses 4k screen. It turns their head to Sony.

    Now I do hope for a strong line up next year. and for the sake love of what’s holy Quallcomm get your shit together with 820. It’s the last life line for Sony mobile.

    Please Quallcomm do not get my favourite manufacturer off the grid.
    Yes Sony is far for prefect but I seriously love what they done with battery life on my z3.

  • Jon Zliver

    In today’s world you have to leave a little aside the absurd consumerism and give longer life to the resources we have. The Xperia Z series perfectly supports upgrades to the end of its useful life.

  • Ste

    I’m rocking the Z2 and to be honest, I’m surprised that a phone as old as the Z2 is getting the upgrade. If there are Z1 and Z Ultra owners throwing a tantrum over not getting the update, they need a reality check. These models are 2 years old now. They’ve been lucky to make it this far.

  • PoweredBySony

    I’m a bit dissapointed. At least they should fix the camera in 5.1.1 for the z1. also they removed 1080p 60fps in 5.1.1

  • Randito Ananda Pratama

    and company have to make money anyway ….

  • Vijayraj KP

    Z1 compact must get it since released in Jan 2014… Not 2 years complete yet….. Even specifications almost match nexus 5… But nothing can be done now

  • Tweety

    I’m very disappointed. For me, it is the same story as with Xperia SP not getting 4.4.4 happening all over again. This is my last Sony mobile phone. I don’t intend to buy another one from Sony. I’m not among those people who buy new phone every couple of months. I use my phone to its natural end of life (or near it). I don’t expect Sony to give 6.0 to Z1c, but I certainly expect fix for 5.1.1 which will solve battery drain / mobile radio bug.

  • Tweety

    You’re right but I already see some of my friends buying cheap phones from China and refuse to pay for expensive new Xperias or other brand name phones.

  • Dr_Digital

    Well, Sony says that 2016 will be make it or break it for smart phones. My guess is “break it” since my Z1C will be the last Sony in my possession, and I am not the only dissappointed Sony user…

  • Adrian Fernandez Rodriguez

    I´m a happy Xperia z1 user and i think that sony could have update this phone, because have a great processor and would have show that sony worries to his users.

  • Rafal

    It’s time to come to terms if you want a newest Android, you should buy Nexus. If Kazuo Kirai will kill Sony mobile in a year, there will be no updates at all.

  • andyMASYA

    Too bad and sad, xperia z1 compact owner…. I guess nexus is the best with software updates

  • Angel Mendoza

    To be honest, sony did not provide few updates they are just the last ones to provide it.

  • Raj Singh

    I understand there is a life cycle and eventually devices will not be supported but I am extremely disappointed considering how epic the Z Ultra is. It has no successor and no equivalent.

    Sidenote: I’m also choked they don’t have PS4 Remote Play on the Ultra considering how nice the screen is.

  • Smuti

    Except the one truly good SoC in the whole lineup 805. I will never understand whey they didn’t use 805 in the Z3 series.

  • iia3ezu

    You know… maybe part of the reason why Sony Xperia is struggling now is because some of its fans being utter cheapskates and refusing to upgrade.

    Android Marshmallow (the 2016 edition of Android) for phones released in 2013. Talk about pouring new wine into old wineskins.

    Planned obsolescence and ending support for a product life cycle is part of the game. It is not companies being assholes, rather, it’s to avoid the scenario of supporting very old products and incurring heavy expenses.

    Also, what is the point of having a spanking new edition of the OS when the old hardware bottlenecks the experience? The same goes for iPhones and Nexus phones.

    Just be grateful for Sony indulging you with Lollipop. Back in the day, software upgrades were only available for one year with every newly purchased Nokia phone. Now run along.

  • Illia Kavalevich

    For me it was a final drop.
    Very disappointed about Sony Marketing strategy. About a month ago i have finished my t-mobile 2 year contract after a pre-order purchase. The warranty has also ended and what do i have: a phone that bought for 650 EUR and now doesn’t costs even a 200 as used, after every single update a heat problem only increases. The only solution to all my claims regarding the super quickly worn out cover flaps was buying as an extra a magnetic dock and sending phone to repair, because 65-70 C temperature of processor is awful – company soltuion was to change a battery! omg… now when the phone has just finished with its warranty i hear from news that support of software is not gonna be prolonged, no update to 6.0, but honestly 5.0.2 works slow as crap and i have to take about the amount of app so it won’t be slower with time.
    Really? Out of a smartphone that has made me believe in this company it has gone to a piece of ****
    Whats the point of purchasing a new Xperia Z5 ? add money a bit and buy subscription for an iPhone which software support is gonna be for years and years… Its price after a few years will not drop to 20-30 % of original (probably around 60-70% ) and moreover they add a feature of exchanging now, plus you will get a stable and no lag system comparing to Android.
    I am buying a subscription for iphone 6s now, for me now there is only one regret that i have not purchased an iPhone 2 years ago when i could …

  • Jecht_Sin

    Very disappointed. But I am more disappointed about this: Lollipop 5.1.1 vulnerable against new Stagefright vulnerability! AGAIN (Xperia M2):

  • Tweety

    They are struggling because they haven’t positioned themselves well enough in the market. Nowadays there are cheaper phones available (i.e. phones from China up to 200$) or big user base (i.e. Apple). And where is Sony? I don’t see much Sony’s phones around me. Samsung is very popular, iPhone also, but where is Sony?

    Planned obsolescence? It may be so, but life cycles of electronic devices have become too short. And I refuse to change mobile phone every 6 months to be able to have “full user experience” as advertised.

