Download Sony Marshmallow Android Concept [FTF available]

by XB on 20th October 2015

in Android, Firmware, Videos, Xperia Z3 series

Xperia Z3 Compact Marshmallow BetaIf you own a Sony Xperia Z3 or Xperia Z3 Compact and did not make it into the Marshmallow Android Concept beta program, then help is at hand. The FTF firmware files for Sony’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow build is available to try for all Xperia Z3 (D6603) and Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) owners.

First impressions of the Marshmallow Concept firmware are positive judging by initial feedback. People are reporting that the ROM is fast with very good battery life performance. Key Marshmallow additions such as ‘Doze’ for battery life and the new app permissions are included within this Sony ROM. Sony has included a new home launcher with this ROM that allows you to switch the app names within the dock on or off.

There are some features missing though, including double tap to wake, quick unlock, STAMINA mode and no Xperia Themes. However, the key Sony media apps are included such as Album, Music and the stock Camera app.

If you have used the Flashtool utility before, then installation should be straightforward. You simply need to flash using the FTF firmware files linked to below. Make sure you do not use the FSC Script to flash when using the latest version of Flashtool.

Sony Concept for Android Marshmallow FTF firmware files

Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603) [Mirror]

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) [Mirror]

Xperia Z3 Compact Marshmallow Beta

Xperia Marshmallow Dock

Via XDA (1 and 2)

Thanks Balazs and Jozef!

  • Srijan Chawla

    “Sony has included a new home launcher with this ROM that allows you to switch the app names within the dock on or off”

    The reason i love this brand, they actually take care about the finer details & how it affects its consumer. Good guy Sony.

    All of you who are going to complain about the missing themes & features, just a gentle reminder, it’s a BETA!!

  • Makiz

    Dogfooding is good for the programmers, now give us a beta for the Z2 please :P

  • apolloa

    I hope its a lot better then the stock Android 6, I have that on my Nexus 5 and its aweful. They have made it overly complicated to do simple tasks like mute the phone!
    The disturb feature doesn’t really work very well either. Hoping Sony do a good job with their small customisations.

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  • Zarko Dragojevic

    Will it delete my data and apps when using flashtool? Cause with other versions of Sony’s-Android, I was able to exclude the “wipe data”-Checkbox in flashtool and it worked perfectly. Last time i just followed the instructions in the installation guide, which XB posted a few months ago.
    But I’m not sure what will happen with this. I guess I’ll just have to try it.

  • Tim Gerhard

    Please tell me if you could keep your data. Because I won’t install this if I have to wipe my own data…

  • Aiden Pearce

    yes and they have been doing it since lollipop, kk was much better with quick toggles, i have no idea what google devs think and develop the os

  • Brick

    I just want to get rid of that disgusting feature that vomits the album art of whatever I’m listening to into the wallpaper on the lock screen. That’s so annoying it makes me rage. Why would I want to broadcast the stuff I listen to to everyone who might take a glimpse of my phone as I check the clock? Such an obnoxious, invasive feature should be optional to say the least, I’m already surprised someone thought this wasn’t a terrible idea. I’m seriously considering going back to KK just because of this. I wish they would make Poweramp less clunky because since Lollipop introduced that “feature” I can no longer use it because it makes me rage everytime I turn on the screen.

  • Timel

    there is a solution I found. Use MP3 tag editor to replace all album arts with any black photo. This way you will have nothing showing up in the lock screen.

  • apolloa

    I had my phone muted today but it still went off when I got emails, it didn’t do that under Lollipop.
    But Google don’t surprise me with their crazy ideas, they do seem to go out of there way to ruin You Tube every year after all.
    I am switching back to an iPhone now, don’t like the new 5X. I will have my trusty Xperia Z3 tablet still though, love that and use it every day, it’s a great device :D
    Looking forward to Sony’s Android 6 on it.

  • HR

    Is it going to be updated regularly or it’s just a one-release thing?

  • Zarko Dragojevic

    Soooo….there we go. I flashed the .ftf-file on my Z3c with the flashtool. There is the Checkbox “userdata” so you can exclude this from being wiped. To do so, just UNTICK the checkbox. It worked perfectly and didn’t took me five minutes for the hole process. My data is still there. It will wipe your call protocol though, because there isn’t the sony phone app anymore. But contacts will stay. there is also only hangouts for texting. The SMS-App from Sony is gone. But the Messages are kept in the phone, you won’t loose them. So this worked as it should. But I would still recommend backing up all data before flashing. You know…just in case.
    From user exprience there isn’t a big difference to the normal sony-UI. You kind of just loose some functions (i.e. the Stamina-Mode – although there is something very similar to it already implemented in Android 6.0 -, Double Tap to Wake up, Sony themes and so on). But still, you can already have Marshmallow on your device. So that’s a nice Thing.

