Xperia M2 owners complain of poor pictures following Lollipop update

by XB on 15th October 2015

in Android, Firmware, Problems, Xperia M2

M2_M2Sony Mobile updated the Xperia M2 straight from Android 4.4.4 KitKat to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop at the end of last month. Whilst the update brought much relief to Xperia M2 owners after waiting for Lollipop for so long, it appears to have affected the quality of pictures taken on the camera.

A number of long forum threads on the Sony Mobile Talk website and XDA are littered with users complaining about pictures that “lack detail”, are “over sharpened” or look like a “painting”, especially when zoomed in.

The stock camera does not appear to be the problem either as using a third-party app such as Google Camera causes a similar result. This is likely to mean that Sony has changed part of the algorithm or changed the settings within the camera 1.0 API. The Sony Mobile support team are investigating the issue, but has provided no firm solution for now.

Hopefully, a camera fix will be a priority in the next Xperia M2 firmware update. If you are an Xperia M2 or M2 Aqua owner and are experiencing this problem, let us know what issues you are facing in the comments below (some camera samples would also help to highlight the problem).


Thanks Roman!

  • xLobito

    Well, not everytime looks over-sharpened. At daylight the first scene definition is better than average, but, while you looking at sides, the focus clearly decreases. Mostly would say. It’s defocus. I don’t think so at all, defocus still get better sharpeness, and now, looks blurry, pixeled and minimal image quality. And, no need to say anything about zooming. Sucks a lot. Xperia’s M2 is not the best at zooming, but, at least in 4.4.4 we could zoom in the picture and notice better quality.

    Hopefully, Sony will get better our Camera algorithm, keeping good quality, better defocus and zoom in.

  • Randy

    Consider yourselves lucky, some of us have had bad pictures since forever regardless of OS. While I love my Z2 the pics are just horrible.

  • tzortziskon

    Yes The Camera quality is really bad :( I have the same problem ..

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Thx to Sony.. Since lollipop I didn’t need to use any filter to make my front cam looks rubbish. This is deliberately stupid, it’s hopeless -_-
    I had complained about this, tweet it even email them since 5.0.2, but still the same.

  • PoweredBySony

    thei ruined the camera quality with 5.1.1 even on the z1 . The quality was better on 5.0.2

    low light

  • cicababa

    At least you got some update ;-) E4 won’t even get the fix that certified a week ago.

  • Hate to watch the video due to those huge banners (links to other videos) all over the screen..

  • mike

    after lollipop, my Z2 never detect headphone.

  • fluxx

    I take quite good pictures with my Z2 – I just wish Sony would really start to improve the auto mode.

  • Zeljko Kovacevic

    Yes camera is very very bad but ram managmet is soooo awesome.

  • Jorge Salgado Echeverria

    Camara very bad , too pixelated and very poor quality

  • Adam J

    YES I have this problem too. I hope Sony releases a fix!!!!

  • Frank Leone

    This is how pictures look zoomed in

  • Jecht_Sin

    Yeah, the camera quality in Lollipop for M2 just sucks. The comparison in the article shows it quite well.

  • Frank Leone

    Sorry. Trying again

  • PoweredBySony

    it looks like you can close them from the right up corner :-?

  • aidy.lucas

    My 5.1 pictures are degraded if you zoom right in but to look at normally they are actually bettermine certainly don’t look like the top image you are showing I’ve also looked at various z devices pictures todayon the net and they are the same if you zoom right in it goes all blurry Nobody looks at every image zoomed right in

  • Lokinhu Kun

    Yes, I don’t know what they trying to do, but that’s no good for the people who buy they products… kkkkkkkkkkkk…

    The camera was the first thing that I have tested when I updated my phone and the results was so terrible. I tought the same thing that is write on this post. The quality decreased and looks like a painting especially when zooming and my reaction was “WHAT THE FUUUUUCK SONY DID HERE????”…

    A update to correct this issue is the ONLY thing that Sony have to give to us after we have waited so long for Lollipop ( I LOVE THE LOLLIPOP ON MY DEVICE <3 ) and I don't want to think that Sony did this bug for the intimidate requests of the anger people that send them for this update on Xperia M2 device.