    Why don’t you ask Apple why it is supporting iphone 4s with ios 9 after all these years?

    Nokia didn’t need upgrades. I have several Nokias at home, all in working condition and the only upgrade which I ever received was in the service center when I was there for replacement of the loudspeaker.

    People will turn to / switch to those manufacturers which offer longer support or make a difference with their innovations in the market.

  • Smuti

    4K is simply pointless. I would much rather go with the regular Z5. I myself am torn between the Z5 and Z5C.

  • Joan Soupama

    Hello !
    I love sony mobile brand. However to sustain its activity it should retain customers and that this fact by a customer policy at the top level which updates are part. I said that even supporting its older models that does not stop selling them new. Quite the contrary. Besides the advice I give to Sony Mobile had to be out only once a year range xperia z.
    All that to say that the z1, z1 Compact and Z Ultra still deserves updated as their characteristics allow.

  • RJKMadison

    I am quite happy with 5.1.1 on my Z1c. The only big disappointment for me is that I expected Wifi Calling to be included with 5.0 or 5.1 (as on the Nexus 6). When it finally gets included in the base of M, my handset has aged out.
    And, I would be skeptical of the build quality and bug fixes of such a release.

  • crazychef83

    Well I understand the frustration this involves for some people but we also have to be honest with ourselves. We are complaining about a phone that technologically it is semi obsolete.
    I am an original Z owner and if we don’t get marshmallow update oh well. It is what it is.
    they have given more support to our phones than what we want to believe.
    We should ask people that have phones from other brands as old as our Z, Z1 Z Ultra if their phones got as far as ours did.
    We want sony to continue the support for older versions of the phones but we don’t want to accept that R & D costs money and maybe that is part of the reason sony mobile is going broke. Yes there is other factors that influence the part about soony mobile losing money but R&D is not cheap.
    Lets see how far the chinese companies last with the updates. Apple will reach a point that they stop supporting Iphone 4.

  • Matt

    Music with white ui is rolling out

  • Sultan Albatati

    True. My m2 aqua internal cut up to 3gb just for Android system

  • hansip

    well seeing that 4k is just a reserve feature, i think the 3450mah will have a great battery life.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I can’t imagine that day I have to look for a phone from another manufacturer, no other manufacturer can offer me the same products or atleast similar in any way. I do t know what I would do either ;s

  • Gitarooman

    extremely disappointed. I thought Android M would be the last final major update for Z1 and Ultra. Althought I am planning on getting a Z5P, planning on passing on the Z1 to my mother. I am still going to use my Z utlra as my daily tablet.

  • Ahmed Elrazky

    why you release android m developer for z and z1 and now say that z and z1 wont get 6.0

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I am so pissed off. Not even 2 years have passed since the release of the Z1 Compact. I was expecting this to be the last major upgrade for the Z1 series and Sony decides to drop out 2 series at once. They are trying to stay up high on the market yet they make such a stupid decision. This is definitely NOT a way to keep customers Sony, shame on you! We have owned so many Sony Ericsson devices and we still to this day use 3 Xperias, and as a Sony lover, I am extremely disappointed. Btw I have the Z1 Compact.

  • Matt

    is it 18 months already? if yes then , it is time mate

  • nik

    Why everyone is disappointed I don’t understand!! My phone runs very good on 5.1 and I am very happy about it and was expecting that it will not be updated further..

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    Yes but Sony has promised 2 years upgrades, 18 months is how long Google supports their Nexus devices. If a company wants to gain and keep customers, they should be loyal to their customers and not lie to them. We pay money for the software too, not only the hardware.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    Why? Because of all the new features 6.0 brings. 5.1 is good, but 6.0 is even better. And also the battery on my Z1 Compact is horrible. It would suddenly turn off at 70-80%. And do you even own a Z1 series phone?

  • Asad Ahmed

    if you are thinking like that so I think you don’t know the reality, Sony has even given the lollipop update to C3, T2 ultra, M2, M2 Aqua, all these phones are running on 5.1.1 and these are not the flagship devices of 2014 but they are still on the newest android OS after marshmellow and also tell me that apart from sony, which company has updated it’s mid end lineup ?
    Xperia Z is the only phone who has gotten the updates more than 2 and half year in android category.

  • nik

    Yes my dear I have z ultra, and it’s ok for me, I don’t need that permission feature..

  • KzX

    I also agreed 4K is pointless but imo sony have to make that kind of phone to catch everyone attention, to let them know what sony capable of and they are serious in smartphone industry.

  • KzX

    But better late than never, isn’t?

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    ‘that permissions feature’ is actually quite usfeul, especially in privacy and security, also it’s not the only 6.0 feature. There’s Doze, which is a really nice battery improvement feature.

  • Matt

    18 months is the recommended support time by google.

    i never heard of sony promised that kind of things, care to attach a link ?

    i think HTC do promise 2 years update not sony ..

  • Super Dino

    Support the company? U kidding? It’s not like SONY is an NGO. It’s a company’s responsibility to overcome any market condition. A simple example being Microsoft.

  • nik

    Yup, for security I agree with you that it is useful, but it does not bother me.. For doze, yes I agree it is a good feature to have but again we have stamina so I don’t think it will significantly improve battery life I don’t know though… Main point is my phone is almost two years old now, if Sony will update this phone( if they reconsider or would have considered it) it will not be anytime soon ( they will take atleast 4 months for z1 series or even more), I don’t think I will use this after 2 years because battery performance is downgraded now only and by that time I will have a new Z5 ultra!