  • Zarko Dragojevic

    You have to live in the right Country. Than you can sign up for the sony concept for Android program and get the update. If there is room for more participants. If not…you can Flash the .ftf-File using Flashtool. It won’t delete your data if you Flash it right. Check my comment below. If you don’t know how to use the flashtool, there is a guide of XB. Just search for “guide…xperifirm” or something similar.

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  • Malih

    Wow, this is exciting, they have progressed quite far with their 6.0 ROM, at least there’s hope that the rollout will be faster from starting point

  • impasse

    #firstworldproblems :3


  • Gavin Alexander

    Agreed. This would be much appreciated.

  • dmv76

    you could also try Messenger app from Google. i find it’s even better than the Sony Messenger app, more appealing to the eye, and same functionality. my 2 cents.

  • Nixel Tabinas

    I have flashed this through flashtool. Im using z3 compact (D5803) Even if the music apps have permissions, it cannot detect the music on my external SD card. The music app can only detect the music if its in the phone storage. I cannot delete the photos also. If will return to 23.4.A.1.232, is it ok to flash again through flashtool?

  • osin17

    Yep you can do it

  • Svnjay

    I’m guessing that you’re embarrassed of your taste and want to hide it.

  • Malih

    LOL. yesss. I actually really like that feature.

  • ????? ????????

    I wonder, if I flash this firmware, will I get their OTAs as well? :)

  • Matt

    Well, you can’t hide your Katy Perry mega collection anymore ;)

    I do like that feature, makes the lockscreen more dynamic

  • Matt

    With arise that the installation result will not go smoothly yes.

    If you don’t want to wipe your data. Might I suggest don’t try this at all? Just stay at stock Rom.

    Moving between big android version (in this case 5 to 6) with dirty flash (without wiping data) could lead to a problem, for example system instability or app crashing left and right. Especially it is a beta software. Celana flash is always preferable

  • Matt

    Can anyone who is running this beta software give an impression? Is it quite stable for beta software? It is not ready for daily use, that is clear for me.

    I can’t install this software because I need my z3 to be dependable :s

  • Malih

    This beta doesn’t seem to have Stamina Mode. I wonder if the Stamina Mode will also be removed on final version due to potential conflict with Marshmallow doze.

  • Edvin Kahriman

    Can someone kindly explane in step by step, how to flash it on my phone i’v never done this…

  • Srijan Chawla

    I doubt that, Stamina Mode is one of the most iconic feature of the Xperia range, but i would also add that I’ve never ever used the Stamina Mode in my entire time I’ve owned Xperias.
    So I’m pretty much okay with their decision to keep it or not :)

  • Azar

    Use an xposed module to hide album arts in lockscreen.

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  • Cakefish

    Z5 family support please Sony!

  • Raikow

    If i install this firmware, will it void the warranty of my xperia z3?

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  • Salman Irshad

    I have Z3C(D5833) but the above FTF is for Z3C(D5803)… Can i flash it on my fone ??? Will it harm my fone in anyway ???? I guess the only difference in both models is 4G bands… Nothing else… So pls help me cant wait to try it nd make video review for all sony fans

  • Martin Nilsson

    Doze does a lot,but not everything, of what “stamina” does. Might be that they skip “stamina”, keep the “Ultra stamina” mode and perhaps ad some stuff like turning of the radios when the screen is off as “regular” settings.

  • Brick

    Too much effort. A single checkbox to disable it should have been included. I need to get stuff done, I have no time to mess around with weird mods on my phone.

  • Utsav Shah

    very intelligent! and what about the music app? oh I see you’ll see blank photos there too.

  • Chris

    Anywone knows how to take Screenshots? PowerButton+Down OR Powerbutton Hold doesn’t work (as it did under Lollipopp)

  • Chris

    Found my mistake – was holding POWER first and DOWN second (worked under LP?), but you really have to push both at the same time.

  • Malih

    I actually use it all the time, to try to emulate Marshmallow Doze, and only allowing Messenger + Gmail app the access. Small increase in battery life, but most importantly the phone doesn’t just suddenly get warm in my pocket due to some poorly-coded apps.

  • Malih

    It’s probably a bug, if you report it, it will more likely get fixed in the near future.

  • Malih

    I believe this is a single checkbox in PowerAmp.