  • KMNH

    Welcome to Sony lol

  • Frank Leone

    Smartphones are people replacement for real camera. If you print your photos of your kids to send grandma she might think she needs new glasses. What if your job needed you to take pictures and make you use your own phone for a small town newspaper.
    Without zooming the picture is not clear. Try viewing them on something other than your phone. Volkswagen are in trouble for faulty software, why not Sony?

  • EQ

    Nope, it is actually better with 5.1.1 on Xperia Z1. I see less jittering on edges and better outlined definition aswell as less “blooming” in both SA and manual mode compared to 5.0.2. Also the colors are more natural and exposure a bit better in plain daylight situations. Low light situations to. Done lots of test with my Xperia Z1 and stock camera at SA and manual mode 21MP, single focus, metering on multi/average and digital image stabilisation off (DIS makes for a tad worse looking images by for example using shutter speed 1/16 and ISO 1600 instead of shutter speed 1/8 and ISO 800 for manual mode at 21MP).

  • EQ

    It’s all relative to the size of the print. 300 dpi (print) = 2480 X 3508 pixels for A4 sized photo.

  • After Update, my camera result just like van gogh painting

  • Darshan Naik

    After android 5.1.1 Xperia m2 camera is very poor quality as it is blur, looks like painting and also it looses its image sharpness. If you compare lollipop with kitkat, Kitkat was better in camera quality. An update fixing Camera would be appreciated.


    Pictures on zooming looks like painting. It lacks details.
    Hope sony will fix it soon.

  • Frank Leone

    True but even at 300 dpi, the photo of mine in a post below will still look bad.

  • Frank Leone

    This is a M2 article thou, not Z1.

  • fast83

    Holy cow are you really comparing Sony (which is guilty of bad camera software that can make your pictures a little less defined) to Volkswagen (which is guilty of having a software that CHEATED on emission tests, so that every single car that came out of the factory was supposed to do X emissions, where they actually did X*(15 to 38 times)??).
    Yeah they’re almost the same thing. *eyesrollingwayup*

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  • PoweredBySony

    i don’t care. M2 is just a mid-range.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    m2 picture degradation also happen to previous xperia. sony always ruin camera after updating android version

  • iia3ezu

    This is why you should not ‘pour new wine into old wineskins’.

    Sell/trade-in/discard your old phones and buy a new one with the new OS preinstalled.

  • iia3ezu

    Looks like a cool filter feature, not a bug. All the hipsters like to apply some filter to their photos;. Looks like Sony is ahead of the curve.

  • iia3ezu

    Or Sony could just remove Auto mode, since they seem to be hopeless with that. Camera app defaults to Manual mode,

  • PoweredBySony

    don’t know what to say , to me they looked better on 5.0.2

  • Î’m Zîhad

    Please fix this problem.. i have downgraded to kitkat for this camera problem..please release camera fix update

  • Same problem here.. stopped taking picture from my M2.. please fixed this soon.. :(

  • fluxx

    I would rate myself as a good pro-amateur on DSLR but I never use the manual mode on my Z2. Smartphone pics have to go as fast as possible and in many cases (I have kids :D) there is not enough time to go through the manual settings.

  • TkG RoBoTeCh

    Problemas de lollipop en el Xperia M2
    – La bateria se descarga rápidamente con el modo STAMINA
    – Hay problemas de rendimiento con el brillo automático
    – El widget del reloj tiene un bug
    – El ya mencionado problema de la cámara
    – El volumen de audio suena muy bajo incluso todo en maximo volumen
    – Desapareció las opciones de CLEAR PHASE y xloud
    – Ya no se.puede elegir el color del led de notificaciones

  • Louy Kabbani

    Sony please,,
    Send to us a new update,, & fix our camera as fast as you can., it is horrible,,
    We hope in our company to fix this problem quickly..
    Thx sooony..