  • Ujang

    Please give update to Xperia Z1.

  • Timel

    Moto X Pure overheats after a phone call and the interface starts to lag. You can feel it on the unlock screen. So overheating is the problem which is only probably address by Nokia by liquid cooling.

  • Melfes Wired

    what? Marshmallow! My Xperia A2 doesn’t even have lollipop

  • nick sweden

    Little disappointed ofc but it’s okej 5.1.1 works good ;-) maybe cones more 5.1.1 updates later on ;-)

  • Siberian Messenger

    Not disappointed at all. I know that 5.1.1 would be the final version for this 2-years-ago flagship. Gonna switch to Z5P late this year.

  • Paul M

    if that’s true, Sony better be ready to take my money!!

  • Tweety

    Many people who use Lollipop on Z1c (for instance) know that the battery time has shortened. Only few people deny it. Sony official forum suggests turning off some services in the phone and restart of the phone as a regular routine (, but, what is the purpose of having this phone then? To take care of the battery or to use the phone?

  • Tweety

    Microsoft published a roadmap for its Windows OS and everyone and his brother know when support stops. Why hasn’t Sony done the same? So we could know in advance what to expect after 12-18-24-36 months? Is it so hard?

  • illstplaya .

    Very frustrated. I have the z1s which was released in January 2014. Which means it’s only a year and a half old. I don’t understand why Sony wouldn’t support the z1/z1s. The original z I can understand but not the z1..

  • mike

    not disappointed at all. just like iphone 4 is not updated as well

  • Matt

    man i cant even.

    sony just freaking posted that the update stops for z1 and z , and as a smart person you should expect no support at all after 18 months of launch . everything later will count as a bonus .

    i do not understand how is this so hard to come by? am i speaking rubbish here , does anyone understand english ???

    again not from the top 18 or also known as eighteen , is how long you will get support from EOM in general, some more some less . support means software update or any update regarding the system , and yes its include new function and security update . and No the features depending on hardware will not be given to older model , and no you cant grow fingerprint sensor on the side of z,z1,z2,z3,z4 or z3+, or c4 or m2 or any other xperias unless youre a wizard.

  • fast83

    Yeah, I’m piling up money since the first rumour, by the time it actually launches (IF it launches) I’m gonna have a lot of money XD.
    By the way, let’s hope the rumours are true this time…

  • Omar

    It was not a surprise, but I did wish that they roll out Android 6.0, because the Snapdragon 800 is still a very capable SoC, and if devices with 801 get it, devices with 800 should get it too. But I think it’s about the costs, after all.

  • Omar

    But, the so called liquid cooling stuffs are just renamed heat pipes, which Sony had been using since Z2.

  • Michael

    Time to change… Lets go to the competition. Bye bye SONY.
    No software update, hardware is useless…

  • Daniel Alarcon

    Just my two v cents

    We have 2 z1, my wife’s and mine, 2 years now. I’m very pleased with my phone so far, and honestly, I’m happy that I’m currently on 5.1.1, no one else updates their phones for over 2 years.

    Unfortunately, sony is losing market share, I’m looking forward for LG in the future, but I’m grateful for this wonderful device.

  • sergio sierra

    Stagefright New update app. Xperia Z2 23.4.A.1.232 vulnerable again

  • NoName

    im pretty sure there will be Marshmallow for these devices. maybe just not official stock.
    look at github or sony dev :)
    you can even build Marshmallow preview for these devices since some months already.
    sony aosp all the way.

    so you want Marshmallow? you can do it yourself.
    your not even reduced to android anymore :)

  • Hamada D

    Maybe, i had already expected that

  • Ralph Ellis

    I am okay with no upgrade to Marshmallow as long as Sony patches Stagefright on Android 5.1 phones.

  • Raj Singh

    I will… if it has the 820 in it.
    Need to upgrade my Z Ultra.

  • steary_eye

    It doesn’t matter how much we buy to support our beloved brand. What’s most important is for Sony to have better marketing out there. Every Z launches in my country is mind numbingly silent or nonexistent. If you are not a Xperia follower you would never have noticed that Sony even sells a smartphone. It is very unlike all the exposure we see for Samsung.

  • aligamz

    ‘How dissapointed are you?’ Really? That’s the kind of headlines that engage people in ranting and flame wars here in the comments. Such bad taste. This blog hasn’t changed a bit, it seems…

  • yuanhui502

    Agree. Maybe this is the strategy to force the xperia user to get a new phone.
    Unfortunately, I am not going to buy a new sony model under this condition. System update is always a concern in my mind.

  • yuanhui502

    Agree. It’s the company’s own duty to survive in the fiendish competition by debuting products that meets most the consumer’s demandings. It they can not manage this, it is not a bad idea for them to be eliminated from the market.

    They have wasted too many times and chances. Let’s see what they will do in the coming year.

    Just good luck.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    as with all other news blog in existence

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I highly doubt the existence of this so-called bug, afterall it was “discovered”, “monitored”, “created something to detect”, and “documented” it, all by the exact same company. I don’t know but it just feels like a huge prank for me. I have never experienced it or heard anyone experienced it in HK market. It is always easy to tweak a “detector” application to fail any effort of fixing it, if the application actually aren’t detecting anything!

