Xperia Z5 Premium sold in UK with free BSP10 Speaker and SBH60 Headset

by XB on 21st October 2015

in Xperia Z5 series

Xperia Z5 Premium Freebies CloveUK retailer Clove has a cracking promotion for the Xperia Z5 Premium (E6853). If you order the handset, Clove will throw in the Sony BSP10 Bluetooth Speaker and Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset free of charge. Clove has the Xperia Z5 Premium priced at £629 as with all other UK retailers, so it’s a good deal given the freebies.

The only fly in the ointment is that Clove are only stocking the Black version of the handset. The Gold and Chrome versions are exclusive to the Sony Mobile Store and other select retailers. Clove says it expects to start shipping on 13 November 2015.

The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is the first Sony device to include a 4K resolution display. It has a 5.5-inch display with 806 PPI pixel density, Snapdragon 810 chipset, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 23MP Exmor RS rear camera, 5MP front camera and 3430mAh two-day battery.

Thanks John and Lio!

  • jmaxim917

    Whatever! Says the guy from the US.

  • jokensy

    Come on Sony! Just replace that freaking chrome version with a white one and the phone will sell like hot cakes…

  • F.

    Lol same here

  • Matt

    what are you saying , it the best colour !

    it literally any colour you reflect on it ahahah, just point it to a white wall

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    I am drolling at the chrome already. I just dont have the money. its around 950 USD in my region :(

  • Timel

    Please Sony! You need to focus on U.S. market seriously

  • Timel

    I have no idea what are you talking bout but the Chrome color is the best

  • LuvMusic

    U.S. people, if you read the U.S. Z5 series Buying Guide by the top banner on the home page you will notice that Clove does ship to the U.S……..if you are willing to “pay the price.” I love my Z3 (and my Z1s before that) but I think it is time to move on from Sony. U.S. support seems so uncertain.

  • Fobs Cater

    If ordered from Clove and ship to US, its about $850 USD. Now with the freebies thrown in, about $200 USD in value, that makes the phone about $650 USD. I don’t think it’s bad deal, especially for a premium phone.

    Beside, you can always ebay off the freebies.

  • JonShipman

    Are you subtracting VAT?

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    It includes all taxes

  • JonShipman

    Obviously the answer would be to move outside the EU!

  • Lio

    for those who pre-ordered the Chrome color, Clove says you’d still be able to get it. I did preorder that wicked Chrome ZP!

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Lol I’m in India

  • best

    I hope something similar comes to Handtec!

  • RealityCheck2015

    32 GB storage & micro SD support up to 200 GB

    WOW :P if only i had the money to buy 1(& the memory card to) :D

  • AsadMulla

    on Saturday 17 Oct I bought a Z5 from Westfield Stratford. Sony had a stand and was promoting the z5 series. They said if you buy a Z5 series phone from Westfield, show them the invoice and you can choose between Speaker SRS X11, PS4 controller, or noise cancelling ear phones. I got the Speaker.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Blame the carriers in the US for not bringing in any Xperia phones in their sortiment…

  • MMElliot

    This will be a great phone next year when it’s updated to a Snapdragon 820. The aging, dying, boiling and seriously mediocre 810 AT THIS TIME, makes positively no sense. Everyone will biting their fingers just a few months down the road for the update device that will cost the same and be up to speed with newer internals that actually more justify the high price. My 2 cents.

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  • Captain Captain

    Does anyone know when Xperia Z5 Dual E6633 will be released ?

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