  • pablo sc


  • Arthur Vinicius

    The battery life is more low than the 4.4.4 =/

  • Fahmid Ahmed Opu

    The camera quality in m2 dual just rubbish after upgrading to 5.1.1 . image details are reduced and image looks like too soft snap . not getting original image …. Please Sony fix this camera issue …

  • Dhiraj Suryavanshi

    I am unable to see the user option in setting.. Why this is in only Sony Xperia M2.
    The all other devices have the user option along with the picture icon near the setting button in notification bar.
    Kindly look into this.

  • EQ

    Hmm well strange. I found more of a moire effect in 5.0.2 in difficult situations. Noticably less on 5.1.1. Overall image is better for me. But I also use default stock camera as it is the best due to being able to use SA and all other camera apps I tested cant access several features available in stock camera app due to camera API lockdown by Sony. Try clearing data for your stock camera app and camera framework. I use in SA 16:9 which I find gives a tad better image and somehow easier to get nice photos if I cant hold the mobile still despite being a crop of 4:3. In manual I have 21MP, single focus, image stabilisation off and metering on average/multi. Try it :-)

  • Thomas Escalona Correa

    En mi Xperia™ M2 D2306, la calidad de las imágenes se hacieron muy pobres, pero por lo menos tengo que lo quise, tener mi Xperia™ M2 con Lollipop 5.1.1, que es lo importante, nada más que pudiesen arreglar lo de la cámara, agregar la opción de cambiar el tipo de reloj de Sony™, ese que es en negrita, y el otro en normal el texto de la hora ?, saludos desde Chile

  • Mils Mew

    Horrible camera!!! Please fix it ASAP, I’m cryinggggggggggggggggggggg

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  • Rahul Dhawle

    sony xperia m2 & m2 dual get camara prob pls update the software for better picture quality

  • Mona

    same problem with my cellphone (Xperia M2)after upgrading to lollipop version. camera quality degraded images looks like painting. i felt so proud when i bought this model only because of Camera. but now feeling sad for camera quality. flash quality also degraded it looks like white pictures when taken using flash or in night. zero clarity. please fix this issue ASAP. looking forward for your assistance. thank you.

  • Fernando Lourenço de Souza Jr.

    RIGHT! My Xperia M2 camera looks like yours.

  • Maverick7

    hi…recently i got my software update from Kitkat to lollipop 5.1.1 on my Xperia M2 dual. But after upgrading i am not able to import vcf file in address book and address book hangs.And also whatsapp icon besides contact in address book missing and there is no details like “see all” in contacts. Even service centre is not able to resolve. I have checked in Z1 compacts also in that phone it works fine but not in Xperia M2 dual. Is it a problem of M2 dual update

  • Rahul Dhawle

    please solve the camara prob
    are you able to this or not please reply on our comments
    if yes please do fast or
    if not we will change our sony xperia device to other device with better picture quality.

  • Theva Prince

    This problem (poor pictures) how do fix??

  • Maverick7

    anyone facing whatsapp problem in xperia m2 dual after lollipop update???? whatsapp call and whatsapp message icon is missing in my address book in contacts… anyone able to import vcf file from internel or sd card????

  • Arif Sheikh

    Immensely disappointed after upgrading my phone to 5.1.1 lollipop..Photos clicked are so very poor, no detail whatsoever as if its a painting..Haven’t expected this from SONY. Have always been a sony’s fan and hope that this issue will get resolved soon..Thank you..

  • Laura Axinte

    Awful pictures with Lollipop on my Xperia m2 :( … Do something!

  • unziiip

    “The Sony Mobile support team are investigating the issue, but has provided no firm solution for now.”

    of course :) investigating ? You guys pumped up the Sensitivity of the CMOS sensor to an unreasonable level and therefore mess up everything, Who else can do that except sony’s own software engineers ?

    No matter what people said here, do you guys realize that people paid for their m2s ? that’s their own assets ? you can’t damage other people’s asset via virus in the name of software update, that’s criminal

    I’m not going to wast my time on that, but I believe that some smart victims will do something sooner or later, we’ll see :)

    Phones are inferior, services is nasty, how much longer can you stay ? :)

  • Sk8er_boy

    Is there any news about a new firmware to fix this problem?

  • DhulKarnain

    I don’t care about image quality. I’m furious that 5.1.1 turned a 2-day battery phone into a half-day battery phone. And yes I did a factory reset and a completely clean re-install through PC Companion.