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    I highly doubt the existence of this so-called bug, afterall it was “discovered”, “monitored”, “created something to detect”, and “documented” it, all by the exact same company. I don’t know but it just feels like a huge prank for me. I have never experienced it or heard anyone experienced it in HK market. It is always easy to tweak a “detector” application to fail any effort of fixing it, if the application actually aren’t detecting anything!

  • InspectorGadget80

    I already left Sony. Sony have a poor marketing strategy here in THE U. S. My Z1 died before I switch too LG. I’ll be done WITH ANDROID PERMANENTLY and will be swituching too Windows 10 mobile. The 950XL will be my next phone. These updates are out rages and takes too Damn long. Been a fun ride. Sony should stick with their computer and television division

  • yuanhui502

    I guess it’s time for me to unlock the bootloader of my Z1c and flash a CM13 or other OS to get android 6.0.

  • Saquib

    This is really sounds so disappointing that Sony didn’t bring marshmallow for z nd older series specially z ultra mobile. I think Sony should not leave this model as it is part of Sony

  • Biancoceleste

    Pretty weak Sony.

  • Biancoceleste

    Never had any overheating issues with snapdragon 801.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    every model is part of sony

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    what make you say that

  • David Hill

    I’ve had my Z1 for over 2 years now, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive the recent update to 5.1.1 that came through about a week ago! Any further support for my Z1 is appreciated, but not expected.

  • 3_nity

    Very sad. ;(

  • No 6.0 for Z1/Z1c; no Xperia device again.

    If Sony didn’t upgrade, I’ll root and get 6.0 ROM.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    just FYI, for Sony phone only rooting is not enough to flash a 6.0 OS. You need to unlock BL for that, otherwise at best you can use xposed to tweak the stock a bit

  • Exactly, the issue is bad marketing and slow/bad market penetration. In my country, they tried to enter last year with Z3 but failed miserably due to almost no marketing of phones. Only people who had a little knowledge about Xperias went and actually bought the phone.
    But u know what, their Warranty policy was just fantastic, they used to replace the phone if the customer observes any problem (even the minor one). they used to give them a new box pack phone. Now i dont know if they are even selling here or not.

  • If u dint get my point then my comment wasn’t meant for u. Sorry.

  • How disappointed am I????? A LOT. To me, this the proverbial drop that makes the cup run over. When the new MS Lumias come out, my contract will be expired…. and so will be my long-standing “relationship” with Ericsson/SE/Sony.
    Sure, there will be ways to flash 6.0… but that’s not the point. When you pay for quality, you expect quality. And (unlike some others) I don’t care if Sony is in troubled waters: they’ve gotta sleep in the very bed they made (like anybody else). And since Sony is not my mother, my sister or a relative (just like every other company they’re after my money, not my love), I don’t see the need for any “loyalty pledge”. Fare thee well, Sony.

  • You know what, the company actually is stubborn in listening to their customers, be it the support side or phone releases. They have flooded their mid & low range phones and never care about them and release two flagships per year which needs greater marketing but they are just not adapting.
    Sadly, the world knows what happen to those who fail to adapt.

  • You know what i have used android’s big three and then comes an Xperia. I never settled other than an Xperia for myself. i like its style, the UI and most of all its uniqueness. It is surely a head-turner because no phone in android does that. Now if u r calling me a fanboy i wont mind because i pay the premium price for the premium feel which i get daily by using it and by showing it off. It stands out in a crowd full of Sammys.
    P.S. percentage cut from the sales would be nice but the above mentioned features supports my argument alone.

  • For survival, they need to throw their mid and low range phones out of the boat.

  • Did u really ‘laugh out loud’ or just used three buttons on ur keyboard which are l-o-l??

  • Sean Williams

    I for one an pleased, the os becomes more demanding as it’s improved and I feel the z1 would lag considerably besides had my z1 since launch z5 now

  • I wonder if Sony concept will be available for Z1…

  • Right.
    My Z1 bootloader unlock allowed says “Yes”. So, presumably, I am just a step away from unlocking BL.

  • Paul Gillen

    Xperia phones have the uniqueness of ip 67/68 in their handsets and I do agree with ya that it’s their own fault, they should have MKBHD to design the next phone and I can guarantee that it’ll sell!

  • Tweety

    “as a smart person you should expect no support at all after 18 months”

    Where did Sony write about 18 months of support? Please, provide an URL.

    I’m not a clairvoyant, you know. Google’s policy on Android upgrade for Nexus doesn’t have to be the same as Sony’s. Is there a Web page saying when the Sony’s support stops? These are all legitimate questions.

  • Ognjen Petric

    Hmm i wery disspoint because no update of android 6.0 for xperia Z and Z1 this phones ( I now that they old ) a icons of phones manfactures so they need to live longer with update with sistem.

  • Matt

    oh lord. if sony doesnt write anything , that means it follows google guidelines for android update . unless they say they will fully update for longer time which they didnt. logic.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Z is iconic all right, however Z5 is just as iconic

  • mixedfish

    Who said Lollipop updates are going end today? Marshmallow, like every other main system updates will launch between March-July, well beyond the 2 years. Seems like you don’t know how to count.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    Good reference to “clairvoyant” though, although nearly all clairvoyants’ endings are very bad
    Either they die horribly or they became so freaked out they seek a premature death

  • mixedfish

    “And I refuse to change mobile phone every 6 months to be able to have “full user experience” as advertised.”

    Since when do companies advertise phones 2 years after release? Face it, you got everything as advertised the second you opened the sealed box.