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  • Saiprasad Todankar

    using flashtool u can flash this ftf……It will NOT void warranty …

  • Saiprasad Todankar

    These Ftf is Superb…A great Android 6.0 …SUPERB BATTERY LIFE

  • Tim Gerhard

    I am aware of the risks of such an update.
    The thing is, I want to try this. But only if I can keep my user data. If not, then I would intantly switch back to the old ROM, and this was pointless.
    When I can keep my user data, I will update and roll back if it’s too unstable or has other problems. But it would be worth the try.

  • Raikow

    is there any difference between this firmware and the one sent from sony per email? should i install this firmware or wait for the email to arrive?

  • Matt

    that means you do not understand the point i made.

    by keeping user data intact trough the update will yield to more unstable update. more unstable than it already is, thus defeats the purpose trying to test the stability of the beta software itself :P

    just make full backup , then clean install. if not that good restore full system image including user data

  • Tim Gerhard

    Since I expect the final update not to wipe the data of all users, I actually expect that the update runs smooth without wiping user data. So I think that this is actually an essential part of testing the stability of the update.

  • Saiprasad Todankar

    Stamina Mode is there inbuild in Marshmallow…When your Battery comes in 15% then Stamina mode is Activated..

  • Saiprasad Todankar

    Download Flashtool From Google..
    connect your phone to USB Debugging
    after connecting…..,open flashtool
    Download Ftf file in given Link (xperiablog)
    Save file to C drive /user/flashtool/firmware
    Click on Flash..
    Wait fo entire process…It will take around 15 minutes to flash

  • Saiprasad Todankar


  • Malih

    Yeah, I understand what you are talking about, but that’s not Xperia Stamina Mode, no offense man, but you don’t seem to have the right idea about what Xperia Stamina Mode does, and what Marshmallow doze means.

    Please buy a Sony Xperia, (or if you already have one) go to Settings > Power Management and check out Stamina Mode, and then maybe google “Marshmallow doze”

  • Saiprasad Todankar

    update in a week

  • Nixel Tabinas

    Is there any ftf available already for this update? thanks :)

  • Brick

    Ruining my neat music collection which took me forever to tag properly with all the album arts is hardly a good solution to this issue.

  • Brick

    Yes, Poweramp does have that capability and is a very competent player. I still prefer Sony Music, the interface is much more modern and user friendly, Poweramp is extremely clunky on the other hand. Seems backwards to stop using the provided player and pay for a third party one (that isn’t even free) just because they’re refusing to provide a single checkbox.

  • Brick

    Album arts are square and phone screens are a tall rectangle, so the album arts are going to inevitably get zoomed in and cropped and end up looking just awful. The album art is displayed on the music widget too so I see no reason to have it blown up and vomited all over my wallpaper when it’s already neatly displayed in the widget.

  • Svnjay

    I only get high resolution artworks so they don’t look awful when cropped.

  • Brick

    Unfortunately sometimes you simply cannot obtain a high res album art, or the album art is composed in a way that if you crop it it just looks like shit. For example album arts with text going from side to side just look retarded with only the middle part of the text showing up.

  • Saiprasad Todankar

    Sorry..No Ftf available …

  • ??? ???????

    very nice!

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  • Jason Zheng

    Does this android 6.0 for xperia support camera . Api 2? please test it if u have flashed it.

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  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    … and the question is… do we finally get manual focus/shutter speeds? And ISO selection working outside of the default Camera app, even on Stock ROMs? Currently you can do that only on non-stock. The ISO selection I mean.

  • ahlainfo

    hi, help me please

  • Installing this .ftf file. Can I get OTA update?

  • Doug Garske

    aaah… i think I bricked mine! it turns on to first Sony logo then off, then on… and so on

  • HvdW

    You will definitively get the OTAs, one by one.
    Be prepared to install several OTAs, in fact all OTAs starting from the version which you downloaded.
    Missing Stamina and small apps.
    Battery life less than Lollipop
    Cannot participate in Beta Feedback
    Anyway, happy to be in.

  • Sunny Sarraf

    Is this available for sony xperia z3 (D6633) ????

  • D6633 is dual chip right?
    If so… is not compatible!

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Is there an FTF like this for the Xperia Z2?

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  • Versão para D5833? Funciona?

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  • BlackMilk

    Was the same thing with mine. I flashed it back to 5.1 with flashtool:(
    What did you done with yours? Any luck with installing Concept again?

  • BlackMilk

    I did everything like in instruction, but in the end I got boot loop :(( Had to flash 5.1 back:(

  • Bazingamen

    e para os modelos D5833, ha previsão de quando sairá a atualização para eles?

  • Gustavo Bocuto

    To Z3 Dual (D6633)?

  • Alexandre Guimarães

    I’ve updated mine z3c with 6.0.1, and no have support for Camera API2

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