  • Ninie G

    J’ai le même problème. On voit tous les pixels. Aucun zoom utilisé sur cette photo

  • Sara Carrasco Salas

    Horrible pictures, over sharpened, bad quality… una mierda!

  • Patrick

    My camera was never the best (especially the front one!!)but literally after the update it has turned the back camera to nothing it’s oversharpening everything!

  • Iza Ufnal

    Two similiar photos: left android 4.4, right android 5.1. I got an email form sony support where they say “After evaluation it has been decided that the new image quality
    should be of benefit to a majority of the users of Xperia™ M2, Xperia™
    M2 Dual, and Xperia™ M2 Aqua. We are very sorry for all the inconveniences.” I don’t think they are going to fix it :/

  • Does Sony Forget about the M2 user camera problem after the Lollipop Update….???? Its really disappointing… -_-

  • Rahul Dhawle

    hey sony team
    when u updating the software for xperia m2 series.
    camera is not working properly after lollipop update.
    please do fast.

  • Frank Leone

    Looks like you get a different answer from Sony depending who you speak to.
    I’ve downgraded back to kitkat and will only go back after the update that might be coming

  • It looks like compressed to very low resolution. The pixels are sharp. Also, taking the photo is taking very long. Please do something!

  • kasun

    I also using Sony Xperia M2.I update lollipop version after that camera quality is so bad..but kitkat version is excellent.. So i want to change from lollipop(5.1.1) to kitkat(4.4.4).then can i do it or how can fix this camera issue..please give me a solution for this issue.

  • kasun

    Hi..I using a sony xperia M2. (modle – D2303).I upgraded it from kitkat(4.4.4) to lollipop(5.1.1).after that my camera quality is poor…can i change again to kitkat…please give me a solution for this issue… I hope a reply for this problem… I uploaded photos to this site..after update lollipop & before update lollipop.

  • Paulo Mota

    After the update, no quality pictures, no audio in left channel (very low volume).. I begin to think… what kind of tests do they make? How is this possible? This must be a joke…

  • EQ

    It’s not your front cam, it’s you..

  • Ashfaque khan

    After updation 5.1 the camera quality is worst than 0.3 megapixel, after every update sony xperia m2 goes from bad to worse.. Which is why sony is loosing market.. If it goes like this then sony will be next nokia.. I dont know whether or not sony has its testing and quality control department.

  • Cristina Costea

    camera is really bad. mine is taking toooo much light from everything. even a white small object has whtie light comming out of it. i can’t take any pics because of this. We really need a fix!

  • B Borg

    Awful pictures after the update. the picture quality has gone down the drain!

  • Nishi

    Camera quality of Xperia m2 has gone worse after update …. Not giving the details of the picture. Priorly picture quality was so nice.. Both back and front camera.. In updated version… Both of them are giving annoying print

  • Milind Gavit

    The quality of my m2 dual after updating lollipop 5.1 is rubbish send to us new update please…

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  • Alex

    Not only the picture quality has to suffer but the GPS take very long to find the needed signal in order to wotk propertly

  • M. Mashhood Iqbal

    I upgraded my M2 Aqua to 5.1.1 and its just ridiculously buggy. GPS not working well as well as compass. Lack of detail in pics. very bad front camera. only better thing is the user interface nothing else. please sony give a new update otherwise my handset is destroyed. :(

  • AToTheK_1

    Worst camera update ever! Any motion in low light fu**s up the picture completely.

  • Mikazen Blazenist

    New update pleaseeee! or at least give the release date, so we can downgrade first.

  • Naganjaneyulu Vukkisala

    Same problem here.. stopped taking picture from my M2.. please fixed this soon..I have attached a photograph by zooming for sample, it was taken with good sun light. how worst it is. Disappointing brand image..

  • Mina

    here are some cameras samples!

  • vipul maghudiya

    in lollipop camera result so bad so i want install kitkate once again how to install kitkate any one know
    plese help me

  • Paulo Mota

    You don´t care. Are you high? This is about M2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kahyna HINA

    Mine too what should we do ?

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