  • Rizky Maulana

    Wheres our xperia ion jelly bean

  • mixedfish

    So many users expect way too much, especially since Sony needs as much support as possible and tries hard to meet those demands. Samsung Note 3 doesn’t even have Lollipop 5.1 let alone 5.0 at all for some variants and that was an expensive flagship running faster hardware than the Z1.

    And yet here we have people hounding about Z1 needing Marshmallow 6.0. Face the reality, Lollipop updates will not stop today, tomorrow, next year, you won’t get Marshmallow but you’ll certainly still receive stability updates and feature updates through new Sony apps. People are too quick to quote some made up date like January 2014, when in reality Marshmallow will come around April like every other big update, which means you’re way out of 2yrs anyway.

  • mixedfish

    “Which brings me to normal consumer. Which do not care what lies in the hardware.”

    Just reminded me, a work colleague was going on and on about how crap his iPhone 5 battery life was for weeks and that’s why he needed a new phone, I suggested he look at alternatives on the market try something new. The next day he bought a iPhone 6s.

    This is the reality, so Sony is right to pull out gimmicks like 4K, people people don’t care for a balanced phone with thoughtful design.

  • Matt

    yep a friend of mine uses an old galaxy s3. also complain about battery and bloatware.

    sure enough i have endorsed xperias for their battery life. he bought s6 edge with useless curved screen that only makes the phone harder to hold and microscopic battery.

    im okay with it but what really stick me up he still complain about the battery of the damn thing.

  • Vic Easter

    This is very disappointing really, the Z Ultra LTE just launched 5 months ago in my country and now they drop the support? i was kinda happy the next month they added ZU on AOSP M Developer Review, knowing the prospect of the future upgrades, but eventually its just a false hope. They really should reconsider the Snapdragon 800 devices for Marshmallow upgrades.

  • Tweety

    The reality is that Lollipop created problem with battery consumption. What I really, really want is better 5.1.1 and Sony’s official statement that it is the end of support for z1c.

  • Tweety

    If it is not written, it doesn’t exist.

  • Chris

    2 years of update support. Well done.

  • Matt

    wow you must be fun at parties

  • Chris

    ZL runs hot. Use a Z3 compact now and the difference is ENORMOUS!!

  • Chris

    Z1c is an odd one. All other phones are september/oktober or march/april

  • Kristi Dancy

    Work Staying At H ome & Earn 97$p/h…..…..Last weekend I Bought A Brand new McLaren F1 after earning 18,512$,this was my last month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, $17k last-month .No-doubt about it, this really is the most comfortable work I have ever had . I began this 8-months ago and pretty much immediately was bringing home at least $97, p/h….Learn More right Here.
    ???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Kristi Dancy

    Work Staying At H ome & Earn 97$p/h…..…..Last weekend I Bought A Brand new McLaren F1 after earning 18,512$,this was my last month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, $17k last-month .No-doubt about it, this really is the most comfortable work I have ever had . I began this 8-months ago and pretty much immediately was bringing home at least $97, p/h….Learn More right Here.
    ???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Rajko Magerl

    it looks like it’s time to switch on the iPhone

  • doctorjee

    Bought XZU the day it was released in India, July 2013. Brilliant phone. Still love it. I am buying Moto X Style next week. Tired of waiting for a proper ultra succesor with great specs, camera (with a flash this time) and a 6+ inches screen size. Will retain this phone and will sure get a custom rom for marshmallow. Still great for those late night movies or videos… also for my ps4…
    It’s a shame actually that Sony is not getting it right in the phone business

  • iCeQubeTomato

    It was something else that helped you pick up chicks. I don’t know what kinda girls get turned on by mobile phones. Even if it’s true it’d be a Nokia for its infamous badass vibration.

  • ?? ?

    Nope~ Because my Xperia Z & Xperia Z1 Compact has gone (by my fail) , But my Z2 Tablet & Xperia Z3 are working well.

  • Biancoceleste

    There’s no reason for them not to update the Z1 and Z ultra.

  • Tweety

    Talk to your parents, they will explain you how the world functions.

  • Tweety

    Read with understanding. They advertise “better user experience” which they don’t always deliver. I really don’t know where did you see me write about companies advertising phones 2 years after release?

  • peter smit Gary

    Did not expect to get the update of Android 6 on Xperia Z1 and it’s just fine with that.

  • jb

    gud idea :P

  • Khillo81

    Yes, but you are counting from January 2014 til the date Android 6.0 was released. However, Sony will probably not launch its Marshmellow-based firmware until March/April 2016 (i.e. more than two years from January 2014). That is assuming Sony did promise to support the Z1/C for two years. I personally have not read that. I own a Z1 by the way and was not expecting to get 6.0. I probably would go for the Z5C or Z5 next year once Sony release Marshmellow.

  • Khillo81

    Why don’t you ask iPhone 4S users how their devices are faring with the iOS 9? And they didn’t get most of the features that came to the newer devices with the operating system

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    You count by the day when they announce that the upgrade is coming. So if they don’t announce it by January 2016 then they can defend themselves by saying that 2 years have passed. Last year for example for Lollipop they announced it in October but for Z1C it was released in April.

  • Koorosh Ehteshami

    I didn’t expect sony to do this
    I hate it but, if this ignore make you tougher So beat it , cause we all believe in you…

  • mrjraider

    Funny to see Sony do it again. The SP got screwed over and now the older Z series..

    However, the got plenty of upgrades so i do believe people should learn to accept.

    I’m done with Sony ;) Samsung Galaxy S6 and I love it!

  • Arda Akca

    Well I hope they release an Ultra successor because they are going to lose the XZU users if there are no upgraded+successor handsets. By the way 2.5 years is good for support, don’t understand why people b.tch about it.

  • Giannis Kapsis

    I cant imagine the reasons about Sony didnt give that update to our phones. Your company was the only which gave all the new updates on the Z series and not only. Of course we are disappointed because the new Android could refresh our devices. I hope that Sony will do something on this.

  • Stanley08

    Einstein what do you think?

  • Darni187

    I have a Z Ultra no was not really expecting to get 6.0 for my phone, but I’m happy with the support Sony have given us, and 5.1.1 is a great update and the phone running as fast as ever. Lets face it the Z Ultra was released in 2013, we now heading into 2016 (Now Sony will start rolling out 6.0 in 2016) so that’s nearly 3 year cycle of support that’s fine for me. Lucky more fruits of showing my brother about Sony with getting my Z Ultra he brought a Z2 and his upgrade is due in Jan for he selling me his Z2 for a cheap price and its in great condition for I will use for another year until my update in late 2016 and feel 6.0.. plus by then Sony will be using SD 820 and I will upgrade to that chipset..

  • Tweety

    The same will happen to WP users when MS rolls out Win 10. Some entry level phones will not be able to use some functions in Win 10. But that is beside the point. The point is that Apple and MS provide upgrade (though MS changed their earlier announcement about Win 10 on phone with 512 MB of RAM) and user can decide whether or not to apply this upgrade.

  • Darni187

    BTW people talking rubbish about battery drain on 5.1.1, I got 6hrs on screen time on a 6.4in screen lool with wifi and LTE all the time.. Battery life has improved..

  • Vasilis K.

    As long as the hardware easily supports the Marshmallow, it should be updated! Don’t dissapoint us Sony!!!!!

  • hani

    i will leave sony if no marshmallow for xperia z1 c6903

  • Doc Hell

    There are no reasons not to upgrade Z1 series to Marshmallow, apart from the commercial ones.
    Happy Z1 users with 6.0 would probably buy another Sony in the near future.

  • Mac


  • atithasos

    I agree, I had two problems with 5.1.1, problem with the video HW+ and the battery. The first one worked with a factory reset and for the second I let the battery run out until the phone turns off and then load up to 100%. Now my battery lasts one and a half or two days (stamina mode) with WiFi and Bluetooth (due android wear) always active.

  • Duck Knight

    How about buying a new Z5 series? Stop whining about updates and support them…typical.

  • atithasos

    No worries if my phone upgraded to Marshmallow. My phone (Z1 Honami) has not Fingerprint Sensor and USB Type-C. ?y phone has not battery drain on 5.1.1. For the battery drain problem I let the battery run out until the phone turns off and then load up to 100%. Now my battery lasts one and a half or two days (stamina mode) with WiFi and Bluetooth (due android wear) always active. Changes on Marshmallow are significantly smaller than they were between the Lollipop update and KitKat.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    +1 That’s why I am sticking with Sony. No matter what I know that they will update the new phones properly.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Just take a look on Samsungs S4 and note 3 they are both stuck on 5.0.2 as last update XD even Xperia z got 5.1.1 ^^

  • Tweety

    The basic question here is – why would I support, once again, manufacturer which demonstrated lack of support to users facing serious problem(s) with its product(s)? Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

  • LeopardSurd

    I’m not disappointed at all. 5.1 it’s perfect for my Z1 compact and that after a long wait with 5.0 with a lot of bugs.
    Thank you Sony for the last bug free release. It is great to use my Z1 compact.

  • Lukijsl

    ZU user here. I am a bit dissapointed, but it seems like device is eol already and 6.0 is not that massive of update. I will try petitioon approach, but dont have high hopes on it.

  • Netto

    When did Z1 has the ability to shoot 1080p@60fps? It’s when only Z2 was announced where that feature was introduced…

  • mUSICA

    sony is still decidng on older z series so ders still chance so chill

  • PoweredBySony

    it thad htat option on 5.0.2

  • PoweredBySony

    it had that option in 5.0.2

  • You have gone far away from my point. Come back so that i can explain further.

  • I still think the same.

  • Sanzip Poudel

    I read somewhere that the older Z series were in the proposed list for Android M update. Disappointing to here this news :(

  • Khillo81

    My point wasn’t the lack of features, it was that the performance is degraded. And most people I know don’t read the reviews before updating. Hell, most don’t even know that their device has reached EOL or that Android versions have names. When they know there is an update, they just apply it. The difference between Sony and MS (now) and Apple is that the latter make both hardware and software, so it’s easier to support devices for longer (and even then as I pointed out, older hardware struggles with new software). Anyway, I do also know that companies are in it for the money and so want you to buy a new device after two years (preferably before that even). That’s the reason Apple just released its iPhone Upgrade Program.

  • Sridu

    Very true. Waiting for a deal on C4 or C5 as Z5 is too far to reach now :). If Sony to close I have nowhere to go. Not happy with Sammy, LG and other clowns.

  • marcyff2

    you are assuming that it would receive marshmallow prior to the years end.

  • Shubham

    i think the argument for Z1 is baseless! since it’s been two years, it first arrived! I see a possibility for z1c but it’s highly unlikely though!

  • Shubham

    it’s not specs that matter! it’s the update cycle of 18 months! And sadly yours have crossed!

  • Shubham

    Root it now!

  • Shubham

    Good luck!

  • Shubham

    NO! Simply because it’s crossed 2 year milestone!

  • Tweety

    Reviews could be biased. It is almost always so. And we don’t know much about updates we install. Have you seen changelog for 5.1.1 on Xperia Z1c? Not the short announcement in 4-5 points, but extensive changelog? I’ve never seen such a document from Sony.

    EOL must be clearly stated in public document. That is my opinion on this matter.

    Android is way to fragmented. And this is no user’s fault.

    Last couple of days I spent quite an amount of time on monitoring the battery usage on my z1c. Who will pay for that time? No one. Is this my job? No, it isn’t. So, the question is – who is doing the quality control of updates? Why must I seek on my own solutions to problems I encounter instead of the manufacturer etc.?

  • Messup7592

    At first I was quite disappointed enough, but if I think about it, Sony has brought Jelly Bean, KitKat ans Lollipop to my Z1. For the moment I’m satisfied with Lollipop 5.1.
    However I know that one day I will miss the fresh new functionalities of the latest Android version, and I will likely choose a Nexus or Motorola phone which offer more major updates through time.

  • iCeQubeTomato

    Oh my bad maybe girls are not your thing. Ok boys.

  • Tell me are you really this much cute or i just got lucky? u better watch ur cuteness bro, u urself know that there are guys who are least interested in girls like u said urself about me.

  • Don get disappointed. As long as ur phone works lag free with lollipop i dont see that u should be crying for M.

  • Hasan

    Update z ultra

  • I still dont know what phone will give me the same configurations in the price of my Z1..
    Either will go for Z5 or if budget falls short then Xperia M5

  • How can I be disappointed when we don’t even get 5.1.1 update for my country. The last update was for 14.5.A.0.242, not even the 270 update reached us.

  • Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    Well I’m sad the XZ won’t recieve any updates anymore… but on the other hand the 6.0 update is so minor and the 5.1.1 works so well I don’t really care.

  • Martin Jennings

    I would prefer that the first Sony Xperia’s go up to Android Version 6 or Marshmallow to still make full use of applications. I hope that Sony continues to make mobile telephone’s as they have considered having useful features like being waterproof and having tough glass as well as being good media players with handy side battery chargers. I hope to still be using my Xperia Ultra for the next couple of years and be able to update with the brand in the future.

  • Darren S
  • dy

    if they dont update xperia z1, im saying honestly, my next phone will be iphone or other manufacture. i have been a loyal sony user, even my headset, i buy sony’s brand, but if this how they treat their customer, then go to hell. cause i dont think that xperia z1 spec cant handle the marshmallow. sure they got nce app, like music(walkman) that i used to, but if it like this, im done supporting sony in mobile industry.

  • Super Dino

    can’t help it if you are encrypting your comments -_-, comments are meant for everyone not just people with high analytical skills.

  • Shubham Navale

    What about Xperia c3?

  • Dumi

    No Sony phones again. Never.never disappointed.what are you doing.u people didn’t give doubletap.4k recording even this hardware can perform that.u Sony company always work agains the Sonys again.never

  • You find that encrypted? i thought u’d have got the point by now. Well, anyway…just let it go then bro.

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  • Raju Nagendra

    Obviously we are waiting for the updates for z1

  • Super Dino

    *sighh* ok if you cannot find 2 minutes in your “busy” life to explain something to someone who does not understand it, sure I will sing the frozen the song.

  • Go ahead entertain me then, sing it. maybe that’d change my mind.

  • Prasad Saxena

    Buy a Samsung then. See how shitty updates and products they give you.

  • Prasad Saxena

    The device is now at EOL. It wont be updated. And there are no big differences in 5.1.1 and 6.0 if you own the Z1. For the Z5 yes, for Z1 no.

  • Sibtain

    The Z1 Compact came around near the Z2… In 2014. So, at least the Z1C should get 6.0. Hasn’t been over 2 years yet.

  • Zain-Ul-Hassan Khan

    I think Sony should have a final marshmallow update for Z1. I still remember how frustrated I was when Sony said that they will not have a froyo update for Xperia X10 and how delighted I was to get a Gingerbread on X10. One of the reasons why I still prefer Sony over other manufacturers. Z1 has a decent specs and most of the companies with SnapDragon 800 are updating their sets so sony should also have the Z1 update by the first quarter of 2016. Its a competitive market and if Sony wants to remain in it they should support as much older phones as is possible. Also this will add the charm of the phone in the second hand market which will automatically translate in a better resale and more new sales for Sony as well as customer loyality.

  • aa

    Why would they drop support for the Z1 when its specs is identical if not the same from the phones listed above like the Z2? I was expecting Sony to be as good as Apple were they still support my 4S for the iOS 9. very disappointed!

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Xperia z ultra has to be given marshmallow update

  • Xavier Corvinus Milenovi?
  • Hussein Ismail

    I Love my Xperia Z Ultra and don’t want to change it with other phone!
    So I hope Sony can support this model ( Even in March 2016 ).
    The most positive feature in sony phones that the manufacturer support the phone all the time.
    that make us so sad to know there is no more support for our beloved phones.

  • aa

    very disappointed to sony’s update plan for dropping the Z1 in the marshmallow update. Z1 is a very capable device and even more powerful than other xperia devices that are certified for the update. Thinking that apple still supports my 4s for their iOS9 update plan felt me more disappointed.

  • LuSiD

    Personally I am a bit disappointed that my Z1Compact is not on the list. But since Sony gave 5.1.1 to the Xperia Z, my hopes are that they will think it over. Fingers crossed.

  • KengHoe Tan

    Very satisfied with Lollipop 5.1.1 !!
    Waiting for Z5 Ultra!! HeHe!!

  • BoonaFide

    I have the Z1C… I would have been happier sticking with 4.4.4 rather than moving to lollipop, but now really want marshmallow. You basically gimped my phone… and then left me hanging with a crappy OS.

  • Carlos Gabriel C. Sola

    Well i am disappointed since i am really expecting for the update. Lollipop was really a mess for me, battery drains faster than it was on kitkat, and camera is even worse than before. If this is the last update for my Z ultra, then I’d rather return to kitkat than stay in lollipop.

  • Er Harpal Singh

    I have purchased Xperia Z ultra mid of this year… Before that I used Xperia Z and Xperia zl… I believed very strongly and was waiting for marshmallow but when marshmallow launched, and now I know that sony mobile company is not upgrading Xperia Z ultra to marshmallow.. I am very upset… But hope for officially marshmallow update for Xperia Z ultra….s

  • Abhishek

    This is not a good idea to drop z1 n z ultra out of the update list z ultra n z1 r high end phones with all the necessary Hardware components Available, z ultra is a beast phablet if u don’t want give upgrade to it, this reduces the Sony market for high ends smartphones m4 got an update y not z ultra?

  • robinottawa

    The reason I got the Z Ultra GPE was to have access to all updates. Marshmallow should make it a better phone, so why wouldn’t I get it, from Google?

  • Helgaiden

    The Z1s c6916 is stuck on a TERRIBLE Lollipop firmware with a memory leak that wreaks havoc on the phone. And apparently its been abandoned and the bootloader is NOT unlockable. Seriously!?!? At least give us 5.1.1 damnit!

  • True Radiant Free

    This is sad to hear. The Z Ultra GPe is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry dude, but Z1/Z2 is from 2013. I got it from Dec 2013 via official Sony Center. IDK what happen to your country. Im from SEA.

  • kinky

    I’m disappointed. I bought a new Xperia Z Ultra after it was reported that it’ll be updated to Marshmallow.
    I had a bad experience with Sony service afterwards. Sony service center replaced my 6 month old phone under warranty, with a refurbished one after assuring that it’ll be replaced with a new one. I’m considering looking at other brands, after 30 years of loyalty with Sony. I’ve kept all my Sony gadgets from the last century, from my first tape recorder in 1987, a 1990 Walkman, a 1992 Discman, two Handycams, one Vaio, one DSC, one alpha DSLR, a 3D Bravia TV, three Xperia…. With Sony becoming more like a cheap Chinese company, there’s no point keeping a portrait on my table. Gotta move on….. past Sony.

  • gireesh

    I m with you SONY, inspite of asking for android M i wld ask u for some bug fix like overheating, camera quality and battery performance. I know my demand is wide spread but it will be more beneficial for all xperia z user…

  • James

    sony makes the best phones, but they lack in software updates

  • James

    sony makes the best phones, but they lack in software updates.

  • Daniel Lee

    I’m utterly disappointed, but as it stands, Sony is in trouble in the mobile business, this move just makes more customers want to jump ship. One of the benefits time and again with buying Google Play Devices is because I will never have to worry about updates, and I think the reason Apple products are so popular and have so many loyal followers is because they don’t abandon their customers and leave them out in the cold. SONY, until you learn, you’ll just end up like HTC

  • NotoriousAl

    Hey.. Just wanted to check did you update to z5?? And if you did, do you miss the Z ultra?

  • NotoriousAl

    I fucking love it. Honestly that’s me, talking back to me from another universe (sometime 6 months ago!ha)? I’ll bet you’re sad now, too. My screen is fukkd from lock screen- too often now. I was lucky, Sony replaced my 1st ultra about 4 months after it started going faulty (approx 16 months after I got it).. Nothing else I want out there right now. Never thought I would even consider Samsung, but if they release a note6 that superceeds the s7/edge in specs & style I think it’s the only option. And that’s if this doesn’t fully give in beforehand. Why couldn’t they even pull a beast 820 4gb memory, 4k screen 6.44″ screen, slicker frame .. But sharp. Sony execs need to sort it out. I really think they need to get with Google for a nexus Sony5.. And Nexus Sony644 !!.. ;)

  • Abo 3youn

    “No Marshmallow for Xperia Z1, Z Ultra – how disappointed are you?”

    You still have the nerve to even ask this question?
    The answer is obviously VERY DISAPPOINTED.

    And for a major part of the customers including myself will not switch to a newer module from your flagship; but will go with other flagships.

    What is the point of having above than average price for you device and a high end specification only to stop supporting it two years later?

    I would rather have cheaper device for a fraction of this device price (when it was released) than to have a device that is not supported anymore.

  • xdarkmario

    as a z1 owner and a android Dev i am enraged that we didn’t get the 6 update, i feel that 5.1.1 is so bugy at some points. and whats worse is that iv’e seen WAY weaker phones get the 6 update, some without even half of the z1’a specs! and fine you can’t fine time to dedicate to your customers then fine hand us the “ALL” of the source code CAMERA lib included and let us get to work.

  • Wily

    I agree with long L does great, why should we wait M. Main point to use our device properly

  • Dave

    Closest Xperia phone to the Xperia Z ultra is the C5 ultra in screen size. Other models are smaller. bought one cause Sony sadly didn’t made an successor of the Xperia Z ultra.

  • Get the S8+ instead, excellent screen and best in class camera~

    Ex Z Ultra Owner

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